2 Name: Annette Saint John Lawrence (Reverend)

Comment It seems as though we now live in a hypocritical society where on one hand they will burn clinics and carry right to life signs and make the living lead physically miserable lives because of ignorance, prejudice, class extinction and so on. People cheer for executions and celebrate when Osama is killed. A pathetically warped nation we are. The worst Mob we have known today is sitting in elected and appointed offices. I spent time with Barry Scheck (Innocence Project). It is truly appalling how many innocents have been put to death and how many innocents sat in prison until their innocence was revealed and how many more bare close scrutiny. You are a good man Gov. Brown. Please consider the flawed proceedings in this case. We must stop incarcerating and putting to death any questionable proceedings. Lincoln said that it is better to let a guilty man free than put an innocent one to death. I trust your goodness to make a wise decision.

3 Name: Lisa Spears

Comment Kevin is innocent! Please don't kill him!

4 Name: Nina Chizzola

Comment Support for Kevin!

5 Name: Tonya

Comment Dear Governor Jerry Brown. I'm writing to ask you to please reconsider the exacution of Kevin Cooper. It is imparative that we are certain that we are not taking the life of an innocent man or woman. It sure is worth farther investigation. The burden of putting to death an innocent man or woman is a very very heavy burden to carry, simply because the blood of that person lies on your hands. Thank you. Tonya Rodriguez.

6 Name: Densua Bonner

Comment .

7 Name: Vivien Fleming

Comment I respectfully write to you from Brisbane, Australia concerning the death penalty imposed upon Kevin Cooper. As a former Solicitor (Attorney) I passionately and strongly believe in Blackstone's formulation - "better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer". There are too many doubts about Kevin Cooper's guilt to justify the death penalty.

8 Name: Davandra

Comment Although I am not American, I DO NOT stand for innocent people being executed for a crime they didn't commit. I truly hope that this gets reversed and true justice is given and they free this man. The prosecution will know the real culprits if only they give a damn and speak to the girlfriend (or ex) of one of them. FREE THIS INNOCENT MAN NOW !!!!!

9 Name: tyrell

Comment I dnt think its fair that Mr.cooper did not get a fair trial.and seeing and hearing all the evidence from the higher authority, that should be more than enough to save this innocent man. It's not right..we need justice.

10 Name: Ellen

Comment We as a country need to come together and stop the executions of innocent people!

11 Name: Brenda Pearson

Comment As a lover of justice and peace, I respectfully request that the life of Mr. Cooper be spared and that he be removed from death row.

12 Name: Seana Pabon

Comment Dear Kevin, I will do all I can to help. Much love, Seana

13 Name: Amanda Janey

Comment We need to support a innocent strong black famliy. Good luck

14 Name: MaryEileen

Comment Please, Mr. Kevin Cooper Is A Innocent Man, Please, Give Freedom To Mr. Kevin Cooper - Dear Mr. Kevin Cooper, Sir, You and Your Family and Loved Ones, Are In Our Prayers-Blessings and Love

15 Name: Danielle

Comment I believe in the right to innocence and a fair trail for everyone regardless of race, color and sex. Our Founding Fathers would be ashamed of what this country has become. If you take the life of an innocent man, will that not weigh on your conscious? I have yet to meet someone in power who has a clean and clear conscious. The archaic death penalty is a direct violation of human rights and should be abolished immediately. Mr. Cooper should be given a fair trail when there is so much reasonable doubt abounding his guiltiness. If this was one of your family members or friends, would you not want justice to prevail and a wronged to be corrected? You would want to save their life and would do everything in your power to see that it is done. Well, this is an opportunity for you to stand up and stand out among the crowd of corruption that is running rampant in this country. You have the power in your hands to set yourself apart from the "cookie cutter" politicians that run this nation and do the right thing.

16 Name: David Cook

Comment America cannot claim to be the land of freedom and justice, if it continues to execute innocent people.

17 Name: Bodez

Comment Peace & Hope from man of France

18 Name: Carla M Dummerauf

Comment History has proven that we are incapable of playing Gods... we just don't have the foresight to be able to be 100% accurate... best let the judgement up to the One who knows how to do it best, and let us live conscience free of any possible misconduct due to human error.....Respectfully

19 Name: Laeti Revol

Comment Nobody forget you Kevin, much love. Respect, Peace, best regards from France.

20 Name: Genevieve Chauvenet

Comment Spare the life of this innocent Man Kevin Cooper

21 Name: Wanda Colwell Smith

Comment The murder of anyone is not justice--just because the courts have legalized murder doesn't make it right. Everything Hitler did was legal when he took power; was it right because it was legal? No, we all know that. The United States should end the death penalty simply because we are above the Nazis and their death squads. My point; just because something is legal does NOT make it right. When a person's loved one is murdered, it causes nothing but pain--legalized murder causes pain--how can our society NOT understand that? Please stop legalized murder.

22 Name: Miguel Torres

Comment Please do not kill this man.

23 Name: Pia Schramm

Comment America stop killing innocent people and stop corrupt prosecutors. Free Kevin Cooper

24 Name: Kathe Travis

Comment i support

25 Name: Halimah Allah

Comment Kevin Cooper: "My Innocence Keeps Me Strong" This case, and too many others I've learned about from various newsletters (ACLU, Innocence Project, Prison Radio, FAMM, Think Outside the Cage, Ella Baker, etc), presents of a picture of systematic dehumanization; of too many men and women buried alive in SHUs and on death-rows in America's prisons (dungeons)! As with Micheal Cooper, even if some of these men and women are able present enough of evidence to prove themselves innocent, they have been deprived of precious time -- 15, 20, 30 yrs. -- robbed of their youth, their most productive years! Once exonerated they are set out with few resources and minimal support outside of family and friends! The general public is simply to distracted to be attentive, or to give the problem even a cursory thought! However, the abyss that is the criminal (in)justice system has and is swallowing whole generations. Kevin Cooper, like Troy Anthony Davis continues to profess his innocence; and it is my fervent prayer that he will live to prove his case and be allowed to enjoy the remaining years of his life in peace and freedom!

26 Name: susan estrella

Comment Free Kevin! You lame retards!!! What does it take for you assholes to let go of your mistakes.

27 Name: leia fourmyle

Comment We're with you, Kevin, and we won't give up. You are overdue for freedom and compensation for wrongful conviction. Hugs.

28 Name: Dr Brendan O'Reilly

Comment The death penalty is abhorrent. Well done the judges who have raised doubts. On foot of that there should be an investigation into the conduct of the lawyers at the initial trial as well as into those who continue to prosecute.

29 Name: Bobbie Freeman

Comment Have we forgot the laws of God. Thou shall not kill. Please remember that no one is above God, under any circumstances. Even if someone was guilty of murder(s) vengeance is mine saith the Lord. Stop killing to show that killing is wrong!!!

30 Name: Susan Mullen

Comment We the PEOPLE of the United States of America deserve Liberty and Justice for all... These words are the words that ALL Americans deserve to live by. Please do not execute Mr. Kevin if there is the slightest bit of reasonable doubt; for you cannot bring him back once he's gone. You will have to live with knowing you killed a man, thus being illegal, and should result in consequences. Please do the right thing and re-hear this case... he deserves this right. We are the people of the United States of America...with Liberty and Justice for all. Good day, Susan Mullen Summerville, SC

31 Name: Matthew Korn

Comment End the death penalty now! Justice for Kevin Cooper!

32 Name: Whitney Edmondson

Comment The death penalty inherently violates the constitutional ban against cruel and unusual punishment and the guarantee of due process of law and the equal protection of the laws. Moreover, the wrongful execution of an innocent person is an injustice that can never be rectified.

33 Name: Deborah Crowder

Comment I really hope everything works out in your favor,I will be praying for you ok? PEACE AND MAY GOD SET YOU FREE?

34 Name: Deborah Crowder

Comment Hold on Tight kevin,because God has the final say so ok,?And I feel like something good is gonna shine your way and always remember everything done in the dark will come to the light? PEACE OUT

35 Name: Dolores R. Peers

Comment You are in my prayers!

36 Name: Jan LaPoint

Comment If there is any doubt at all...this man should have never been convicted.

37 Name: Shani Jinaki

Comment Innocent people should not be executed in America.

38 Name: Lisa Curran

Comment If there is even a tiny doubt this man deserves a new and fair trial. This is North America

39 Name: laura brady

Comment End the barbaric death penalty! Free Kevin Cooper!

40 Name: Kevin R. Cooper

Comment What a tragedy. How can the justice system do this?

41 Name: Sandra Inderbitzin

Comment He is innocent!

42 Name: Mary Johnston

Comment I believe that Kevin Cooper is innocent and should be released. Also the state of California should once again abolish the death penalty and prevent innocent men from being executed.

43 Name: Jason McGaughey

Comment Keven Cooper is an innocent man, if the state pursues his execution then they are guilty of the worst possible form of murder imaginable...state sponsored lynching such as what the state of GA did to Troy Davis only a few months ago

44 Name: Joanna & Ike Martin

Comment We believe Kevin Cooper was not given a fair trial. We believe Kevin Cooper does not deserve to be on death row. We believe the state has let Kevin Cooper down by wrongly accusing him of murders that he did not commit. We hope that those in power will exercise their power to wield justice and right wrongs.

45 Name: Rabbi Thomas A. Gardner

Comment Religion demands that we execute only when there is no shadow of a doubt about guilt.

46 Name: Connie Wells

Comment I lived in Chino Hills in 1983. I remember this very well. I especially remember all of the police , guns drawn,walking along the highway looking for someone. The news said his name was David Trautman as that was the name he was booked under at Chino prison. As I recall, it was several days later that they realized his name was Kevin Cooper. There used to be a bar calls The Canyon Corral and I used to visit there sometimes. There was a bartender there that stated that three men came there looking for the Ryen residence and said they were supposed to do some work there on that same day. They came back that night, all showered with fresh clothes, damp hair and such. Same night,I read in the local psper a mans car was stolen (staion wagon I believe} and was found later somewhere by the beach. Why was this never mentioned? It made more sence to me that three men would have been more able to slaughter all of those people. Wasn't it over 100 wounds to each body? The sheriff's department were so sure that they had the right man, but I always had my doubts. Anyone care to share my thoughts?

47 Name: Roberta Herold

Comment Kevin Cooper should not be executed. He should be freed from prison. How can you equate 3 white male suspects, into 1 black male, from the child who witnessed it? Another example of our justice system being blind!

48 Name: Ivan Olsen

Comment I support the abolishment of the death sentence.

49 Name: ellis gold

Comment Kevin, Stay Strong You deserve a break. I am praying for your release. I am spreading the word to my friends about your circumstance and asking them to sign petitions now.

50 Name: Nick Ospa

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

51 Name: Lila Skye

Comment save Kevin Cooper...spare his life!

52 Name: Steve Dyer

Comment Spare Kevin!!

53 Name: ramona africa

Comment Nobody can explain killing to protest killing. Especially when you can't possibly be certain of guilt

54 Name: Bob Mandel

Comment Kevin is innocent. Killing an innocent man is...murder!

55 Name: james

Comment Wilfull killing of anyone is WRONG.

56 Name: Barbara J Brooks

Comment It is way over time for a politician to step up and do the right thing. Free Kevin Cooper, because he is innocent!

57 Name: Jim Beatty

Comment no death penalty

58 Name: Lisa Manon

Comment We cannot afford another Troy Davis!

59 Name: Mike Baldwin

Comment Brown, PLEASE review this case, and don't be responsible for murdering an innocent man.

60 Name: Victor Sadot

Comment Governor Brown, please engage yourself in a conscientious review of the Kevin Cooper case, grant clemency, investigate Constitutional violations, and move for criminal prosecution and disbarment of prosecutors if you find that they have engaged in illegal conduct.

61 Name: Jaime Flaherty

Comment What happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty?...

62 Name: Kiilu Nyasha

Comment To Jerry Brown: Are you willing to kill a human being so as not to admit wrongdoing on the part of State officials? There's ample evidence of Kevin Cooper's innocence and police misconduct.

63 Name: Sharon Young

Comment A civilized world does not use the death penalty.

64 Name: Anna Kohn

Comment Please stop the execution of an innocent man, a dear friend, and a kind soul!!! Free Kevin Cooper

65 Name: Sher Wizeman

Comment Reasonable doubt

66 Name: Mary Ratcliff

Comment Please free Kevin Cooper!

67 Name: Phillip

Comment dont kill him, let him go!!!

68 Name: Rych McCain

Comment Gov. Brown: Grant clemency to Kevin Cooper now!You are supposed a learned man. The facts pointing to Kevin's innocense speak for themselves. Don't let innocent blood be on your hands during your watch as Governor. What goes around comes around! Rych

69 Name: deborah charles

Comment This is an unbelievable and gross miscarriage of justice and I hope our Governor will do the right thing....



71 Name: Deirdre W. Supino

Comment Please vacate kevin Coopers sentence. Set him free from this framed up case.

72 Name: Misako Miyagawa

Comment Governor Jerry Brown: Kevin Cooper's prosecution was an obscenity to any notion of legal justice. His condemnation on Death Row an unconscionable, tragic reality. Yet moral bankruptcy is not ours, as a people, if fair, swift, prudent action is taken - based on the FACTUAL EVIDENCE of the case - to reverse such a gross miscarriage of justice. Mr. Cooper can never regain the many years he has lost. But we can honor moral conscience by imploring you, as the governor of the state of California, to return Mr. Cooper his rightful freedom. Without delay. We are nothing - as a people, as a country, as a nation - if we allow such horrific abuse of the justice system to take the life of ANYONE without a fair trial. Please grant clemency to Kevin Cooper. Now.

73 Name: Taiji Miyagawa

Comment Let the facts and justice prevail!

74 Name: Nancy Lockhart

Comment There is too much doubt in this case. Police and DA have made a mistake that they are ashamed to admit.

75 Name: Heinz Leitner

Comment Free Kevin!

76 Name: Darcy Delaproser

Comment Justice For Kevin Cooper grant him clemency!

77 Name: Susanna Wilson

Comment THe D.A. who engineered this misdeed is still in place. He should be investigated. Plus, the judge who denied evidence. Hey! This is supposed to be U.S.A. justice? How shameful!

78 Name: Nimueh Rephael

Comment Governor Brown, For most of my life, I have followed your career and been heartened by your steps forward. In the matter of Kevin Cooper, I ask you to please grant clemency here where it is clearly due, despite whatever pressures are upon you to just "let it slide" and hold his situation where it is, on Death Row for crimes committed by others and covered up by those who have the moral and legally charged duty to assist him. Heartfully, Nimueh Rephael

79 Name: Loreen and Aldea Silvarahawk

Comment I have seen this type of situation far too many times for those of colour. It is far past time to release Kevin Cooper and arrest the ones that really did the crime.

80 Name: Nick Buffie

Comment Keep fighting Kevin!

81 Name: Gordon Hill

Comment None. enough said above

82 Name: Toni Hopper

Comment I want to sign the petition for Kevin!!

83 Name: pamela harriel griffin

Comment My lifetime friend i met in 1979 here in Pittsburgh. Wrongfully Accused Man! Just know i am a small sheep spreading a Big Word For U Here!

84 Name: Betsy Wolf-Graves

Comment Dear Governor Brown: I am Not a soft-hearted fool. But I believe in ending the death penalty. I also believe that if evidence is tampered with, there needs to be consequences for those who stand in the way of getting the facts. I believe that the facts will exonerate Kevin Cooper who has paid for the lies of others by spending half his life on Death Row. I ask you and Attorney General Harris to review this case through his attorneys and provide justice for this black man.

85 Name: Ben Tucker

Comment Jail Jerry, Free Kevin.

86 Name: alina dollat


87 Name: Aisling Burke

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!

88 Name: Lyndi Reynolds

Comment Reading everything I've read, and looking into this case as much as the internet will let me(which is quite a bit), I think this is a pity this innocent man has wasted years fighting for something he shouldn't even have to fight for, his freedom. Let him live his days in peace with those who love him.

89 Name: Paulo Gutiérrez

Comment .

90 Name: Patrick OHearn

Comment Please act now before the State engages in the irreversible and unconscionable act of executing an innocent man.

91 Name: Thomas Bobbie

Comment you have my support

92 Name: Daniel Knewitz

Comment I, for the life of me, cannot understand beyond a superficial glance why capital punishment is considered a via means of carrying out justice. This is especially true with regard to the case of Kevin Cooper. I ask that you please make your very best attempt to consider this case without the influence of political agenda. There is too much at stake to move forward with this scheduled intention to kill a human being.

93 Name: Dee Allen.

Comment For three decades, politicised California prisoner Kevin Cooper had sat on death row. For a triple murder a social prisoner already coffessed to. Cooper should already be exonerated and walking among us. To the state of California: No one wants a repeat performance of Troy Davis's Georgia execution here in California. Don't kill this innocent Black man. Instead, Because he deserves it, FREE KEVIN COOPER.

94 Name: Nolan Harris, Jr.

Comment Have we not learned anything from Troy Davis? Does the murder of another, fully unwarranted itself, merit the killing of a man whose guilt is, itself, a thing of mystery? Please consider this man's case.

95 Name: Brendan Maslauskas Dunn

Comment Free Kevin!

96 Name: Alison Dieter

Comment Let Kevin go. Arrest the lying police, prosecutors and DA's.

97 Name: Dawn McGinty

Comment Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King, Jr.

98 Name: Tomasz Sasin

Comment Hearing about your situation tears me to pieces because of how unimaginable your experiance is to me. i have been in a holding cell once, but that was my own doing and i "deserved it"(though no life form deserved being robbed of its right to life). However to see pictures of you smiling makes me smile too because of how strong you are to keep your head up and never give up. You are an inspiration to me and i hope we can come together and turn this around. keep going!

99 Name: Ginger M. Holman

Comment I am against the death penalty, to begin with. In addition, I believe there is sufficient evidence indicates Kevin Cooper is innocent of the crime he is charged with. To end the life of another human being is wrong. To end the life of one who has been falsely accused is worse. Please do not add to the immorality of the death penalty by allowing an innocent man, Kevin Cooper, to be executed.

100 Name: Rebecca Tinsley

Comment No man has the right to kill another - death row is hypocrisy!

101 Name: Zar

Comment How can this man still be in prison? How can something like this go on for soooo long and everybody turns the cheek ? This is a spit in the face of Justice.

102 Name: Mary Sehl

Comment Californians should not have to shoulder the burden of executing a man who many believe is innocent and was convicted as a result of flawed judicial proceedings.

103 Name: Annamarie DiGioia

Comment I knew of the the Ryen family and there NO way that one single person could have killed them. There too many things that were left open that the investigators did not complete. Kevin Cooper is NOT the murder. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The state would he killing a innocent man.

104 Name: malaine parmar


105 Name: Jessica Ventura

Comment Fly free and prayer changes things

106 Name: Kas

Comment Innocent bloke, on death row because of racist officials shows how bad this world is going, someone who is not a killer is being brandad as a killer because of officials that tamper with evidence is really pathetic. I will surely support this bloke.

107 Name: Dagmar Hesker

Comment I believe in your innocents!

108 Name: Amie Beighley

Comment Stay strong Kevin. I've been following your case for almost 10 years now and you have always been positive and inspirational. You will overcome.

109 Name: Marc Imhotep Cray, M.D.

Comment Kevin Cooper has been locked up far to long for a crime he did not commit and should be set free on the following grounds. Police and prosecutorial misconduct, including:False testimony Destruction of evidence and lying at trialUndisclosed exculpatory evidence Planting false evidenceFalsified lab reportsPresenting false evidence

110 Name: Donald A Smith

Comment you are another victim of american justice. I wish I could convey how I feel about your plight.

111 Name: karen lemay

Comment may the truth come out...........

112 Name: Mary Ratcliff

Comment Kevin Cooper has a multitude of supporters who will welcome him home with open arms. Please grant him clemency.

113 Name: Leah McDougall

Comment Why does a Self proclaimed 'guiding light' in true democracy continue to practice the archaic punishment of the Death penalty? And yet believe they are the rightful liberators to those under dictatorships, the same dictators whom also practice the death penalty. The obvious point is that the death penalty is only enforced by religious zealots. Hypocritical is an ugly term for the democratic leaders of the free World. Please note my comment does not reflect anything other than the insanity of the death penalty in the US. An issue I feel extreme passion about, I understand the need for punishment but not state sanctioned murder. Please review Kevin Coopers case and take the time to really review it, an innocent Mans life depends on you just opening your eyes. Cheers

114 Name: Dayon Shepar

Comment Swag

115 Name: Coco Souer

Comment You'll have his blood on your hands unless you step up and do something.

116 Name: Malaika Scott

Comment Trusting God

117 Name: Katherine

Comment I hope that justice will find Kevin soon and that he finds the strength to continue to fight this battle.

118 Name: Rouillier

Comment Keep going Kevin, I wrote to you with my students from France back a few years ago. Still supporting your cause and praying for you, JP, from France

119 Name: Giuseppe Curatolo

Comment Governor Jerry Brown: We, the undersigned, implore you to exercise your constitutionally recognized power to grant clemency to Kevin Cooper, a condemned man on California's death row. The taking of a human life is an act that weighs heavily on all of society, even more so when an innocent life is at stake. We are deeply troubled that five active Ninth Circuit judges have said in reference to Kevin Cooper, "The State of California may be about to execute an innocent man." (See Cooper v. Brown, 565 F.3d 581 (9th Cir. 2009). These Federal Judges also found several serious constitutional violations, including the fact that prosecutors (1) presented false evidence at trial, (2) destroyed evidence before the jury could consider it, and (3) withheld exonerating evidence from the defense (See Id). Moreover, six additional Ninth Circuit judges noted and abhorred the "flawed" proceedings in the case as undermining public confidence in the integrity of the criminal justice system (Id. at 635). Finally, a twelfth Ninth Circuit judge, who felt procedurally barred from acting to help Mr. Cooper, complained of the "lingering doubt" in the case and the "wholly discomforting" feeling associated with her inability to act (FN Cooper v. Brown, 510 F.3d 870, 1004-06 (9th Cir. 2007) (McKeown, concurring). Please act now before the State engages in the irreversible and unconscionable act of executing an innocent man.

120 Name: Nora McDonnell

Comment We cannot let the death penalty continue!

121 Name: Caleb Kinley

Comment Please do not execute anyone, especially an innocent man as Kevin Cooper is innocent. Executing an innocent Mr. Cooper would be an injustice to mankind. In the last few years a number of people have been proven innocent too late. I ask you Mr. Governor to stop this blind injustice, not just for Mr. Cooper, but for all those on Death Row. And we ask that you grant clemency to Kevin Cooper, an innocent man who deserves to be released from incarceration. Sincerely, Caleb Kinley

122 Name: Anna Knight

Comment Best of luck man.

123 Name: John Mendez

Comment I've watched some youtube videos and now know about all the evidence that shows your innocence , it is ridiculous how everyone who is involved in this and the judges do not realize how innocent you are. i will pray for you every night and day. god will be with you threw this. i pray that judge will open his eyes and realize that you are an innocent man. that link shows a very interesting video about your story shows how much of an innocent man you . god bless .

124 Name: Jack Ripper


125 Name: Ted Bundy


126 Name: Belinda Stead

Comment I am praying sir, that you will reconsider the evidence against this man.

127 Name: Hangem High

Comment Yea!!!! Lets see some justice

128 Name: Stephen A.Hoenack

Comment If reasonable doubt has any real meaning it surely must be recognized by all concerned in this case.

129 Name: Joan Leslie Taylor

Comment Kevin Cooper should not be on death row with an execution looming ahead of him! The system has totally malfunctioned. It is up to you to call a halt to any plans for execution.

130 Name: Nicole Elmes

Comment I can't believe this is America! U do care!

131 Name: Kimberly Starr

Comment Grant Clemency to Kevin Cooper. He has suffered a long time for something he did not do!! Do not allow him to be executed.

132 Name: Harry

Comment You must have no doubt that the person has committed the crime before you execute a man or woman!

133 Name: Claire Fedewa

Comment My prayers go to Kevin.

134 Name: Elisabetta Corona

Comment There is no complete justice without mercy and the focus on rehabilitation. Let's never forget Jesus' forgiveness from the cross is for all and everyone: the Lord gives us the task of healing by forgiveness, taking charge of: condemn the crime, but respect the sinner, remember a criminal action never is the totality of a person. The 'worst' person can change, and it is our task to provide opportunities of rehabilitation. Do to your fellow humans what you want to be done to yourself. Social Health is based on healing, not on killing the sick.

135 Name: tracey newman

Comment i cannot imagine what this feels like i send my utmost love and huge respect to kevin xxxxxxx

136 Name: Peita Savage

Comment Hoping a miscarriage of justice is not done

137 Name: Ruth Hull-Richter

Comment Jerry, I helped elect you. Prove that you are the good guy I think you are. Release Kevin Cooper. You have to be smart enough to realize the facts prove he's innocent.

138 Name: Cliff Wells

Comment Read the book. It is obvious. Mr Cooper is not the murderers, the murders are pretty well described in the book.

139 Name: Truth Teller


140 Name: Fuck you who support this scumbag


141 Name: you supporters are scum


142 Name: Anonymous


143 Name: Becky Ambuski

Comment Kevin, you should be freed. I lived in the city of the murders and my family and friends know you didn't commit this crime. I have read the facts of the case and those who tampered with evidence should have been put in prison for it. It would've exonerated you. One question, how did you get to Mexico if the car you could've taken was found in Long Beach? Maybe that should be brought up. If you hitch-hiked, someone who gave you a ride, should come forward...maybe that would help your defense. Prayers are for you!

144 Name: Lily Hughes

Comment Justice for Kevin Cooper - this is a frame up by police and prosecutors! Kevin is innocent and should be freed!

145 Name: Alexander Cellmer

Comment Hello Kevin, Though I don't know You, I've signed on because this is an unacceptable, unforgivable, twisted state of affairs to be trapped in. This shouldn't of happened - period. That there are people investigating these cases and making them known is a godsend, and I trust that eventually, somehow, this will be straightened out. Yours Faithfully, Alexander Cellmer

146 Name: Suzanne Sherman Aboulfadl

Comment Please, please consider the findings of those who have carefully investigated the history of this case and who are attempting to make sure that an innocent man is not executed.

147 Name: Kathleen Bobb

Comment I cannot believe that I am writing to Governor Jerry Brown. I am 70 yars old, and due to being a young mother, I was unable to keep up with politics in the 60's and 70's as much as I would have preferred. However, Governor Brown, I did look to you as representing the future of a just America. Now I wonder if I was mistaken, and whether the P.R. info was misleading. Please prove me wrong, and show me that you put "justice first"!

148 Name: Yvonne and Colin Amery

Comment The possibility of Mr Cooper's innocence as well as the various Judges who have voiced their concerns as to the evidence presented and the manner of the proceedings which resulted in the death sentence create doubt as to the prisoner's guilt. Therefore,the only correct and humane action is for Governor Brown to grant clemency in this case.

149 Name: Rebecca B. Wilk

Comment No innocent person should be put to death!

150 Name: lynda Price

Comment let justice prevail

151 Name: Dr Janet Wolfe

Comment This is outragerous and immoral--a case of racism due to law enforcement's desire to have a conviction.

152 Name: Wynn M Chapman

Comment I am firmly against the death penalty. It's nothing less than pre-meditated murder.

153 Name: Brandy Novak

Comment Please act now!

154 Name: gracie bustos

Comment Good luck to you dont let them break your spirit.


Comment I believe that KEVIN IS INNONCENT ! GO BACK AND REVIEW THE CASE BECAUSE THE living survivor said it was 3-4 white men that killed his family and not a black man (kevin). so do your research and read the facts that he is not guilty. the prisons would not be full if the lawyers on both sides got to present the truth and not what they want the jury to hear ! I SAY FREE THE INNOCENT PEOPLE AND GET THE FACTS RIGHT BEFORE YOU CONDEM INNOCENT PEOPLE , WHEN THE REAL KILLERS ARE RUNNING FREE !

156 Name: Jennie Bloom

Comment This case appears to be a total miscarriage of justice and therefore, I ask you to intervene. I do not believe that a state honors its duty as a leader and role model to value human life if it retains the death penalty. It is totally inconsistent, like hitting a child to prove to them that hitting siblings is wrong. these ways of behaving promote violence as a way asserting power. The death penalty is a barbaric practice. In the case of Kevin Cooper, overwhelming evidence suggests that he is innocent. What happened to the presumption of innocence? It seems that the state of Texas works on presumption of guilt and that it is driven by pragmatism, punitive mentality and closet racism that is not even directed to the perpetrator: it's blind blood letting. That is no way to lead a community. To ensure that redneck values remain in the State of Texas, keep governing. Otherwise let humanity take over.

157 Name: Elisabeth Koning

Comment It's sad I even have to sign this.

158 Name: wolfgang auer

Comment I´m with you brother

159 Name: Attika Toumi

Comment i signed for Kevin

160 Name: sandra blanton

Comment Free Kevin

161 Name: Louis Richard

Comment Please commute his sentence.

162 Name: Sandrine Ageorges-Skinner

Comment Stop killing people!

163 Name: Mustapha Iznasni

Comment No to the death Penalty! Clemency for Kevin Cooper!

164 Name: Nathalie Alvernhe

Comment I support this cause! Please to grant clemency to Kevin Cooper.

165 Name: Wendy Tiffany Jenkins

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

166 Name: Suzanne Gordon

Comment Freedom for Kevin Cooper! State sanctioned murder is unacceptable!!

167 Name: Maximilian Böckmann

Comment I strongly oppose death penalty because it is the most cruel and humiliating penalty. Furthermore it is definitely irreversible and too many people have been proven innocent of the crime accused of for any state to continue executing death row inmates.

168 Name: debra germann

Comment we know exactly ur situation..our daughter is innocent & serving 67 yrs. please help us with her petition ..God works in strange ways, at his time. Please believe God & GOODNESS shall PREVAIL.

169 Name: Lotta Fees

Comment I implore you to exercise your constitutionally recognized power to grant clemency to Kevin Cooper.


Comment Free this man!

171 Name: Laurence Meylemans

Comment Nothing justifies the use of the death penalty in the name of justice, especially for the thousands of innocent people trapped in a broken legal system. Execute justice and not people. Give to Kevin Cooper the right to a due process.

172 Name: Annabelle Gabriel

Comment If there's any doubt...

173 Name: Teresa MASIA PERALES

Comment I give my support to Kevin. PEACE, LOVE, LIGHT AND FREEDOM.

174 Name: Darren Motise

Comment Kevin Cooper is innocent. Do not execute!

175 Name: Arvella Johnson

Comment Please intervene in this case.

176 Name: Karen Bernal

Comment Please save Kevin - he's innocent - if you paid attention to the case, you'd know it to be true.

177 Name: Peter Bellamy

Comment Governor Brown - When the law cannot undo a wrong, it your role to step in. Please note and act upon the comment of a 9th Circuit Judge: "a twelfth Ninth Circuit judge, who felt procedurally barred from acting to help Mr. Cooper, complained of the "lingering doubt" in the case and the "wholly discomforting" feeling associated with her inability to act (FN Cooper v. Brown, 510 F.3d 870, 1004-06 (9th Cir. 2007) (McKeown, concurring)." Please grant clemency to Kevin Cooper.

178 Name: marine Herrenschmidt

Comment An eye for an eye will only make the whole world go blind. Death penalty IS NOT JUSTICE, it is only vengeance. It ha snothing to do with justice. please California drop into 21 st century.

179 Name: sherry breznicki

Comment Free this man.

180 Name: Greg Wolfe

Comment Please grant clemency to Kevin Cooper.

181 Name: Christopher Knecht

Comment If we ever plan to move forward as intelligent beings we need to leave draconian practices in the past where they belong. Mr. Cooper's case has many flaws and inconsistencies warranting clemency.

182 Name: laude

Comment non a la peine de mort

183 Name: catez

Comment laisses le envie sil vous plai si vous aves un coeur jespére que vous comprenes ma traduction en francai

184 Name: Christine Tan

Comment Free Kevin

185 Name: Dick Blanchard

Comment Gov. Brown: Please grant clemency to Kevin Cooper, a condemned man INNOCENT on California's death row. Thank you!

186 Name: Tracey Witcombe

Comment This man deserves a fair trial.... You can't kill a man for something your sure of without a doubt !!! This poor man and his family need justice !!!

187 Name: James H. McBride

Comment Who can/will investigate the investigators?

188 Name: Jonathan Roth

Comment I look forward to the day that the death penalty is abolished.

189 Name: Ryan Monahan

Comment .

190 Name: Sue Lowry

Comment After reading everything I can about Kevin Coopers case, I am amazed that the verdict still stands. It appears to me that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and with the wrong colour skin! The amount of evidence that does not support the verdict is overwhelming. In a case such as this where there is serious doubt, the death penalty should not apply. We don't have the death penalty in the UK. I am not necessarily against the death penalty in extreme cases. However where there is doubt that a prisoner is guilty the death penalty should not be deemed appropriate. It seems to me that due to the length of time Mr Cooper has been incarcerated, And the fact that evidence has been falsified by police and others. It is easier for all concerned to let the verdict remain. What of the 3 white individuals who were seen by the only survivor of the incident. They have remained free and have not even been searched for as the easy option for all is to leave Mr Cooper to be put to death for a crime which he clearly did not commit. It does not inspire confidence in the legal system. This man has wasted most of his life on death row. The time has come for certain authorities to eat humble pie and give him back what is left of his life! Free this innocent man. It se

191 Name: Nada Nassar

Comment Grant Kevin clemency.

192 Name: Dana Cimmarrusti

Comment This is an outrage! Immediate action needs taken! I pray that Jesus would take charge and stop the abuse change the self hearts of so many American leaders and politicians. This is no longer the great nation it once was. Actions like this are inexcusable!

193 Name: Mark

Comment Please, release an innocent person.

194 Name: Leah Hulbert

Comment I am a senior at UC Berkeley and am currently enrolled in the Teach In Prison decal class. Mr. Cooper recetly talked with our class over the phone (which is plugged into the classroom's sound speakers), and it was honestly a life- changing experience. When a fellow classmate asked what kept him going through the hell he described as death row, Mr. Cooper responded "My innocence." To kill this man would be an injustice against America's legal system and will be seen by future generations as a mar against our integrity and honor as decent human beings. Do not let another Carlos DeLuna happen.

195 Name: John Stewart

Comment Swithenbank tampered with a witness. He went to the man's place of employment, not to ask any questions or do any investigation, but to tell him I'm a bad guy and would try to get the witness fired. Case is CP070461, contempt trial I had to do because Gallegos refused to prosecute the restraining order violations.

196 Name: David van Wyk

Comment Apart from the fact that this particular case is clearly a racially motivated miscarriage of justice, judicial executions are simply barbaric.

197 Name: Rainer Bartel

Comment Justice has to remain just. Let us try our best and not find an easy solution.

198 Name: marine Herrenschmidt

Comment ABOLITION MARCH IS ON all over the world, no way to stop 21 st century. Please drop in! Death penalty belongs to middle age societes not to 21 st century. Execute JUSTICE not people!

199 Name: pam griffith

Comment please help release him

200 Name: Thea Gruber

Comment My son is also innocent in prison. Once someone is convicted, even tho they're innocent, it's hard to change it around.

201 Name: bernard david klitzner

Comment free Kevin cooper, he is innocent.

202 Name: phanith be

Comment please dont kill an innocent man

203 Name: Angela mclellan

Comment Been following your story for a few years now from Scotland, it breaks my heart to think of youvgoing through this. You are in my prayers x

204 Name: Shar Lichty

Comment Free Kevin Cooper, an innocent man on CA's death row, and abolish the death penalty in CA and US.

205 Name: Chanda Walker

Comment I'm from Louisiana and see the injustices all the time!

206 Name: Janice Charles

Comment What ever happened to human compassion, human dignity, or just standing up for what's right. Put yourself in Mr. Cooper's shoes or his family's shoes. It hard enough to lose a child or a love one to death even when it's justified. But to lose a love one to injustice and there are persons in the position who can correct a wrong. COME ON FOLKS---DO THE RIGHT THING

207 Name: Shannon Ashley

Comment This is not right.

208 Name: Debbie Kromer

Comment This man deserves a Fair trial. I wonder how many other lives have been lost to the real criminals. Truth brings justice..

209 Name: Austin Becker

Comment Please grant clemency! Do allow an innocent man to be sent to death.

210 Name: A. Shawn Collins

Comment kevin, My heart bleeds for you and I pray that God will intercede and give you the justice that you deserve. Don't lose faith and trust that your life is not in vain. I will pray a special prayer for you today and ask that your life be saved and that you receive the trial that you and all of God's children have a right to have.

211 Name: Prue Cerin

Comment State sanctioned killing is the ultimate abuse of human rights. It is barbaric and irreversible. There is no place for capital punishment in a civilised society. Executing your citizens achieves no good and demeans our whole human population and diminishes each of us - it kills something in the hearts and souls of every single one of us. To execute an innocent man is even more heinous. With the greatest respect, I beg you to please reconsider and to grant clemency to Kevin Cooper. Thank you!

212 Name: Delysa Greene

Comment no comment, except that I know this man very well. my mother dated him when I was very young, so I had chance to meet him in person and my grandparents know him very well.

213 Name: sylvia hennig

Comment against the death penalty

214 Name: Gail Estes

Comment To whom it may concern, I respectfully ask that you do not give the death penalty to Kevin Cooper.As i am convinced as are many others that he is an innocent man.Very truly yours Gail Estes

215 Name: Marcia Goldberg

Comment Maybe Mr. Cooper is innocent. Let's let him work on his appeal and in the mean time serve his time until the truth emerges. A life in prison is a far better punishment than a hasty execution. One gets the feeling that Kevin could do much good wherever he goes having survived the harrowing trials he has been through; the fact that he is a man of color makes me want to quadruply spare his life in case of a mistaken conviction. There's certainly grounds for "resonable doubt" as to his guilt, nu? He does not appear in any of the material on this website to be one of the "unrepentant" murdering types like Karla Homolka and her rotten spouse featured on the CBC study in psychopathic personalities....

216 Name: shirl jump

Comment To Kevin, stay strong and God bless you. I will be here to help you fight. Prayers for you. Be safe Shirl

217 Name: Nina weihrauch

Comment Abolish the death penalty

218 Name: Allen Dusablon

Comment Stay Strong

219 Name: Stephanie from France


220 Name: Annabelle GABRIEL

Comment I signed. Grant clemency to Kevin Cooper!

221 Name: Attika Toumi

Comment Support for kevin..

222 Name: Susanne Pock

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!!

223 Name: Louis Richard

Comment Please give clemency to Mr Cooper.

224 Name: GIRARD

Comment Non à la peine de mort

225 Name: Fran Avery

Comment To take the life of an innocent man would be to commit the crime again. There may be no earthly consequences, but ultimately God will judge all. May God bless Kevin.

226 Name: Betty Calder

Comment States, and country's that don,t have the death sentence. Have less crime than we do. What makes you any better than the one in prison? When you want to kill a person.ew

227 Name: Beverly Bishop

Comment I live near the Chino Prison, and everybody in this area I have ever spoken to, including employees of the prison, believe that Kevin Cooper is innocent of these murders. It is absolutely heartbreaking that an innocent man is on death row for something he did not do.

228 Name: Gerald Anderson

Comment No more innocent people executed. There appears to be more than a reasonable doubt surrounding the Kevin Cooper case and I urge you remove his death sentence.

229 Name: Mary E. Acosta

Comment Please reopen this case and seriously investigate Lee Furrow as you can see he truly is the murdered.Give Kevin Cooper his life back.

230 Name: John Stewart

Comment Be a mensch, not a putz!

231 Name: Robert Dews

Comment Stop the death machine

232 Name: Emily Halston

Comment Free this man. Stop the inhumane scapegoating of black men in this country.

233 Name: Mr A Quintus/Miss C Cairns

Comment I hope the justice system realises that they have done wrong. Free Kevin Cooper!

234 Name: Maureen Brenzel

Comment So many Federal Judges expressing extreme doubt about Kevin Cooper being guilty, should be enough to free this man immediately - he has been severely punished already, without even being found guilty. As a Brit living in Germany, where the longest sentence for the most brutal crime is 15 years, and usually much less, makes the US System unbelievably cruel and archaic, not to mention criminal. The UK and all other countries in Europe did away with the death penalty decades ago - and the crime rate in Europe is way below that of the United States. I wish Mr Cooper 'All the very best' and feel very strongly that he should be pardoned immediately.

235 Name: Brian R. Kratz

Comment I have read about Kevin Cooper and believe he should be helped to prove he is innocent. Add my name to your petition. Thank you. Keep up the good work. Brian R. Kratz

236 Name: Donald Lipmanson

Comment It is a sad state of affairs when, as is usually the case, the CA Supreme Court fails to overturn a flawed conviction and the prisoner must turn to the federal courts for redress. Please show your usual courage in taking political risks to do the moral correct action, by commuting the death sentence of Kevim Cooper.

237 Name: Jeannie Venti

Comment If you have no proof he is innocent. Don't hang and innocent man ! Too many die for others wrongs. We kill inmates with no real evidence that they actually committed these crime...

238 Name: Kara Daly

Comment Free him YESTERDAY.

239 Name: Wilma Ralls

Comment Killing people for retribution does not make us a better society. And it does not curb violence. I do not care what someone has done, even if I have to bare the distress of their actions against victims, which I do feel and struggle with. It is an IMMORAL act. It is also harmful to the people who have to carry it out! We have the ability to hold people to keep them from harming themselves and others. Killing people does not have to happen and must stop! The state has a responsibility to develop laws and policies that allow humans to be the best that they can be. DEEATH SENTENCES ARE NOT IN THE BEST INTEREST OF SOCIETY AND MUST BE STOPPED!

240 Name: Eduardo Semproni

Comment Free Kevin Cooper. He is an innocent man.

241 Name: Carol Colin

Comment The final sentence of the first paragraph in this letter is enough in my mind to stop the possibility of executing this man.

242 Name: Thérèse La Rocque


243 Name: Donna Chicone

Comment Kevin, you are in my meditations and prayers. You are an inspiration to so many people.

244 Name: Joan Wiersma

Comment There is NOT enough evidence to do this! The death penalty is barbaric in the first place. People get railroaded in the Americam justice system ALL TOO OFTEN! You must at least grant a new trial. Thank you.

245 Name: louise lynch

Comment this is one man that must be released and now is an opportune time- such flagrant abuses of the law must be seen to- and certainly this man MAY beinnocent!entirely. louise lynch fremont,california 94539

246 Name: Leslie Peretsky

Comment I am speechless regarding this matter, and ashamed at how flawed our justice system is and totally against the death penalty, but for a society to execute an innocent man makes that society pathological. I would rather not live with that thought so could we make sure that Mr. Kevin Cooper is not executed, everyone has a heart no matter how callous it may become but to kill an innocent human being is bad medicine for all our hearts. We must correct this mistake and respect Mr. Cooper's life.

247 Name: Mindy Stone


248 Name: pat cunningham

Comment kevin keep your head held high.

249 Name: Sharon

Comment Thinking of you from the UK. I am Troy Davis ..... do not kill Kevin Cooper x

250 Name: Roberto sanchez

Comment Dear sir, i do believe that kevin Cooper is innocent and i also believe Sir with all respect, you do have the power to grant clemency to kevin cooper. Sir God may give you wisdom to this decision and may God give you the knowledge about this case. thank you sincerily Roberto Sanchez

251 Name: Lawrence Ghana Hayes

Comment Kevin is innocent. Reasonable doubt cries out from the facts and circumstances surrounding his case. However, the death penalty is only the solution for those who refuse, or are unable, to shed their barbarism.

252 Name: Gail Jones

Comment California's death penalty is horrific enough when you are killing a guilty person but the constitutional violations committed in this case speak volumes about our justice system; with six Ninth Circuit judges stating the proceedings were flawed it is time for you, as Governor, to speak out and stop this execution!

253 Name: Sandrine Ageorges-Skinner

Comment Do the right thing!

254 Name: Melissa Hill

Comment It is time the end the insanity. This man should not be executed.

255 Name: Christine Kroger

Comment This is every criminal defense attorney's worst nightmare. Please take this opportunity to rectify this horrific travesty of justice.

256 Name: kellin cooper

Comment I support Kevin Cooper

257 Name: Micaela De La Cerda

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!

258 Name: summer brenner

Comment Please consider this grave matter with all due consideration. His trial and conviction were shams. Don't let the state also take his life. Thank you.

259 Name: Katera Rutledge

Comment Please uphold the integrity of our system and grant Mr Cooper a new trial. Thank you

260 Name: Sara Ruddy

Comment The Ninth Circuit dissent paints a chilling picture of the police bending the facts to suit their theory. Every time we convict an innocent man, the guilty one goes free.

261 Name: mitzi trachtenberg

Comment I do not believe in capital punishment!

262 Name: pamela griffin

Comment My friend from Pittsburgh --my dear friend...praying for your Justice In Freedom. Kevin helped me out of a bad Domestic situation..i owe My Life to him in this fight! Be Blessed!

263 Name: Rebekah Dillon

Comment Thank you.

264 Name: Lauren Calhoon

Comment "The State of California may be about to execute an innocent man." (See Cooper v. Brown, 565 F.3d 581 (9th Cir. 2009).

265 Name: Janet Gray

Comment As an appellate attorney for nearly three decades, I know that these types of abuses in the criminal justice system are not uncommon. Mr. Cooper deserves a new trial.

266 Name: Birgit Bruhn

Comment Dear Governor Brown, Based on the numerous allegations of police misconduct, including the destruction of evidence and the suppression of witness testimony,and ineffective assistance of counsel by Kevin Cooper's defense attorney, please grant Kevin Cooper the right to have his appeal heard.

267 Name: Charlotte Tyson

Comment I have been following this case from day one.From the time mr.cooper escaped fromaC.i.M ...I believe he was in the wrong place at the right he was framed and black balled.just like every other black male ininin our society.heneed a JOHNNY CHOCORAN this man

268 Name: Mark

Comment Dear Governor Jerry Brown, please grant Kevin Cooper a brand new trial at the very least, give him a chance to prove his innocence.

269 Name: rachel wolkenstein

Comment Kevin Cooper is an innocent man, whose conviction is s particularly grotesque example of the racial bias prevalent in the criminal justice system.

270 Name: Lisa Manon

Comment Free Kevin Cooper! He is an innocent man being targeted and abused by the state of California.

271 Name: Eliot Lee Grossman, Attorney-at-Law

Comment Kevin Cooper is an innocent man who is clearly the victim of a racist frame-up and our dysfunctional criminal [in]justice system. Your father, Governor Edmund G. (Pat) Brown was a strong opponent of the death penalty. How about showing some moral integrity, rather than political opportunism, and granting clemency to Mr. Cooper before you, as governor, have the blood of an innocent man on your hands? The former governor of Illinois had the courage to commute the sentence of every person on that state's death row and subsequently Illinois abolished capital punishment. How about doing something that requires political courage instead of continuing to placate the right-wing for reasons of political expediency?

272 Name: Terry O'Connell

Comment Why on earth would we rush to execute anyone?

273 Name: Barbara Bacon

Comment Prosecutorial misconduct, destroying evidence, withholding evidence of Mr. Cooper's innocence? Is this what passes for justice in California? There is more than substantial proof that Mr. Cooper is an innocent man. Release him.

274 Name: Ludger Wilp

Comment (((Kevin)))

275 Name: Marly Wexler

Comment IT is time to correct the way the courts deal with a person found guilty, who has the support of 5 NInth Circuit judges, and in whose case, several serious constitutional violations have been found. If we do not take action to either further investigate these significant pieces of evidence attesting to his innocence, or exonerate him, the entire justice system will be culpable for the death of an innocent man

276 Name: Pamela Denchfield

Comment Protect life. Grant clemency to Kevin Cooper.

277 Name: ELois P. Clayton

Comment It would be so sad to see another individual lose his life because he wasn't given a chance to prove his innocence. I'm agreeing with others, that Mr.Kevin Cooper, should be given a chance to prove his innocence so that his life can be spared for a crime that he says he did not commit.

278 Name: John Wilkins

Comment Reverse this clear and blatant injustice, now

279 Name: Julie Drakeley

Comment Keep strong Kevin

280 Name: Heinz Leitner

Comment Free an innocent man - solidarity without borders from Vienna, Austria

281 Name: Gloria Rubac

Comment Hiding evidence from the defense is a crime. There is the Batson case that ruled on this. Do not ever allow a person to be executed when there are so many doubts.

282 Name: Adolfo Riedel

Comment Please look at the facts Governor Brown.

283 Name: Tommy Dishman

Comment If the West Memphis 3 case has taught us anything it's that a rush to judgment is often an erroneous one. Do the right thing.

284 Name: Lea Cooper

Comment As a mother of two young African American men, it scares the hell out of me!

285 Name: shannon


286 Name: Nancy Pratt

Comment I cannot believe Kevin is still on death row! There is so much doubt in this case, it's nuts! He has already served more time than most murders do, so he needs to be freed. More important, he's not guilty!

287 Name: mark rodriguez

Comment Dear Governor Brown, please free Kevin Cooper, he may actually be innocent.

288 Name: Rebecca Hamaki

Comment Do not execute this man. Give him a fair trial. Justice should be just.

289 Name: Ladbon Rabijahed

Comment I have read and understood this petition. I have researched the evidence and believe the state of California is making a huge mistake. I would feel safer if this executions was suspended and if it was allowed to occur would feel just as frightened and threatened by the California law enforcement community and the California justice system than someone who I have witnessed commit a capital offense. Executing a man after these events occurred in the investigation of this crime would make our society as culpable as those who commit the very murders in question.

290 Name: cate white

Comment Please rectify this injustice. There is no sane reason to continuing persecuting this man.

291 Name: Katherine Baker

Comment The death penalty in this case will not serve justice it will only add to senseless behaviour of killing.

292 Name: alina dollat


293 Name: bernard d klitzner

Comment Kevin is innocent

294 Name: jennifer brown=leon

Comment The courts and streets of California are fraught with deception and blatant denial of basic rights.In this way we are creating the sickest most twisted society in human history

295 Name: Snejanna Ivanova

Comment I'm white, but i'm " sick and tired" to live in this racist world. Like your works mr.Cooper. I teach and make painting myself,and i'v just started making some pictures about prisons. Keep fighting, my thoughts and my hart are with you, have a nice day, Snejanna, Montreal.

296 Name: Thomas Marrs

Comment god bless

297 Name: Maxwell Rodriquez

Comment After reading his case I am now thoroughly ashamed to call myself an American. Please if you have any shred of humanity in you free this man.

298 Name: Anna Kraakman

Comment Free a INNOCENT man!

299 Name: Dan Green

Comment I believe in your innocence. I believe that the SB County Sheriff's dept was on a witch hunt and simply wanted to close the case quickly. What happened by all law enforcement and judicial positioned individuals after that, related to this case, is a travesty. The verdict and continued obstructive behavior by all officials since Kevin has been incarcerated flies in the face of intelligence and common sense and most of all our humanity. Good ol boys network at its best. And everyone else is simply too scared, and/or busy to bring light back on this case. There are simply too many inconsistencies in this case and the sworn testimony from the people surrounding it.

300 Name: Kirsten

Comment Exodus 23:7 Keep far from a false charge, and do not kill the innocent or righteous, for I will not acquit the wicked.

301 Name: Katherine

Comment You've already takes the life away from Kevin cooper. Too many years living a sentence for the wrong man. The families of those murdered deserve to know who is responsible for the death or their loved ones. You cannot turn your back on this innocent man, you cannot let him live another mans charge. My thoughts are with all families included. And I believe that their will be no forgiveness for those who give false evidence, those who turn their backs on evidence. You get paid for a job to serve your people, to bring justice and to protect. You should deliver the best that you can in order for your people. I'm so thankful I am British. I would be ashamed. Kevin don't give up, and we won't.

302 Name: Brenda Smith

Comment If you do not stand for justice who will? No more corruption by your police department set this man free...

303 Name: Sophie Harding

Comment Execution is murder. This man is innocent. You will be murdering an innocent man!!

304 Name: Lionel Martinez

Comment Please investigate and free this innocent man.

305 Name: bobbi thornton

Comment County of San diego Judge Kso is corrupt, there is no statue of limitations on a petition to vacate for fraud upon the court, it's worth a try

306 Name: Joan Leslie Taylor

Comment Kevin is innocent and does not belong on death row!

307 Name: Linda

Comment Hi I am sending my support to help you get the justice you need.

308 Name: mark

Comment free kevin cooper

309 Name: Bob Smith


310 Name: karen howes

Comment even one innocent person on death row should be enough to ban its use.

311 Name: Chantay

Comment It doesn't work. Police are given the red light to kill many people on daily bases in this country and none of them are put on deathrow. they don't even get life sentences.

312 Name: Denzel Nguyen

Comment I believe more evidence is needed along with more DNA tests to ABSOLUTELY confirm that Kevin Cooper is guilty. Why should possibly innocent people have to die like this?

313 Name: Michael Rowe

Comment I belive he's innocent , the young witness says it was 3 white males, I don't belive in the death penalty

314 Name: Susan

Comment One thing I know for certain. Defense attorneys lie. Their clients lie. Kevin Cooper is guilty and should have been executed a long time ago. Stop putting a burden on the people of this state and just do it.

315 Name: Krystal gray

Comment He's innocent !

316 Name: mike chartrand

Comment I've read over 200 pages in regards to this case and I truly believe he is innocent. Not to mention, I have many police friends that have told me on many many occasions they have felt innocent people have been wrongfully charged but have gone with the flow and kept there mouths shut because they don't know the whole story. I tell them your job is to get the whole story or at least try. I couldn't imagine having to go through all this especially being innocent! Best of luck. .....A boy was sent to juvenile hall for skate boarding at his school after hours he got a weekend for trespassing. Funny thing is he never jumped any gates or did any damage. Yet directly across the street at a home depot 20 illegal aliens were waiting to be picked up for day labor yet none were even talked to for trespassing. Makes no sense. On actually had a sign stating" in America 3 days no food no money please help work for u cheap --hencho de Mexico--means made in Mexico. .

317 Name: mark

Comment free KC

318 Name: carla

Comment Be strong

319 Name: Laurel Epler

Comment I cannot believe with ALL the information that has come out that anyone could still believe this man is guilty!! The San Bernadino Sherifs dept is as crooked as the day is long!! and that is a proven FACT!!! I FOUND THE BLUE SHIRT! I CALLED AND TOLD THE SHERIFF. AND THEY SENT A DEPUTY TO MY HOME ON GLEN RIDGE DR TO PICK IT UP!! THEN IT DISAPEARED! I WAS NEVER CALLED TO TESTIFY AND THEY NEVER USED IT TO TRY AND CLEAR KEVIN!! What must we do to prove how crooked this dept was and maybe still is... READ SCAPEGOAT BY J PATRICK O'CONNOR

320 Name: Mayan Lopez

Comment I read a article on Kevin for a class about race in the america. I am appalled and wish that signature helps.

321 Name: Jackie Joseph

Comment I don't understand why this man hasn't been released already; please do everything you can to prevent him suffering yet another miscarriage of justice. Thank you, Jackie

322 Name: Laurel Epler

Comment Gov Brown. I hope you see this. I am the one that found the BLUE SHIRT. I was Never called to testify as I found out that it was thrown away! However 10 years ago I did fly to San Deigo and sat on the wittness stand for hours to testify that YES I did find that shirt and personally gave it to the deputy after I called the station and reported it. He came to my home on GLen Ridge Dr and I personnelly handed it to him!! How can you believe that one man did this awful thing when there were TW O shirts with blood on them found?? There was a tan one and also the Blue one that I found. How can a man wear TWO Shirts and throw throw them away in two different places?? PLEASE LISTEN TO REASONN Kevin Cooper was NOT the KILLER

323 Name: Debbie Crittendon

Comment Kevin, there's a lot of people out here fighting for your life. I'm a new one, and I want you to know I am praying for you. Please keep faith, God knows you are innocent. States like to hide the facts that they lie and purposely lead jurors to believe in false evidence. God is with you sir. And remember even though you are alone in your cell, we are out here fighting for you. God bless you.

324 Name: Cherl Carlsen

Comment I'm not even a lawyer and I can see this case reeks of misconduct. Everyone involved in this wrongful conviction should be charged and this man should be set free. Disgusting!!

325 Name: Michelle Cisneros

Comment I lived right near this family back then as a child i remember hearing it 'had to be" more then 1 was an Ambush on the time to get either Guns in tbe house...or knives..just to fight with their arms as best they could. And if Blond hair was found in Jessicas hand n Long brown hair was found in is a Black Man Convicted ??? Hopefully those hairs were bagged n saved into Evidence!!!! We have advanced Forsenic teams with better machines etc...poor Kevin Cooper has had to live his life behind bars for something the Court could have PROVED along time agooo....His Innocence! Hope you get out Kevin...and can live a normal life...get to sleep when you want ...wakeup when you want...take a fast food...go shopping at the grocery store....smell the fresh air. Just enjoy Life to the Fullest. GoodLuck To You Michelle

326 Name: Lee

Comment In short, this man didn't do it. There is a reason the only survivor of this horrific crime, said he saw three Mexican or white men. That was his first testimony of the crime. After that, he blocked that night out of his head. That little girl, is holding someone else's hair and shame on the state of California for not allowing testing to be done when the victims family is begging for it to be done. This is an abortion of American justice. From watching the 48 hours episode, it is clear the police blew it on this one. Kevin cooper is paying for the polices and someone else's mistakes.

327 Name: Nijal Martin

Comment Enough of these executions, Damnit!

328 Name: Ashleigh Lederer

Comment I did a project on this man in my class and find it disappointing and an abrasive realization of what it means to be a resident of the "land of the free"

329 Name: Ian

Comment Rock on! Frick frack diddily dack the police!

330 Name: Marjorie Visher

Comment Please grant clemency to Kevin Cooper. I do not believe he could have or would have committed the crimes against the Ryan family.

331 Name: Jean-Marie DELTHIL

Comment For the Life !

332 Name: mark rodriguez

Comment free kevin cooper

333 Name: london

Comment Im on his side

334 Name: Maureen S. Caputo MSW

Comment As a professional in the field of Social Work, Criminal Justice and Forensic Field Investigation and truly believe in our judicial system. Other the other hand I also acknowledge the bias and discrimination used just in the sake to blame someone. Blaming just someone has to go and this case is a perfect example of how our system is failing.

335 Name: Nakia

Comment End this miscarriage of justice.

336 Name: Peter Wexler

Comment This case needs to be put to rest. Only you, Governor Brown, can make that happen!

337 Name: Grace

Comment Kevin Cooper is innocent!

338 Name: Kasey Lund

Comment I support this petition.

339 Name: Margaret Emery

Comment dfa;fdk

340 Name: pamela griffin

Comment Free my friend..he is innocent.

341 Name: Grace Jackson

Comment There is too much uncertainty around this case to execute him!

342 Name: Kathryn Snyder

Comment Please do what's right, Jerry. Free this innocent man.

343 Name: Lynne Cruz

Comment Kevin is innocent of the crime for which he had been convicted. I support the death penalty in some instances. I DO NOT SUPPORT THE DEATH PENALTY FOR AN INNOCENT MAN! Please Governor, review this case. Whether by incompetence, laziness, corruption, intimidation or the pursuit of accolades for the benefit of promotion or limelight, the investigators, prosecutors and even the judge, are all complacent in condemning an innocent man. This should not stand!

344 Name: Larry Wartels

Comment Hello Honourable Governor Brown, You are a leader with vision who they first tried to reduce to a "Moonbeam". Other leaders like Kevin Cooper are further criminalized for their vision--a world free of suffering, poverty, war and racism. People and Planet Before Duplicity and Profit. Free Kevin Cooper!

345 Name: Cody Spagrud

Comment There is too much evidence that points to other perpetrators. That which points to Cooper is spurious.

346 Name: Marie Tennant

Comment The death penalty needs to be abolished! Immediately. It is barbaric and especially heinous when it involves an inmate who may possibly be innocent.

347 Name: tracy brown

Comment This is a gross miscarriage of justice. Once again a black man is used as a scapegoat.

348 Name: Colleen Maring

Comment I believe, like so many Ninth Circuit judges, that Kevin is probably innocent. When whether you are executed depends solely on the luck of the draw in terms of your judicial panel, our system is broken. When eleven federal appellate judges complain that your case undermines confidence in the judiciary, how can the State of California then purport to execute that man with any kind of confidence? The facts of the "investigation" and habeas proceedings in Kevin's case should shock the conscience no matter what the situation, but "death is different," according to the Supreme Court. Surely we cannot let Kevin's death be at the State's hands.

349 Name: Margaret Bick

Comment Free the innocent!

350 Name: Annamarie DiGioia

Comment Kevin Cooper is innocent man. He did NOT kill the Ryen family and Christopher. There is no way ex-marine would anyone or snybody to kill is family. It was more than one person that did it.

351 Name: Stuart Soloway

Comment This man has not be proven guilty.

352 Name: Lori Pelto

Comment This is a case that should have never been. We cannot simply fabricate a criminal when we do not have one. This many should have been released a long time ago.

353 Name: Dan Hancock

Comment Miscarriage of justice should not claim yet another life.

354 Name: Francis Schilling

Comment An evolved, civil society violates every tenet of its moral code when it kills to prove that killing is wrong. That being said, if one is to exact this measure of "justice" it cannot be done without incontrovertible evidence and a completely fair trial. To proceed with this man's execution is morally reprehensible!

355 Name: Lynn Crandall

Comment To kill an innocent man is horrible enough - but to keep that man on death row all those years is something that makes the "Justice" System a very very sick joke. Please release this man now and end the agony for him and his family. This is the LEAST you can do...but there needs to be a reworking of how our "Justice" is run and what we are responsible for doing to our fellow human beings!

356 Name: bernard klitzner

Comment please release kevin

357 Name: Jean Tabin

Comment If there is any doubt, a person should not be put to death.

358 Name: rose kazma

Comment Kevin should be freed, he's clearly innocent. On the other hand, those officers of the law/court, responsible for railroading him and purposefully perverting and manipulating the justice process should be charged and prosecuted. Kevin has not spent decades in prison because of a "mistake". He was put there by a corrupt and racist criminal justice system that knew it was sending an innocent man to prison and potentially to his death.

359 Name: Betty L. McLane-Iles (Dr.)

Comment There is too much doubt and uncertainty to convict and condemn this person. And the outrageous conduct of those accusing him should have led to a mistrial and should certainly not be allowed to stand as final judgement. We ask you to intervene in this case of gross injustice and misconduct, Thank you, Dr. McLane-Iles

360 Name: Mildred Barnet

Comment I am shocked and sickened to learn that a young man by the name of Kevin Cooper might be killed by the state on the mistaken belief that he is a criminal. As a normally humane human being, I appeal for a reconsideration of this case, lest a cruel and irreparable mistake occur, bringing a more heinous crime than the one presuming to be punished.

361 Name: Alexandra Raquel Berliner


362 Name: Mark Lux

Comment Please free Kevin Cooper.

363 Name: Rebecca Doran

Comment Kevin Cooper was framed. Imagine 30 years on death row for a crime you had nothing to do with. Free him!

364 Name: Sora bridges

Comment Free Kevin cooper

365 Name: D. E. Baylor

Comment Release this man and other political prisoners from your prisons.

366 Name: D R Green

Comment This is an innocent man. He has been convicted for crimes that he did not commit. Please re-open the case and you shall see that the evidence that is available will support his innocence.

367 Name: Deborah Doran

Comment Free Kevin Cooper! Don't let an innocent man die in jail.

368 Name: John Chadwick

Comment OMG. I read the entire story about this atrocious miscarriage of justice. Three white murderers walked free because the D.A. wanted a black man to die. Sick.Sick.

369 Name: Nancy Schimmel

Comment There seems to be reasonable doubt here.

370 Name: Stephanie Miyashiro

Comment The information about your case seems so strange as though guilt was manufactured in the face of evidence of innocence! Why you should be on death row is a puzzle. I am asking for Divine intervention on your behalf. May justice prevail. May you be released from prison and exonerated. I do oppose the death penalty in any case. There have been many convictions found later to be in error and one cannot undo the death of an innocent. Wishing you the best. Will hope for good news.

371 Name: Caroline Ford

Comment There is nothing worse than a state sponsored murder of an innocent man. Grant clemency to Kevin Cooper.

372 Name: joanne Polacsek

Comment The Brady Violations should have never been denied. Dirty Cops and Detectives should be on death row. It's not rocket science. Your prosecutors are dirty!

373 Name: James Anderson

Comment I do not believe this man should be executed. Judges are stating that evidence was most likely tampered with, please do not take that chance and execute an innocent man.

374 Name: Michael Murrow

Comment I believe in the death penalty but Kevin Cooper is innocent ..... just look at the evidence.

375 Name: Iva

Comment He's innocent.

376 Name: Vanessa coronado

Comment Free this innocent man

377 Name: T

Comment Multiple eyewitness accounts about 3 men, the dna containing 2, the eyewitness at the bar!! I mean lets go cali.. #justnotright,#newtrial

378 Name: Donald Jenkins

Comment Let him go in Jesus Name

379 Name: Chenita McCoy

Comment It is our duty to look at this case once again, and give Kevin Cooper a fair trial.

380 Name: Sierra Nelson

Comment STAY STRONG MY BROTHER! I pray that you receive justice!

381 Name: Star

Comment I just watched your story on Death row stories. Please free Kevin Cooper asap. He is innocent and every one knows it.

382 Name: Dane Esses

Comment Kevin Cooper is innocent

383 Name: Tena young

Comment Free this man!!!!

384 Name: Catherine Mallett

Comment I believe you.

385 Name: Dana Hood

Comment Support for Kevin Cooper.

386 Name: Jo Defyn

Comment as there are no solid arguments in favour of any death penalty and as all arguments against it are clear and without any doubt whatsover, this unacceptable punishment should be totally and forever reformed

387 Name: leslie peete

Comment Horrible situation

388 Name: Desiree Tallent

Comment How is this even disputable? Free Kevin Cooper. End incompetence.

389 Name: Jonathan Stone Morales

Comment Free an innocent man. Evidence was tampered with, proper witnesses and suspects weren't interrogated, and an innocent black man is taking the burden for murders committed by three unknown men.

390 Name: anonymous

Comment free this innocent man. too much evidence surrounding this case. he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.let him go.

391 Name: Kenny Tokusato

Comment Please put those crooked cops and prosecutors in jail.

392 Name: Rochellia Arreguine

Comment it's clear as day that this man is innocent of killing these people

393 Name: Teresa

Comment It is pretty obvious there were a whole lot of tampering of evidence. The guy is Innocent! Who went looking for the men with blood on their cloths based on all the witness? Does this have something to do with the fact that the other suspects to told of by witness that night were white and that makes them OK to walk? So many nonprofessionals "crooks" handled his case at the beginning.

394 Name: Attika Toumi

Comment Signed for Kevin.

395 Name: Zeke J


396 Name: Rachel

Comment Freedom

397 Name: Amy Bergquist

Comment The EDTA and DNA results show that Cooper's blood from the police lab sample was planted on the shirt.

398 Name: Joyce Silverest

Comment How can you kill a man when there is lingering doubt of his being guilty??? One man didn't slaughter 5 people!!! How can anybody ignore the fact that his vial of blood was tampered with and someone elses blood was mixed in to fill the vial and hide the fact that his blood was used to splatter on the shirt and wall to frame him? And evidence of his innocence being destroyed? This whole thing makes me sick! Come on, do the right thing here.

399 Name: Caroline Walsh

Comment Dear Governor Brown, Please grant clemency to Mr. Kevin Cooper. More must be done to find the perpetrators of these brutal murders! Respectfully, Caroline Walsh

400 Name: ann wright

Comment God bless you Kevin, receive Christ as your Savior. I just watched an interview about your case and it is clear you are an innocent man. It sickens me that people in authority are so crooked that they would tamper with evidence and get rid of evidence. Eye witness accounts from the 8 year old victim said it was 3 or 4 white men. I can't believe this. I am praying for you. If you are put to death for something you didn't do, the people involved will face God one day and be judged. It is my prayer someone that was involved that they will tell the truth and you will be freed. Jesus loves you so much Kevin. Ask Him into your heart today and you will find peace. I am so sorry for you that you are going through this. Call on Christ He will deliver you...just believe you will be freed. He will do it.

401 Name: Anita J

Comment Free this innocent man.

402 Name: Delores Parker

Comment he is NOT GUILTY.

403 Name: Lyndsay ollberding

Comment Please let me know what I can do to help

404 Name: Alind Numan

Comment Cooper should be let free. don't think he was the killer.

405 Name: Joyce Sekalala

Comment Kevin, sorry to hear about your conviction. It's saddening that this keep on happening all the time. May justice prevail. God has you in His hands keep believing, keep praying.

406 Name: Janice Allen

Comment I just watched the specifics of this case on a CNN special: Death Row Stories.... Although I am leaning toward Kevin Cooper's innocence I can not be sure. I am sure (after watching this story) that some of the evidence "doesn't add up". This, in itself should be all that is needed to give this man another trial and let the evidence speak for itself... I implore you to give this man his constitutional right! Sincerely, Janice Allen

407 Name: Alyssa Mix

Comment The case of Kevin Cooper is an absolute miscarriage of justice. The survivor was an eyewitness to 3 white men killing his family. The only monster in this case is the corrupt system that only has interest in saving face by putting an innocent man to death. The evil incompetency and continued cover-ups should have us all questioning the US Judicial System.

408 Name: Bärbel and Kristin Baer

Comment In the name of humanity, please grant clemency to Kevin Cooper.

409 Name: Stacey Lee Greenall

Comment We watched Death Row Stories and you'd have to be deaf, dumb & blind or "paid off" not to see the evidence was planted and Kevin Cooper was framed! A little too convenient, esp to pin it on a black man with a "criminal-history". This whole case stinks and the assholes that framed him should be in prison! Hell, they wouldn't last 2 days without having a mental breakdown. The whole Justice System is tainted by the jackasses elected to run it....straight into the ground as I see it. I know what you're thinking, no, I'm a white woman.....I just see THE TRUTH!!! Set KEVIN COOPER FREE!!!

410 Name: Miguel Lopez-Rosende

Comment No justice, no freedom! You've served time for the crimes you have committed and hopefully you get a new trial so that you may not have to die for the crime you didn't commit. Good luck!

411 Name: Bob hoare

Comment Wake up and smell the coffee! Kevin is INNOCENT!! He was SET UP! Free the man now!

412 Name: Enza Zabonas

Comment Convinced of his innocence!

413 Name: Elisabeth Murray

Comment However horrific the original crime, there are significant doubts about Kevin Cooper's guilt in this case. Please don't execute him. Two wrongs don't make it right.

414 Name: Kristin

Comment Stay strong and you will make it through this.

415 Name: Judy Maddox

Comment If there is just one shred of doubt, it is Americas court system's duty to explore this doubt and thus the presumed innocent has a legal right to exhaust all of his court options. It seems a shred of doubt exists in this case.

416 Name: Quintarius Beck

Comment right is right wrong is wrong and this is wrong

417 Name: Dina Perri

Comment Mr. Cooper is not guilty of killing the family. It was a vicious attack that Mr. Cooper did not commit.

418 Name: Analeeze Rodriguez

Comment I watched the kevin cooper case for the first time yesterday on CNN. It was one of the most frustrating, saddest thing ive ever seen. Kevin cooper is a man ONLY GUILTY of race. sad to say, race played the biggest factor in this. and I hope. you get released and can soon enjoy freedom...

419 Name: Janae Cotton

Comment I saw the story on CNN's Death Row Stories and it touched me. PLEASE DO NOT execute this man too many inconsistencies in the way the evidence was handled.

420 Name: Daniel Curtin Stubbs

Comment There is so much doubt surrounding this case! Kevin above all else deserves another trial. I can't begin to understand how the prosecutors could have made so many mistakes. But I know it happens. Please give this man a fair trail

421 Name: tiff

Comment n/a

422 Name: Tara Fauria

Comment With all the planted and tampered evidence, how can you not grant this man a fair trail to prove his innocence. What happened to innocent until proven guilty, not tampered evidence makes you guilty. The son originally said 3 white men came in his home, and because of the outrage from the community the justice system just wanted to pin this murder on anyone. And unfortunately it's Mr. Cooper. Well Jerry Brown, if you can't see this case as erroneous, then you're guilty just like the people who planted evidence and have innocent blood on your hands for the rest of your life.

423 Name: olivia king

Comment As long s the justice system shows no rights and remorse but fair treatment to African Americans then I will continue to fight. Continue to advocate an continue to be ware of how unjustly this system is in america

424 Name: Leta Sheaffer

Comment I have been following your story for a long time now and I wish I could do something besides telling you how sorry I am for this horrible injustice that has been done to you. I hope that knowing how many people believe in your innocence and feel compassion, sympathy and empathy for your situation is enough to keep you going and fighting for the truth. I hope someday you win your freedom.

425 Name: Elizabeth Connor

Comment The death penalty should be outlawed.

426 Name: Bobbie Ogletree

Comment I am against the death penalty. But I find it particularly unconscionable to execute someone if there is any doubt at all about this person's innocence. Clearly, this doubt exists in the case of Kevin Cooper. I hope you will use your power of clemency to rescind the death penalty order for this man. Thanks for your attention.

427 Name: Jessica Parker

Comment I'm praying for you.

428 Name: Veronica Valdez

Comment This man has not been granted a fair trial and is innocent. The police we're in such a rush to find someone guilty and decided to tunnel in on Kevin Cooper instead of following the real leads which should have been followed. Its obvious they knew who they wanted to charge without even following proper procedure.

429 Name: heidi rosas

Comment Support

430 Name: Evan Wood

Comment Kevin Cooper needs a fair trial.

431 Name: Jasmin Nixon

Comment Free kevin cooper

432 Name: constance chance

Comment This man was framed. Happens all the time. Im so scared for my african american sons.

433 Name: Gayle Kirby

Comment Prayers for Kevin

434 Name: Eric Rogers

Comment Sounds to me that the tampering of evidence needs to investigated by the courts before an execution

435 Name: loukisha martin

Comment free kevin

436 Name: Jasmine Peng

Comment This case has been full of tampered evidence, multiple eye witnesses, and violated procedures done by questionable officials. They all point to the same thing: Kevin Cooper is not the murderer.

437 Name: Laura Ice

Comment I believe Kevin Cooper should be given clemency. It sounds as though the evidence against him was severely tainted! I do NOT believe in the death penalty in any case, but especially in cases like this on of Kevin!

438 Name: Monique Jones

Comment It is sad when justice isn't really justice. In this case an innocent man (K. Cooper) is lacking justice and is being wrongfully accused of a crime. It seems as the juridical systems has failed us.

439 Name: Scott Stephansky

Comment I wish you well.

440 Name: Judy White

Comment This man did not receive a fair trial and is most likely innocent. He should be spared the death penalty. He should be released from jail to live out the rest of his life in peace. Gov. Brown, you are a smart, fair and good man. It is in your power to stop this travesty. Look at the facts, please.

441 Name: Patrice Thompson

Comment Please grant clemency to Kevin Cooper. He may well be innocent. We pray for him.

442 Name: Patricia Martinez

Comment Please grant Kevin Cooper clemency. If he is executed, this will be a mistake that cannot be undone. There is too much evidence that he was falsely convicted to ignore. Please release this innocent man.

443 Name: Delia Metoyer

Comment Our criminal justice system is broken. We should not be executing people when the system has proved itself to be deeply flawed and racist.

444 Name: Victoria Forguson

Comment Stay strong! Keep fighting!

445 Name: Sahil Rai

Comment This needs to be fixed

446 Name: Sharon Setzer

Comment The death penalty should be abolished, once and for all (even when a person is REALLY guilty) in every state in the USA.

447 Name: Rev Tama Bell

Comment Please reconsider the evidence, the lack of convicting evidence and I am completely against the Death Penalty in any case.

448 Name: Teresa Barrington

Comment Blood evidence tainted

449 Name: Jennifer Gambill

Comment Please free this man. He has already paid dearly.

450 Name: Zanetta V.Fredericks

Comment Dear Governor Jerry Brown,I'm pleading with you to take some time, out of your busy schedule,and read what's going on in the life of Mr.Kevin Cooper. Please free him for he is a innocent man,on Death row at San Quentin State Prison. Thank you, Ms.Zanetta Fredericks

451 Name: Zanetta Fredericks

Comment Dear Governor Jerry Brown, I'm writing to ask you to please let Mr.Kevin Cooper free. He is a innocent man who is on Death row at San Quentin State Prison. Check out his website, along with the important information his attorney has sent you. Thank you, Sincerely, Ms.Zanetta Fredericks

452 Name: Gail Berryman


453 Name: Paul M. Johnson

Comment God Bless.

454 Name: Roniqua Shaw

Comment Free Kevin Cooper PLEASE. He has served too many years and he didn't even commit the crime!!! He is an innocent man and evidence proves it!!! It's time for justice to be served!!! FREE KEVIN COOPER!!!

455 Name: L Nelson

Comment Taking a life is not always the answer

456 Name: Anthony

Comment Be Just!

457 Name: Nathaniel S Rolle

Comment Dear Governor Brown , after the reading of the evidence it seem like you should consider letting Kevin Cooper go.

458 Name: Kelishia Rolle

Comment May he be granted clemency..

459 Name: Jill Farley

Comment The evidence that Kevin Cooper was framed is more than I have seen in many other cases. Kevin Cooper deserves to be free. We had the same problem here in Huntington, WV when Fred Zane who lied about test results in hundreds of cases. Kevin Cooper should be freed and given a new trial if there are still questions. It is apparent that Kevin Cooper was framed and you should be ashamed of yourself!! There is nothing worse than killing someone that is innocent. I am for the death penalty, but I am against killing those who are innocent! You need to do the right thing and quit listening to all the special interest groups that fund you. Free Kevin Cooper now!

460 Name: Michelle Nelson

Comment I believe that Kevin Cooper is innocent. He should be released from prison. Grave injustice has occurred.

461 Name: Gena Yoshimura

Comment There is obviously issues surrounding the conviction of Kevin Cooper. If there is even the slightest possibility that he is innocent he MUST be taken off death row and ALL evidence re examined. That is how the justice system needs to work. How can we as a society be ok with putting an innocent to death?

462 Name: James Everett

Comment There's no evidence pointing him to that horrific crime

463 Name: Jack Newton

Comment if the boy said it was 3 guys white or mexican why would we kill Kevin we need to look for the 3 people the boy said was in the house kevin need to be release from prison do to mistrial and tampering with evidence

464 Name: Alana Jones

Comment I believe you. God bless you and keep you.

465 Name: Larry sloan

Comment Who are we to play God to determine who lives and who dies. If so what is the difference between us and the killers. We were out on this earth to live and to learn. To learn from our mistakes and make the best of what we have. What is the difference between closure and revenge. It is hard to understand this in the midst of just loosing a loved one but to get true closure one must learn to forgive and forget as Christ did for us. In the end when judgement day comes that is when true closure will be done. The man on the right who is on "trail for murder" will not be put in a hotter hell than the man on the left who is on "trail" for lying. The bible is clear when it talks about all lists go to hell. We get so cought up in the faults of other we are so quick to judge but we forget to look in the mirror to judge the ones who we must account for when the day comes. Without the death penalty we won't have to worry weather or not someone is being wrongly convicted because once they are gone there is nothing you can do after it comes to light that they were wrongly convicted. The death penalty is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Instead of trying to get rid of those who do wrong and cause trouble why not try to rehabilitate and help those in need to become better people so that they can be the best person they can be. No one is born evil but not everyone is born with the same lifestyles and opportunities. Who are we to say we are better than the next man simply because he was born to less fortunate circumstances than ourselves. We must stand up for those who don't have a voice or for those who aren't strong enough and fight for what we believe in and for what is right. Lks Larry kendell sloan

466 Name: Virginia

Comment The fact that there is or was a woman stating her boyfriend may have committed the crime should be enough to give him a second chance. May God be with you Kevin Cooper.

467 Name: Kimberly Foster

Comment I really don't know what more to add. All these people in powerful positions, life and death decision making positions, and they still refuse to acknowledge the most basic facts. That in itself proves beyond a reasonable doubt that they do not possess the intelligence, common sense or integrity to hold these positions. Those who deny, and are intent on hiding the truth/facts had best hope they never find themselves in a situation where their life depends on the same ignorant minds they possess. Set free Kevin Cooper- an innocent man.

468 Name: Carla Briggs

Comment Please grant clemency to Kevin Cooper.

469 Name: Mary Jane bowen

Comment I'd like to be informed of any updates to this case. My heart hurts for him.

470 Name: Monica

Comment Everyone is due a fair trial!good luck kevin

471 Name: Sylvia DLV

Comment Hang in there Kevin--we're all praying for you. God bless you.

472 Name: Karin Crehan

Comment After I saw the documentary on CNN I am sure that Kevin Cooper is innocent. I am in general against the death penalty, because of cases like Kevin Cooper, where so many mistakes were made. He needs a new trial to look at all the mistakes that were made and witnesses that were never questioned. I feel for the family and friends of the killed people, but justice wasn't done.

473 Name: Alan Kostyshak

Comment Kevin Cooper should be freed immediately, and the corrupt police detectives and prosecutors, should face the death penalty.

474 Name: Larry Parker

Comment I hope Governor will do the right thing and grant clemency for Kevin cooper. It is so sad when law officials cover up and destroy evidence just to get a conviction. They are to lazy to get off their duff an go out and find the real killers. Everybody better watch out for the justice system in California.

475 Name: Rhonda Turner

Comment I hope you get your freedom soon

476 Name: Mary Jean Coolahan

Comment Judging by the destruction of evidence and various other missteps in the prosecution of Mr. Cooper, I strongly feel that he should not be put to death. He, in my opinion, is NOT GUILTY of murdering that family. Please stop the execution of this man; if you don't, you will have his murder on your hands.

477 Name: Mary

Comment Kevin Cooper is an innocent man an he doesn't need to be executed.....

478 Name: Jen Brow

Comment Collection of your evidence was wrong. And only focused on you in the beginning. There are several eye wittnesses upon watching a show with you on it. The crime was done by 3 white guys is what the show said. It just so happened the devil tempted your escape before the crime had occured. I also read. The blood from the crime scene was mixed. The overalls from one of the killers was thrown in the dumpter by a evidence officer. Keep God in your heart, I just watched Dr. Phil who they are trying to free another person who is on death row. They are tring to stop his leathal injection in several weeks. His attorney is Don Knight. and Move and sister ... was a person helping him. don't ever give up. Ask God to put it into his hands, and may you be set free.

479 Name: Mary Baxter

Comment I believe the prosecution manufactured evidence to ensure a conviction in this case. there are a number of witnesses to possible other guilty parties who were either not called or were threatened by police. the only witness was coached to change his testimony.. Copper is not a law abiding person, true..but I doubt he is a murderer..and the real murderers have got away with it for years. The death penalty when used wrongly, allows the state to commit murder.

480 Name: Marie Clark

Comment I support your innocence

481 Name: Chrissy Patrick

Comment Kevin "You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice." ---Bob Marley See you on the outside. May Jah give you strength! Dupree

482 Name: Constance Spear

Comment If 1 percent of those executed are not guilty, how can the people making the decisions live day to day ? How can those in charge be SO sure ? Maybe they're GOP. That would fit.

483 Name: Lidia Inestroza

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!!!!!!!

484 Name: Jamie Chow

Comment Hey Mr. Cooper, I first heard about your case through my friend, Max, who has worked on your case off and on throughout the years. Time and time again I get disappointed by our terribly flawed and unjust justice system. You should be a free man. You are one of the strongest and bravest persons I've ever heard of. I hope you don't lose hope. Sincerely, Jamie

485 Name: Josie Hills

Comment I support Kevin Cooper who is innocent of the crime for which he is sentenced to die for. Please reconsider an appeal and give Kevin a new trial on claims of his innocence and evidence-tampering.

486 Name: Cece Coleman

Comment I know so many killers that actually murder too many people and today as I write this is out with time served or some type of probation Kevin is innocent in always give him the respect that is overdue do the right thing do what you would want others to do for you free Kevin Cooper

487 Name: Eric Christensen

Comment .

488 Name: Pamela Samson

Comment Hang in there Kevin... If he's executed, the state has committed murder, plain and simple. Free Kevin Cooper

489 Name: Wanda Dawe

Comment Why is he not free yet? The proof shows he is innocent!

490 Name: Barbarella Lewis

Comment My fiance and I just watched the show about death row inmates. We believe that you are innocent Kevin Cooper and we believe this is a absolute miscarriage of justice. What a waste of life, you are due your freedom. These cowards and liars involved in your case will see the judgement day and have to answer to the God Almighty for their sins against you. I pray for your release and will keep you in my prayers sir.

491 Name: Angela

Comment You. need to free this man he's no murder he might of been accused of other crimes but he didn't kill that family them polce and detectives need charge this is sad

492 Name: Annette Badger

Comment God bless you Kevin Cooper. His grace will set you free.

493 Name: Samantha Ontiveros

Comment He is not guilty. I cannot believe he's still in prison for this. It's sickening

494 Name: Brenda Arp

Comment The police messed up big time!

495 Name: amari ray

Comment After seeing the show regarding to this case I too strongly believe that this man has been framed and is innocent of these murders!!!The eye witness, the boy that survived stated that there was 3 people that had done that to him and his family,and Kevin Cooper was not one of the women at the bar said they seen 3white males entered a bar she was at covered in blood!!!! It's ridiculous that all the facts still haven't exonerated this man

496 Name: Maria Brown

Comment Hello Governor Brown, I hope all is well with you and your family. We met at Everitt and Jones over BBQ. We were conversing with Ms. Dorothy. I ask of you to please have mercy on Kevin Cooper. Please Don't allow him to be put to death. Please free this innocent man. I thank you in advance because I believe you have a heart and a conscience. And I thank The Lord in advance for touching your heart to allow this innocent man to come home to his family, church family and friends who love and miss him so very much. Thank you Governor Brown, for your time and consideration. May God richly Bless you.

497 Name: Pam Taylaor

Comment Whenever there is a shaddow of a doubt and there are PLENTY in this case....the man, at the very least, deserves a new trial ...or assume his innocence and release this man. He is NOT GUILTY of the crimes he has been accused of.

498 Name: charlotte de

Comment Hi I watched your story I wish you the best I do not believe you should be on death row I believe you should be given a chance the states doesn't seem to give that but canada does I WILL PRAY FOR YOU AND KNOW THAT IM ON YOUR SIDE.....I SIGN UP FOR YOUR PETITION I SUPPORT YOU....DO NOT EXECUTE KEVIN COOPER

499 Name: Michael Sawyer

Comment Kevin, I am a member of CCMF and I pray for you on a regular basis. Stay encouraged my brother and know that GOD is going to work this out for you! Mike Sawyer

500 Name: Jan Underwood

Comment For crying out loud. Examine all the evidence and talk to witnesses again. A blind man could see that this guy didn't murder that family! And the cops who obviously tampered with and planted evidence should be sent to prison for life!

501 Name: Wendy Hughes

Comment It's cases like Kevin Cooper's that bring shame to our judicial system. I feel this man didn't get a fair trial--certainly with all the misconduct via tunnel vision, covering up and refusal to acknowledge it. How very sad for Kevin Cooper. How very sad for our justice system. ~Wendy

502 Name: Odette carter

Comment Free the man.....and you claim your a democracy!

503 Name: Cameron Stewart

Comment If in any doubt about guilt in any case the death penalty should never be an option. Better to to be safe than to even remotely risk executing an innocent person. Once executed and if found at a later date to have not committed the crime they have been accused of there is no way to undo such a serious error.

504 Name: Sam

Comment Peace

505 Name: Fallon Kilpatrick

Comment Never give up!

506 Name: jENN BRIWN


507 Name: Art Junier

Comment No more death penalty!

508 Name: M. Bott

Comment Please free Kevin Cooper.

509 Name: Arturo Urrutia

Comment Stop this execution ,and get rid of the death penalty because it's injust and unfair for minorities.

510 Name: Marilyn Thorn

Comment Praying that God will lay heavy on the heart of Governor Brown and not allow this injustice to take the life of an innocent man. Mr. Cooper, you're in the thoughts and prayers of many! Keep the FAITH!

511 Name: jerzy czyz

Comment Few years back I heard about Mr. Kevin Cooper case, and based on fact that were introduced at the time It was very clear that he did not commit the killings. Tonight, again, I listened to KGO radio station which had his attorney as a guest. I vividly remember how upset I was the first time I read about it, and I become more upset with our justice system tonight.The system is broken !.It is simply unbelievable that after showing so many facts, problems with the investigation and tampering with the evidence the man is NOT FREE today ! I'm writing this to the Governor Brown and asking him to do what anybody with any conscience would do: FREE KEVIN COOPER. Regards Jerzy Czyz 9.24.15

512 Name: Jake Thompson

Comment You must grant Clemency and assure true justice is sought.

513 Name: Heidi Mortensen

Comment Please grant Kevin Cooper a fair hearing and a new trial. He is deserving of clemency because the facts show evidence, including blood DNA and cigarettes, was planted to frame Mr. Cooper. He has already forfeited 30 years due to the malfeasance of an overburdened and understaffed police force pressured to solve a case. 60 Minutes showed how there is pressure on detectives to wrap up a case in a neat little bow, even if lying and fabricating and planting incriminating articles is how they do it. Only an innocent man named Kevin Cooper is trapped in the bow. I humbly request that you do all in your power to grant Mr. Cooper clemency. There is tremendous doubt regarding his involvement in this heinous crime. Thank you for your consideration in this urgent matter. Sincerely, Heidi Mortensen

514 Name: Jeffery Bott

Comment Please free Kevin.

515 Name: Margaret Czyz

Comment Mr.Governor An innocent men will loose his life Please look at the facts and finally free him so he can have his life back after so many years.

516 Name: Margo

Comment This is not justice let the man go.

517 Name: Dean Schroth

Comment Please grant clemency to Kevin Cooper. I don't believe he got a fair trial.

518 Name: Louis DiFrancesco

Comment There is an appearance that Mr Cooper did not receive due process.

519 Name: Jack Raley

Comment Clemency is called for, at the very least. A fair hearing, and a retrial would be critical in absolving this innocent man of a capital murder crime.

520 Name: Diane Raley

Comment Dear Governor Brown; Please correct this horrible injustice!

521 Name: eileen hufferd

Comment Governor Brown, I am very upset about this case. You must undo this mess, stand up for this man. This is WRONG!! Do the RIGHT justice for your brother. Walk a mile in his shoes. The people and their minds can rest. PLEASE

522 Name: wilma blase

Comment If there is any doubt that this is an innocent man, weigh in on the "doubt". You cannot undo an execution

523 Name: Cheek Family

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!!!!

524 Name: Jen

Comment After watching the documentary about Kevin Cooper's case, I am disgusted and amazed that his appeals were so casually denied. No one wants to admit that they could have been wrong with the verdict. That there was the possibility of evidence mishandling or even corruption. Yes, Mr.Cooper had a history, but it appears to me that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The questions around the evidence do not warrant his death penalty. I agree with some of the earlier comments that in a case such as this where there is serious doubt, the death penalty should not apply. I too am not necessarily against the death penalty but in extreme cases where there is no reasonable doubt. What happened to the 3 white individuals who were seen by the young survivor of the incident and the female patron in a restaurant who notified police she witness 3 men with blood splattered on their clothes? Why nothing more about them? Did anyone ever pursue those leads? It seems apparent that the police have an influence in molding the evidence to get the verdict they wanted. I deeply feel for the victims' families, such a horrific and tragic crime. However, I wonder how these detectives and officials knowing that there are serious questions with the evidence. can live with themselves in wanting to take another life. They would rather let the verdict remain than admit that they could have been wrong. Mr. Cooper should be released and let the people have a restored faith in the justice system.

525 Name: Ansumana Hull

Comment Everyone deserves a fair trial

526 Name: Carole Seligman

Comment Kevin Cooper is innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt. He needs to be free immediately. How will California ever make up to him for the 30-plus years he has lived in a cage?

527 Name: Diane Wang

Comment It is wrong to execute any person, but especially in the case of an innocent man.

528 Name: Nancy Keiler

Comment Please free Kevin.

529 Name: Rachael matier

Comment Best wishes

530 Name: Gaillard

Comment Support from France!

531 Name: R. Marti

Comment Please do not execute this man

532 Name: Patricia Jones

Comment Based on what I have read and watch Kevin is innocent this is an injustice and a disgrace, evidence was deliberately withheld. Keep the faith Kevin the fact that you are still here shows God has a greater plan.

533 Name: Odette Carter

Comment America's police force, needs reforming desperately. This whole situation is due to police corruption. This is a miscarriage of justice, now fix it.

534 Name: Jelena Despain

Comment It's clear that at the very least there is a lot of reasonable doubt that this man did not committ this crime. He has been discriminated against and mistreated by the system. I cant believe he has been in prison for so long for something he didnt do. The system is seriously flawed.

535 Name: Georgia marilyn sam

Comment Free kevin cooper.

536 Name: Lisa Anderson Esq

Comment Please help free an innocent man.

537 Name: Daniel van helden

Comment I can't understand why the surviving person hasn't been interviewed again and maybe go under hypnosis to find out what he seen

538 Name: Kathryn Snyder

Comment He deserves a fair hearing. Please do what's right.

539 Name: Norma Gallegos

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

540 Name: manuel la fontaine

Comment We need to stop modern-day lynchings, via the death penalty. No one has the right to take anyone else's life, unless it's through the course of self-defense. Free Kevin Cooper!

541 Name: D Brown

Comment n/a

542 Name: Nirvana burns

Comment Black power

543 Name: George Cammarota

Comment Free Kevin Cooper, an innocent man.

544 Name: Patricia Foley

Comment Please grant clemency to Kevin Cooper. Don't execute an innocent man or keep an innocent man in prison.

545 Name: Zoe Whitehouse

Comment Thank you putting this petition together. It is extremely important that we as a community correct this wrong and implement preventative measures to eradicate wrongful convictions, mass incarceration, and corruption within law enforcement agencies.

546 Name: Yael Kaufman

Comment Praying for you.

547 Name: Anna Kohn

Comment In solidarity with Kevin and much love!

548 Name: Natali Rivers

Comment Please exonerate a man who has already suffered enough.

549 Name: Heather Thompson

Comment The state is about to murder an innocent man, based on the lies and deception of the prosecution. Why is it that Black people can be put on death row and executed based on false evidence, without being proven guilty, while the gang in blue, serial killer cops run free, we know what they do, the evidence is complete, and they get paid leave and promotions. The state is guilty, the state is the criminal, murderer, and this system of oppression, genocide, and white supremacy needs to die.

550 Name: Andrea Weever

Comment So many people have been found innocent who were unjustly imprisoned and,in too many cases, put to death. Do you really want to make an irreversible decision when exculpatory evidence was suppressed? Please. Clemency for Kevin Cooper. Thank you.

551 Name: Michelle Thompson

Comment Dear Governor Jerry Brown, I am appealing to you as the one who has the say over a life or death case. As you know, the life of Kevin Cooper is at stake, despite a horribly strange, unprofessional, and most likely conspiratorial trial. "Innocent until PROVEN guilty" is supposed to be one of the hallmarks of our judicial system. Yet, in this case, the burden of proof seemed to have been dropped at the back steps of the courthouse while a mob mentality guided the prosecutors and some of those entrusted with rendering justice sat on their hands in complacency. And we're talking about a human life, here. Last time I checked, the laws are supposed to govern all, equally, regardless of race, ethnicity, creed. Will you exercise your authority as governor and overturn this egregious failure to protect a man's inalienable rights ? Sincerely, Michelle Y. Thompson

552 Name: Shawna Fleming

Comment This man does not deserve to die.

553 Name: Lise Pearlman

Comment Please exercise your authority to grant clemency and have the state permit forensic testing and a new trial for Kevin Cooper.

554 Name: John Martret

Comment The justice I'm seeking for Kevin Cooper is the same justice I crave for the America people ever since the assassination of President John F Kennedy, (his son) John F Kennedy Jnr, Martin Luther King Jnr, Robert F Kennedy and 9/11. "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" George Orwell Governor Brown, Please review the evidence in this case and let the facts speak for themselves. I pray you grant Kevin Cooper clemency. Free Kevin, an innocent man and consequently initiate his legal defence to focus on and find the 3 killers who were actually responsible for the brutal murder of an innocent family. Regards, John Martret

555 Name: John DeVincent

Comment I believe Kevin Cooper is innocent, and I don't support the state killing under any circumstances.

556 Name: Cynthia McKenzie

Comment I watched this case on TV and am angry that those supposed to enforce the law have falsified evidence. They are the ones who should go to jail.

557 Name: Dianne Bonney

Comment Don't murder an innocent man!

558 Name: Gail Rudd

Comment I saw the program on Ci Channel Death Row Stories, I cannot believe the Justice system in America, blind Freddie would have to see that all the evidence has been planted, America please don't be a laughing stock and execute an innocent man. While watching the program I kept shaking my head. How can one person do this, it has obviously been done by three that witnesses said. The police are a laughing stock because focusing their time on Kevin, has allowed the real killers to go on their merry way and commit more crimes, talk about the police force wearing blinkers. PLEASE don something to correct a wrong. I live in Australia and it is not the first time I have seen a miscarriage of justice in your legal system. Your law enforcement seem to latch on to something and not look at the whole picture to see what others are capable of the crime. PLEASE right a wrong.

559 Name: Angela Thomas

Comment I recently watched a documentary on the case...& words cannot begin to express the anger and sadness...not to mention the helplessness I feel towards this...I so badly wish that there was something I could do. The system is so corrupt! I admire Kevin Cooper's strength so much! this is beyond tragic & this injustice has gone on for far too many years ! That fact that Kevin has not been set beyond me. I am a first year Journalism student In Toronto & this story has impacted me in such a magnitude! I am so determined to do something! Anything...even if it's as simply as spreading the word on this tragic case. I will never forget this case...& I so badly hope that there is a resolution! I hope Coopers heart stays golden.

560 Name: Carol Pinson

Comment Keep up the good work!!

561 Name: Paul Karsh

Comment The trial and conviction of Kevin Cooper sounds very much like a miscarriage of justice. I am told that there were witnesses, including one victim of the perpetrators' brutality, who said the attackers were three white men. Kevin Cooper obviously does not fit this description. If he is executed it sounds like the state will have killed a man who did not commit the crime for which he was charged. Governor Brown, please commute his death sentence.

562 Name: Toby Blome

Comment The Death Penalty is an abhorrent and archaic practice. All too often innocent people are convicted of crimes they didn't commit. We should never risk the chance of executing an innocent man. Here's one more chance of that. FREE KEVIN COOPER NOW! Correct the serious wrongs that were done to him.

563 Name: Basma Sibibi

Comment Let's make justice, just again!

564 Name: pamela harriel griffin

Comment My longtime friend from Pittsburgh.we worked nights together in same hospital!my friend is truly innocent!

565 Name: Gerda Neyer

Comment Governor Brown, please grant clemency to Mr. Kevin Cooper, now. Please use your power to abolish death penalty.

566 Name: Angela

Comment I believe he is innocent and don't want an innocent man to be put to death due to conspiracy.

567 Name: Marsha Feinland

Comment Clemency is probably Kevin Cooper's only chance to survive. It is clear that his conviction was reached under highly questionable circumstances. Governor Brown, please do the right thing and grant clemency to Kevin Cooper.

568 Name: Norma J F Harrison

Comment stop murdering people, Gov.

569 Name: Gerald Iversen

Comment We need to get past the bloodlust of state-sponsored murder, especially in Kevin Cooper's case. Gerald Iversen, Paso Robles, CA

570 Name: John Stewart

Comment Cooper is innocent and deserves clemency.

571 Name: Emily B

Comment Free kevin cooper

572 Name: ken gomez

Comment To govener Brown you are the only one now to stop this micarraige of justice. If Mr Cooper is executed it would be as if the people of California have commited murder.

573 Name: Calvin Washington

Comment I know an innocent man when I hear one. This guy is no murderer.

574 Name: Ojo Arewa Jr.

Comment This case is a perfect example of the Wheels of Injustice" that exists in the US Criminal Justice System.

575 Name: Christy Bishop Cricow

Comment There is no downside to commuting a questionable death sentence. There is no upside to proceeding with an irreversible penalty, when there is clear suggestion that, given a fair airing of evidence, a guilty verdict would be highly unlikely. Fairness demands action to stop a gross injustice.

576 Name: Lori Randolph

Comment I just learned of Kevin Cooper and his death sentence on TV. I believe Kevin Cooper is innocent, but regardless of my belief, I do not believe taking a human life ever solved any problem. I'm a native Californian and I hope that Governor Brown will do the right thing and overturn this sentence right away.

577 Name: carol cheatham

Comment This man is very obviously "NOT GUILTY" and was denied freedom for the last 33 years because of lies and illegal activity by the prosecution who should be the one jailed. Their crime is obvious and a mockery to our legal system

578 Name: Terri knaebel

Comment Please intervene for Kevin Cooper. I have always respected you as a person who seeks to do what is right.If nothing else there is certainly doubt in this case. Please help Kevin Cooper

579 Name: Aimee Pelletier

Comment It is abhorrent that Kevin Cooper could be killed by the state, especially given the overtly illegal handling of his case--no matter if one believes he is innocent or guilty. The burden of proof is on the state and it has failed this man. Governor Brown, you can end this despicable story now or you can be on the wrong side of history and allow it to continue with the ultimate injustice.

580 Name: Editha Rosario-Moore

Comment Good luck.

581 Name: Rashida Jones

Comment Grant clemency

582 Name: Marvin Franklin Jr

Comment Governor Brown, it is very apparent that the prosecutor's office created some evidence and conveniently failed to reveal other pieces of evidence that would prove, beyond doubt, that Mr.Cooper is an innocent man. Mr. Brown, this is not a political issue, it is human rights issue. His right to DUE process have been compromised with the behavior of prosecutor in this case. We appeal to your sense of reasoning and ask you to pardon Mr. Cooper. Thank you! Marvin Franklin

583 Name: Linda Kopf

Comment I agree with the Ninth Circuit judges.

584 Name: Sharnie

Comment I was recently a juror in a trial in Broward County. I was even chosen as the person to submit questions and ring the bell twice when a verdict was reached. We found the defendant not guilty. The main reason was that the state could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt. That statement is the foundation of our Justice System. With that being is it possible that Cooper is about to be executed? You must prove beyond a reasonable doubt. There is so much reasonable doubt. I just don't understand how this could happen?

585 Name: Richard Savage

Comment Just watched compelling evidence and history about Mr. Cooper's terrible treatment by the California criminal justice system, especially law enforcement and proscecutors office. The evidence now shows there is significant reasonable doubt that supports Mr. Coopers innocence. Governor Brown must stop Mr. Cooper's execution and at minimum request a retrial or have Mr. Brown released for a crime he did not commit. Regards, Richard Savage

586 Name: Richard Haley

Comment Gov Brown, You must stop this injustice and don't be like Gov Rick Perry that executed an innocent man. Their is too much reasonable to that still needs to be examined. Five judges have placed that reasonable doubt and a lot things have gone wrong.

587 Name: pauline cecilia thornton

Comment just saw a report on tv about his case- from what I saw I can tell you that I feel certain that Mr. Cooper is not guilty. It honestly sounds more like a case of police misconduct, prosecutorial misconduct and these two factions plotting to create a case against an innocent man, where there was no case at all.

588 Name: Blaine

Comment Amid all the media-hyped gossip to free Steven Avery, it disgusts me that a truly innocent man be framed, nearly executed, and it remain so quiescent in the media over the years. This man has had his life ruined. Give him least the due respect of exoneration.

589 Name: Ernestine

Comment Innocent ¡

590 Name: Lisa Sands

Comment This man does not look like 3 white males at all, and we now know how easily children are manipulated when being questioned. This man has grown old on death row when another mans wife turned in bloody clothing that was thrown out in the trash by investigators. Please show this man some respect and give him his freedom back that has been stolen.

591 Name: Judith Klein

Comment I have an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice, as well as a masters degree in Social Work from Adelphi University. I am now retired from United Airlines due to illness. However, I was an EAP for the northeast region of the US during the tragedy of 9/11. I am a mother of 3,stepmother of 2, and grandmother of six. Life experience tells me that Kevin has not had an impartial review of his case. Please, Gov. Brown, see to it that he is treated in a just way.

592 Name: Sharnice Sides

Comment Free that innocent man

593 Name: Gene Cook

Comment Governor Brown, I pray you closely review all the evidence in this troubling & twisted case against Kevin Cooper. As a resident of California, I certainly hope we do not execute an innocent man.

594 Name: Ethel Suggs

Comment Please stop the execution of Kevin Cooper. Don't let them kill this innocent man. The 8 year old said, the men were White or Mexican. What was his initial statement? Three or four men? Now you have one (1) man, and anyone can clearly see he is neither white nor Mexican! One drop of blood, matching two people?! You know that's not right. Please don't let them do this. This is so wrong.

595 Name: Michael Whisler

Comment From all indications of the evidence presented by I cannot help but see the many indications of a less than stellar police force and prosecution which should be enough to throw out the whole case, let alone keeping an innocent man relegated to death row. Please do what you can to prevent this miscarriage of justice. Thank you.

596 Name: Wendy Zinno

Comment I hadn't heard of Kevin Cooper until today 1/31/16. I just watched an interview on MSNBC. I am shocked and horrified, not at the blatant mishandling and purposely fixing of the evidence by police and prosecutors, which is unfortunately a problem in this country, but I am shocked and horrified that with the knowledge of this fact l and with jurors and justices saying he may be innocent,Kevin cannot get this case reopened to find the truth! What kind of a country do we live in if we ignore this information and execute a man based on circumstantial/contaminated evidence?

597 Name: Jeremy Mathews

Comment Ill pray you get the justice you deserve.

598 Name: Jo A. Thibodeaux

Comment Kevin is innocent, he should not die. How can we let this happen?

599 Name: George Thibodeaux

Comment Kevin is innocent, according to the evidence.

600 Name: Nikki barfield

Comment I believe this man is being wrongfully convicted and that he should have a right to a fair and just trial

601 Name: Susan Asher

Comment Please do mot execute Mr.Cooper. He pled guilty to his two burglary charges but maintains his innocence in the murder of an innocent family. Tampered evidence convicted him unjustly. Please review this case and DO NOT EXECUTE. He does not deserve to die for murders he did not commit!

602 Name: Kirk Dugan

Comment Stop the Madness!

603 Name: Reginald

Comment After reading your story, I can actually say that, according to the evidence you are innocent. In every system coming from government venues, there is a high level of racism. I am really praying for you and hoping that the the Governor of California real evidence and stop the execution. Someone's going to hear that someone is going to react but we have to hurry up before they do it and I'm justifying act. Praying for you brother.. Someone is going to hear and act on your situation acting your situation. Praying for you.

604 Name: Heather Dade

Comment Any uncertainty at all is worthy of reconsideration. If Kevin Cooper is innocent of this crime, his execution would be murder. Give the justice system a chance to work. To be absolutely sure that this man is guilty. This is your chance to do what's right. Be brave. Be bold. Be a leader.

605 Name: Molly Paberzs

Comment Please take action now.

606 Name: Julie Johnson

Comment This is a complete injustice. You can't give this man his years back. I can't believe these officers have slept right all these years. Knowing an innocent man is in prison and there are actually murderers walking free. One or more people have been walking around free for years. Probably killing more people. Smh... And the police wondering why people don't trust them. Here's why! Wanting this case closed so bad makes me wondering was these officers involved or one of there friends or family members?

607 Name: Melanie weiss

Comment You represent the people - don't forget that.

608 Name: Cathrin

Comment Stay strong, you are not forgotten

609 Name: benjamin howell

Comment Please use your true judgement as a rational person and pardon Kevin Cooper both from execution and prison. He's an innocent man.

610 Name: L.K. Hallander

Comment Statements, questionable evidence, event timeline and testimonies overwhelmingly prove Mr. Cooper's innocence and wrongful conviction.

611 Name: Donna Eemunchagote-Long

Comment I believe an innocent man is about to be executed! Please review and grant stay of execution

612 Name: Timothy Bouey

Comment I would like to see Mr. Cooper receive a new trial.

613 Name: Tom Leasure

Comment Please save Kevin

614 Name: tamira hall

Comment Free that man what is wrong with yall...

615 Name: Damiana Hook

Comment Please don't execute a potentially innocent man. Let's try to stop some injustice.

616 Name: Juanita

Comment Thinking of you. Praying that you will be released soon.

617 Name: Ronald Kenigson

Comment There are so many doubts about this trial and evidence pointing to the fact that it could not be him.... how can you execute this man in all good conscience? It would be a despicable act! Please free Kevin, Ronald Kenigson112

618 Name: audrey lyckman

Comment hope you get justice ! and the guilty are found and prosecuted so sorry our society has failed you

619 Name: Eric Balut

Comment This is incredibly horrible. Please review this case and give Kevin Cooper a fair trial!

620 Name: Archie Crossan

Comment From the people of Scotland to Governor Brown,Please Free this innocent man and stop his suffering. Our hope & Wishes are with you kevin

621 Name: Fariha Rostai

Comment Dear Kevin! Today I heard the very first time of your story and familiarized myself with your case. I know and God knows you are innocent. My heart goes out to you and the plenty other innocent men and women. I'm praying from the depth of my heart for you to be free,to be proven innocent and that you'll be released from the horrors of injustice you have faced. This world, this system is broken and the few good people remaining on this earth know and the higher entities know. Please know that you are not alone in your fate. I'll be praying with you, holding your hand, may Jesus and the Lord free you from your pain. I care about you as I care about the innocent people. All your suffering is not in vain. Thank you for your writings, your art. Be love, I'm with you and want you to be happy. You deserve a better life. Big hugs - please don't feel alone. We're all with you

622 Name: Peter B

Comment Free this man. How can we put someone to death when it's clear there are so may questions?

623 Name: Gordon Marble

Comment Gov Brown if there is any doubt about Kevin Cooper's guilt. You can't kill him.Police misconduct at any point makes it an injustice. Injustice = Sanctioned murder by the state.

624 Name: Natalie

Comment Governor Brown, you have the power, please don't kill an innocent man. Saving one innocent life is worth all the legacy in gold.

625 Name: Meredith M. Snead

Comment I beg you, sir, to not be complicit in the murder of Kevin Cooper. Do what I'd right before the state of California commits an egregious act which cannot be undone. If you won't listen to me or listen to us, please listen to the five honorable judges privy to all of the case facts who have determined this man did not receive a fair trial. You literally hold a man's life in your hands.

626 Name: Gordon Marble

Comment Gov Brown if there is any doubt in Kevin Cooper's guilt, you can not kill him. Any misconduct by police or prosecution is injustice. Injustice = State sanctioned murder.

627 Name: Ryan Smith

Comment No

628 Name: Ursula Darrigan

Comment I don't understand why this man is still in prison.

629 Name: jp

Comment .

630 Name: Phyllis Dinwiddie

Comment Governor Brown: Please do the right thing and do not allow the state of California murder an innocent man. Grant his clemency.

631 Name: Marilyn Dalton

Comment Look deep down in your heart Gov. Brown and ask yourself, will I be able to sleep the night that an innocent man is executed, I think not....If you have any doubt...........let him out? Respectfully submitted.

632 Name: Heather Laurie

Comment Everything I have read and studied this is an injustice! Beyond words. If 5 federal judges believe or even suspect Kevin is/ or could be an innocent man than nothing should proceed until the evidence is 100 percent clear. I am left with the question why police threw away valuable evidence that could have determined guilt or innocence?? It feels to me that that is a real crime!

633 Name: Kepola Wallca

Comment I pray for his life and justice.

634 Name: Heather Laurie

Comment This case is filled with injustices and should not send a man to his death.

635 Name: Kathleen Hood

Comment Please spare another innocent man from death row! A judge's description of "lingering doubt" and the case being "wholly discomforting" speaks volumes and should ignite the courage to spare Kevin Cooper's life!

636 Name: David Long

Comment Dear Governor Brown, Please grant clemency to Kevin Cooper. When FIVE active Ninth Circuit judges have stated that "The State of California may be about to execute an innocent man, this alone should initiate clemency action! Thank you for your courage to do the right thing by Kevin Cooper! Dave

637 Name: Charles Manion

Comment Kevin Cooper deserves an honest trial.

638 Name: Kenneth Giese

Comment Please actually free this innocent man. Please, please, free this man. My heart is with this man who wrongly suffered and had to endure so much. God bless you Kevin, friend.

639 Name: Holly Bowers

Comment I spent 30 years as a DA Investigator in Denver, CO. I worked on a successful death penalty case here in the 80s and dozens of other homicides. You don't execute someone or even keep them in prison with the holes this case has. I could never have been involved in the prosecution of a mess like this. Please do the right thing and stop the execution and order clemency. The evidence sounds so contaminated and corrupt that a new trial would be pointless.

640 Name: Stephanie Vogia

Comment Kevin Cooper is innocent.

641 Name: Ronda Cooperstein

Comment Please do NOT execute this man!

642 Name: Dawn Paladini

Comment Kevin Cooper deserves a fair trial. From the information I've read, it doesn't sound like he ever received one. How can we execute a man when there is this much evidence of wrongdoing by the police and prosecuters during his trials?

643 Name: Katherine Tokarczyk

Comment I believe in your innocence.

644 Name: randy goldman

Comment there is enough evidence to certainly show that there is doubt kevin cooper committed these terrible crimes. you must not execute a person when there is such doubt because you could be executing an innocent man. the fact that the original story the boy told was that three white men did the crime is highly significant. the first story is going to be the most reliable. the fact that there was no such thing as prison issued shoes and that the information was withheld from the jury is mind bogging. the fact that there are two DNA in one drop of blood is also very tainted and suspicious. governor brown, you need to stand up for justice and not execute a possibly innocent man. what are you thinking? you were always a liberal!!!

645 Name: Hope Cullen

Comment Please free Kevin Cooper.

646 Name: Hope Cullen

Comment Please free him.

647 Name: Melissa Carruthers

Comment I do not know anything about this case, but certainly we should not be executing anyone that has not had a fair impartial trial. Since our justice system is not equitable, and people that are poor and and people of color are not treated equally, I do not trust that his trial was fair and humane.

648 Name: Gwen DuBois

Comment Don't execute a man who is likely innocent

649 Name: Alyssa baladad

Comment There is so much evidence proving this man is not guilty and so much proof of tampering by police. This man should not be killed

650 Name: Autumn Emanuel

Comment At the very least governor give this main a fair trial. Carrying out the death penalty is an act that can not be undone, so let's be certain that a man has committed a crime before killing him!

651 Name: Tiara Carbin

Comment An innocent man shouldn't be executed.

652 Name: Adam Paberzs

Comment Please act now before the State engages in the irreversible and unconscionable act of executing an innocent man.

653 Name: angela

Comment This man is not guilty... The 8yr old was not enforcement manipulated this 8 yr old. Because let's face it. If you were black in the 80s you were convicted. Racists Law...we All no it was based on Kevin being a black man. And he had a record. The system is a joke. I was shot at 17 in my head with a 38 by a 13 yr old gang banger Mexican AND THE LAW DIDNT DO NOTHING.. AWFUL. THE BOY ONLY WENT TO JUVY..OUT BY 18...LIVING IN MY HOMETOWN...WTF CROOKED LAW...LET KEVIN OUT.. YOUR INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY...THERE IS NO PROOF THAT KEVIN MUDERED ANY ONE. COURTS ARE UNLAWFUL.. CROOKED...

654 Name: Reed Buckley

Comment Gov Brown Please rethink this execution that you about to let happen. Please take another look at this and please do so with an open mind. It seems very obvious that Kevin may actually be innocent. When you have 5-6 Judges say that they feel he may innocent....this is worth another look. Don't take a mans life that may be innocent. Regards, Reed Buckley

655 Name: Gloria Caetano

Comment Brown is the murderer here.

656 Name: Christian Christmas

Comment Let him go

657 Name: Randolph McKernan

Comment This is a miscarriage of justice.

658 Name: Scott Ayres

Comment This case is clearly a coverup to hide sloppy investigation techniques. Free this man now.

659 Name: Sedona Yommer

Comment Clemency should absolutely be granted in the case of Kevin Cooper. All facts involved in this case need to be looked at. So many comsitutional rights were violated in this case and evidentiary rules were broken time and time again. It's impossible to imagine how this man could be granted a "fair" and impartial trial with the lack of evidence that has either been lost, unable to contact or mishandled. But one thing is for sure- this case needs to be unbiasedly reviewed. Many courts may say hat evidence of guilt is ovewhelming but that is only due to the fact that evidence of his guilt has never fully been disclosed!

660 Name: richard Ochs

Comment grant clemency to Kevin Cooper

661 Name: Lindsey smith-sands

Comment My prayers go out to you.

662 Name: Marcus Godfrey

Comment The Least you can do is let the man live. The least you can give an innocent american citizen.

663 Name: Marissa Hecker

Comment Kevin Cooper must be granted clemency now!

664 Name: Julienne Cunningham

Comment A stay should occur in all executions, but particularly this one.

665 Name: Cecilia Turman

Comment My Dear Governor Jerry Brown, I highly admire you and your wisdom! You got the state of California in ruins and are doing an excellent administration, also death penalty is not your forte! Please, spare this innocent soul from death. Kevin Cooper is innocent and already paid his deed for burglary. Plaese give his life back, he doesnt deserve to die and has been discriminated by prosecution. PLease save his life, you are the only one who can do that! God bless you and yours! Cecilia

666 Name: Maria laai

Comment Mr.Kevin Cooper maybe innocent.

667 Name: Rebecca Dorey

Comment Signing from NSW, Australia. The truth will prevail.

668 Name: Cassandra Bryan

Comment Please do the right thing. This man has not had a fair trial.

669 Name: Mimi de Paiva

Comment This story is shown on the Daily Mail website in the UK but there is no direct click through to this petition - try and have that amended. Where there is doubt in a case, I don't think the death penalty is one bit appropriate.

670 Name: Ceri Green

Comment where there is doubt,surely no-one should be put to death as there is no going back from it.There seems to be a lot of anomalies in this case.

671 Name: Taryn Hecker

Comment We are with you, Kevin.

672 Name: jamie pinch

Comment The racial, political, economic and cultural divide in the US is as prevalent now as it was in the 60's.It's just not as overt! It's quite frightening to think that people are blinded by these factors when deliberating on whether a man lives or not. The ego of prosecutors who just want to add another notch on their buckle, even when the facts stating the mans obvious innocence are in plane sight is alarming. This along with many other reasons are why people view the West as arrogant hypocrites. It is disgraceful that we as a supposedly civilised society feel that we can play God with a mans life just because we have been granted the power to do so. Common sense, intelligence, and rationale makes way for egotistical self importance, and the pack mentality that bays for blood ensues. Kevin is totally innocent. Any fool can see that! Wake up America!!

673 Name: Maria

Comment The details are overwhelming. Clearly a case of prejudice and injustice.

674 Name: toni borg

Comment A retrial is needed it is nothing but disgusting what has happened to this man. He isn't getting a retrial because the government know he is innocent and yet again will be found out to be killing an innocent man or guilty of locking him up and taking his life away. The death penalty is meant to be valid when no doubt remains false evidence and a world of doubt are far from no doubt. Supporting Kevin all the way to retrial Good luck Kevin Toni From the uk

675 Name: Carmen Ampadu

Comment So far 30 years of your life stolen from you for something you obviously did not do. I pray that you shall be released from from this heinous injustice, you are truly remarkable to keep on going in the face of such adversity. May God bless you.

676 Name: Denise George

Comment .

677 Name: Nicole LaForte

Comment It is wrong to impose the death penalty on a man that many view as innocent, but who is denied relief because of procedural issues. A life is worth more than that procedure.

678 Name: Michelle Keates

Comment To whom it may concern, In what seems an extraordinary miscarriage of justice, the humane thing to do is at the very least order a re-trial. It seems that this conviction is based on testimony and evidence which are based on lies and cover-ups.. It is a gross infringement of this mans human rights.

679 Name: Shirley DeMarco

Comment The world is watching.

680 Name: PC

Comment Save Kevin Cooper

681 Name: Linda Cointepas

Comment Please do not execute this man on the basis of faulty evidence. He may well be innocent.

682 Name: Catherine Yonts

Comment Gov. Brown, Please commute Kevin Cooper's death sentence to Life in Prison. There are too many questions, and too many questions, and questionable activities to impose such a permanent punishment for a possibly innocent man. There is no justice without the truth and the truth be executed along with Kevin if the death penalty is exercised. Respectfully, C. Yonts Longmont Colorado

683 Name: Stacie millman

Comment Cooper MAY be innocent.

684 Name: Amber Wellshear

Comment I pray this man is not given death for actions unknown. America is supposed to be fair and just to all ppl no matter the color of their skin or their financial situation. I pray that the court sees the lack of evidence and gives this man his life back.

685 Name: Erin Byrne

Comment Please do not impose death penalty.

686 Name: Nik Nicoladze

Comment Aside from death penalty being wrong on many levels, I emplore you to think again before making an irreversible error and executing a man who may very well be innocent. American jusrice system is haunted with wrongful convictions and unnecessary excecutions. Please don't add another chapter to that horrific tale.

687 Name: Katherine

Comment Because killing a human, innocent or not, is a sin. I'm praying California change their mind, and I hope that they realize that Kevin is innocent, before it is too late

688 Name: Brionna Atkins

Comment Save Kevin Cooper

689 Name: Melanie Drew

Comment I don't know whether Mr. cooper is an innocent man. But I do think that there is enough evidence to commute his death sentence to a life sentence.

690 Name: Jill Spero

Comment Offering my support.

691 Name: Simone Payment

Comment There are serious questions about this man's guilt; please stay his execution and allow the facts to be fairly examined.

692 Name: Deane F Miller

Comment I am sharing this petition with my friends. I hope that they will all sign it.

693 Name: Corey Huerta

Comment Save Kevin Cooper

694 Name: André Rochatte

Comment Saw your story in the Daily Mirror and can't believe the circumstances, I hope you're freed and get compensated for all the shit they put you through. Best wishes

695 Name: Nancy Grazeka

Comment Please do not execute Kevin Cooper

696 Name: Aulani Mulford

Comment Halt the death penalty in Kevin Cooper's case and review thoroughly.

697 Name: Mandy Caudle

Comment I am not American so I don't know if my heartfelt plea to look at the evidence in cases such as Kevin Cooper's will have any effect on you but please do look with an open mind. And then decide if this evidence would be satisfactory in deciding if you or one of yours should face the death penalty. If the answer is no then please commute Kevin Cooper's death penalty. Show us, the rest of the world, that the USA is serious about justice rather than just a vigilante state where as long as someone pays, the question of guilt or innocence is of secondary importance.

698 Name: Kristin Peterson

Comment Taking the life of a man who may be innocent is a grave injustice.

699 Name: Amanda Barden

Comment Please take action.

700 Name: Jnana hand

Comment Innocent people should not be dying by the hands off the state. There is reason to believe you have the wrong person!!! Investigate!!!

701 Name: Jennifer Fagan

Comment .

702 Name: Ana

Comment Hang in there we will save you!!

703 Name: Susan Simpson

Comment .

704 Name: Jacqueline Salsbury

Comment Please commute Mr. Cooper's sentence and please halt this execution. Thank you for considering my plea. Jacqueline Salsbury

705 Name: Ann

Comment You cannot in good conscience kill this man. Because that's what it would be. Clear Brady violations and Reasonable doubt mean you have to do something else. We are not God.

706 Name: Jose Delgado

Comment Governor Brown, I think that any normal person would have to conclude that there is sufficient doubt of Keven Cooper's guilt. At the very least please reduce his sentence to life in prison. Which in part will give his legal team more time to uncover additional evidence of his innocence. It is unacceptable for the state to take a life under these circumstances. Thank you. Jose Delgado

707 Name: Sheik Brown-EL

Comment Please stay strong in the face of this adversity. Many are praying that real justice prevails.

708 Name: Joanne Danssaert

Comment Jerry Brown, Do the humane thing and prevent our state from executing an innocent man.

709 Name: wayne

Comment keep your head up

710 Name: Laulyn Tunstall

Comment This case deserves a Judiciary Committee. Preferablly of law professors, not affiliated with this case. A review from start to current of submitted and unsubmitted evidence, etc. If found legitimate, the prosecutors need to be held accountable and charged. when did the "doubt" factor be ignored in our justice system. This man has judges holding doubt! I NEVER get involved in such a petition. But the evididence of doubt is clearly there. Evidence tampering, with holding evidence or altering testimony is a crime. If that is what hppened. I am a big supporter of capital punishment. No one wants to admit they make mistakes. Especially in this type of situation. But how can we keep allowing this kind of ignorance. This is why most Americans no longer trust the "system" or anyone affiliated with it. We need to do the right thing for this case. More review before an execution should be done.

711 Name: Juliet Larson

Comment The death penalty should end in this country all together, but for an innocent man....really?!

712 Name: Kerianne Smith

Comment Enough is enough

713 Name: Rich Marsden

Comment i hate to see this kind of thing happening, it is a disgrace and moreover it is terrifying that this can still happen. i hope that this petition can help to set an innocent man free and give you your life back

714 Name: Stephanie Beranek

Comment I pray for you, Kevin. Governor Brown, be a a true public servant and release this man!

715 Name: jenna

Comment He deserves the truth

716 Name: Carolyn Whitfield

Comment He has served enough time for what he did do and more than enough for what he DIDN'T do! Enough lives have been taken. RELEASE this man!

717 Name: S. Summers

Comment If 5 sitting judges believe this man to be innocent, how is he still sitting on death row. Can't they (the judges)overturn the conviction? And why is it the governor has to be petitioned to invoke clemency? In light of all of the innocent men sitting in prisons across this country the death penalty should be deemed unlawful.

718 Name: Mhari Elena delariman

Comment I read this story on the news and it saddens me that this man has been through so much even when 5 JUDGES say he's an innocent man. He doesn't deserve MURDER. Believe those judges. If you choose not to, the least you can do is not to give him the death penalty.

719 Name: Samantha Sheeley

Comment .

720 Name: Barbara Goodrich,Ph.D.

Comment Our thoughts and prayers are with Kevin.

721 Name: Robert W Kirkpatrick

Comment When we enact the death penalty we as society become killers. Please consider the evidence and allow justice to prevail.

722 Name: Cheryl Peterson

Comment Seriously?

723 Name: Dylan Warburg

Comment He is innocent.

724 Name: Donna

Comment Please don't execute an innocent man.

725 Name: Angel Void

Comment I pray he's not killed.

726 Name: Lauren Byrne

Comment Stop this travesty.

727 Name: MICHELLE


728 Name: Catherine Watkins

Comment I oppose the death penalty in all cases, but this seems a particularly egregious instance where there are substantial reasons to doubt the verdict.

729 Name: Stefan

Comment Racism is very well alive. #FreeKevin

730 Name: Michael Cregge, Jr.

Comment Governor Brown, please do your job and help the judicial branch where they are unable to help themselves.

731 Name: Kendra dulaney

Comment Facts are facts just like 2+2=4. He deserves a fair trial. I stand behind what's right.

732 Name: Brenda Sue Thompson


733 Name: Kara B

Comment Commute the death sentence to a life sentence, and allow Kevin Cooper relief to have further evidence heard.

734 Name: Wayne Acree

Comment Kevin Cooper deserves a pardon,he is being railroaded by the gov. I find it hard to believe,that a case this screwed up,could possibly be used to execute an innocent man.Read the evidence,THIS MAN IS INNOCENT!!

735 Name: Justin

Comment n/a

736 Name: Lisa Brink

Comment There's still time to make it right.

737 Name: Susan Harper

Comment Z

738 Name: Zane Taylor

Comment The parable of the tentants.

739 Name: Melissa Jones

Comment Please, look at the research and cited cases then, do the right thing. Innocence Matters!

740 Name: Siobhan Kierans

Comment To take a life when there is every possibility the man is innocent is the most heinous crime imaginable.

741 Name: calvin tyree

Comment Free this man we already have enough injustices in our country already

742 Name: Brandon McMullen

Comment Please free this innocent man.

743 Name: Bettina Hetherton

Comment He is innocent and should not be in Jail! The State will not admit that they are wrong,

744 Name: Rachel Appleton

Comment Please do the right thing and stop Kevin's execution!

745 Name: Danielle Holston

Comment What an injustice, I will be praying!

746 Name: Sharon Rogenmoser

Comment He's innocent!

747 Name: Paul

Comment I couldn't read this story and do nothing. I hope the governor feels the same

748 Name: David Joseph

Comment Not in my name

749 Name: Olivia Falkenrath

Comment I hate the injustice of this and hope that you will accept the appeal.

750 Name: Conal Ruddy

Comment Spare him!

751 Name: Eileen Bear

Comment <3

752 Name: Nicole Wiens

Comment Hope this helps xo

753 Name: Cheryle Clarke

Comment This is legally and morally wrong.

754 Name: Haley B.

Comment Prayers for justice

755 Name: Jonathan Gardner

Comment I am a youth pastor in Texas and heard about the case. I read through everything and did my own research and I think Mr. Cooper should be granted clemency.

756 Name: Jesse Mertz

Comment No justice, no peace.

757 Name: Melissa Yoder

Comment I pray that God gives you the strength to do what is right.

758 Name: Eveliz Acevedo

Comment Please keep an open mind and try to do the right thing Governor Brown.

759 Name: Brooke

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

760 Name: Carson McWhirter

Comment Let Kevin live

761 Name: K McCarthy

Comment Thank you.

762 Name: Dan Danziger

Comment Physical evidence corroborates the eyewitness account that Kevin Cooper was not one of the murderers

763 Name: Blake Christiansen

Comment It is extremely sad to hear about this man's unfortunate luck and I would hope he gets justice A.S.A.P!!!!!

764 Name: Shakira Lopez

Comment May God bless Mr. Cooper, his family, and the many volunteers who are fighting for his freedom.

765 Name: Linda Hinton

Comment Killing solves nothing. The fact that there is a scintilla of doubt should permanently halt this execution. Please, Governor Brown, consider celebrating humanity, and finding a higher ground for us. Set an example of what could be, not this. We look to you to walk a different path, and lead by example. Thank you.I am heart-broken for the family that was slaughtered. This is not the answer.

766 Name: Jeffrey Poole jr

Comment Free this man! The evidence proves he is innocent.

767 Name: Markia Hill

Comment Praying for you <3

768 Name: Darryl Warner

Comment Kevin We Are There For you

769 Name: Kristina Menchaca

Comment He should be set free

770 Name: Jeffery Brewer

Comment That's unconstitutional and immoral and if law enforcement admitted of wro g doing then the attention should be swayed toward the wrong doing.

771 Name: Carol J Dixon

Comment An innocent man should not be put to death. Something is wrong with the system that would allow this to happen. Please honor this petition and do what is morally right and just.

772 Name: Sadia Mir

Comment To take not only this man's Liberty but his life too would be absolutely unjust of us given there is a possibility that he might be innocent, as stated by our federal judges.

773 Name: Laura Avant

Comment If you execute this obviously innocent man, no one will ever trust you again. You can see the evidence has exonerated him and you can reasonably assume that if you choose to ignore it, the people of California could choose to ignore you in the future when you want something from them.


Comment Please do the right thing and free this innocent man!

775 Name: Sandie Royce

Comment Thanks

776 Name: Tyler Bisbee

Comment Don't embarrass yourself by killing an innocent man the government does that everyday. This is just going to show how much of a joke the judicial system really is if you kill this man.

777 Name: Josh Trigg

Comment The feat penalty is inhuman and should be abolished. We are better than that, and the fact that we could be putting an innocent man to death makes us all guilty of murder for condoning it.

778 Name: Nikki ward

Comment I would like to be added to the petition

779 Name: Cathie Bird

Comment The only justice at this point is clemency for Kevin Cooper.

780 Name: Kathleen davey

Comment Save Kevin Cooper

781 Name: Phaedra Evans

Comment I'm behind you brother.And I pray this situation ends in your favor.God Bless You

782 Name: Eva Walters

Comment Gov. Brown please listen to those five active judges (ninety circuit) that have indicated "The State of California may be about to execute an innocent man." This is your chance to grant clemency to Kevin Cooper. Thank you for your time and again please act to correct this grave injustice. Eva Walters

783 Name: Darlene Shivers

Comment Iam signing this pettition because its the right thing to do.

784 Name: Jessica Horton

Comment Stay strong!!!

785 Name: Jen Hicks

Comment Please do not execute this man; he has not received a fair trial

786 Name: Dawn Bazemore

Comment Please dont give a innocent man the death penalty hasn't he been punished enough? At least let him enjoy the rest of his life outside now that most of his life has been taken away.

787 Name: Linda Effiong

Comment So despite Dna that was not linked to him, eye witness accts, and letters from judges stating that he may not be guilty, our so called "justics" system will execute this man??? America we have to do better

788 Name: Bob Backlund

Comment He's black and I'm black too so he must be innocent! I'm tired of these racist crackers trying to make us ta1ke responsibility for what we do! #blacklivesmater

789 Name: Alisha

Comment Governor Jerry Brown, I ask you to grant clemency to Kevin Cooper, a wrongfully condemned man on California's death row.

790 Name: Stacia Larsen

Comment Please free Kevin

791 Name: Clinton Harris

Comment I pray they look at the real evidence in this case and free this man. Over 33 years in prison for something you know he didn't do.

792 Name: Shameka Mallory

Comment If there is any chance this man is innocent as stated by these circuit court judges, it is imperative that the state revisit this case. No person in the United States should be executed if they are innocent. This is not justice this is murder.

793 Name: Luvlee Vereen


794 Name: Michelle E Baker

Comment For the love of all things good, please review this case and understand that FIVE judges have found this man not guilty! He is INNOCENT, which isn't even the same as "not guilty", and we all know that. For you and your state to have ANY credibility in the future, you have to stop this execution and do the right thing. Free Kevin Cooper.

795 Name: LaJuan Brooks

Comment due to the criminal activities of the police and the prosecution Kevin Cooper should be freed! Evidence was withheld.. mishandled and blatant lies were told to ensure a prosecution of this innocent man... There is no way, in good conscience, that he should be executed for a crime he did not commit!

796 Name: Griffin Oesterle

Comment You can't correct an execution. Reasonable doubt exists.

797 Name: Tara Davis

Comment Please grant Kevin Cooper clemency.

798 Name: Regina Lee

Comment We support Kevin Cooper's request for clemency. I am a registered voter in California.

799 Name: Amara Tashkar

Comment Please act now

800 Name: Khalilah Rasool

Comment What a corrupt system! How do you repay a man for taking 70 yrs of his life? Why is he still in prison? Why is there a need for this petition?

801 Name: Dwayne Key

Comment Governor Brown, Those who have the authority to act, have the responsibility to do so in all humanity, with respect for the full commission of the law, rights and due process guaranteed to citizens. There is doubt. The dissent recorded by the Ninth Circuit court is not only damning, but indicates a multilevel system of corruption that cares little for justice but for gain. Please stay this execution. I beg of you. Sincerely, D. Key

802 Name: Sara Fenimore

Comment This is beyond horrific. You cannot allow this man to be executed.

803 Name: Brett Wolski

Comment Human life must be worth more than this.

804 Name: David Valenta

Comment Based on -five- judges from the 9th circuit who determine he had an unfair trial, this alone should require action on your part. Please do not let Kevin Cooper be executed. Please let -justice- be served. Sincerely, David V.

805 Name: Louise Hart

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

806 Name: Shameeka bryan

Comment This man needs justice. It's clear as day that he is innocent. Everyone involved should be prosecuted.

807 Name: Samantha Monus

Comment Don't kill an innocent man.. thats super evil.

808 Name: Eric Van Loozen

Comment Do the right thing. God is watching!

809 Name: Kimberly Sayles

Comment The fact that there is a question about the validity of the evidence against this man, coupled with the fact that not one, but FIVE (5) Federal Judges even question whether he is guilty or not, his execution needs to be stopped! If California does move forward with this execution, they are committing MURDER!

810 Name: Ryan Fernandez

Comment Kevin Cooper is innocent!

811 Name: Steven Martin

Comment This is so wrong free this blakk man let him live his life.keep your head up Kevin God is on your side you kummin home.

812 Name: Ross Komarinetz

Comment He's innocent…let him go

813 Name: Byron Stanford

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

814 Name: Jenet Morroe

Comment Dear Governor Brown, Please review this case and pardon Kevin Cooper. If the only living witness says he wasn't the attacker and the blood evidence says he wasn't the attacker, I don't know why the state would move forward with executing an innocent man. This is about a man's life, not politics nor prejudices.

815 Name: LaToya Johnson

Comment This is a gross injustice & Mr. Cooper should be freed & all involved in the cover up should be held accountable.

816 Name: Elizabeth Musso

Comment Please listen to the FIVE judges who found discrepancies in the case against Mr Cooper.

817 Name: Carrie Scupholm

Comment I urge Governor Brown to review the findings in this case

818 Name: Zara Whiteley

Comment This has been going on since the crime happened in 1983? That is disgusting! Free Kevin Cooper! You have stolen so many years from him!

819 Name: Cheri Brown

Comment Governor Brown prevent this miscarriage of justice!

820 Name: Meagan Seitz

Comment Please review all the evidence in this trial. This conviction, and pending execution, is unlawful...not to mention, shameful.

821 Name: Niki McCowan

Comment God Bless

822 Name: Jacqueline Robinson-Perry

Comment ALL LIVES MATTER...PLEASE do the right thing.

823 Name: Janique

Comment You have already stolen something this man can never get back,time. Your evidence points in one direction, innocence. But yet the system will not say that it has failed this man.FREE KEVIN COOPER

824 Name: Chris Smart

Comment Free him

825 Name: Ron Davis

Comment Stay strong my brother. A change is going to come.

826 Name: Mary Ann

Comment Gov. Brown Please do the right thing. Thank you

827 Name: Crystal Gorman

Comment Innocent men do not need to die

828 Name: Anais Pirlot-Mares

Comment Please grant Kevin Cooper clemency and restore some of my lost faith in the American judiciary system.

829 Name: Virginia K Hunt

Comment Do the right thing.

830 Name: Cindy

Comment Executing an innocent man makes all of us guilty of murder, and I would choose not to murder another.

831 Name: Kathie Mayer

Comment Please do not impose the death sentence in this case, especially givrn the lack of legal agreement regarding this person's innocence or guilt.

832 Name: Derrick Jones

Comment He's innocent

833 Name: Amy

Comment I'm hoping this petition helps.

834 Name: Cathy Jezdimir

Comment If there is any doubt that the correct guilty party is in prison then give him life without parole. Better a hundred guilty men go free than one innocent man lose his life.

835 Name: Yafiyah

Comment This saddens me and weighs heavily on my conscience. From where I am, there is not much I can do, but, it is my hope that by placing my signature on this petition, that it doesn't go unnoticed and that Mr Cooper is exonerated and the charges against him are expunged.

836 Name: Ivory Owens

Comment I live in the state of Michgain and I am signing this petition. Don't execute an innocent man please and thank you.

837 Name: Lauren Arrington

Comment It is clear to me, and everyone else, that he was not given a fair trial, and the evidence against him is flawed. He should never have been convicted. Do the right thing, and let this man go.

838 Name: Valerie Sinzdak

Comment Please commute his sentence.

839 Name: gaila

Comment Praying For a break through

840 Name: jane

Comment Stay strong

841 Name: Emily McCarthy

Comment The death penalty should be banned because of cases like this. Do not execute this man!

842 Name: Stefanie Cece

Comment Dear Governor Brown: I believe you have duty to uphold here, sir. You have been in trusted with a special privilege to grant clemency in situations like this. The reason you are trusted with responsiblility is because we know that sometimes our Justice System fails. Sir, you would be derelict in your duty if you were allow this man, clearly not guilty beyond all reasonable doubt, to die. I do not believe you sought office to be an executioner Governor; but if you allow this man to be put to death by your state, you're not only an executioner, but you are liable in this man's murder. I hope you make the right choice. The country is watching. Sincerely, Stefanie Cece A veteran who expects that you too will live up to your sworn duty.

843 Name: Beverly Skinner

Comment Please take the time to do what is right.

844 Name: Kristin Sharp

Comment Please Save Kevin Cooper!!!

845 Name: Trevor Cooper

Comment If this man is executed, the blood will be on the hands of the executive officer (Gov. Jerry Brown).

846 Name: C Branch

Comment I am heartbroken to hear of this injustice especially when the justice system has so much evidence to support his innocence.I pray that God gives Kevin the strength and faith that he needs to get thru this ordeal. I pray God also grants the Ryen family the peace they need to deal with losing family members in such a brutal way. May God bless all of you.

847 Name: Fredrick Odero

Comment Free Kevin in the interest of justice.

848 Name: Christi Commander

Comment Please err on the side of caution.

849 Name: David Bell

Comment He needs to be set free, at the very least a new trial should be done.

850 Name: Kevin

Comment Hope this help

851 Name: kelly

Comment I'm so sorry that this happened to you. The people are starting to realize there is something terribly wrong with the justice system. I pray that Govenor Brown will do the right thing. The death penalty needs to be abolished. God Bless You Kevin

852 Name: Lauren-Michelle Smith

Comment Free Kevin



854 Name: Pamela Davis

Comment Free this guy since he's innocent!

855 Name: Desmond kuykindall

Comment Let my people go

856 Name: Cheryl Harne

Comment Praying for the best possible outcome

857 Name: Ryan Michaels

Comment End the barbaric death penalty!!!

858 Name: Donna Stokes

Comment My heart goes out to you and believe me someone will pay for this okay. Failed justice system

859 Name: Abdul-Raheem Muhammad

Comment Words cannot adequately express the sorrow and disgust towards the California justice system that is seeking the execution of Kevin Cooper who, by many accounts, is an innocent man. Mr. Jerry Brown, will you please intervene in this tragic miscarriage of justice and help this innocent person? Thank you for your time and cooperation.

860 Name: James Booth

Comment Kevin Cooper is innocent and stopping his execution needs your immediate attention.

861 Name: David Swain

Comment Please exercise due diligence when considering Kevin's execution.

862 Name: Aneisha Phelps

Comment This man is innocent and needs to be freed

863 Name: Mary Peters

Comment Praying for you Kevin you are not alone

864 Name: Melissa Ellis

Comment FREE HIM!!

865 Name: Cristina Becker

Comment Please grant clemency to Mr. Cooper.

866 Name: Juliane Rybicki

Comment Kevin, I don't know you but I can try to understand how you're feeling. I can try to send love and light, in hopes that very soon you will breathe three breath of fresh air in freedom

867 Name: Linda Heath

Comment Stop this miscarriage of justice!

868 Name: Richard Fountain

Comment No sin is greater then the other murder is murder so if this man dies all the people that sentenced him to death should be tried for murder murder is murder no matter how u look at it I believe that the death penalty is a crime by our government that is leagel for some strange reason this is not an eye for an eye their is no such thing as a fair trail by peers I believe he should have another trail with all the evidence and all the verbal testimony. We have lost the true value of having a court system. Free Kevin Cooper

869 Name: Bob Lupo

Comment Please commute this planned execution of an innocent man. Very Respectfully, Bob Lupo

870 Name: marquis

Comment Free Mr Cooper

871 Name: kielisha Delaney

Comment O

872 Name: kentrell lindsey

Comment To support my brother

873 Name: April Nettles

Comment Evidence being withheld or destroyed is grounds for new trial or dismissal.

874 Name: Terri

Comment He is innocent!

875 Name: Nataia Ratliff

Comment You are in my prayers.

876 Name: Robert Lupo

Comment Has to stop!

877 Name: Lisa Ganser

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

878 Name: Gunter Singer

Comment Please make it right, save that man!

879 Name: Robert williams

Comment No man deserves to die for a crime ,where in fact a eyewitness removed the suspect from the scene,and being the suspect was framed .

880 Name: Jasper Dionisio

Comment It is entirely inexcusable to even keep this person imprisoned, let alone execute him.

881 Name: Shadeena Van buren

Comment God bless you, God Loves you, I love you. And no matter what comes of this you have touched so many people. Because now I know who you are and I know you are innocent. Tne world knows you're a innocent man. Regardless of the fact that the system has failed you and pray fully you get the justice you deserve. but if not God will not fail you he wants what's best for you and your family and friends. It's never too late to ask God to come into your life and heart and fill you with the holy spirit. He will forgive you of all your sins that's why he came and sent Jesus here for us to have eternal life in heaven and not hell. If you believe Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary died on the cross for our sins and he rose from the dead on the third day if you believe that with all your heart and have faith as little as a mustard seed you're saved. And I hope to one day see you in heaven with us having a party

882 Name: Lisa Morrow

Comment Dear Gov. Brown, Never in the history of our country has there been such an erosion of confidence in the legal system. To allow the execution of Mr. Cooper in light of the many irregularities cited, AND the judicial doubts about whether the conviction is just, will deprive a man of his life as well as perpetuate the pattern of racism and injustice that damage our society. You must stop this atrocity. Respectfully, Lisa Morrow Seattle,WA

883 Name: C Dawson

Comment Please release this innocent man.

884 Name: Liz yarrow

Comment Please understand that this life is in your hands. You have the responsibility to save a life.

885 Name: Jeremy Chandler Key

Comment After reviewing the 100+ Page dissenting opinion, I can't in good faith believe Mr.Cooper to be guilty. It's clearly shown how he was mistreated legally and due to such evidence, I feel that this man should be given his life back.

886 Name: George Lewis

Comment I am against the death penalty. Our judicial system is not perfect

887 Name: I Jamel Harden

Comment We are told this is the land of the free but is it really? Why is this man going thru this?

888 Name: Michael Hernandez

Comment How can this be acceptable?!

889 Name: Dixie Searway

Comment If there is any doubt, and what I have read makes it clear that there is, this man should not be executed. He should have been released long ago.

890 Name: Michelle Hampton

Comment allow Mr. Cooper justice

891 Name: Ralph redus

Comment Let him go.

892 Name: Jennifer Spurlock

Comment Stop the debaucle that is the tragic miscarriage of justice that is all too prevalent in today's court system

893 Name: Ernest Wormley

Comment Let my people go.

894 Name: Ericka Quinichette

Comment Stop the execution!

895 Name: Debra Fox

Comment Please free Kevin Cooper

896 Name: angelica ribeiro

Comment Unacceptable

897 Name: Deborah Shabazz

Comment Please set him free!

898 Name: Jennifer Pollard

Comment Flawed is an understatement.

899 Name: Adriyan Murray

Comment I hope this works

900 Name: Destiny

Comment He should be freed when they know he's innocent and evidence have been tampered with.

901 Name: Mr. Dana Charles Schultz

Comment Why wasn't his conviction ov rturned when the boy who survived identified the killers as three men, none of whom were African American? This is justice?!

902 Name: D.SCHMALZ

Comment The evidence speaks for itself.

903 Name: Saundra Robinson

Comment If there is even the slightest of doubts that this man is guilty, then stay his execution and listen to the evidence ( or lack thereof)...

904 Name: Shanae Davis

Comment Any human found not guilty and set to be executed by the state is a victim of premeditated murder.

905 Name: Jessica smith

Comment Please

906 Name: Charity Crouse

Comment I love you.

907 Name: marvel Safford

Comment Why kill an innocent man.. Is that the America we fight for

908 Name: cynthia harvey

Comment Please free Kevin Cooper right now! Are we humans? Is this what humans do?? Kill each other for no reason? Isn't this how we justify state-sanctioned killing in the first place: for people who kill people for no reason? Who will we execute for this murder of an innocent man? Stop this ridiculously barbaric act!

909 Name: Kenny katrell

Comment Keep looking up like I know u have!!!!!

910 Name: Todd Downing

Comment This gave injustice cannot be allowed to be taken to its ultimate conclusion. Kevin should not be executed - he should be set free. Sincerely, Todd C Downing

911 Name: Carrie gamble

Comment Praying for you

912 Name: Daniela Mendez

Comment It saddens me to know that our judicial system continues to allow injustices such as this to this very day. We have to take a stand.

913 Name: Adam Tatum

Comment Free this innocent man America judicial system.

914 Name: Deborah

Comment Set him free

915 Name: Randa Johnson

Comment God bless



917 Name: Tiffany clayton

Comment Blacklivesmatter

918 Name: thelma

Comment He is among many innocent people that are falsely accuse. Its called railroad, which this need to be dealt with from the top to the bottom.there should be accountability for this kind of power the police, investigators, prosecution have they need to go to jail, destruction of justice.

919 Name: Nora wittmann

Comment FTP

920 Name: IrishLopes

Comment You have to comply with the Due Process Law. Taking a Innocent person life knowing you have the facts. The corner even related to the facts they are specialized in medical findings. One person couldn"t taken that family life. Even the boy stated it wasn"t a black man. Hispanics or Mexicans. Governor Jerry Brown you kill this man knowing that facts represents him as a innocent one you"re no better than taking a life and would be considered a MURDERER for sure. Please save his life.

921 Name: Nathaniel Shane Smith Stevens

Comment Free Kevin Cooper.

922 Name: Pamela tuff


923 Name: Jim Avery

Comment Please stay the execution on Kevin Cooper.

924 Name: IrishLopes

Comment You"re considering still tak Uuů ng Mr.Kevins Life. Even thou you have heard from the boy that given you all descriptions that it wasn"t a Black man. Hispanics or Mexicans. Or do it not bother the Governor Jerry Brown. You are still taking his lfe even thou it"s wrong. Save this mans LIFE Do the RIGHT THING.

925 Name: IrishLopes

Comment You"re considering still tak Uuů ng Mr.Kevins Life. Even thou you have heard from the boy that given you all descriptions that it wasn"t a Black man. Hispanics or Mexicans. Or do it not bother the Governor Jerry Brown. You are still taking his lfe even thou it"s wrong. Save this mans LIFE Do the RIGHT THING.

926 Name: A.N.

Comment Where's the justice?

927 Name: Danielle Falcone

Comment Keep tour head up...know that the good lord has your back.. Pray everyday and God will see that you will get freed.

928 Name: Frederick Flagg

Comment Please let true justice be served! Why would you execute an innocent man??

929 Name: Nikki Phelps Modkins

Comment Reading over the information of the case, there is doubt and if doubt exists, there should not be an execution. Please look within before executing a man that may be innocent.

930 Name: Sarah D. Anderson

Comment This is a huge injustice for Mr. Cooper, but for the family of the victims and the survivor as they still do not have closure for who did this to their loved ones. Anyone involved with the previous investigation that lead to the charges of Mr. Cooper should be ashamed of themselves and should be doing everything they can to help in his release. Also there should be reprimanded for failing to do the job that the taxpayers of the city, state , and county pay them to do.

931 Name: Ashley H

Comment This is so sad. God bless this man and I pray he is released and justice is served for him...

932 Name: Travis J Stegora

Comment The men responsible for the faulse information need to be tried and executed. Save this innocent man. Innocent until proven guilty. Not innocent until its known you're black.

933 Name: Joshua johnson

Comment Open your eyes give him back the rest of his life!

934 Name: Carolyn Carter

Comment Please DO NOT execute a INNOCENT man.

935 Name: Tom chapton jr.

Comment Justice needs to be done,the man is innocent.the affluent a man killed four people and gets probation.this court system is a lie.

936 Name: Ed Joy

Comment Correcting Mistakes should be Mandatory! Its 2016 not 1856! We Have the Technology to fix this!

937 Name: Lisa Nakoneczny

Comment This conviction should be overturned in light of all this evidence and seems to me the police need to be brought up on a hate crime by destroying evidence. In the meantime, three other individuals have been allowed to be free and victimize other people.

938 Name: mark clapp

Comment The man is innocent. There are witnesses to testify to this.

939 Name: Meg Bauer

Comment I can't believe the death penalty still exists in a supposedly "civilised society". If Kevin is innocent, and there certainly seems to be enough evidence to suggest another party may have been responsible for the crime he was convicted of, then I wish him luck and hope. May the truth come out.

940 Name: Clara Hobson

Comment .

941 Name: Patricia Perez

Comment He should NOT be executed. There are Judges who say that he is not Guilty. Why is this happening?

942 Name: Priscilla Franks

Comment Please free this innocent man

943 Name: Shanika C

Comment Signed

944 Name: Kem Izundu

Comment Please free this brotha due to the evidence

945 Name: Terrlyn Lewis

Comment Do not execute an innocent man!

946 Name: Tonia

Comment I hope they look more into it before it's to late. I also hope the survivor is still speaking up for his innocence

947 Name: Christopher

Comment If he's innocent, let him go damn it

948 Name: Mercedes collins

Comment Dear Kevin, I am a 20 year old college student and I am a mixed female so I see prejudice on both sides of the fence. When I ready your story it broke my heart and I pray that they set you free. I have no idea what is going through your head right now but no matter what please keep your faith. I don't know you or your beliefs but if you do read the bible there's something I want you to repeat that my daddy and grandpa who was an elder at our church read to me. Philippians 4:13New King James Version (NKJV) 13 "I can do all things through Christ[a] who strengthens me." No matter what man dies in this world HE is watching and he will protect you and if it is your time to go home he's going to welcome you with open arms so don't feel sad for yourself, pray and feel sorry for those who have gone against the wills and commandments of the LORD. Kevin I keep you in my heart and I pray that the lord will help you overcome this battle and that no matter what he will be with you. Please keep your spirits up and spend as much time with your loved ones and with Christ. I pray that you are set free it will break my heart to see you go but if that's his will I will smile knowing our savior has chosen you for the new paradise on earth. Pray for those who have been deceived by the devil, for the lord will always hear your cries and he will see the true goodness and warmth in your heart. Don't give up you keep fighting but no matter what happens the lord is always with you. God bless you Kevin I admire you for your incredible strength and I pray that your story saves others of wrongly convicted people. God bless you. God bless you for all the days of your life, and in the name of Jesus Christ, his son, I pray, amen.

949 Name: Eric Chance

Comment This is heinous. How can we trust the justice system if this man is put to death?

950 Name: Robert Buford


951 Name: Adrienne Fong

Comment STOP the EXECUTION. If this happens, another innocent man would have been wrongfully put to death.

952 Name: Nicole Shaw

Comment Sickening!

953 Name: Barbara Terry

Comment Sir, You know in your heart that this is the right thing to do. Please don't let this evil behavior continue to its ugly end.

954 Name: Bradley Gosch

Comment I hope the truth sets Mr. Cooper free and not condemn an innocent man. I hope that the people covering up the truth are prosecuted.

955 Name: Nommo Userkaf

Comment No words should be necessary. The facts demand that the planned execution of Kevin Cooper be stayed, and he be released immediately.

956 Name: Liew Jiek

Comment Violation of human rights and withholding the truth are both intolerable.

957 Name: Cheryl Henderson,

Comment Let freedom ring

958 Name: Swain williams

Comment Why kill a innocent man

959 Name: Dee Hollingsworth

Comment Release this man. He is innocent!!

960 Name: Amanda Bloom

Comment Don't allow an innocent man be executed. You can give him clemency.

961 Name: Emilie Lauko

Comment It is extremely evident that Kevin Cooper is an innocent man, nor is there any factual evidence to prove him guilty. I hope you come to fully comprehend this unjust decision before you take the life of a faultless man, and you will be the one liable not for his execution, but for his murder. - A sixteen year old who has morals which include not murdering an innocent man,and who doesn't shirk the real problem and let him die

962 Name: Brenda Shacks

Comment Set him free, we live in the land that's free.

963 Name: Chelsea Robinson

Comment Dear Kevin, I'm a young, black woman who stands in solidarity with her black brothers. I believe wholeheartedly in your innocence. I'm not sure how and I'm not sure when, but you will not die in that prison. I know the system was built for us to lose, but I have faith that the truth will prevail. I am a part of you. I am praying for you. I love you.

964 Name: Meredith Pierce

Comment - Reasonable doubt

965 Name: Maegan W.

Comment If Kevin Cooper is not guilty, do not execute him!

966 Name: Cathy Petch

Comment This poor man is owed his life in so many more ways than just sparing it

967 Name: Kendra

Comment An injustice to one is an injustice to all

968 Name: Karen W

Comment Free him

969 Name: robert

Comment please don't let this happen....

970 Name: Tarsha Carroll

Comment ~Gensis 9:5-6~ ~Roman 13:4~ ~Acts 25:11 *Spare his life* *Let go be the judge* 🙏🏾

971 Name: Brenda Campos-Spitze

Comment Governor Jerry Brown, I am a proud Latina and California native. I received my medical degree at the University of California, Irvine in 2014. As a recently graduated doctor, I have witnessed social injustices and institutionalized racism in my short medical career and thus am not overly surprised, but still disappointed at the blatant injustices in Mr. Cooper's trial. To be honest, I would expect this type of police misconduct and unfair trial in the South but I have always thought more highly of our West Coast values. I am pleading that you uphold our values of equity and allow for a fair trial of Mr. Cooper. I know this is cliche, but black lives really do matter.

972 Name: steven diamantopoulos

Comment This is terrible

973 Name: Carol LaDeaux

Comment How is it that in America I need to sign a petition like this?? The man is innocent. Free him right now.

974 Name: Everett Green

Comment Will you put a innocent may to death because our judicial system messed up.

975 Name: Shannon

Comment Free him!

976 Name: james fisher

Comment Save kevin cooper

977 Name: Pat Harris

Comment Come on.

978 Name: Douglas Beiser

Comment Save Kevin Cooper

979 Name: Jessica Wagner

Comment I am outraged that the justice system is not doing it's job to make sure that innocent people are not only not wrongly imprisoned, but wrongly executed.

980 Name: April

Comment You deserve freedom ! And I hope they let you go ! You don't deserve this

981 Name: taneka

Comment Justice system is not justice

982 Name: Tracey

Comment Just wanted to show support by signing the petition for release.

983 Name: Nick Stern

Comment There are too many holes in this prosecution. This execution must stop.

984 Name: mu-tor Flood

Comment Free him!

985 Name: Alyssa Ginsburg

Comment Save Kevin Cooper now. He is owed far more than you can ever give him, but you can help ensure he is not killed at the hands of an unjust criminal system.

986 Name: Fredrick Herron

Comment Please Governor Don not execute an innocent man.

987 Name: Billy Tuggle

Comment What is there to say? FREE KEVIN COOPER.

988 Name: Anita fiessi

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

989 Name: Harrpo Jenkins

Comment Save

990 Name: Shanta Smith

Comment Please don't kill this innocent man. I pray you find it in your heart to let him go free

991 Name: Molly Flanagan

Comment If there are any doubts, you can't go through with it.

992 Name: Linda Lanier

Comment To leave this man to die would be an absurd injustice

993 Name: Thomas Mack

Comment American Justice is an illusion

994 Name: Allene Upton

Comment Free this man he is innocent

995 Name: Sarah jones

Comment .

996 Name: Kalyla carter

Comment Don't kill an innocent man

997 Name: Jessica Hensley

Comment Do the right thing

998 Name: Calvin Weston

Comment We need to demand his release but I'm just a snowflake but an ample amount of snow will stop traffic.

999 Name: Kevin Shine

Comment Free this man immediately for the is no evidence tying him to the crime and he was completely rail roaded by crooked cops and a broken judicial system. You have all the proof that you need that he did not commit this crime so again free this man.

1000 Name: Jamaal Morgan

Comment Free this King!

1001 Name: Patricia Edmonson

Comment Don't do it!

1002 Name: Jen Blue

Comment Gov Brown, Please bring true justice and save Kevin Cooper from execution!



1004 Name: L. Singleton

Comment Free this man!!!

1005 Name: Ann Murphy

Comment Kevin Coopeer absolutely deserves a new trial, which I realize you can't order, but in the meantime please grant his request for clemency - or, even better, a pardon.

1006 Name: Glen Bellamy

Comment What if it was you?!

1007 Name: Andrea Landaverry

Comment Set Kevin Cooper free. Justice should always prevail.

1008 Name: Leona Smith

Comment Please do the right thing and release Kevin Cooper, an innocent man who had his rights violated and was framed by the prosecutors!!

1009 Name: shawn woods

Comment Let him free

1010 Name: Sonya Stanton

Comment You know he's innocent. Send him home.

1011 Name: Kathryn Brown

Comment I believe that he's innocent.

1012 Name: latt george

Comment Why condemn a man that you know is innocent to death. What kind of country we live in.let this man live and live free.give him back his life that was taken from him and compensate him Hansomely all his years of imprisonment.

1013 Name: Steven Banks

Comment Governor Brown, I don't know whether this man is guilty or not. But it sounds like the State of California does not know either. And what I've read suggests that he very likely is innocent. Please do not let die a man who has not been fairly found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Like it or not, you have a moral duty to act. You cannot absolve yourself of this duty by saying that you are upholding what the procedural system has produced, as you are part of that system -- a final check on an imperfect process.

1014 Name: Cherie Davenport

Comment What a bunch of morons, of course I will support an innocent man

1015 Name: Shaneda Wade


1016 Name: Urshala Smith

Comment Why would anyone what to kill an innocent man? Black life's matter.

1017 Name: Anne Watson

Comment Whe the government says "Take a life" it signals the acceptability of taking a life. That, in itself, is wrong. But to take a life not owed is to signal the acceptability of taking an innocent life.

1018 Name: Amber Chilton

Comment Non related DNA case should be dismissed

1019 Name: Antonio White

Comment "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Martin Luther King Jr

1020 Name: stig eksell

Comment no kill i

1021 Name: Connie Sanchez

Comment We support you

1022 Name: china page

Comment This is America right??? Land of the free home of the brave. Are we really free? How brave are we to let an innocent man rot in jail. Put yourself in Mr. Cooper's shoes/ death row cell. What Would You Do Governor Jerry Brown?

1023 Name: Dorthea

Comment He's Innocent. That's the reason and only reason.

1024 Name: Megan Thomas

Comment Please don't kill this innocent man!

1025 Name: Sonya Solomon

Comment I support your innocence, Mr Cooper!

1026 Name: Amy Kimbel

Comment .

1027 Name: Adrienne Gilmore

Comment This man has already lost 30 innocent years of his life the least y'all can do is allow him to live!

1028 Name: C Watson

Comment For your consideration

1029 Name: Allen Slea

Comment hope

1030 Name: Ghana White

Comment He should not be executed!

1031 Name: Russell Brooksbank

Comment I'm praying that the people who were elected to defend your rights uphold their oath of office. I'm urging the Governor to step in and put a halt to this execution and the courts to examine this evidence closer. I would rather that ten guilty men go free than to execute one innocent man. My prayers are with you Kevin.

1032 Name: Shamela McClain

Comment One day we will be revenged

1033 Name: Sheraundra Racy

Comment God knows and sees all, praying that the right thing be done!

1034 Name: Beth Clarke

Comment .

1035 Name: Tywon

Comment Under no circumstances that you should kill any man, no matter what crime he may committed Bible > Matthew > Chapter 19 > Verse 18 ◄ Matthew 19:18 ► Parallel Verses New International Version "Which ones?" he inquired. Jesus replied, "'You shall not murder, you shall not commit adultery, you shall not steal, you shall not give false testimony, New Living Translation "Which ones?" the man asked. And Jesus replied: "'You must not murder. You must not commit adultery. You must not steal. You must not testify falsely. English Standard Version He said to him, “Which ones?” And Jesus said, “You shall not murder, You shall not commit adultery, You shall not steal, You shall not bear false witness, Berean Study Bible "Which ones?" the man asked. Jesus answered, "'Do not murder, do not commit adultery, do not steal, do not bear false witness, Berean Literal Bible He says to Him, "Which?" And Jesus said, "'You shall not murder, you shall not commit adultery, you shall not steal, you shall not bear false witness, New American Standard Bible Then he said to Him, "Which ones?" And Jesus said, "YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT MURDER; YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY; YOU SHALL NOT STEAL; YOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS; King James Bible He saith unto him, Which? Jesus said, Thou shalt do no murder, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Holman Christian Standard Bible Which ones?" he asked Him. Jesus answered: Do not murder; do not commit adultery; do not steal; do not bear false witness; International Standard Version The young man asked him, "Which ones?" Jesus said, "'You must not murder, you must not commit adultery, you must not steal, you must not give false testimony, NET Bible "Which ones?" he asked. Jesus replied, "Do not murder, do not commit adultery, do not steal, do not give false testimony, Aramaic Bible in Plain English He said to him, “Which ones?” But Yeshua said to him, “You shall not murder, You shall not commit adultery, You shall not steal, You shall not testify falsely.” GOD'S WORD® Translation "Which commandments?" the man asked. Jesus said, "Never murder. Never commit adultery. Never steal. Never give false testimony. New American Standard 1977 He said to Him, “Which ones?” And Jesus said, “YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT MURDER; YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY; YOU SHALL NOT STEAL; YOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS; Jubilee Bible 2000 He said unto him, Which? Jesus said, Thou shalt not murder, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, King James 2000 Bible He said unto him, Which? Jesus said, You shall do no murder, You shall not commit adultery, You shall not steal, You shall not bear false witness, American King James Version He said to him, Which? Jesus said, You shall do no murder, You shall not commit adultery, You shall not steal, You shall not bear false witness, American Standard Version He saith unto him, Which? And Jesus said, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Douay-Rheims Bible He said to him: Which? And Jesus said: Thou shalt do no murder, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness. Darby Bible Translation He says to him, Which? And Jesus said, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, English Revised Version He saith unto him, Which? And Jesus said, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Webster's Bible Translation He saith to him, Which? Jesus said, Thou shalt do no murder, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Weymouth New Testament "Which Commandments?" he asked. Jesus answered, "'Thou shalt not kill;' 'Thou shalt not commit adultery;' 'Thou shalt not steal;' 'Thou shalt not lie in giving evidence;' World English Bible He said to him, "Which ones?" Jesus said, "'You shall not murder.' 'You shall not commit adultery.' 'You shall not steal.' 'You shall not offer false testimony.' Young's Literal Translation He saith to him, 'What kind?' And Jesus said, 'Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not bear false witness, Parallel Commentaries Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary 19:16-22 Christ knew that covetousness was the sin which most easily beset this young man; though he had got honestly what he possessed, yet he could not cheerfully part with it, and by this his want of sincerity was shown. Christ's promises make his precepts easy, and his yoke pleasant and very comfortable; yet this promise was as much a trial of the young man's faith, as the precept was of his charity and contempt of the world. It is required of us in following Christ, that we duly attend his ordinances, strictly follow his pattern, and cheerfully submit to his disposals; and this from love to him, and in dependence on him. To sell all, and give to the poor, will not serve, but we are to follow Christ. The gospel is the only remedy for lost sinners. Many abstain from gross vices who do not attend to their obligations to God. Thousands of instances of disobedience in thought, word, and deed, are marked against them in the book of God. Thus numbers forsake Christ, loving this present world: they feel convictions and desires, but they depart sorrowful, perhaps trembling. It behoves us to try ourselves in these matters, for the Lord will try us. Pulpit Commentary Verse 18. - Which (ποίας)? Christ's answer was disappointing to the inquirer; it was too vague and general to satisfy his thought. He expected to hear (as the rabbis taught) of some special precept or precepts, difficult of accomplishment, and not usually regarded, by observance of which he could obtain his great reward. So he asks with laudable persistence, "Of what sort are these commandments which I have to obey?" He is far from thinking of the common duties of the Decalogue, though doubtless he had been taught that these varied greatly in meritoriousness. Christ, in reply, notifies, as examples, the chief enactments of what we call the second table of the Decalogue, quoting the sixth, seventh,eighth, ninth, and fifth. He enunciates nothing uncommon, nothing new; and, by prefixing the definite article τὸ to the enumeration, he makes the whole a substantial unity, comprising the moral law of duty to one's neighbour. Perhaps Christ confines his list to the second table in order to make the man feel his imperfection in these ordinary matters, or to bring out his self-righteous spirit. There could be no doubt that infringement of the first table involved the loss of eternal life. Ver. 17 virtually includes the spirit of this table. It was round these last six commandments chiefly that rabbinical traditions and interpretations had gathered, so that their plain meaning was obscured or depraved. Whoever observed the second table in spirit and truth, kept also the first (Romans 13:9, 10); and it is easier to love one's neighbour than to love God, as the apostle witnesses (see 1 John 4:20); and without love of our neighbour there cannot be true love of God. Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible He saith unto him, which?.... Whether those commandments of a moral, or of a ceremonial kind; whether the commands of the written, or of the oral law; of God, or of the elders, or both; or whether he did not mean some new commandments of his own, which he delivered as a teacher sent from God: Jesus said; according to the other evangelists, "thou knowest the commandments"; not the true nature, spirituality, and use of them, but the letter and number of them; being trained up from a child by his parents, in the reading them, committing them to memory, and the outward observance of them, particularly those of the second table: thou shalt do no murder, thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not bear false witness. Christ takes no notice of the ceremonial law, nor of the traditions of the elders, only moral precepts; and these only such as refer to the second, and not the first table of the law, which respect duty to the neighbour, and not to God: and this he does, because these commandments were more known, and were in common use; and he chose to instance in these, partly to show, that if men are under obligation to regard these, much more such as concern God more immediately; and partly, to observe, that if men are deficient in their duty to one another, they are much more so in their worship of God; and consequently, eternal life is never to be got and enjoyed by the performance of these things. Matthew 19:18 Additional Commentaries Context The Rich Young Man …17And He said to him, "Why are you asking Me about what is good? There is only One who is good; but if you wish to enter into life, keep the commandments." 18Then he said to Him, "Which ones?" And Jesus said, "YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT MURDER; YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY; YOU SHALL NOT STEAL; YOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS; 19HONOR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER; and YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF."… Cross References Exodus 20:13 "You shall not murder. Exodus 20:14 "You shall not commit adultery. Exodus 20:15 "You shall not steal. Exodus 20:16 "You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

1036 Name: MEHope

Comment Justice

1037 Name: Leila Alterman

Comment It is absurd that this man is still in jail. He should be released.

1038 Name: tracee Campbell

Comment Please don't punish innocent people.

1039 Name: Terrance

Comment Free him

1040 Name: Carla Turner

Comment It is highly likely that Kevin Cooper is innocent - - it's bad enough that he was railroaded and deprived of his liberty for decades, but execution is irreversible. Please stay his execution at minimum and please advocate for justice to be done. Death is never the answer, particularly the long-premeditated state-funded killing of an immobilized person. The death penalty makes killers out of prison personnel - - it makes killers out of average citizens who serve on a jury - - it makes killers out of governors and legislators who allow the practice to continue in their states. Be on the right side of history.

1041 Name: Bohdi

Comment This doesn't seem as though there should be a questionable situation. Save Kevin Cooper.

1042 Name: Tasha

Comment No need to execute an innocent man! The system greatly sucks, in that regard!

1043 Name: Cara Daniels

Comment Do not murder Kevin Cooper.

1044 Name: Angela Judge

Comment If there is DNA evidence that does not support this finding of guilt then Mr. Cooper should be freed. If appeals court judges determined that local officials destroyed evidence, blocked discovery and otherwise impeded the defendant's ability to have a fair trial, then they are the ones who have committed criminal offenses. Mr. Cooper deserves to be freed and should not have the threat of death weighing on his head. Do the right thing, the just thing: set him free.

1045 Name: Ayanna Asante

Comment If the surviving child at the scene identify his attackers as white and the evidence exonerates this man why is he on death row? This case needs reexamined.There should be a stay on his execution

1046 Name: Savannah McNamee

Comment He is innocent!

1047 Name: Thomas tumblin

Comment The so called negroes need to be freed from bondage and it's still a crime for them to be held captives

1048 Name: Janna sharp

Comment Free Kevin Cooper. How disgusting to send an innocent man to death for a crime he didn't commit. Was not proven to commit. Juries are not full proof and this was not a fair and honest trial.

1049 Name: Meshaun

Comment Do not kill this man. Look at the case one more time.

1050 Name: Vivian Steele

Comment Save Kevin Cooper

1051 Name: Kellie Black

Comment Please save Kevin

1052 Name: Rachelle Evans

Comment PLEASE HALT the execution of this innocent man. THE US has taken enough from him over the last 30 years. PLEASE SPARE HIM HIS LIFE!!!

1053 Name: Stephanie Martinez

Comment No innocent black person's life should ever be placed in the hands of a system that is trying to kill them.

1054 Name: Martinique Waters

Comment Please help.

1055 Name: Aron Kalaii

Comment Don't let untruth and lies win

1056 Name: Heidi Beck

Comment With all the advances in forensic science all evidence, if there's any remaining, should be examined again. Do not kill someone if there is any doubt whatsoever of them being guilty.

1057 Name: Deion jones

Comment Stay strong and fucc the police

1058 Name: Dale Hensley

Comment You're going to tell me, the one surviver of these attacks said you have the wrong man? You're going to tell me,the conviction and sentence will be upheld, despite evidence tampering by the investigators and prosecution? Even after a man's estranged wife came forward and informed you her ex-husband (Not Kevin Cooper) likely participated in these malicious crimes? This, is exactly why people have no respect for the judicial system. This goes farther than disgustingly mishandling justice. This is upholding a man's murder. I hope to God in heaven these people make the right decision; They made a man pay 30 years of his life for a crime, that anybody with a set of eye balls can see, he DID NOT COMMIT. I sincerely hope justice is ammended, and Kevin walks out of prison. If this man is executed, I hope everyone involved has a damn good explanation upon their day of judgement; They will certainly need it.

1059 Name: Whitney Perdue

Comment Hopefully humanity will be the victor here.

1060 Name: Heather udomrat

Comment How dare the officials of this state sit idly by when a man who was not proven beyond doubt to be guilty, just because the color of his skin??? Black lives matter.

1061 Name: Chenelle Pitts

Comment If all the evidence points to other people why is this man not free? And we say race doesn't matter. Can't we be different and still love each other? 🙏🙏🙏

1062 Name: Keyonah Blunt

Comment He deserve justice the witness stated it wasn't no him...!

1063 Name: Kristin Olsson

Comment Mistakes are made in the legal system. Don't let this mistake take a man's life. Commute Kevin Cooper's sentence to life and it will likely be proven that he is innocent.

1064 Name: Tirut Jantirut

Comment I really head mis judging....

1065 Name: Tina Price-Johnson

Comment Please pardon Kevin Cooper; there is overwhelming evidence of his innocence. Regardless of one's position on the death penalty, an innocent man must not be murdered by the state.

1066 Name: Genni Dady

Comment To kill an innocent man is a criminal act, pure and simple. If there is any doubt as to his guilt,they cannot - if they have any conscience - carry out this sentence. It is barbaric and not the act of a civilised state.

1067 Name: Brandon Faloona

Comment Given the specifics of the case, I implore you to stop this execution.

1068 Name: Saoirse Cavanaugh

Comment Commute his sentence.

1069 Name: Kay Mitchell

Comment The justice system is a joke. Free this innocent man.

1070 Name: nakisha johnson

Comment This is truly a disgrace. I pray that this man is given the justice that he deserves.

1071 Name: Richard Matthewson

Comment if he is innocent then release him. it is really that simple.

1072 Name: Mike Jones

Comment This is not what justice looks like!

1073 Name: Andrea Perry

Comment Please, free Kevin Cooper!!!

1074 Name: Akanksha Tikoo

Comment According to the statement made by the Judges in the case of Kevin Cooper,its evident that there was dereliction of duty on the part of the state machinery including the police, thereby leading to the convivtion of an innocent man, who has already been in prison for over 2 decades for the offence he never committed. Therefore, I want him to be released, and not be executed. If God forbid, this man is executed, it will be the death of a fair and equitable judicial system, that it is.

1075 Name: Tramon Sterling

Comment Free Kevin

1076 Name: Christian Johnson

Comment I'd like to donate a handmade bow tie to him if he has an upcoming court date.

1077 Name: Cindy Lange

Comment Please grant clemency to Kevin Cooper, a falsely accused man being held on California's death row.

1078 Name: Yolanda muhammad

Comment What's missing here who are his attorneys astay of execution is in order as well as the lower courts following suite in accordance with the supreme court something's not right

1079 Name: Nakita Harper

Comment Let this man go and at the very least let him live, he's innocent.

1080 Name: Keith Demarest

Comment Governor Brown if this man is potentially innocent, you should stop this execution. Otherwise you should be facing murder charges. But he is a poor black man with a record, so I am sure that you will get away with murdering him.

1081 Name: Vita E

Comment #blacklivesmatter

1082 Name: G. Verco

Comment There is not enough evidence to kill this human being. Please take a moment to look deeply into his case before it does become his murder.

1083 Name: Christina Barr

Comment Please free this man! This is beyond awful. There are no words to describe accurately how horrible this is.

1084 Name: Paul Ackerley

Comment a wicked travesty of 'justice'

1085 Name: Betty Fisher

Comment God will set you free

1086 Name: Kimber Shelton

Comment Free thus man and return to him any chance at life he may have remaininv

1087 Name: Margie Carrell

Comment Please find his innocence and follow the truth and due diligence. How many times must innocent men die?! Please do what is right.

1088 Name: Ryder goodwin

Comment !!

1089 Name: Tina Monarrez

Comment Why isn't Kevin Cooper being given a chance at a fair trial? How can he be executed when child victim Josh Ryen describes others which includes their DNA and not Kevin Coopers? Please stop and do the right thing. Sincerely, Tina Monarrez

1090 Name: Ashley Lewis

Comment Praying for you!!! God is faithful!! People love you and are rooting for you!! You are not forgotten!!

1091 Name: Carol Washington

Comment This man needs to be set free. This is injustice in its most blatant form.

1092 Name: Xevia Bell

Comment Let him free

1093 Name: Odell stroud

Comment Free this innocent man now!

1094 Name: Charles Cork

Comment Please do not execute this man.

1095 Name: Danielle Briscoe


1096 Name: Chester Brown Jr.

Comment You should be Ashamed of how you treat people

1097 Name: Frankie Miers-Lang

Comment Simply:I emplore you as a human being to do what is right and allow this man to finally go free.thank you.

1098 Name: Richard Ford

Comment You know he is innocent, to execute him would be murder.

1099 Name: Seth Kucharski

Comment This flawed and failing judicial system is the catalyst of why this country is dwindling so fast into the void. The judicial system is all about convictions now and not actually seeking the truth as it should be doing.

1100 Name: Evonne simms

Comment This man should NOT BE KILLED FOR SOMETHING HE DID NOT DO!!!!!!!!

1101 Name: Angela Arnold

Comment Free Kevin Cooper. He has fallen victim to a failed judicial system that has chosen to turn a blind eye to justice and execute on the premise of past history and truthfully the color of this mana's skin. To not even listen to the plea of those in a judicial setting about the fact that this man is innocent of the crime in question is doing a disservice to the American people. It sends a much deeper message.

1102 Name: Arlene Crawford

Comment Please don't kill an innocent man

1103 Name: Judi McGlynn

Comment It would be criminal to execute someone with this much reasonable doubt.

1104 Name: Richard Reilly

Comment To execute this man would be an act of unmitigated racist terror.

1105 Name: Dave Rice

Comment Let him Go!!!

1106 Name: D'Marco Ansari

Comment Shame!

1107 Name: Diana Thompson

Comment To kill an innocent man based on racial bias is no new thing, but you have the opportunity to stop this one right now. Please exercise your power, and do the right thing

1108 Name: Robert Cobb

Comment I remember when they said it was you when I was a kid in Compton growing up. Even the hood was afraid. But with all of the evidence shown...You should be freed or given a new trial in open court with all the evidence and today's technology. I hope the right decision is made and my God be with you bro. Rob Cobb

1109 Name: Omar Allen

Comment This injustice must stop!

1110 Name: William Beard

Comment Don't kill an innocent person.

1111 Name: Jasmine M

Comment It seems that this man was wrongfully convicted of this crime, so he shouldn't have to die for a crime that he did not commit. It is not right that our justice system won't allow this man to clear his name and be set free of this crime.

1112 Name: Sharnee smith

Comment If there is rehabilitation in the correctional facility then there is surely rehabilitation in GOD, and an innocent man is an innocent man.Dont kill the man because the justice system let the real killers get away or just because he's black!!! God has already punished him for breaking out of prison so if you do this it will be morally wrong. Free Kevin Cooper.

1113 Name: ryan king

Comment free this innocent man!

1114 Name: Grae Rose

Comment This is unconscionable. Make the right choice, set this man free.

1115 Name: regina Hampton


1116 Name: Brittany Canty

Comment Innocence

1117 Name: Tanickia Williams

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!!!

1118 Name: Tiara smoth

Comment This man deserves a new trial.

1119 Name: Linda Williams

Comment Free an obviously innocent man and prosecute those would stole his freedom and life.

1120 Name: Kim Hammett

Comment Justice.....

1121 Name: Phillip Nichols

Comment Justice will not be served by murdering an innocent man while the real killers go free! Too many innocent people have died and/or been imprisoned wrongly in this country based on the color of their skins. It is time that our criminal justice system lives up to its pledge, justice for all!

1122 Name: Boi Boi

Comment Good luck and God Bless

1123 Name: jacqueline bohr

Comment Capital punishment is barbaric enough, but knowingly executing an innocent man is outrageous. the world is watching america

1124 Name: Whitehurst Family

Comment Don't kill another innocent man. Black lives matter

1125 Name: Lishan Makonnen

Comment Free Kevin Cooper !!!

1126 Name: Erik Fleming

Comment We cannot sit idle and allow this man to be executed when there is a mile high stack of evidence proving this man's innocence. It happens often so this could be any one of us in his position. God be with you, King.

1127 Name: Celeste Turner

Comment Hi Kevin, These people are idiots if they slow this unjustly illfate to happen! I'm so appalled and will never live in this state to support them. I am taking this news to social media so it may go viral and someone in the federal courts of California gets off their asses and do something. I'm just a poor woman the is willing to take this to the street. I love you my brother.. stay strong, stay, and pray with all your heart Prayer does work...God save this man, please!

1128 Name: Erik Fleming

Comment Free this man!

1129 Name: Kimberly Brewington


1130 Name: Damon McKenzie

Comment No comment really whats right

1131 Name: Eric Wolff

Comment Once you impose the death penalty, there's no room to reverse due to errors or dishonesty. This case if rife with both. At the very least, it should be commuted to life.

1132 Name: Polk O'Neal

Comment If this miscarriage is allowed then we are all doomed. Jim Crow has not ended it has merely changed form.

1133 Name: Roberto De Moraes

Comment save him, and let real justice be served!

1134 Name: Shavon Smith

Comment I don't understand if this man is innocent why would he still be executed? If he's innocent set him free.

1135 Name: Lucy Topaloff

Comment Take Kevin Cooper out of death row

1136 Name: Kyusam Choi

Comment May justice be served on you.

1137 Name: latoya Garrison

Comment No one should ever die for something they didnt do.... Why is he still in jail? This is the world i live innocent man dies....SAD

1138 Name: Paula Fusco

Comment Wow this is crazy. I just saw "Making A Murderer" on Netflix this is crazy the system is going to fail us the once again. Aren't there laws placed like the Avery laws that might help this man. Please help this innocent man dear lord amen. Why they have convicted this innocent man and know it they have let three murderers get away. Who are are going to save the people from them they need to think about that. FREE KEVIN

1139 Name: Maritza Van Cott

Comment Please! Do the right thing!

1140 Name: Lisa Veale

Comment Hold on to your faith

1141 Name: Alex Dent

Comment good luck!

1142 Name: Shombay Bandele

Comment Try to hold on a little longer Brother. The facts definitely show you are INNOCENT!

1143 Name: James Dudeney

Comment Absolutely disgusting! Yet again in the US, a black man is set to pay for a white man's crimes.

1144 Name: Jennifer

Comment Allowing a suspected innocent man to die makes a mockery of our justice system. Before someone is put to death, their should be NO DOUBT that person is the guilty party.

1145 Name: Clarel Robillard

Comment I've read the story and believe that this man deserves a retrial at the execute him dispite knowing what we know would be negligent and murder

1146 Name: Isabel De La Cruz

Comment Please help this man finally get a fair trial. This man has been in jail since before I was born. The least he deserves after a lifetime in jail is a second chance. Thank you.

1147 Name: Corey James

Comment I hope and pray for your release....the U.S. judicial system has so many flaws an inconsistencies that I truly believe your case was mishandled and many people have served 1-2 decades incarcerated just to be released after 20+ yrs because of "New" evidence or a further look into the person's case "revealed" basically the's rough and unfair to say the least but I hope an pray for the best possible outcome!!!..stay strong the best way you know how* 1 Love

1148 Name: Richard springs

Comment 👊🏿

1149 Name: Kim de jong

Comment Free jerry Brown

1150 Name: LaGuana Taylor

Comment Save an innocent man find out the truth what if he was your son

1151 Name: Jerry Walker

Comment Justice

1152 Name: Catrena estes

Comment This country's justice system is supposedly based on burden of proof and facts!! No proof was found of him being guilty and the judges have given the facts, Facts that this man was not given a fair trial.. The facts say this man is innocent!!!

1153 Name: Myron

Comment The lynching needs to stop.

1154 Name: barbara doran

Comment this is disgraceful, and how can it be legal, if a judge has ruled in his favour im just horrified by this.

1155 Name: joe heron

Comment hope u get out death row ...i always thought u where innocent rember alot look up to u..

1156 Name: Eney Banks

Comment The truth she'll set you free!

1157 Name: James Williams

Comment This is not justice

1158 Name: dan collins

Comment Please put a stop to this execution and fee this man.

1159 Name: Christopher Johnson

Comment Free this young man it's only right

1160 Name: Damon Martin

Comment Wish I could do more. I love u my brother I hope u found peace of mind brother.

1161 Name: Jacque Langston

Comment Treat people the way YOU WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED!!!

1162 Name: Khandeya Sheppard

Comment Please review this man's case. Someone else's crimes should not cost him his life.

1163 Name: mary walker

Comment Stop the execution of this innocent man

1164 Name: Simon Price-Johnson

Comment To allow this execution to go ahead will make the Californian executive collectively guilty of murder. No ifs, no buts. No legal rhetoric will expunge this innocent soul's BLATANT MURDER from staining your collective souls.

1165 Name: Nitera Coleman

Comment If it was proven that he didn't do it he should not still be on death row and he should be released for a crime he did not commit.

1166 Name: Mark Lewis

Comment Please stop and spare Kevin Cooper's life from this execution. Enough is enough of killing innocent people without having all of the facts presented.

1167 Name: Joselyn McHenry

Comment Innocence should never have to suffer

1168 Name: Q.Willis

Comment If he is not guilty of the crime for which he is being held, then what is the dilemma?

1169 Name: Carinda Hardison

Comment Set him free! He's innocent.

1170 Name: June Kidd Sweeney

Comment If there is doubt and he is executed then wouldn't the state be guilty of murder? Please show compassion and clemency.

1171 Name: E. Leary McKenzie

Comment One who supports capital punishment must acknowledge that at some point an innocent person will be executed. It's just not worth the risk.

1172 Name: Justin Brothers

Comment Blessings and blessings. I pray justice is served

1173 Name: From G and London

Comment Your story inspired me to become a lawyer . God bless you .

1174 Name: Lorraine Wiggins

Comment This is not fair at Kevin Cooper!!!

1175 Name: Crystal

Comment Please see that justice does not fail Mr. Cooper.

1176 Name: Leslie Kennedy

Comment You cannot execute a person with so much doubt surrounding his case. It is worth a review to avoid the state sanctioned death of a potentially innocent human being.

1177 Name: Peggy Oakes

Comment Please halt the execution.

1178 Name: Simone Caroti

Comment Kevin Cooper has spent decades on death row for a crime he didn't commit. Please, don't take his life like this.

1179 Name: K.Dyson

Comment If innocence is acknowledged, should it be punishable by executirion?

1180 Name: Devan Cheaves

Comment Don't execute an innocent man!

1181 Name: JeNetta

Comment Let the man go he has been unjust for to long.

1182 Name: Elayne mc Neil

Comment free him there's proof of wrongdoing by the police and the courts....

1183 Name: Jennifer Olin

Comment Carlos Deluna, George Stinney, Jr. Troy Davis, Todd Willingham, No more executing the innocent

1184 Name: Jillian Alexander

Comment It is a shame that black lives must always be threaten! There is clearly more things that should be considered in this case. The ruling should be overturned bc there are missing facts and evidence. Good luck Kevin

1185 Name: Shantel Day

Comment Please look into this case. Postpone the execution until further investigations can be completed. But to execute this man now with so many unanswered questions and the high probability that he's INNOCENT is inhumane and unjust.

1186 Name: Briana ovbude

Comment .

1187 Name: Marc Dure

Comment The man & his family needs justice & by all the little boy testifying alone that he's not the killer he should b free.& now the judge is also saying he's innocent come on now.

1188 Name: Sherry Jordan

Comment It's wrong to put an innocence person to death... That has been proving of his innocence.. Please let this man go free..

1189 Name: Camisha Etheredge

Comment Support...

1190 Name: Jardine rivers

Comment Let this man live

1191 Name: Kami Wilkerson

Comment free kevin!

1192 Name: Adam Burns

Comment This is a travesty of justice. You have the opportunity to prevent it.

1193 Name: kami wilkerson

Comment this man deserves to be free

1194 Name: Hilary Hawker

Comment Is the USA still a Christian country? Is there no morality left in your world?

1195 Name: Christina Dean

Comment "The State of California may be about to execute an innocent man." (See Cooper v. Brown, 565 F.3d 581 (9th Cir. 2009).

1196 Name: Jorelle Hayes

Comment Free this innocent man. Regardless of his past transgressions, he did not commit this one. Let him go.

1197 Name: Erica Coleman

Comment Please do not execute this innocent man.

1198 Name: gemma skipper

Comment absolutely disgusting this man should of been released years ago.... well in fact he should never of been convicted!!!

1199 Name: Rachael Bleymaier

Comment I can't know whether he's innocent or guilty, but it seems obvious that justice has not been done here. Innocent until proven guilty still matters.

1200 Name: Kathryn McKnight

Comment Kevin Cooper is clearly innocent of the murders for which he was convicted. He must not be executed.

1201 Name: Nathan Long

Comment Listen to the judges please.

1202 Name: Yazmeen Aikens

Comment Kevin I am so sorry that this has happened to you and I pray you get the justice you deserve. I pray you are set free and that you receive millions so you can try and enjoy the rest of your life. It's so sad that someone can destroy a life like such...

1203 Name: Qualina Lewis

Comment Is this still America? Are we innocent until proven guilty? This is disgraceful, illegal, and a reflection of our poor and racist justice system. Let an innocent man live the rest of his life free, too many years was already stolen from him by lazy detectives and district attorneys.

1204 Name: Dianne Russell

Comment This case is indicative why the Death Penalty must be disposed of. The systemic racism of the US precludes a fair outcome of too many cases. Even with the missing blood evidence, the testimony of the survivor should have exonerated the prisoner.

1205 Name: Christina braddy

Comment Please do the the right thing. Don't murder an innocent man.

1206 Name: Mark Echols Jr

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!!

1207 Name: Tabbetha aguirre

Comment DNA and testimony from one of the victims stating this man didn't do it and there is still a question as to his innocence?

1208 Name: Colin Peters

Comment Please put a stop to this gross injustice.

1209 Name: Reginald Middlebrooks

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

1210 Name: Karen Hookailo

Comment Please do not execute a possibly innocent man! Please.

1211 Name: Jamal Donaldson

Comment We can not knowingly kill an innocent man regardless of the "law".

1212 Name: Nancy Andrews

Comment Please see that justice is done

1213 Name: Sara hardimon

Comment Shalom my brother. Pray to the most high for answers he is the alpha and omega

1214 Name: Beth Martin

Comment It is so counter to the idea of justice to execute people when there is ANY doubt about their guilt.

1215 Name: Deon Miles

Comment Do the right thing Gov Brown!! Free Kevin..

1216 Name: Stephanie Kimble

Comment No one should be executed, especially when there are serious questions to their guilt of the crime. To execute an innocent man would be murder. There are numerous questions as to the guilt of Kevin Cooper. Please do not let an innocent man be put to death.

1217 Name: Syndarius Rowe

Comment He should be freed cause the law arrested the wrong person

1218 Name: Henry Palfrey

Comment Save Kevin Cooper

1219 Name: Brandi Monroe

Comment Hope this helps

1220 Name: James holler

Comment Let him out

1221 Name: Nathaniel Brown

Comment Killing an innocent man is murder.Release Kevin Cooper back into society.

1222 Name: Michael chavious

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!!!!!!

1223 Name: Atiya Barber

Comment I am in support for the release of this innocent man

1224 Name: Jasmyn Jacob

Comment Please find it in your heart to thoroughly review this case and give Kevin Cooper a fair and honest chance. There were so many serious constitutional violations and to just turn your head and allow for a potential innocent man to be killed reflects poorly on our society and humanity. Please do the right thing.

1225 Name: Shava Echols

Comment Free this innocent man and put an end to corrupt law enforcement!

1226 Name: Kathi Geukes

Comment How can you seriously not free this man?? He DIDN'T DO IT!!!!!! Let him go....NOW!!!!!

1227 Name: Lillie Cunningham

Comment Please free this man or at least before the time that you have scheduled for him to die go back over the evidence and give him a fair trial.

1228 Name: Donald sims

Comment Release

1229 Name: Ivori Anthony

Comment Everyone deserves a fair trial,and no man deserves to die for the sins of another.

1230 Name: Jennifer Murray

Comment Halt the execution of Kevin Cooper.

1231 Name: Cicely Philpot

Comment Do not kill an innocent man.

1232 Name: Erika Glenn

Comment This man should be released and if he isn't will be a major injustice.

1233 Name: Jermaine Dixon

Comment May God give you the courage to do the right thing... Free Kevin Cooper

1234 Name: Maaco Feggins

Comment Free the Man!

1235 Name: diana

Comment Keep your faith god is keeping you.

1236 Name: Kelley Orr

Comment Do not impose the death penalty under these circumstances!!

1237 Name: Tara Glover

Comment I am not opposed to the death penalty in all cases, but this is a tragedy! When judges question the authenticity of evidence, 12 jurors have been hung on making a guilty verdict, and specific evidence is in question of even being real- there's a huge problem! It's complete carelessness that Cooper is still counting down to his death. Surely the Governor has a mind open and sound to doing the right thing here.

1238 Name: Mia Foster

Comment Justice needs to be served. This is not justice with an innocent man on death row !!!

1239 Name: Daries Francis


1240 Name: Alma Perdue

Comment Please.

1241 Name: Angela Joseph

Comment This is a outrage that the "just Us" system is killing and imprisoning Africans that are innocent daily.

1242 Name: Danna

Comment The execution of a man who may potentially be innocent, should not be followed through.

1243 Name: Guan Pickett

Comment Hang in there. I saw the story on social media and I was appauled

1244 Name: Robert Brooks

Comment <1 don't kill a man you aren't sure about

1245 Name: Becky Miska

Comment Please pardon Kevin cooper.

1246 Name: Pamela brooks

Comment free this innocent man

1247 Name: Stacey Fletcher

Comment Please don't execute him.

1248 Name: Shade' Ige

Comment Please release Kevin Cooper from prison.It is clear that the evidence is there that he is innocent.

1249 Name: Belinda Jackson

Comment Its integrity and courage that puts an end to an error and is not a show of cowardice and weakness to admit the error, and it is the greatest show of strength and confidence of character. Only a coward believes themselves weak when they are proven to have made a mistake, and refuse still to admit to that error but compounds the frailties that are of a man who will not admit to being in error. One cannot protect their integrity and true courage by defending a mistake, one can never make what is wrong into right just because they possess the power to accomplish the consequences of a judgement that does not apply. I HEARD THAT TO BE HUMAN IS TO ERR, BUT INHUMANE TO NOT ADMIT AN ERR...!!! PLEASE DON'T KILL KEVIN LET HIM LIVE AS HE SHOULD...!!!

1250 Name: Timothy West

Comment Uphold true justice... free this man.

1251 Name: Doris Sims

Comment keep the prayers are with you

1252 Name: Jennifer Ayres

Comment Praying for you, Mr. Cooper. God be with you.

1253 Name: Bret Crawford

Comment Governer Brown, From what I read there is too many questions of this man's guilt to put him to death. Please do the right thing and stop the execution. Bret Crawford

1254 Name: Daniel White

Comment To let a proven corrupt and colluded system put a very-possibly innocent man to death after 30+ years in prison for a crime he very well may not have committed is the definition of UNJUST. For he who has the authority to intervene (i.e. Governor) and does not; HIS BLOOD WILL BE ON YOUR HANDS. In the end, you will never regret saving his life regardless...

1255 Name: Aaron Ambrose

Comment I ask that you commute Kevin Cooper's sentence. I don't know whether he's an innocent man or even whether enough evidence has been produced to grant him a new trial. But I do think that there is enough evidence to commute his death sentence to a life sentence.

1256 Name: Melissa Carter

Comment Taking a life by execution for any reason is the ultimate punishment. It can never be revoked, pardoned, excused, found innocent, etc. I urge you to consider the full record, body of evidence, and the views of at least 5 justices of the Court who believe that California may be getting ready to execute an innocent man.

1257 Name: Julia Turner

Comment The truth shall set you free...God willing

1258 Name: Faythe Roseley

Comment This is tragic - let's put an end to this - halt all death sentences until the system is purged of this racial bias. Stop killing our men.

1259 Name: Kerry Wilson

Comment Five federal judges did not think this man was guilty. Please exercise restraint and grant him his right to a reasonable doubt by staying this execution. You can't undo this one.

1260 Name: Calvin Armstrong

Comment An abundance of evidence indicates that Kevin Cooper's trial was a racially-motivated miscarriage of justice.

1261 Name: Ernest spencer

Comment Get this case corrected.

1262 Name: Daniel White

Comment To let a PROVEN corrupt and colluded system put to death a possibly innocent man after 30+ years in prison for a crime he may not of committed is the definition of UNJUST. For he who has the authority to intervene (i.e. Governor) and does not; Mr. Cooper's blood will be ON YOUR HANDS. In the end, you will never regret sparing this mans life regardless of his innocence or guilt. We do not kill anyone who is not undoubtably guilty without eternal repercussions and consequences.

1263 Name: Marion

Comment The death penalty should have been abolished ages ago. It is a cruel and inhuman punishment and too many innocent people were killed by the State in the past already. This has to come to an end. In this case it isn't even certain that Kevin Cooper committed this crime!

1264 Name: Tiffany Jackson

Comment Free an innocent man

1265 Name: DeJenet Rambo

Comment Please free this innocent man. All of the evidence is sufficient for a release.

1266 Name: Matthew Scott

Comment Our legal systems are eroded.

1267 Name: Dee smith

Comment I pray that You keep strong, and have faith in God xxx

1268 Name: Charlotte Smith


1269 Name: Kristen serrano

Comment 💛

1270 Name: CaShanna Williams

Comment Free this innocent man!

1271 Name: Darryl Godden

Comment Too many questions. One question is too many.

1272 Name: ricquel flowers

Comment Justice

1273 Name: Janice Sumlin

Comment Please free this man!Av total travesty of justice

1274 Name: Connine

Comment No matter what happens, God knows the truth and will stand with you through this.

1275 Name: Traceful Hurst

Comment Free this innocent man

1276 Name: Katrina Davis

Comment Look at the evidence. Ignore potential political gain and bias. Give this man what little recourse we can offer now that most of his life has been stolen from him from a system that profits from his caging. Free the innocent. What else is there to do? - Katrina Davis Los Angeles, CA

1277 Name: Kathleen McConkey

Comment I simple decision to avoid killing a possible innocent man. Please grant clemency in this doubtful case. Thank you, California resident

1278 Name: Jenee Iden

Comment Uhuru!

1279 Name: Thomas Hampton

Comment This is un- American!

1280 Name: Mike Peake

Comment !

1281 Name: Samantha Rosato

Comment There's so much doubt in this case-please save him!

1282 Name: Allynn Carpenter

Comment Save Kevin Cooper!

1283 Name: Sue Smith

Comment No one should be executed if there is any legitimate doubt produced of any question should be enough to commute to life w/o parole. Then a thorough review and investigation done! I wouldnt want his blood on my hands Mr Governor!

1284 Name: Ed Watso

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

1285 Name: David Bull

Comment Govenor Brown, if you have a shred of humanity, if you believe in justice and don't wish to see California and the US compared to China, N. Korea or Saudi Arabia ... DO WHAT YOU KNOW YOU MUST!

1286 Name: Anita Wills

Comment Stop State Sponsored violence against Black and Brown!

1287 Name: Robert Knowles

Comment Thy shall not kill. Have some moral principle and let an innocent man live what time he has left.

1288 Name: Vikerra Jackson

Comment Save Kevin Cooper!!

1289 Name: dantavia williams

Comment During times of struggle remember: Psalms 121:7 The Lord will keep you from all harm he will watch over your life;

1290 Name: Lynn Cole

Comment The California penal system is for the guilty, but not for those found innocent of crimes they did not commit! So, according to your record Kevin Cooper is an innocent man in your custody who needs to be released back to his family and NOT executed for NO fault of his own! Release Mr!!!

1291 Name: Billy Feggins

Comment No man should be in prison if he is innocent. This is a great injustice for all.

1292 Name: Amanda Luckett

Comment The thought of someone being put to death when there is ANY question on his guilt is appalling to me. Please put a stop to this.

1293 Name: William Britt

Comment Unfair

1294 Name: james burkes

Comment Please free this man

1295 Name: Cathy Radomirovic

Comment Execution of an innocent man? Not in My name

1296 Name: jenny minch

Comment how can you possibly kill someone without any evidence he is guilty?

1297 Name: Richelle

Comment Praying for justice!

1298 Name: Dawn Johnson

Comment Please do not allow the State to engage in this irreversible act.

1299 Name: Wilson Guzman

Comment Wow. What happened to honor and integrity in the justice system?

1300 Name: Avna visser

Comment Stop death penalty!

1301 Name: Tom Stock-Hendel

Comment I don't know what to say, Kevin, other than this is an outrage that must not continue. All my best wishes, Tom

1302 Name: jay polite

Comment Look at all the given evidence and make the right decision.

1303 Name: Velma lynch

Comment How can someone uphold the law but in the same breath not honor a persons constitution rights. How can u expect black people to believe in the judicial system when it is clearly not for us. What happened to innocent until proven guilty

1304 Name: Darlene Franklin

Comment I pray they do the right thing and set you free brother. Even the victim that survived said it was not you. Keep the faith and hope that someone will get the backbone enough to do the right thing!

1305 Name: Britany West

Comment Your Innocent You'll Be Home SOON!!!!

1306 Name: Ann Kearns

Comment I am ashamed that I even have to sign this petition to free a person from death row whose guilt is entirely in doubt.

1307 Name: Charlotte Merritt

Comment Please, give Kevin Cooper a chance to get a new trial, or pardon him. Don't kill an innocent man.

1308 Name: Rime M

Comment You cannot execute an innocent man.

1309 Name: Cynthia Higgins

Comment Justice is not executing an innocent man.

1310 Name: Sue Threadgould

Comment if this is all true, then it can't be right

1311 Name: Yusef Shakur

Comment A review is in order, Governor.

1312 Name: LaVar Ballard

Comment Free that man

1313 Name: Lyneen Smith

Comment wrong...just plain wrong

1314 Name: Lakyva Lockhart

Comment Keep your head up God has the last say so keep the Faith all the evidence is proving your innocent let this innocent man go y'all done enough damage in his life #SCREAMING FREE KEVIN all the way from NEW ORLEANS,LA

1315 Name: Camille Campbell


1316 Name: Anthony pygatt

Comment This is WRONG!

1317 Name: Taleb C Jenkins

Comment Commute this man's sentence, he deserves to live his remaining years a free man.

1318 Name: Gabrielle Carroll

Comment Signed

1319 Name: Shijuana McGraw

Comment Governor Brown, please take the time to at least review this case. I dont know if this man is innocent but there are no do-overs once death is imposed. Even if you don't give HIM the benefit of the doubt you should give the JUSTICES the benefit seeing as this is their livelihood. Thank you for your time. God be with you Mr. Cooper.

1320 Name: dana scott

Comment .

1321 Name: Lucas Duncan

Comment No justice no peace

1322 Name: Hannah aiwohi

Comment Do not murder this man!!

1323 Name: jeroya icon


1324 Name: Kimberly

Comment Lord we ask you cover this man from death row. Free Cooper

1325 Name: Tony valente

Comment Make it right

1326 Name: Jeff

Comment I am signing the petition so Kevin can be granted release from the the death penalty

1327 Name: Darryl L. Poellnitz

Comment So much good would come outta doin the right thing. Setting this man free is very much the right thing ta do! Please do the right thing. The justice system could use a good look and this is an opportunity ta do so. Please.

1328 Name: Kevin Hirn

Comment Grant clemency to Kevin Cooper. Kevin Hirn Ann Arbor, MI

1329 Name: Lenore Ferber

Comment I was an assistant prosecutor in MI for 30 years (Flint and Ann Arbor) and a defense attorney for the next 7 in state and federal courts. Appellate courts failed to properly apply the standard that you can and should: Had the jury known what any or all of the prosecution missteps kept from them, there would have been reasonable doubt. Federal appellate courts allow rampant violations of Brady v Maryland. Equally rampant are proud and arrogant prosecutors who won't admit their own mistakes, police incompetence (or corruption) and the class/racial biases in the system. Jurists who have studied this record feel very strongly Cooper's result was not just and that he shouldn't die. Please do the right thing.

1330 Name: Dorean Burland

Comment Free this poor man

1331 Name: Valerie gipson

Comment Seems he should be free

1332 Name: Sharon Small

Comment If the man is innocent of this crime, free him and catch the 3 white guys who did it. What is justice? To pay for the crimes we don't commit. We need to correct the mistakes we make and move forward.

1333 Name: Victoria Locker

Comment Kevin, there are a lot of people out here that are influential and in a position to help free you. I am so sorry that you had to endure being incarcerated for a crime that you did not commit. Hoping and praying for your release.

1334 Name: Aaliyah Jones

Comment As a Pre-Law major (formerly Pre-med), I can appreciate taking another look at a case such as his. Please open the door to a new review of the "evidence".

1335 Name: Victoria Armour

Comment Please don't murder an innocent man. The evidence clearly states beyond reasonable doubt that he is innocent. He should have a re-trial at the very least!

1336 Name: Felicia Latson


1337 Name: Edward Sutherland

Comment Even if he were guilty, he has served more than 30 years in prison. Anywhere else in the western world he would be considered to have served his sentence.

1338 Name: Ashley Divine

Comment This is yet another example of our flawed "justice" system.

1339 Name: Malik Abdul

Comment Let my brorher, Mr.Cooper go. He has been proven to be innocent of said crime!!

1340 Name: Valerie Peterkin

Comment Please free this man.

1341 Name: A Spencer Barefied

Comment No execution of the innocent!

1342 Name: Andron Wilburn

Comment Do not shed innocent Blood

1343 Name: Shon Butler

Comment kevin cooper

1344 Name: Kryssa

Comment Good luck

1345 Name: jj westbury

Comment Help save an innocent life!

1346 Name: John Rosato

Comment Sharing on FB...trying to get petition signed by many

1347 Name: Sade johnson

Comment Never lose faith!

1348 Name: denise

Comment free Kevin

1349 Name: John Ross

Comment Free

1350 Name: Ashley

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!

1351 Name: will fenwick

Comment what the hell is going on !

1352 Name: SA Lee

Comment Explain exactly how an innocent man can lose his life. All of the police that we know are guilty are not receiving prison time. This is so wrong, allow this man freedom.

1353 Name: Bill Templeman

Comment Do the right thing. Spare this man's life; he has more to teach us alive than dead

1354 Name: Reggie

Comment Sir. Even the supreme court agrees this man should be freed. By the blood of Jesus you are commanded to set him free. Knowing you are standing by an x allowing an innocent man to die. You will be held accountable comes judgement day.

1355 Name: Edith Giles

Comment Free him now!!

1356 Name: Chris Anderson

Comment No one should have to experience injustices like this.

1357 Name: Pauline Tran

Comment Dear Governor Jerry Brown, I very much hope you will take serious consideration in preventing an innocent man from death row. Given the support of 5 judges, the evidence is too strong to punish him for a crime he did not commit. Please take a second thought before destroying another person's life.

1358 Name: Frances Culp

Comment Dear Gov. Brown - Please do the right thing. You are holding a human life in your hands. I know you care about justice and doing the right thing. This case has too many questions, too many problems - Kevin Cooper deserves clemency. Thank you.

1359 Name: Robert Young

Comment Give him the fair hearing he deserves!

1360 Name: Margaret Rood

Comment Surely taking a man's life requires a higher level of prosecutorial good faith than seen here.

1361 Name: LaShunna Rodriguez

Comment none

1362 Name: Shafeeq Muhammad

Comment I am signing this petition to help free Kevin Cooper who has been found innocent

1363 Name: Michelle E Rainey

Comment Praying for justice!

1364 Name: Sydney Rahim


1365 Name: Sandy Sticken

Comment Please do not allow the execution of of Kevin Cooper. When a victim says the assailants were white or hispanic there is certainly no way Mr. Cooper should be put to death for the murders.

1366 Name: Marcel Fennis

Comment X

1367 Name: Alan Hainkel

Comment Here's hoping the saying "The truth shall set you free" applies here. Keep your head up and have faith.

1368 Name: Kyle Hermes

Comment :

1369 Name: Nataria Jernigan

Comment Save Kevin

1370 Name: Diane Lipson

Comment If you can't in good conscience grant this man clemency, then, at the very least, his death sentence should be commuted pending retrial.

1371 Name: sheila mansore

Comment what is law?

1372 Name: Todd Grinsteinner

Comment I am a California resident and retired military officer. I believe in the death penalty and believe it should be employed in cases where all officials in the approval and appeals process concur with the decision. There are many people who in the appellate process that have grave questions about the decision. Please impose life imprison rather than make a mistake of a human life. Todd James Grinsteinner

1373 Name: Richard Szpigiel

Comment We know you know what's just. Time to do the right thing and set this man free.

1374 Name: Todd Grinsteinner

Comment I am a California resident and retired military officer. I believe in the death penalty and believe it should be employed in cases where all officials in the approval and appeals process concur with the decision. There are many people who in the appellate process that have grave questions about the decision. Please impose life imprison rather than make a mistake of a human life. Todd James Grinsteinner

1375 Name: sheila wilton

Comment The death sentence is NEVER justified.

1376 Name: Reggie Epps

Comment End the injustice.

1377 Name: Ramona Richards

Comment Please Free This Innocent Man

1378 Name: Johnny Green

Comment Justice for All...

1379 Name: Racheal Slowley

Comment As a lover of justice and peace, I respectfully request that the life of Mr. Cooper be spared and that he be removed from death row. Please reevaluate the evidence, he has served time for something he has not done. From England

1380 Name: Brandy Barber

Comment Please spare this innocent man's life.

1381 Name: Marla Hill

Comment Don't repeat Georgia's crime (Troy Davis). This execution must be stopped.

1382 Name: T.C. Martin

Comment I feel very sorry for you if you did not commit these crimes.

1383 Name: Jimmy Thomas

Comment FREE KEVIN it's the right thing to do.

1384 Name: Mayra Martinez

Comment "Keep far from a false charge, and do not kill the innocent or the righteous, for I will not acquit the guilty"

1385 Name: Marcus Williams

Comment He is innocent and several people have spoken up to state this.

1386 Name: Saudia esahack

Comment Save him

1387 Name: Amanda Werner

Comment As a native Californian and resident of the state for 25 years, I ask that you grant clemency to Kevin Cooper on behalf of the state of California.

1388 Name: Joanna Brewer

Comment Please grant Kevin Cooper clemaency.

1389 Name: Michelle Marshall

Comment Do not MURDER a potentially innocent man, this is NOT justice!

1390 Name: Ryan Diaz

Comment Protect our citizens, protect "innocent until proven guilty," protect human dignity and life!

1391 Name: Gary Ducharme

Comment Governor Brown. I have admired your brilliant leadership, statesmanship and salvation of California. While I haven't agreed with everything you've done, there is no doubting that you have on so many levels fulfilled your civic duty to those who have elected you. Now is the time to prove your leadership. This is an innocent man. You know it. We know it. The police know it. Stop this travesty, or else the blood of an innocent man is not just on your hands, but on the hands of all Californians, as the supreme punishment of death, is in the name of the PEOPLE of California.. he is innocent, set him free. In the name of the People of California.

1392 Name: Dantella

Comment This is a shame and a disrespectful really 5 judges and they are still going to kill this man this is nothing more then a lynching with the rope. To be honest if you push this to other countries just how messed up America really is they would stop asking us for help and put us on front row blast we look into changing things. Just think how it chamge d slavery when the world got a taste of American inhuman way of treating people.

1393 Name: Ashley Patrick

Comment Your "Honor" you know this man is innocent yet you still intend to take his life. What is your reasoning? There is a special place in hell for corupt officials like you. So I hope you make the right decision and free this man. You've already taken 30years of his life, don't take the rest.

1394 Name: Matthew Robinson Taylor

Comment This reprents a gaping disparity between the ideal of justice, which by definition must be impartial and thorough according our supposed national standards of human rights, and the reality of human motive, influence, error, and conspiracy playing a role in what amounts to a substantive degradation of the values to which our society must be adherent in order function both morally and logistically (that is if we really do strive for a fair, modern understanding of human society, human right, and citizenship)

1395 Name: Anita Haynes

Comment sign petition for Kevin Cooper

1396 Name: Chirag Bhakta

Comment We, the undersigned, implore you to exercise your constitutionally recognized power to grant clemency to Kevin Cooper, a condemned man on California's death row. The taking of a human life is an act that weighs heavily on all of society, even more so when an innocent life is at stake. We are deeply troubled that five active Ninth Circuit judges have said in reference to Kevin Cooper, "The State of California may be about to execute an innocent man." (See Cooper v. Brown, 565 F.3d 581 (9th Cir. 2009). These Federal Judges also found several serious constitutional violations, including the fact that prosecutors (1) presented false evidence at trial, (2) destroyed evidence before the jury could consider it, and (3) withheld exonerating evidence from the defense (See Id). Moreover, six additional Ninth Circuit judges noted and abhorred the "flawed" proceedings in the case as undermining public confidence in the integrity of the criminal justice system (Id. at 635). Finally, a twelfth Ninth Circuit judge, who felt procedurally barred from acting to help Mr. Cooper, complained of the "lingering doubt" in the case and the "wholly discomforting" feeling associated with her inability to act (FN Cooper v. Brown, 510 F.3d 870, 1004-06 (9th Cir. 2007) (McKeown, concurring). Please act now before the State engages in the irreversible and unconscionable act of executing an innocent man.

1397 Name: Scott Clark III

Comment I pray thathat there are enough people signing this petition, Mr. Cooper receives justice and is released from incarceration.

1398 Name: Satish Sekar

Comment Mr Cooper's case illustrates everything that is wrong with the death penalty. The judicial concerns over this case are extremely troubling. It would be totally wrong to execute a person whose trial and subsequent hearings have been as unfair as Mr Cooper's. Executing this man would be so wrong it shocks the conscience and disgraces every concept of justice.

1399 Name: Rosemary Martinez

Comment Unacceptable to murder an innocent man to save a corrupt and broken system which clearly has come to become the norm.

1400 Name: Okunlola odutayo

Comment Do the right thing.

1401 Name: Sharlene Woods

Comment No innocent person should die for a crime he did not commit



1403 Name: Hugh McCafferty

Comment AMERICA is better than this.

1404 Name: Deondre Mercer

Comment This is beyond wrong and unconstitutional for the sake of a man's freedom and being not guilty. There's no reason The state of California should go through and to prove only that they were wrong and save face and instead take a man's life for what. They already have the power no need to further that and take his life. I hope he is forgiven and given incentive for his time he lost in his life already.

1405 Name: Mariela Montero

Comment Free Kevin Cooper, an innocent man as named by 5 judges and the sole surviving victim of the murders that were committed by 3 white men! End institutional racism now!

1406 Name: Andy Miller

Comment Anytime a law enforcement officer tries to cover up or destroy evidence it is clear to me that they have framed the wrong person and want justice for the victim immediately . I honestly do not believe this case had anything to do about race they just have the wrong man/men. I would like to see this man free and clear of all charges immediately. Thank you for your time and please consider my request per all the evidence.

1407 Name: Roberta T Eaton

Comment As a former federal prosecutor, I pray that Mr. Cooper's life is spared. It all ears that he may have been wrongfully accused and convicted for crimes he did not commit. Governor Brown, please spare Mr.Cooper's life and allow his attorneys time to petition for his release from prison on newly discovered evidence.

1408 Name: Molly Ludy

Comment In California this this happening?! I thought we were better than that.

1409 Name: Corinne Gantt

Comment How can you execute a prisoner when there are so many questions and instances of wrongdoing on the part of the legal authorities? When will this stop?

1410 Name: Jeanine Ruble

Comment Please please, I am begging you to release this innocent man, Mr Cooper. I have never in my life seen such a miscarriage of justice. Blatant lied and cover ups, they alone are criminal in nature. Eye witness testimony proves he is not the killer, the evidence was destroyed and fabricated, the cops destroyed evidence, and 5 judges wrote letters. My Lord, please, set this man free! It is the moral and right thing to do! Thank You, Sincerely, Jeanine Ruble

1411 Name: Tina Turner

Comment I agree he should be set free.

1412 Name: Maria Bates

Comment Governor Brown, please do not let an innocent man die. Better 100 guilty men go free than one innocent man die.

1413 Name: Marie Herrera

Comment I don't know what's wrong with the United States. Why this fascination with hatred and death? I'll never understand.

1414 Name: Wendy

Comment This man should be freed and the judges and police involved in this set up should be imprisoned instead

1415 Name: Nicole

Comment Agree

1416 Name: Andre Chevolleau

Comment Please end the cycle of killing innocent men and women.

1417 Name: Vanessa Johnson

Comment In the name of Jesus, release this,man if he is innocent. Do not have that blood on your hands.

1418 Name: Mike Fatum

Comment End the Death Penalty.

1419 Name: Brittany

Comment Free him!!!

1420 Name: Michael Wiebler

Comment Please act now before the State engages in the irreversible and unconscionable act of executing an innocent man.

1421 Name: Nicolette Russell

Comment I hope you make it out of this Kevin, it's ridiculous to find out that they are willing to execute an innocent man when several judges have pointed out that you have done nothing wrong. I will pray for you along with the rest of my family and hope that you'll be alright.

1422 Name: Kennisha smith

Comment God bless you!!

1423 Name: leroy lee

Comment Free Kevin if the evidence proves he should be free.

1424 Name: Vicki

Comment Free tbis innocent man!!!

1425 Name: Ryan Workman

Comment Please Governor, do the right thing. Do not execute an innocent human being. This man deserves his life and his freedom.

1426 Name: Bill Morgan

Comment There is only one question: Was his trial a fair one?

1427 Name: Sheila Allder

Comment I pray for Kevin it is very obvious that this was a stitch up. As for the crazy US so-called legal system it needs changing and with regard to all those involved who falsified evidence I say "God forgive them for they know not what they do"

1428 Name: Esther Higgins

Comment Please commute this sentence until his innocence can be proven.

1429 Name: Jawanza thomas

Comment Free the man do the right thing.

1430 Name: Keona Young

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

1431 Name: Juan Duran

Comment Free Cooper

1432 Name: Fabiola

Comment This is outrageous. The least Colin Cooper deserves firstly to be removed from death row. If there needs to be a retrial so be it.

1433 Name: kevin cline

Comment Governor Brown, This case is far too tainted to allow this execution to proceed. I have admired you for many years for your selfless public service. Please use your power as Governor of California to prevent this horrible miscarriage of justice. Respectfully Yours, Kevin Cline

1434 Name: ,Jeanette Cartwright

Comment Free this innocent man!

1435 Name: Axel Hållén

Comment The world is watching

1436 Name: Michael Knight

Comment This man should be pardoned.

1437 Name: Durell Peart

Comment I hope that you get to go home very soon.

1438 Name: Reginald

Comment Might the wings of the angels of God Carey you away from this cup.

1439 Name: Liz Medsker

Comment Any innocent person doesn't deserve death. period.

1440 Name: Cris Moore

Comment If there is even one drop of doubt that this man is innocent the RIGHT and HUMANE action should be taken and get him off the Row. How desperate is this State of California to take a life? Why? And in the end what does it prove? Because you can ... you'll take a life? STOP THIS MADNESS NOW!!!

1441 Name: Monika Golden

Comment Free this man! It is only right! His life has already been taken for long enough!

1442 Name: Jeff Jockisch

Comment Better to let 100 guilty men go free than kill one innocent man. The dude is already in prison. Why do you need to kill him?

1443 Name: Daniel

Comment It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer

1444 Name: Shanay S.

Comment Free him!

1445 Name: Jerold M Gorski

Comment Thx

1446 Name: salome beler

Comment .

1447 Name: Apryl Ross

Comment *

1448 Name: Heather

Comment If he innocent why you still going to excited him. That some bs. Let that men go.

1449 Name: Andrea Stover

Comment free him

1450 Name: Emily Hopkey

Comment Please reconsider the execution of this potentially innocent man.

1451 Name: Eliza Beerbower

Comment What a disgrace to America to hold and plan to murder a man they know is innocent.

1452 Name: Jordan Harris

Comment No person should suffer for a crime they didn't commit. This is inhumane and a spit in the face of the so called justice system of the USA.

1453 Name: Stacey Johnson

Comment Stop the injustice!

1454 Name: Melissa Winiarski

Comment Give justice... what else is there to be said. What if you were in this man's shoes?

1455 Name: Iman Hameen

Comment This man must beset free!!! He is innocent!!!

1456 Name: Mariea jones

Comment If yall know he ain't do it let the man go don't punish him for something he didn't do racism still exist and if y'all execute this man and he didn't do it proves the point

1457 Name: Duane Watson

Comment Given the amount of doubt in the case, a judgement as final as the death penalty is unwarranted.

1458 Name: Samuel Jennings

Comment This is a travisty

1459 Name: Mark Schreiner

Comment it is unlawful to kill an innocent man without a fair trial

1460 Name: Jeremy Johnson

Comment #savekevincooper

1461 Name: Kristina Stanch

Comment I, Kristin Stanch, beseech the Governor Jerry Brown to over turn the California's Federal Courts Appeal to execute an innocent man Mr. Cooper. The Federal Judges found that false evidence was presented at the trial, that they had destroyed evidence before the jury could consider it, and that they withheld exonerating evidence from the defense. If the color of this man's skin was caucasian we wouldn't be going thru this, he would have never been found guilty or wouldn't still be on death row.

1462 Name: Tristan David

Comment May god be with you

1463 Name: Sharon Hardisom

Comment Right is Right... Let that Man come home and live the rest of his life that was stolen from him

1464 Name: Jessica Day

Comment This is so wrong.

1465 Name: Caleb Granger

Comment Why continue making a joke our legal system?

1466 Name: Curtis mathis

Comment this is definitely insane it just shows how corrupt the system is willing to let an innocent man be executed I am totally appalled. Kevin you are in my prayers

1467 Name: Ronisha Patterson

Comment I pray that he is freed

1468 Name: Megan heuer

Comment I pray the justice system gets their head out their ass and release you to live your life.

1469 Name: Denise F

Comment This is abhorrent.

1470 Name: Shantel Landry

Comment Free Kevin

1471 Name: Randall Lasater

Comment With all the doubt around Mr. Cooper's conviction do not let him die.

1472 Name: Stephen Bunting

Comment If this is all true we need to free this gentleman.

1473 Name: Rose Johnson

Comment Free Kevin!

1474 Name: Tiera Brooks


1475 Name: annomous

Comment MA GOD be the judge

1476 Name: Krista Wood

Comment Hoping the truth will set you free.

1477 Name: annomous

Comment May GOD be the judge.

1478 Name: Felica Johnson

Comment I feel like it is wrong to kill an innocent man the child told them what color was and the judge know and evidence Been tamper with he the judge need to be put to death praying for the victim God spare his life god you have the last say so Amen.👏👆👆👆👆💯💯

1479 Name: Regina

Comment Black Lives Matter!

1480 Name: Earlene Franklin

Comment It has been too many minorites put to death for a crime they didn't commit and someone knows he didn't do it but don't the guts to stand up an do the right thing smdh.

1481 Name: Shamekei Gray

Comment Prayers kifted..

1482 Name: Melissa Takahashi

Comment Save him!

1483 Name: D.A. Hustwayte

Comment This is a disgusting situation where a number of crimes have been commited in an effort to convict an inocent man of murder. Those crimes have been commited by law enforcement officers, the very people who we trust to uphold the law. I appreciate that tho happened at a time when this type of thing was not uncommon especially against a black person. However this cannot be tolerated in todays world. This man should be freed and compensated for the loss of so many years of his life. Anyone involved in the killing of this innocent man,knowing that he is innocent, as he is,should themselves be accused of murder.

1484 Name: Sharon K Green

Comment This man obviously didn't commit these murders and based on the lies from both the police and DA's office he was wrongfully convicted. It very clear that the racist attitudes of the police and the DAs plus their planting of false evidence and concealing exculpatory evidence caused this false conviction. Therefore it is now left up to you to do the right thing and stop this execution.

1485 Name: Deleighla Jellouli

Comment This is murder, not justice.

1486 Name: Holly Guy

Comment If you kill an innocent man your no.better that the actual killers.

1487 Name: D. Lewis

Comment This has to stop! I pray my sons are never a victim of such blatant racism!

1488 Name: Eric Williams Sr.

Comment Justice should be what everyone wants in Kevin's case.

1489 Name: Amber Easterling

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!!

1490 Name: Nelda Hanna

Comment Gov. Brown, This man did not receive a fair trial. Stop this execution. There are too many innocent Black men dying in this country, don't let it happen to one that you can save.

1491 Name: Carl Nyiam

Comment This is seems constitutionally wrong and illegal tpnpit to death an innocent man, if they have found evidence of the offenders. This should be investigated. I find the US justice system is fundamentally unjust with how people can innocently be convicted for crime they never committed in this day and age 2016 ,this is unacceptable. Kevin Cooper should be released and the prison correction system should be used for these violations on an innocent man instead to condemn him to death this breaks the US legal justice system constutinally. I hope legal justice and clemency will be given for this man has suffers enough by these violations imposed.

1492 Name: Steve Williams

Comment Free this man if he is indeed innocent. Give him a fair trial.

1493 Name: Merica Chilstrom

Comment The evidence and witness testimony prove this man's innocence



1495 Name: Michelle brown

Comment This man deserved to be pardoned immediately. There is evidence of a coverup and blatant setup. Let this man free to live the rest of his life.

1496 Name: Sean storey

Comment Please consider stay of execution in this case.

1497 Name: Brandon Strogen

Comment Prayers for my Brother!

1498 Name: Yvette Walker

Comment If the man is innocent, why is he on death row? How many innocent men and women must die?! I thought the system was suppose to protect one's right to Life?! Mr.Kevin has a right to Life! I hope that he will be Free and better his life! Ms.Walker

1499 Name: Sid Rodriguez

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!!! Lets not disappoint our Statue of Liberty!

1500 Name: Kristal Lowry

Comment With all the destroyed evidence, tampering and missing evidence he at least deserves a new trial. I think it is sick and animalistic to have a person executed when there is valid inconsistencies with the case. Due Process, honesty and integrity for the Human race and respect for the Judicial System and the American Constitution should be the etiquette to proceed with a just decision for Mr. Cooper

1501 Name: rhohana banks

Comment Kevin Cooper shouldn't have to die for others mistakes free Kevin cooper.

1502 Name: Azita Landon

Comment You can do this. You'll get out of there. My prayers to you.

1503 Name: Louverna w

Comment Please free him

1504 Name: Holly Katon

Comment This is unacceptable to be treating an innocent man unjustly!! What happened to innocent until proven guilty??? The poor man has been sitting on Death Row for thirty years!! Please judge let an innocent man go free and actually catch the men who did the crime and the men who did the crime of covering it up!

1505 Name: Michelle Rhea

Comment Set him free

1506 Name: Monica

Comment God is with you and he shall cover you and they need to release you because I know different people have read the article and your innocence God is going to get them

1507 Name: Christina

Comment Please do not execute.

1508 Name: Amber kincer

Comment This is very sad.

1509 Name: nicole marsh

Comment Innocent free him now

1510 Name: Sarah Smith

Comment If there is any question that Kevin Cooper didn't commit this crime then he should not be put to death. Furthermore, given that there is no evidence to suggest that he committed this crime he shouldn't be in prison. The fact that: "The State of California may be about to execute an innocent man." is a travesty to the justice system.

1511 Name: Drema Hines

Comment Why would execute an innocent man? Give him his life back what's left of it.

1512 Name: Del Phillips

Comment A new trial is needed!!

1513 Name: Amandeo King

Comment Let the man get the rest of the life he has left damn...

1514 Name: Sheila Wilson

Comment Please let's right this terrible injustice

1515 Name: Stephanie Weaver

Comment Praying for your justice!

1516 Name: Jason Royster

Comment Justice for all People

1517 Name: Tarrence Mack

Comment No one with a soul could let an innocent man die. If there is doubt then Kevin should live.

1518 Name: Darla O. Merrill

Comment Justice needs to open its' eyes, take off the "Blindfold." This is totally wrong! Let, the man go, he's suffered enough. Oh! maybe the state doesn't want to face a law suit. Think of the countless other wrongly accused. At least the truth has come out for this man, so let sleeping dogs lie.

1519 Name: Monique Brown

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

1520 Name: Chase O'Flynn

Comment Justice has clearly not been done in this case so far. I'm signing this petition in hopes that the State of California will finally give Kevin a fair chance to prove his innocence, rather than taking the appalling and irreversible step of execution.

1521 Name: Susana Viterbo

Comment Completely unfair.. Must show my support

1522 Name: ardès véronique

Comment justice for KEVIN COOPER.

1523 Name: Joseph Hilton

Comment This man deserves justice, not to be murdered.

1524 Name: Loylyn Jones Walton

Comment When the "Judges (plural) say a man is innocent based upon falsified proof and inconsistencies, the only concionable thing to do is make it right. At this point it's about someone saving face and the impact on retirement and the department hiarchy. It is best to come forward with the truth and give him his greedom as he deserves with his rights to a fair and proper ttial. To Black maintain that death sentence is the greatest mockery of justice.And it alludes to the many other prisoners who are there unjustly convicted by those by the hands of il legal and unjust practices.

1525 Name: edith police

Comment Please the right thing...

1526 Name: SADYE ELLIS


1527 Name: Adam Roger Kearley

Comment "Finality" in the law is complete bullshit. And innocence has no appeal limit. If this man is innocent, he should be freed. This is exactly why the death penalty needs to be eliminated AS A FEDERAL MANDATE. State's being allowed to choose anything in contradiction to federal law is absurd, and this should be no exception. The fact that federal courts have only executed 2 people in the past 53 years means it wouldn't be much of stretch for them to officially legislate against it. Free Kevin Cooper, and abolish the god damn death penalty already.

1528 Name: Eddy Sealy

Comment Please do not kill this innocent man.

1529 Name: Peter Mobaolorunduro

Comment Save Him Jesus Loves You

1530 Name: Joti

Comment This is so tragically unfair not only has he been wrongly in prison for all these years, but now he has to die for a crime he did NOT commit. Please free this man.

1531 Name: Ulrik Blidorf

Comment .


Comment Please free this innocent man. Let justice be serve not on the unjust but those who are found guilty. Let this man live.

1533 Name: Kristal Todd

Comment Set this man free. Shame on the state of California!!! Covering up and enabling police misconduct.

1534 Name: Atiya


1535 Name: Kathy padeiro

Comment Free him!!! Where is the justice in this!!!!!! Free this man

1536 Name: Kathleen Shumaker

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!

1537 Name: Rosalyn threats

Comment Set him free

1538 Name: Porshia Ryans

Comment Porshia Ryans

1539 Name: Harold Jefferson

Comment Free an innocent man

1540 Name: Chris

Comment Ye the USA are at it foe hundreds of years with the black people and ye are still at it today, ye should be injected

1541 Name: Unika mclean

Comment Free him

1542 Name: Johnny Adames

Comment If there's doubt in Kevin coopers case look into it..Life is precious sending a person to death without clearing any doubts is a sin within itself..

1543 Name: Michael Stover

Comment If the Kevin has been shown to be innocent, why are you still trying to murder him?

1544 Name: Erin Baldridge

Comment Please do what is right enough is enough. He was wrongly convicted please do what you would if it were you in that prison cell.

1545 Name: Joni Fowler-Montague

Comment Please do the right, just, and moral thing, and grant, Kevin Cooper, clemency. Enough blood has been shed, and taking the life of any human being, whether a convicted criminal or not, is murder, however, it is especially heinous, and evil, when the convicted holds even the slightest chance of innocence. I therefore urgently petition you, to release Mr. Cooper from threat of execution, and release him from prison. May God bless you in your decision, and I thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Joni Fowler-Montague

1546 Name: Neil Russell

Comment Absolutely incredible story totally disgusting.

1547 Name: Julie Mueller

Comment A travesty. There is no way to repair the damage done but justice should be served quickly and generously. I'm so very sorry for how you've been mistreated over and over by so many who should have acted honestly and protected you from such injustice. Praying for your release and reparations.

1548 Name: Rodney Perry

Comment Let this man go,He's already been in prison for a crime he hasn't committed. Let him go and admit that the police and the District Attorney screwed up and pay him for false imprisonment.

1549 Name: Teisha Bell

Comment This is an injustice

1550 Name: Debbie smith

Comment Freedom is the only right way

1551 Name: Lavell Rainey

Comment You can't tell a man he's innocent but he's still set to be executed, what type of America are we living in.

1552 Name: Daquisha

Comment Please save this man please

1553 Name: Darryl Bobo

Comment How can you kill a person when there is doubt about him being guilty. Dirty Cops tainted the evidence and they get to go free with no charges at all but a potentially innocent man is about to be executed behind their dirty actions!!!! Its NO coming back from Death!!!!! The US judicial system is AWFUL!!!!!

1554 Name: Nicko Chase

Comment Please set him free

1555 Name: candacetoombsbunch

Comment Free this young man

1556 Name: Giselle Davenport

Comment You KNOW this is wrong. If you make the wrong choice and kill this innocent man, I hope it haunts you till the day you die.

1557 Name: Anne Buzzelli

Comment It's always crucial to do the right thing, but especially when a life is at stake.

1558 Name: Alexander Rose

Comment There is more than enough evidence to suggest that a gross miscarriage of justice has occurred in the treatment of Kevin Cooper and the handling of this case as a whole. Please do not compound these mistakes by taking an innocent man to an undeserved, unjust, and terrible death. In the true pursuit of justice Mr Cooper must not be executed. I would ask that you pardon Mr Cooper as soon as possible and quash his awful, unforgivable sentence. Regards, Alexander Rose.

1559 Name: Phoebe

Comment Let Him Go!!!

1560 Name: Meyon

Comment Jesus

1561 Name: Edward Wrzesien

Comment Please don't kill an innocent man.

1562 Name: Sara Schulz

Comment Please consider the fact that this is a man's life and no life should be taken by our justice system with such lingering doubts present. Taking his life can not be undone. Please do the right thing.

1563 Name: Cheratta Campbell

Comment It's shameful that a petition must be started in an effort to save this man's life when those with the power and knowledge of the egregious nature of this cover up have not over turned this conviction.

1564 Name: David M. Vaughn

Comment I am actually in favor of the concept of the death penalty, but this case is such a blatant example of how the death penalty, as a tool of justice in our country, is BROKEN! Governor Brown, you have to stop this!

1565 Name: Tanya Burney

Comment Be fair...God sees all you do!

1566 Name: Tamu Atwater

Comment I have always believed he is innocent.

1567 Name: Yolande Alexandre

Comment This isn't fair if they know that he's innocents why they have to kill killing an innocent man you should judge yourself.

1568 Name: DeEgdra smith

Comment Put my name on that petition!!!

1569 Name: Paula

Comment Please abide by our LAW.It is unconstitutional to kill this man.You were given power to punish the unjust and protect the innocent. Mr. Cooper needs you.

1570 Name: Bridgette Tate

Comment Release this man. This is wrong. And a judge knows they are wrong. He has been in jail for 30 + years for something he didn't do.

1571 Name: James Green

Comment I support your innocence Bro !

1572 Name: Pamela Jenkins

Comment This is an outrage! This human was not given a fair trial. Please do not kill this man.

1573 Name: T Pryde

Comment good luck. I believe in you and pray the judicial system will finally get it right. It's failed you far too long.

1574 Name: Yvenie

Comment God will set you free! Continue to have faith and stay strong -Massachusetts

1575 Name: Amanda Smith

Comment Let him go. y'all. This is ridiculous.

1576 Name: TJ

Comment Gross negligence!!!! Absolutely disgusting.

1577 Name: Shanice blackwood

Comment Free him. An innocent man shouldn't have to be killed, for the justice systems fault

1578 Name: Iva C Kittrell

Comment I

1579 Name: Jabriel Walthour

Comment Jesus Saves!

1580 Name: CJ Martin

Comment Please do not execute this man. God bless.

1581 Name: Melisa hawkins

Comment Shameful

1582 Name: Amrit Chadha

Comment PLEASE FREE THIS MAN! We have serious issues with our system, and there is alarming evidence producing doubt. Capital Punishment has been declared unconstitutional so why are we sending this man to his grave? PLEASE HELP JERRY BROWN! Amrit Chadha

1583 Name: Kimberli Petrich

Comment Reconsider this man's conviction. This is not justice. Every one that conspired against him and tampered with evidence should be brought to trial. This man needs his freedom.

1584 Name: Richard Allen Geiger

Comment I am appalled that it takes 30 years for our justice system to figure out it did something wrong. I hope I never wind up in it myself, because who knows what could happen if something like this man being executed for what someone else did is allowed to happen. Get it right, Mr. Brown!!!

1585 Name: Terrah davis


1586 Name: Shikira Williams

Comment This man is innocent.

1587 Name: Michele Harris

Comment Stop executing and housing the innocent. System is too corrupt for true justice. Please help IRP6 as well.

1588 Name: sherrill Quarterman

Comment I pray that you're granted clemency this is a cruel intention brought on by flaws. Blessings Kevin Cooper

1589 Name: Kendrick Warren

Comment I'm praying for you...

1590 Name: Sonya Hamilton

Comment The death penalty is barbaric.

1591 Name: Danielle Johnson

Comment This is just WRONG!!! Free that man!!!

1592 Name: Jessica astley

Comment Please look into this Please look into this

1593 Name: Anthony Daniel

Comment He should be freed.

1594 Name: Charles McGriff

Comment No comment

1595 Name: Latanya

Comment If there is refuting evidence that seems to be drawing away from Mr.Cooper as a potential suspect, how is keeping him on death row the right thing to do? No matter who you, are as a defendant you have the right to a fair trial and in this case there is mounting evidence this was not the case which is illegal. Please do the right thing and take this man off death row and let him live the life he deserves to live.

1596 Name: Deanne Madison

Comment This is more than a prime example of injustice!

1597 Name: Heather Jung

Comment Please reconsider not making that call sir. Im sure you have heard the saying, it's better for 10 guilty men to go free then it is for one innocent man to do time in jail. This would be of course far worse for you to let this happen. Please in God's name reconsider.

1598 Name: shahene patel

Comment save kevin cooper

1599 Name: Nahshon Smith

Comment Free him

1600 Name: Earnest Butler

Comment American Justice system has been broken when it comes to the rights and lives of black people and minorities but yet they still want to know why there is still crime problems in this country it is very easy to see when you keep locking up the wrong people and refusing to admit it when you are wrong even if it is the right thing to do because so many careers have been built by them while all along the real criminals have able to run free committing who knows how many other crimes since they have been able to run free and because of what you ask 28

1601 Name: Michael Letwin

Comment Former President, Association of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW 2325

1602 Name: Shauncia Cherry

Comment Free this man!

1603 Name: Bernadette McClain

Comment Please do not kill this innocent man. He deserves to be treated equally as others.

1604 Name: Douglas Platt

Comment Dear Governor Brown: Please commute Mr. Kevin Cooper's sentence and grant him a full pardon. Sincerely, Douglas Platt Huntsville, AL

1605 Name: Trey Spears

Comment Free him!

1606 Name: Monique Bosier

Comment It would be a great travesty for the state of California to murder this innocent man.

1607 Name: Elizabeth Billingsley

Comment I'm sorry this is happening, it is unacceptable.

1608 Name: Tahira Habeeb

Comment I'm signing my name to this petition with the EXPECTATION that Mr. Kevin Cooper WILL NOT be executed!! This man deserves to be set free and compensated for his false imprisonment AND unfair conviction.

1609 Name: Vickie Ivey

Comment God bless you on your release

1610 Name: Dwight D. Williams Sr

Comment Do not carry on with this blatant miscarriage of justice. Free Kevin Cooper

1611 Name: Jaime Leon Jr.

Comment Praying for the release of Cooper who is innocent of this crime.

1612 Name: Denee Ivey

Comment Hold steadily...Give your worries to God!.. Lord, Jesus Christ... Take the this innocent man.

1613 Name: Catherine Brown

Comment Free this man no death row

1614 Name: Paula Hasty

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

1615 Name: Shenia Coats

Comment I don't often sign petitions however, after researching and reading about Kevin Cooper I believe it would be a great injustice (a gross understatement) as an elected official to ignore the obvious flaws in his case. Even if he is not released, death needs to be removed as an option, as death cannot be reversed.

1616 Name: Tabansi Obialo

Comment I knew Kevin as a young man, he's from Pa. He struck me as a harmless, fun loving guy who could not have done those murder. We called him Spider-monkey because he was so thin.

1617 Name: Tesha Cagle

Comment This is deplorable. Everyone is an uproar about Making a Murderer but I know this happens to us way too often there just isn't a documentary.

1618 Name: Robin Sarabia

Comment Shame

1619 Name: Tara Rainey

Comment Set this man free!!!..if he is innocent, set him free

1620 Name: Karen Carmichael

Comment Free this innocent man!

1621 Name: Tyravia

Comment Free him

1622 Name: Tabitha Martin

Comment Black lives matter

1623 Name: Laurel Igharoro

Comment Freedom

1624 Name: Sheryl Standley

Comment That is lynching!

1625 Name: Lauryn Obozian

Comment Exonerate Kevin.

1626 Name: Rodney Johnson

Comment Good luck

1627 Name: Shannon Evans

Comment Free him

1628 Name: Bree Simpson

Comment Please grant this innocent man freedom. God bless!

1629 Name: Debra simien

Comment Just remain hopeful!

1630 Name: Erica

Comment If DNA proves him innocent then he needs to be free. If he is murdered because of something he is proven to be innocent of then the person who should be able to free him and doesn't should be charged with murder for not releasing him. Just do the right thing, it really isn't that hard.

1631 Name: Justin Simons

Comment Free Kevin Cooper. Very sad that an innocent man is the product of a cover up, wonder how many times this has happened?

1632 Name: Anansa Mahatha

Comment This needs to stop! Our black brothers AND sisters have been the target of the criminal Justice system, the government and white America for MANY years. This has to stop. It's 2016 and we are still getting treated the same as we was when we were brought over here, WITH NO RESPECT... But yet, they keep screaming they don't want us here. This not even their land to say that... Lol...

1633 Name: Shameelah

Comment Free him he is innocent

1634 Name: Von A

Comment God will prevail!Due Justice!

1635 Name: Kelli

Comment Praying for you bro!

1636 Name: Mary Gerhart

Comment Please reconsider.

1637 Name: Cami Kisling

Comment Please don't just send someone to death without absolute proof of guilt!

1638 Name: Skyler williams

Comment God bless.

1639 Name: Angelene Frederick

Comment This is another atrocity about to happen to an innocent Black man. When the victim tells you that you have the wrong man and describes to you white or latino men, there is not mistaking a Black man for this crime. Set this man free!

1640 Name: Essence Moore

Comment What a tragedy! Free this man!!!

1641 Name: Brent Harding

Comment He is innocent

1642 Name: Catherine Rotan

Comment Please free this man. No innocent man should pay for another man's crime.

1643 Name: Jane Leo

Comment It's time to face facts and go the right thing.

1644 Name: Lance B.

Comment Don't kill this man.

1645 Name: Racquell Graham

Comment Good Luck

1646 Name: Devlon Cato

Comment No INNOCENT man should face death by execution!

1647 Name: TaLisa Andrewz

Comment This is murder in the 1st if this innocent man is executed

1648 Name: Deana LeCesne

Comment Please do not sentence Kevin Cooper to death.

1649 Name: Kemma Gainey

Comment We love and Support you! True King!

1650 Name: Marissa Winship

Comment This is a very troubling case, in which the death penalty would be immoral. Please stop this injustice.

1651 Name: Joann Suggs

Comment Only one man ever willingly died for the sins of another. His name was Jesus. Any other innocent man should not have to pay especially with his life for the crimes of another.

1652 Name: Jacob Walker

Comment Please stay the execution of this man. If there is even a shadow of a doubt about his innocence he deserves to live.

1653 Name: Anthony Mitchell

Comment This man needs to be freed and paid for the time that was taken from him. A statistic of racial profiling and is set to be executed for something he didn't do. Yet this is supposed to be the land of the free!

1654 Name: Doug

Comment I pray that God intervenes in this injustice and gives you strength and comfort in these horrible times. God bless you and have faith brother.

1655 Name: Kamaria Guest

Comment This system is corrupt. Free this innocent man.

1656 Name: Felicia

Comment Free Kevin Cooper God bless you

1657 Name: Jessie

Comment GOd bless brother. They know the truth.

1658 Name: Cherisse Wilson

Comment Please Pardon.

1659 Name: Tanisha Hudson

Comment Please give this man back his life.

1660 Name: Cherie Gaddy

Comment Best of luck Kevin!!!

1661 Name: Sonya Reynolds

Comment Free Kevin

1662 Name: Sharon Nichols

Comment Grant clemency to this innocent man.

1663 Name: Tammy Utigard

Comment I would be embarrassed to be American. Blatant racism in the USA.

1664 Name: maia shar

Comment Please spare an innocent man's life! Kevin Cooper is innocent!

1665 Name: dabo thomas

Comment Stop the execution of this innocent man and set him free!

1666 Name: Harriet Hill

Comment Please set this innocent man free. you have already taken so much freedom from him unjustly.

1667 Name: Samara Lewis

Comment I'm sick and tired of hearing about innocent people suffering, due to a corrupt and racist judicial system. Free this inoccent man now! Praying for him and his family.

1668 Name: Dermisanderson

Comment Don't take a life that is precious .who are we to be incarcerated that long and didn't do that crime he deserve his life back with being free and pay with a job . Sincerely Mr.Anderson

1669 Name: Rose Williams

Comment God is able

1670 Name: Pam Steed

Comment Praying for you.

1671 Name: Tess

Comment Stay strong!

1672 Name: Tena Madison

Comment Correct this injustice.

1673 Name: Leonard Schulte

Comment It would be unjust to let this man be executed. Please grant him clemency. Leonard Schulte

1674 Name: Nicole Whitsett

Comment Please stop this execution and set an innocent man free! This is MURDER!!

1675 Name: Gloretta Baynes

Comment Please do the right thing, and give this man his life back!

1676 Name: Segen Zeremariam

Comment BLACK LIVES MATTER. An innocent black man deserves his freedom. The new jim crow must be dismantled. Free the people!

1677 Name: Deb Wilkins

Comment Disgraceful

1678 Name: Ashley Roman

Comment Please don't execute this man how can you do something like this to an innocent man bad enough that he spend most of his life in jail ... I don't believe in execution to begin with but doing this to someone who didn't commit the crime is disturbing I hope u can live with yourself if this happens !!!

1679 Name: Stacy Kelly

Comment May the courts do the RIGHT thing.

1680 Name: Sarah p

Comment Stay strong!!!!!

1681 Name: Karla Ball

Comment Governor, the evidence shows plainly that it was not Mr. Cooper. The eye witness states it was not Mr. Cooper. The jury never heard the truth and evidence was destroyed that would have proven his innocence. You must stop the execution of an innocent man. We beg you to recognize justice was not served and will not be served if his life is taken.

1682 Name: Mugume Kalyegira

Comment Save this innocent man or his blood is on you.

1683 Name: L Houskins

Comment God Bless him.And may the Lord have mercy on his soul.Free Cooper

1684 Name: Lalonde Watkins

Comment It sounds like he was railroaded. He didn't have a chance in the situation. The cops was the judge and the jury. I feel what I have read he is innocent. He should be let free and paid for his time locked up.

1685 Name: Patricia Mewhinney

Comment Please spare Kevin Cooper's life. He is innocent.

1686 Name: Micah Robinson

Comment Bless up

1687 Name: Rev. Janet Spring

Comment You have the power to investigate and to pardon. Please do so.

1688 Name: Isaac Bunton

Comment This is a travesty, not only has this man been behind bars for a murder he did not commit, he could possibly be executed? Aside from the obvious outrage at the handling of the evidence in the case, Kevin Cooper should be released and compensated for his wrongfuk incarceration immediately.

1689 Name: Claudia

Comment I want you to get out of jail! You deserve it. Good luck

1690 Name: David

Comment .

1691 Name: Barbara Phillips

Comment Governor Brown please exonerate Mr. Cooper so that the real perpetrators can be put to justice. I honor you as our governor and there is no other like you in the entire world. I believe in my heart that you will free him from execution and whatever crime he was incarcerated for before will be considered as time served. Thank you so much for reading this petition.

1692 Name: Desi Franco

Comment Free Kevin Cooper. Gov. Jerry Brown if u have a heart and soul. And u know this man is innocent and u still kill him. That will be on your conscience forever and so may God have mercy on you

1693 Name: Kimbely Nelson

Comment This is not even right there is so much overwhelming evidence that speaks to Mr. Cooper's innocence he deserves to be set free.

1694 Name: leandrews Robinson

Comment Please Mr.Brown free this innocent man.

1695 Name: Valerie Hudson

Comment Free this innocent man--he has been denied justice long enough!

1696 Name: Louis janecek

Comment Free the man

1697 Name: Blanca Hernández

Comment There have been enough deaths of innocent people by those who say they are on the side of justice. Make real justice for this man and let him live. The evidence of his innocence is there. California doesn't want another tragic death.

1698 Name: Dolores Piper

Comment If there is any question about this man's guilt or innocence, he should not be put to death. It sounds as if there is a lot of doubt about his guilt.

1699 Name: Clifford Johnson

Comment The evidence that the police and prosecution framed Cooper is clear and convincing, as pointed out by 11 Ninth Circuit judges--and the failure of the state to properly perform the simple test for planted blood has the appearance of a cover-up that has every appearance of a deliberate plot to murder Cooper, by the state of California.

1700 Name: Caitlin Johnston

Comment Kevin, you are in our prayers!

1701 Name: Sharon Carrington

Comment This is unconscionable to execute anyone under these shoddy circumstances!!

1702 Name: Tamy tiongson

Comment You can't kill an innocent man! YOU then should be put in jail for murder!!

1703 Name: Kelly sinclair

Comment I hope you are set free to live the rest of your life in peace and that who is responsible for this ill justice pays. X

1704 Name: Uniqueka Jenkins

Comment Justice! Don't execute this innocent man!

1705 Name: Suzann Grody

Comment It is never worth the risk to kill an innocent person.

1706 Name: Brenda Mickle

Comment Dear Governor Brown, There is overwhelming evidence that this man is innocent while public officials have destroyed crucial evidence and covered up for the real criminals... the public officials themselves and the real murderers. I think you are a man of reason, one who would not execute an innocent man. Sincerely, Brenda Mickle

1707 Name: Alex McDonald Jr

Comment Dear Governor Brown, you are in the seat that hold the keys to life and death for this man, that by all accounts have been falsely convicted. I would asked that you take in consideration the fact of this case in its entirety and render a decision that would serve as a mercy and he deserves. May God, bless and guide you.

1708 Name: patti

Comment We know our justice system is broken...Do not make it worse by executing an innocent man!!! Please...make it right!!!

1709 Name: Craig

Comment There are grounds to doubt the conviction and planned execution of Kevin Cooper. Governor Jerry Brown listen to the dissenting judges and pardon Kevin Cooper. With regards Craig Bevan

1710 Name: Steven Lee Deyo

Comment I demand that he is released and compensated in some way.

1711 Name: Eli Wagner

Comment Free this man.

1712 Name: Bilal Abdullah


1713 Name: Joseph perea

Comment If he's inocent, then release him, the government is so scandalous and has been screwing us over for decades, its time for us the people to finally rise up and make the change instead of trying to rely on them, they don't care about us, they just care about there money and businesses, there professional liars, its time to make a change.

1714 Name: D'Andre English

Comment Everyone deserves a free trial.

1715 Name: Kieran Dellinger

Comment All lives matter, don't waste one

1716 Name: Ethan Ochis

Comment This story is very troubling. Executing a man for a crime they possibly did not commit is one of the worst injustices possible. It is clear from the number of judges speaking out about the conflicting evidence and Kevin Cooper not able to have access to evidence to defend his case are reason enough to offer a stay of execution. Please do the right thing. Ethan Ochis

1717 Name: Allen Artis

Comment just let him go please.

1718 Name: Shelby George

Comment Please don't make a permanent decision; give him time, don't take it away

1719 Name: Antionette


1720 Name: Kenneth E Brown II

Comment It is a grave insult to a Constitutional and fair justice system to keep locked up a man who is innocent.

1721 Name: Birgit Janssens

Comment To the honourable judge Please do consider all the facts and don't put an innocent man to death if there is even only one single ounce of a doubt! In my opinion this man has suffered enough in prison, years taken away from his life, he will never forget all this misery. I belief your country is a modern one, with a correct justice court, if humans fail to do justice it's your task to reeal and correct that and I hope you will!

1722 Name: Crystal Shea-Cantu

Comment Look at the evidence, he's innocent

1723 Name: Ashton Player

Comment If their is a glimmer of doubt it's the responsibility of everyone to make sure this does not happen!

1724 Name: Zack Walker

Comment A man found to be innocent in a court of law should be a free man. Why is the state of California prepared to murder an innocent man?

1725 Name: Margot Deveault

Comment Kevin, I will pray for your situation and for justice for you.

1726 Name: Shonnie Earl

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

1727 Name: Karen Wood


1728 Name: Travis & hayley lindsey

Comment H

1729 Name: Mushtaq

Comment Sending my love and support. Black Lives Matter.

1730 Name: Shauna Liburd

Comment I hope proper justice is done.

1731 Name: Dr. Charmonique Tims

Comment Praying for you. Be strong.

1732 Name: Antwon Thomas

Comment Free this innocent man. Much love and respect black man.

1733 Name: Lisa Baer

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!

1734 Name: Charles E. Freeman

Comment There is more information pointing toward innocence than guilt.

1735 Name: Jaycee Bigham

Comment There is, at the very least, reasonable doubt that Mr. Cooper committed these crimes. A man's life is at stake. This is not the time to sit idly by.

1736 Name: jennifer rosche

Comment Free this man

1737 Name: Francine Grier

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

1738 Name: Nafisah Muhammad

Comment keep your head up.God has the final answer answer release this man if he didn't do it.

1739 Name: chenelle baer

Comment Save Kevin Cooper!

1740 Name: Patricia Grady

Comment Kevin deserves a new trial!❤️

1741 Name: Mariah Maxwell

Comment Don't kill Mr. Cooper...if he is innocent free him. Say no to the death penalty.

1742 Name: William harris

Comment Release the man stop hiding behind your power before a revoke and revolution break out because ppl are saying enough is enough!!!!

1743 Name: Aaliyah williams

Comment I don't think it's fair to execute a man that was innocent but yet officers tend to be innocent on killing black people in the communities ..we all have rights ,and law enforcement need to learn how the government works . They seem to allow limitations when it comes to certain things .If this man is innocent you have no evidence upon him u need to release him just admit you made a mistake.That type of action is cruel

1744 Name: Becky Nelson

Comment Kevin Cooper deserves his freedom. H e was scapegoated and deserves to be clearred. Stop he lethal injection and release this man. He deserves to live out the rest of his life in peace.

1745 Name: Daniel Richardson

Comment Help this man!

1746 Name: Alicia Tillery

Comment Free this innocent man, please do what is right and not take his life.

1747 Name: Katherine Ryan

Comment Governor Brown, please use your power to release this innocent man.

1748 Name: Kimberly Starr

Comment Freedom, love, and support for you, Kevin!! May you live some good years out of prison. We are opposing the cruel, lying State.

1749 Name: Ruxandra Codrescu

Comment The US government has no excuse.

1750 Name: Sarah Torres

Comment Clemency for Kevin Cooper.

1751 Name: Marcus Thomison

Comment This is wrong free Kevin Cooper. Keep your head up guy.

1752 Name: Jodi Moore

Comment Governor Brown, Please act now before it is too late.

1753 Name: Jai

Comment Prayers! We stand with you!

1754 Name: Ali Duale

Comment This man is completely innocent please for a sake of humanity honor the debt the U.S owes him.

1755 Name: Mo Ali

Comment Please this man has had his life taken away from him don't let him suffer any more.

1756 Name: Saleiq Rafeequllah

Comment This is so sad.... pray for hope

1757 Name: Megan Kim

Comment I

1758 Name: Charlie HINTON

Comment Clemency for Kevin Cooper. PLEASE!

1759 Name: Dorreatha Ford

Comment If you know he's innocent then why you letting him die? That's not right the truth shall set you free we lost too many of our black men.

1760 Name: Adrienne Fong

Comment Please do not execute an innocent man!

1761 Name: Katrina

Comment i pray that they Free this innocent man. lord please help him.

1762 Name: Ed Teixeira

Comment Free him

1763 Name: Virginia Isbell

Comment You have my support, from Uruguay

1764 Name: Aron Camp

Comment He is innocent!

1765 Name: LaDasha Benton

Comment The law is the Lw. Let Justice be served. The Federal Judges said something was wrong and believe Kevin to be innocent. Who are we to say different. He has paid his dues. It's obvious his cause is not without a benefit of doubt...he must be set free.

1766 Name: Kim Rohrbach

Comment I don't even know what to say here, other than that I'm tired of living in a needlessly unjust and cold world. Thanks to all the Kevin Coopers who will not go quietly into the night.

1767 Name: Andrew Raslan

Comment You cannot condemn a man of a crime he did not commit.

1768 Name: Da'Mali Ross

Comment Thank you

1769 Name: Ann Garrison

Comment Stop the execution of Kevin Cooper.

1770 Name: Isis Feral

Comment Stop the execution of Kevin Cooper and free him now! End the Death Penalty!

1771 Name: Joslyn Thomas

Comment Free him.

1772 Name: Jasmine Doherty

Comment In what fucked-up world is it OK to execute an innocent man? If you think that this is acceptable, the I'd ask you when did you sell out your fucking humanity?

1773 Name: Tim de Visser

Comment White Supremacy is the scourge of this earth. Kevin deserves better than this. This entire case is a scathing endictment of the American Justice System as a whole. All human beings deserve dignity, and Kevin especially is being denied this right. Racism is tarnishing his name and threatening his life. I don't know what to say to Mr. Cooper, except that I hope that justice is served.

1774 Name: Jon Hiesfelter

Comment Do not execute this innocent man!

1775 Name: Keisha

Comment Let him go. What the help us wrong with a America smh

1776 Name: IGWE Bandele

Comment Please correct this man another trial. Killing him will not bring back another the dead

1777 Name: Cindy Solomon-Klebba

Comment You cannot undo this travesty if he is killed. Please, do the moral and only right thing. Please grant clemency in this case.

1778 Name: Charlene

Comment Free Kevin cooper

1779 Name: Rachel Corey

Comment Free Kevin Cooper.

1780 Name: dora conner

Comment Free Kevin Cooper.

1781 Name: Daunte

Comment Head up you will get thru this G

1782 Name: Monique Quintal

Comment Hello I hope and pray for the courts to make right what they done to you and chNg= their laws to help give everyone fair chance at life. You look like a nice humble man good luck to u

1783 Name: Jayne England

Comment Dear Kevin, Remember some of our noblest people spent years in prison at the risk of their lives. Nelson Mandala, Mahatma Gandhi and others. So please do not give up! We should always "hope for the best and expect the worst!" With kind regards Jayne

1784 Name: Videl Dunker

Comment How can they truly expect ppl to respect the law when the damn law doesn't respect it's constituents? Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

1785 Name: Beverly Smith


1786 Name: Miguel Antonio Moya

Comment Let this man go!

1787 Name: Lena Webb

Comment I don't care what a person's skin color is. If a man is innocent, and evidence was destroyed to prove it, then he MUST be released!

1788 Name: Sheryl Ford

Comment I hope everything works out for the best for you.

1789 Name: Alexander Arias

Comment Free this innocent man reading up about the crime based on the surviving victim testimony this family deserves justice , but only by the real murdurers not this innocent man

1790 Name: Johann François-Bongarçon

Comment I spent so much time grieving, loved ones, and my own self. I wish for you to not only live, but live free, because I believe you are innocent. I also believe that those who are not innocent, should still live. In the event it does not work out for you, know that you will be free. There is a world around us that we as humans don't see, refuse to see. And even thoigh I am against the death penalty, I also know that nothing really "dies."

1791 Name: Sherry Lynn

Comment Kevin Cooper CANNOT be executed. Stop this injustice now.

1792 Name: jativa

Comment 278

1793 Name: Samantha

Comment Evidence isn't adding up!

1794 Name: Ashley Bell

Comment I don't know much about this case - all I know is that when there seems to be such dubious circumstances (hung jury in first trial) under which a man has been convicted at the VERY LEAST he does not deserve death row. Death row should be reserved for the absolute worst kinds of individuals.

1795 Name: Mayte Ornelas

Comment Let justice prevail for once.

1796 Name: Christopher Saulsbury

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

1797 Name: Albert

Comment Hang in there

1798 Name: Telesa Johns

Comment This man at the very least deserves a new trial. Once executed its too late. He will fall in the category of people exonerated after their death what good is that? There is no justice for people that look like us.

1799 Name: Teresa Knezek

Comment Nobody should be executed if a shadow of a doubt remains about their guilt. In this case, it's far more than a shadow, and enough of the evidence has been destroyed that there should be no question as to whether Kevin Cooper's sentence is just. Governor Brown, you have a reputation across this nation as an honorable and just man of the people. Please show our belief in your reputation to be justifiable, and exonerate Kevin Cooper.

1800 Name: Zara

Comment Free cooper.

1801 Name: Kathleen Johnson

Comment An innocent man cannot be murder by the U.S. governor. If BROWN refuse release, then he too is a murderer. Free Mr. COOPER.

1802 Name: Latise Walton

Comment Free him

1803 Name: Lisa everson

Comment I pray some one help u my son going through this well not death row but he's in jail for somthg he didn't do I have no help the police, da an judge here in Syracuse set my son up wen it was a mistaken identy they lied all through it to win. Can't get into now but I'm doing everything in my power to help my son. Hope everythg goes well

1804 Name: Dennis Migneault

Comment commute this sentence

1805 Name: Viola Howard

Comment Known to be innocent and evidence destroyed and covered up??? How could this be justice?

1806 Name: Maria

Comment My thoughts are with you & your family!

1807 Name: John Erving

Comment Free Kevin Cooper, who is exonerated not only by evidence but by the victim of this horrible crime.

1808 Name: Allison Sloan

Comment This man had a right to a fair trial, which he did not receive.

1809 Name: Michelle gladney

Comment I just saw a case on dateline... About another guy who was not guilty these things need to stop

1810 Name: Kevin Porter

Comment Do the right thing.

1811 Name: Michael Asher

Comment No death penalty

1812 Name: Ian Knight

Comment Thought shalt not kill.

1813 Name: Koinonia Harris

Comment Let this man go home to his family. Y'all have had him sit, as a innocent man, for two decades. The system is fucked up and as a black woman I already know what it is. Blacks have been MURDERED and incarcerated for petty things or things the "white man" did. LET HIM GO!!!!! FREE KEVIN COOPER. INNOCENT MAN!!!!

1814 Name: Helene Phillips

Comment Killing an innocent man is horrifying and evil.

1815 Name: Laura guldin

Comment Kevin is innocent til proven guilty

1816 Name: Michelle Richards

Comment This man should not be in jail or executed for the murders of this family.

1817 Name: Theresa Ferguson


1818 Name: Natalie Barnes

Comment Please restore my faith in the judicial system

1819 Name: Nicola Henderson

Comment Where is the justice here? Free this man! ♡

1820 Name: Christine Louis

Comment .

1821 Name: Sherronda Dudley

Comment Good luck!

1822 Name: Zoey Castillo

Comment This story is beyond troubling, the only option is to set him free. Governor you must do the right thing here.

1823 Name: Marcy J. Gordon

Comment The death penalty is an affront to a civilized society. How does it make sense to kill someone to show that killing is wrong?

1824 Name: Kathleen Rattican

Comment Please do not execute this man. Rather, give him a new trial in which all the evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the prosecution can be presented to the jury. Better yet, give him a pardon and release him.

1825 Name: Aisha Mohammad

Comment For the sake of humanity, don't kill another innocent man.

1826 Name: Lee rhoden

Comment Free Kevin cooper

1827 Name: Wren Field

Comment ...

1828 Name: Annika Wilson

Comment The Government would be wrong to KILL an innocent man. He served his time and time for the REAL KILLERS. It's time the for the law to do what's right. Set this innocent man FREE.

1829 Name: Andre Thomas

Comment Let the man go. This is not right.

1830 Name: Jacob Mobley

Comment Preventing the execution of an innocent life is worthy of the effort it requires.

1831 Name: Somer Canales

Comment I'm in agreement with the halting of the death sentence for this inncocent man.

1832 Name: Lisa Metz

Comment I've seen the evidence. Kevin Cooper needs to be released and given what is left of his life back! Executing him will be the cold blooded murder of an innocent man. It is time for the USA to stop lynching black men!

1833 Name: Valerie

Comment Free him

1834 Name: Stefany peters

Comment Praying for this innocent man

1835 Name: Jasmine Archibald

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!

1836 Name: Mark McKenzie

Comment Set him FFEE NOW

1837 Name: William Mitchell

Comment Our Country stands for more and as its people we have to insure we stand for not only freedom, but to ensure a better future for generations to come. I implore you to consider actual facts in this case. If this man did not commit the crimes he's accused of and the real purpotrators are still out there not only has the system failed, but we've failed as a people if we we allow this injustice to continue. Please again I implore you to take this case seriously and to not disregard a life no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time.

1838 Name: Sharon Monteiro

Comment Do the righteous thing and do it quickly. This innocent man has already lost the life he should have had the chance to live. Now, just let him live.

1839 Name: Patricia Robinson

Comment Please grant clemency.

1840 Name: Keith Frey

Comment I wasn't aware of your story until a friend shared it on Facebook. I know you're an innocent man and hope you continue to find the strength to hang in there until your release. Much love and support Kevin.

1841 Name: Laxmi kalsi

Comment This man deserves much more after his release.

1842 Name: Keith Frey

Comment I wasn't aware of your story until a friend shared it on Facebook. I know you're innocent and hope you find the strength to continue to hang in there until your release. Much love and support Kevin.

1843 Name: Lamont Johns

Comment This is a travesty! To execute this innocent man with no corroborating evidence is anti American and illegal.

1844 Name: Shari

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!

1845 Name: Carla Blount

Comment So much of this innocent man's life has been taken already by the system...Kevin Cooper's is much older now from when this all began, and his time is tight...give this innocent man his freedom to enjoy his older/golden year... free!

1846 Name: Nicola Hutchinson

Comment It would be so wrong for you to kill this man so please don't. I live in London England and am so glad we don't have capitol punishment here.

1847 Name: Lynda Schiff

Comment Definitely needs further investigation.

1848 Name: Ashley herington

Comment Do not kill an inocent man.

1849 Name: Duncan Pritchett

Comment This is so wrong.....please read the evidence and free this man.

1850 Name: Gregory Armstrong

Comment I fight evil. - Lupe Fiasco

1851 Name: Preston A. Drake

Comment Requesting your influence to see that justice is done.

1852 Name: Tony miles

Comment My brother reading this about you lets the world know that there will never be equal rights for us black men....

1853 Name: Val Carson

Comment This is outrageous and unbelievable that a person can be sentenced to death after being omitted from the crime...why is he being severely punished this way...terrifyingly heartbreaking

1854 Name: Kim Littleton

Comment Free Cooper

1855 Name: Alexis Marshall

Comment Let justice be served.

1856 Name: H Elabbassi

Comment May justice pervail

1857 Name: Jeremy Berg

Comment Look at all the evidence that was withheld, ignored, and tampered with. This is unconscionable.

1858 Name: David G. Kinney

Comment May some sanity in our system save you and end this barbary.

1859 Name: Tom Felton

Comment Free this innocent man, your going to commit murder and allow the guilty to go on walking the earth!

1860 Name: Tamika stove

Comment If you have the evidence let him go. This crazy. Praying for this country. The real terrorist started here.

1861 Name: Reiko Wright

Comment Stop the execution

1862 Name: Virginia Prang

Comment May God Bless You And Keep You.

1863 Name: Leigh woolfork

Comment The evidence speaks for itself. Don't go to sleep each night with this on your conscious for the rest of your life.

1864 Name: Victor Boatwright

Comment This issue needs REAL justice!

1865 Name: Geoff Noble

Comment This shows how little progress the USA has made in ensuring that human rights and justice are guaranteed for all, no matter what their ethnicity or income. Land of the free? Only if you're wealthy and white.......

1866 Name: Ashlee benz

Comment Stay strong my friend, truth always comes and may justice prevail!

1867 Name: Evette buntin

Comment Please free this man he did enough time for a crime he did not commit. He do not need to be put to death he needs to be free to live his life he pay his debt to society for the things he did. And now he's about to be killed for something he didn't do free this man and let God bring the other man to justice

1868 Name: Miles Murray

Comment Please do the right thing, set him free!

1869 Name: Stephany

Comment Free that man

1870 Name: Angela Drake

Comment There are no words that can make up for the injustice that has taken place here. However I do pray for a positive outcome.

1871 Name: JJ Connelly

Comment Surely Gov. Brown would not want to kill an innocent man.

1872 Name: Eric Darius

Comment There is definitely a problem here. It has to be corrected on moral and legal grounds. The death penalty is wrong for so many reasons. This being the worst example.

1873 Name: Roberta Haughton

Comment Please free this innocent man.

1874 Name: Donna schaefer

Comment Free this man

1875 Name: Kish

Comment Free Kevin!...This is an innocent man!...I will be praying for your release Mr. Kevin Copper..

1876 Name: Laura hoffman

Comment This injustice has to be noticed and corrected.

1877 Name: Diane

Comment God bless you

1878 Name: christy holtz

Comment I shall keep my comments to myself. I just want to sign this petition.

1879 Name: Christian Alanis

Comment I really belive this person is innocent and shouldnt be on deathrow for something he didn't do.

1880 Name: Kaitlyn Teixeira

Comment What kind of people let an innocent man be sentenced to death when there's proof that he wasn't the person who did it?!!? I'm praying everyone can come together and save this man. At least give this poor soul a re-trial in another county or somewhere his "reputation" isn't as known. Where he will receive justice! This is so crappy, once people assume somebody did something it's hard to change their mind and his jury obviously has their mind pre-set...

1881 Name: Timothy Cheatle

Comment Kevin is innocent.

1882 Name: lilianne

Comment I Believe in his innocence and should not be put in jail, much less death death row.

1883 Name: Sylvia Rorem

Comment Please do not allow the execution of an innocent man!!

1884 Name: Timothy Keyes

Comment The truth will set you free

1885 Name: Nic Caciappo

Comment Thou shalt not kill! Free Kevin Cooper.

1886 Name: Katharina Pabst

Comment Justice for Kevin Cooper!

1887 Name: Kayla ray

Comment Let him go..

1888 Name: Mel Justine

Comment Do the right thing

1889 Name: John Meadows

Comment Please don't kill an innocent man.

1890 Name: Isaac eddings

Comment No evidence a confession from the murder girl friend, 1 person stabing 5 people not impossible, weapons that quick not impossible

1891 Name: Tamiko Robinson

Comment I feel that this is really I unjust and The judge needs to be removed from the bench. How can you take a man's life and you know he's innocent. That is disgusting and unthinkable. Where is the humanity in this country. Black people should not be discharged like garbage. We have worth just like any other class of people. Stop killing us!!! My brother we support you and stand with you. Keep your head up.

1892 Name: Gaye Spetka

Comment It is unconscionable that an innocent man be executed. Apparently 5 circuit court judges found that Kevin Cooper was prevented at every turn from getting a fair trial. This case MUST be reviewed, and the execution STOPPED. Execution of an innocent man is murder in the first degree.

1893 Name: yolanda miller

Comment I hope and pray he is set free

1894 Name: Steve Yellowhorse

Comment If 5 judges think he's innocent, how can the State justify killing him?

1895 Name: George Cammarota

Comment Kevin Cooper is an innocent man.

1896 Name: sharon fennell


1897 Name: Courtney mason

Comment Save Kevin

1898 Name: Jesika F

Comment Do what is right. It is your job, after all.

1899 Name: Steve Tilston

Comment This is a sad travesty.

1900 Name: M Buckley

Comment Praying for you. Keep your head up.

1901 Name: Shonqulia

Comment 🆓 Kevin Cooper 🔓

1902 Name: Pamela

Comment What happened to innocent until proven guilty? To not free Kevin Cooper makes a mockery of our justice system.

1903 Name: OJO WATSON

Comment 30 years is along enough time to serve when your inacent, the system can't be that messed up. Free Kevin Cooper,it's the right thing to do.

1904 Name: Lis Abalos

Comment This case is just proof of our country failing it's people. Please review this case and find the real killers and put them behind bars if they aren't already there. This man is innocent and their is clear evidence to prove this.

1905 Name: Stefan whatcktt

Comment Come on America, the world is watching g

1906 Name: Kar Koessel

Comment Please act now before the State engages in the irreversible and unconscionable act of executing an innocent man.

1907 Name: george inotowok

Comment you are my government. you cannot kill an innocent man -- knowing he is innocent. governor, your conscience knows better.

1908 Name: James

Comment Dna said he didn't do it well he didn't do it free the man it the right thing to do

1909 Name: Taymah Jahsi

Comment We demand his full pardon and immediate release. We will come to Sacramento and rush your office to demand his freedom.

1910 Name: Brian rothman

Comment Do the right thing let this man live ,if he dies by lethal Injection, it will be a sad day for you and your legacy,

1911 Name: Coleen Swaby-Lawes

Comment Do not execute an innocent man. Why should that go ahead?

1912 Name: Shirley freeman

Comment Please free him

1913 Name: Kerry Myles

Comment This is not justice

1914 Name: sean grace

Comment does one really have to go through GOD let that man go!

1915 Name: Tina McKevitt

Comment We try to create and sustain a civilized society. I consider that the death penalty is not civilized because it carries out - in cold blood and with years of pre-meditation - the very act which the condemned person is believed to have committed. This is an unacceptable contradiction. However, to kill someone who is now thought to be innocent is cold-blooded murder, even by the standards of those who believe in the death penalty. I sincerely hope that the relevant authorities will reconsider and revoke this sentence.

1916 Name: Joao Marcedo

Comment America wake up - stop this barbaric practice. It helps no one and proves to the rest of the world that America is an insensitive nation.

1917 Name: jewel carter

Comment knowing that there have been innocents imprisoned and executed in the past, how do we continue to murder innocents in the name of ???? certainly not justice.

1918 Name: Christine Servant

Comment Please review the case

1919 Name: MAKO HARPER

Comment DNA proved that Kevin Cooper was not a suspect in the crime. Free this man and pay him for wrongful imprisonment.

1920 Name: Racha Cheaib

Comment How could this type of injustice still happen?

1921 Name: Ann Garrison

Comment Stop the execution of Kevin Cooper.

1922 Name: Anita Wills

Comment This is an innocent man, who is about to be executed. The Death Penalty is cruel, inhumane, and is not a deterrent, especially when an innocent person is executed!

1923 Name: Sally Armstrong

Comment An innocent man is on death row and this needs to be corrected.

1924 Name: Penny Schoner

Comment Do Not execute Kevin Cooper or anyone else on California's death row, women or men. Assist us to Abolish the inhumane death penalty, Governor Brown. Penny Schoner

1925 Name: Breanna Brooks

Comment Free this innocent man!

1926 Name: Stacy Williams

Comment Don't murder an innocent man!

1927 Name: Judy Galland

Comment Maybe Al Sharpen can be of some help.

1928 Name: Jerome gollahon

Comment Just read this's sad that our justice system is so corrupted ! Free this man

1929 Name: Kiilu Nyasha

Comment It’s an outrage that Kevin is still being tortured when they know damn well that he’s innocent of this grizzly crime they pinned on him 30 years ago!!! But they hate to be wrong (so humanity goes out the window.). Gov. Brown should do the right thing and grant him clemency and immediate release.

1930 Name: Bree Warren

Comment good luck

1931 Name: Sarah townend

Comment Sending a message of support from England.i hope justice is served on the investigating officers. I hope you get freed and live a long healthy happy life. You will never get the years back. But you will still have your life.

1932 Name: John Jonik

Comment It is a threat to everyone that the State approves of killing as a Problem Solving Tool. Such killing reduces everyone's aversion to the taking of life.

1933 Name: Sharyn Dreyer

Comment Please do not execute Kevin Cooper.

1934 Name: Casey Bradley

Comment To many of us are leaving here it's gotta stop or we have to make a stand.

1935 Name: James Decker

Comment Spare this man's life.

1936 Name: Cynthia Webb

Comment They have nothing. Let justice serve free an innocent man. Do the Right thing!

1937 Name: Robbin McFall

Comment This man has been proven innocent, the facts known long time ago by only surviver, so kill this man and his blood is on your hands. Pay him for all the time he sat behind bars. Bring this man home to his family, let him live, please!!

1938 Name: steven Dominey

Comment I am not religious so I won't say a prayer for you, but my thoughts are with you peace brother.

1939 Name: nancy martin-silber

Comment Innocent.

1940 Name: Alshevise Hudson

Comment The execution of a possibly innocent man would be a grave injustice.

1941 Name: Allison Pond

Comment When there is any doubt AT ALL, when there is a lack of consensus, when evidence has been tampered with... Then WHY IN THE WORLD is the State of CA about to EXECUTE a MAN? Against his and ours CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. BC if he gets executed, we are all on the block. Governor Brown, we did not elect you to see you just allowing a travesty of JUST US once again. Pleas step forward and be sure this BLACK MAN's LIFE is given back to him Thank you.

1942 Name: Fatiha Muhammad

Comment My prayers are for this man. God will punish the evildoers all of them.

1943 Name: Katrina Miller

Comment This is absurd, he deserves a fair trial. The witness said it was not him!

1944 Name: K andrew mortensen

Comment Wtf.

1945 Name: Joe Bennett

Comment If the judge believes that this is an innocent man. He should not be executed. Is there no shame in the courts. Governor Brown, pardon this man.

1946 Name: Denise Mewbourne

Comment We know you are innocent!

1947 Name: Ira Dixon sr

Comment No one deserves to die, 4 no reason!

1948 Name: Natalie lisa Dixon

Comment Keep your head up. God has the final say!

1949 Name: Vivian G.

Comment Please free this innocent man.

1950 Name: Naomi Berlyne

Comment even for people who are for the death penalty (which I am not) surely any doubt of guilt should be good enough reason to stop this execution

1951 Name: Patrick Strupp

Comment I am a supporter of capital punishment in general. However, it seems obvious to me that Mr. Cooper is the victim of prosecutorial misconduct. At the very least, it seems he should be given a new trial.

1952 Name: alab serpa

Comment How can five different judgets find this man innocent yet the state of California wants to execute him. This defines the american people to the bone.

1953 Name: Jessica Escobar

Comment Never again!


Comment My Prayers are with you & Pray Your Receive Clemency with All My Heart & Soul Mr. Kevin Cooper !!! Jesus Hear R Prayers Now .. Grant R Prayers Now!! Amen & Amen !! Love U Love U ... Thank U Thank U Sweet Jesus .......Sealed In Faith & Love !!

1955 Name: Janice Jordan

Comment The Death Penalty is a Crime Against Humanity.

1956 Name: Lisa Wadley

Comment Free

1957 Name: Abigail Allen

Comment Justice for Kevin

1958 Name: Linda Faye Pettis

Comment If he is "innocent",then by all means necessary...set him free!!!!!

1959 Name: Laura Herrera

Comment End the death penalty! Put the real corporate criminals in jail! End police brutality!

1960 Name: Ellen M. Barry

Comment Founder, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children: '98 MacArthur Fellow; '97 Senior Soros Justice Fellow; 1000PeaceWomen we stand strongly against the execution of Kevin Cooper and ALL executions in the US

1961 Name: Suzanne Guerra

Comment No matter what anyone inside says, we have not forgotten you.

1962 Name: Arthur Thomas

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

1963 Name: Marlon Mccall

Comment He is innocent

1964 Name: Hamdiya Cooks-Abdullah

Comment Consider all the facts in this case and don't execute an innocent man.

1965 Name: Johnaya Whitaker

Comment Free this innocent man!

1966 Name: James A. Durr

Comment Dear Governor Please don't execute this innocent Man. He had suffered enough...Have mercy Sir! Please have Mercy!

1967 Name: Anthony

Comment Free the innocent. Arrest the corrupt police and shut down their department!

1968 Name: Hanns Barker

Comment Capital punishment is arbitrary, racist and poor people are at the mercy of prosecutors out to make a name for themselves!!!

1969 Name: salome johnson-bey

Comment be strong . we are pulling for you !

1970 Name: yolanda guerra

Comment Mr brown...supposedly your were/are a religious man. Well when you meet your maker and are asked why you let this innocent man be executed? What are you going to reply? You have the power to save this mans life...even the highest court has claimed this man is innocent. How can you allow this to happen? I hope this weighs heavy on your mind and on your heart. Please do the moral just thing and let this man live. You can grant this man clemancy.

1971 Name: Margaret Hasselman

Comment Furthermore, the case against Cooper depended heavily on the eye-witness testimony of a child. He was not only young and traumatized, he was pressured by the prosecution to change his testimony in a way to suit their own agenda.

1972 Name: Damon Wilson

Comment We can do better than this.

1973 Name: Celena Hval

Comment We should not execute any person where there remains reasonable doubt as to their guilt or innocence.

1974 Name: Clarice Lakota

Comment Please do not execute this man based on the faulty evidence. This can not happen and is an ethical and religious WRONG.

1975 Name: Curtis Brown

Comment The surviving victim described his family's murderers and the evidence the boy DIDN'T know about supported his claim. Justice Unites Us.

1976 Name: Martin Cotton

Comment Save Kevin Cooper

1977 Name: Jennapher Lawson

Comment This looks like a very clear case of miscarriage of justice.

1978 Name: Jessica Miller

Comment The whole system is effed up, we're out here rooting for you to come home!!

1979 Name: sally dwyer

Comment We're standing up for you Kevin, don't lose hope.

1980 Name: Allison Lartigue

Comment Free the innocent

1981 Name: Bobbie Reese

Comment I am so sorry for you being wrongly convicted, you are in my prayers, praying that you will not be executed in the name of JESUS Amen

1982 Name: Julian alford

Comment This appears to be a shocking miscarriage of justice.

1983 Name: Mark Whyatt

Comment There seems to be more than enough doubt in this conviction, to make any carrying out of the sentence a clear miscarriage of justice. There seems to have been persistent and non-coincidental undermining of the access to justice, and a subsequent attempt to cover up a miscarriage. This should stop now, before a man dies for a crime he did not commit.

1984 Name: Denise Ward

Comment If there is even a shred of doubt that this man is guilty, then the death penalty is unconscionable. The death penalty as it is, is unconscionable, but to take human life when you cannot be 100 % certain is beyond the pale. Step up to the plate, and make it known that you are a man who is not afraid to stand up for what is right and what is fair.

1985 Name: Neil Dailey

Comment He did not receive a fair trial.

1986 Name: Margaret Bick

Comment Free him now. Do you want his blood on your hands? Do you want him to haunt your dreams, waking and sleeping?!

1987 Name: Tracy Bird

Comment There is beyond reasonable doubt in this case. Reasonable doubt dictates that he is innocent. You are considering murdering an innocent man.

1988 Name: Charles M. Minster

Comment As the Spartacist League has so stridently put forward the death penalty in the U.S. dates from slavery times when the fear of death was instituted to stifle the thought of slave revolt. It is an entirely racial and class punishment that the State, whatever type of State, has no right to attain. As we all know we now have the racist death penalty applied on the streets of America by a ruling-class police force that is the judge, jury and executioner. End the barbaric death penalty! Free Kevin Cooper!

1989 Name: Larry Hourany, PhD

Comment Only barbarians kill people.

1990 Name: Veronica Williams

Comment Please don't let an innocent man died

1991 Name: Stefan Davis

Comment Stay strong.put it in God's hands,he will make a way for u..

1992 Name: Claylago Nelson

Comment A Innocent man shouldn't be on death row free Kevin Cooper

1993 Name: Daletha Hayden

Comment Please don't commit the ultimate atrocity of taking this man's life. If there's any evidence at all that could lead to this man's innosence it needs to be thoroughly and completely explored. We have far too many human beings found innocent after our state has made the decision to take their life. Please don't do this to Kevin Cooper.

1994 Name: caitlin edwards

Comment He must be freed. He is proved innocent therefore he should be released. This is barbaric

1995 Name: scott seppi

Comment This is awful. It is clear that the Police Department was racially motivated from the beginning.

1996 Name: De Ane Skow

Comment This is unacceptable. He needs to be freed now.

1997 Name: Annie Kane

Comment Let us begin to make change in a direction that benefits humanity.

1998 Name: Dawn Fuller

Comment Justice needs to prevail immediately.

1999 Name: Thomas

Comment Justice must prevail, we are not speaking about rights, If we are supposing to live in a democratic society after taking away his rights at least let justice take it's course as the JUDGES have stated an innocent man.

2000 Name: Maria Pecot

Comment Save Kevin Cooper

2001 Name: Colemiko Mccallum

Comment I think is so wrong and it just make me think how many other people are on death row that is innocent or loss there life's for crime they did not do

2002 Name: Marc Delany

Comment End the death penalty Please review this convicts case

2003 Name: Peter Martin

Comment Gov. Brown: As a democrat, and a former Jesuit, and a humanitarian, how can you possibly kill this man? You know it is wrong.

2004 Name: Julianne Thomas

Comment The death penalty is barbaric.

2005 Name: Morgan Kanninen

Comment This case makes the whole system look to be a sham. If no one saves Mr. Cooper, no one is safe.

2006 Name: Sophia Allen

Comment I pray for your release.

2007 Name: Andrea Bishop

Comment You must stop this execution. There is evidence that he very well may be innocent... Stop! this could be you or me or one of your loved ones...

2008 Name: Julie Odar

Comment The death penalty is barbaric and uncivilized to begin with, but with all the evidence of tampering, this case absolutely does not warrant a deal that sentence. Please free this man who has been wrongly and unjustly imprisoned for all these years.

2009 Name: Leroy

Comment What is the position of the Attorney General who represents all the People of the State of California? What is the appellate status of the case? US Supreme Court? Does the NAACP know about his case?

2010 Name: Betty Martin

Comment Kevin Cooper is innocent. Humans want to put him to death, God forgive you. This will haunt you for the rest of your life. It already has had it's toll on a warden who had to leave, and could take no more of this barbaric act.

2011 Name: Delphine Martin

Comment This is pitiful!

2012 Name: Thomas Falcone

Comment Justice

2013 Name: mark johnston

Comment They should let him go or they'll be committing murder themselves

2014 Name: Nia Daughtry

Comment Save him.

2015 Name: Lynda Kershaw

Comment How can you use the death penalty when there is compelling case against Kevin that he is innocent, I am troubled deeply that the death penalty is used at all. This case must be re opened and all the evidence presented so Kevin get justice.

2016 Name: chukwudi njelita

Comment Please dear Governor, take a wise decision. Don't always follow the crowd.

2017 Name: Jerrard

Comment You can see that this man was setup to fail from the start... You have the chance to make a change. Free Kevin Cooper

2018 Name: Helen Deering

Comment I hope you get both justice and freedom, Kevin, and are fully exonerated and able finally, to live your life as a free man.

2019 Name: Jamaul Beach

Comment Foul

2020 Name: Mike Chase

Comment The death penalty is an irreversible error, and a violation of basic human rights.

2021 Name: Erin Kane

Comment Justice for Kevin Cooper

2022 Name: robert hepburn

Comment It is very possible that Kevin Cooper is an innocent man and because of this it is the right and moral decision to give him clemency.

2023 Name: Maria Bell

Comment Free him

2024 Name: shasta wilson

Comment An innocent man?????????????

2025 Name: Roderick Elliott

Comment Were are all the activists in this situation

2026 Name: Molly Batchelder

Comment Unconscionable to execute an innocent man

2027 Name: Anthony A. Boyd Sr.

Comment May you receive your just do. Peace and blessings.

2028 Name: Wendy

Comment Free this man. The state has no right to kill this man

2029 Name: Tiffany Younger

Comment Your story will not be unheard. I pray for justice in your case and comfort for you and your family.

2030 Name: Patricia

Comment Praying for you Kevin...

2031 Name: Patricia hall

Comment Justice for Mr. Cooper.

2032 Name: Jameycia Jenkins

Comment Keep faith!

2033 Name: Alicia Zielinski-Mueller

Comment Kevin Cooper should not be executed because of bias against him from the beginning of the investigation. Use common sense, and save this man from a fate that he clearly doesn't deserve. What is wrong with a system that knows everything has been wrong from the beginning, but still says it can't do anything about it.??

2034 Name: Henry johnson

Comment God is good all the time. Keep the faith brother.

2035 Name: Ida Lawrence

Comment You cannot bring an innocent person back to life - stop this execution.

2036 Name: Brooke Wilson

Comment Please stop this cruel act on an innocent man. This is a fruit of racism in our state and country.

2037 Name: Tom

Comment I truly believe he is innocent and should be free from death row!!!

2038 Name: Margarett Woolcock


2039 Name: Jenn G

Comment If you know he's innocent,why kill him?Go find the the real person who did this crime and execute them!

2040 Name: Anita Jones

Comment Please don't kill an innocent man just because you don't value his life! That isn't justice, that's murder! And if you murder him, who is going to pay for it?

2041 Name: Amy Herrera

Comment I hope he is saved. Good luck.

2042 Name: Roger Woodard

Comment requesting requesting clemency for Kevin Cooper

2043 Name: Kevin McNamara

Comment Please overturn this death sentence

2044 Name: Penny Roberts

Comment It is outrageous that an innocent man is to be executed.

2045 Name: Accursia

Comment I

2046 Name: Lakesha

Comment It's sad that the justice system has failed this man he has been cleared of all charges brought against him of committing murder.

2047 Name: Luis Ramirez

Comment Let him free if he's not guilty then why kill an innocent person

2048 Name: Cailin O'Connor

Comment It is outrageous that after so many blatant miscarriages of fair trial that a man is still condemned to die. Please, please issue a pardon.

2049 Name: Bernadette

Comment May he be exonerated InshaaAllah. Ameen.

2050 Name: Harmony Evans

Comment .

2051 Name: Nichole Perreault

Comment If true justice is served, Kevin will be freed.

2052 Name: Reginald Hood

Comment Let this man go he has not been proven guilty truly. He hasn't had a fair trial this country deserve better. Free this innocent man.

2053 Name: Jason Stearns

Comment please stop this tragedy from happening

2054 Name: Kimberly Dames

Comment The evidence speaks for itself.

2055 Name: Nicholas Easton

Comment Please stop this execution

2056 Name: Dominique Cairo

Comment An innocent man should not be put to death.

2057 Name: Marguerite Graham

Comment How can you execute a innocent man. He should be released, compensate him for the time he spent in Prison for a crime he did'nt commit.

2058 Name: Jonathan Watts

Comment If Kevin Cooper is executed it is simply murder. How can the State of California allow an innocent man to be executed? It defies lawful logic. For the State to admit that as humans a mistake was made in convicting the wrong person will restore faith in the States legal system and justice.

2059 Name: Michelle Brown

Comment Do the right thing!

2060 Name: Wilma Cromwell

Comment Do not let this man's blood be on your hands.

2061 Name: Tina Muir

Comment Please save this man!

2062 Name: Marcia Bunney

Comment I have been aware of Mr. Cooper's case since it occurred and have always been mystified by the way the prosecution was able to ignore the singularly stunning evidence provided by the small boy who was on the premises at the time and nearly died, himself. That child pointed to the presence of multiple white men, naming them as the culprits, not a single black man. There are multiple other examples of inconsistency, bias and clear disregard of Mr. Cooper's Constitutional rights. There is so much wrong with this case and it would be a terrible tragedy to execute him in the face of all this. I ask that the State of California NOT execute Mr. Cooper in my name. I do not believe in the death penalty and I do not want the State to exercise it on my "behalf."

2063 Name: Chase Jackson

Comment Please, make this right. We can't blindly allow this to happen, just because it doesn't affect our daily schedule. I took time out of my day to learn about this mans struggle, and do whatever I could as a fellow American. Unfortunately, this is the best I am able to do.

2064 Name: DJ

Comment No innocent man should be sentenced to death

2065 Name: Kween

Comment This man should be free he did too much time while the real killers are walkn those streets n free to-do it again.

2066 Name: Keyana

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

2067 Name: Gabriel

Comment The violations are what make this a difficult case to understand. How can a case consider death as an option when so much seems to have been misinformed?

2068 Name: Leslie Grant-Smith

Comment Pleaseeee if you have a conscience at all you can see that all the facts show that this man was not given a proper trial , did not commit the crime and has been setup. It's horrible and a completely insult to kill this innocent man. The message it seems to other African Americans in the world is extremely disturbing and heart-breaking. Please free this man!

2069 Name: Christy Holmes

Comment Justice

2070 Name: Jean Douthwright

Comment Why in hell is an innocent man being executed in the USA?

2071 Name: Ronnita Baker

Comment I pray that justice prevails and Kevin Cooper is set free and redeemed.

2072 Name: Julia Wylie

Comment You must free Kevin Cooper. We will not allow this innocent man, who has already had three decades of his life stolen from him, to be murdered.

2073 Name: Kai D. Patterson

Comment The judge acknowledged that he is innocent, so he should be released.

2074 Name: Jamie Warner

Comment Where is the justice? How can we possibly execute someone who even has a remote chance of being innocent. And this is more than a remote chance. Just today on the radio I heard that in recent history, 5 people have been executed AND THEN exonerated. That is not the kind of legacy we want to leave for our children. Please, please grant clemency. Have mercy. Have integrity. You have the check and the balance in your own hands. Use them.

2075 Name: Sarah Minor

Comment Free this man so he can enjoy what's left of his life and pay him for the years wasted!

2076 Name: Joyce Parker Hyde

Comment Please do not kill this man in the name of common decency.

2077 Name: Rebecca Langham

Comment Free Kevin cooper.

2078 Name: Denise Caro

Comment Free this innocent man

2079 Name: Tonia Zeno

Comment This is an innocent man please release him.

2080 Name: Nicole Williams

Comment God bless you!

2081 Name: Lashandracarpenter

Comment Why kill a innocent person

2082 Name: gloria moore

Comment Please do the right thing. Innocent is innocent.....

2083 Name:

Comment Justice

2084 Name: Ben Segal

Comment I am a California resident and voter and I am appalled by the prospect of my state executing a potentially innocent man. The fact that this many judges have such grave concerns about this case demands that you use your powers to, at the very least, stay the execution and use any powers at your disposal to ensure that Mr. Cooper not be put to death.e

2085 Name: Bryan

Comment One nation under God....

2086 Name: Rhiannon Nachbaur

Comment Be strong, Kevin, and know there are people who care about you.

2087 Name: Ellen

Comment I support the abolishment of the death sentence.

2088 Name: Aundrea Jones

Comment Praying for you buddy. May God let the truth reign supreme.

2089 Name: Sarah Thompson

Comment W

2090 Name: Robert Stinner

Comment The death penalty should never be used in cases of uncertainty, especially in this case, where the prosecutors deliberately manipulated evidence to work in their favor. Death is a harsh punishment for anyone, but sending one to die with little to no reputable evidence against him is reprehensible.

2091 Name: Michael

Comment Hope my vote helps

2092 Name: Anquineice Williams

Comment Free him

2093 Name: Grace Wilcox

Comment Please sir i ask you as a sister in christ name to reveiw your ❤ heart and take all the facts in this case not because he is a black man but because God granted you a very high position and then you also have to think about the 8 year old victim who said he seen the men who cut his thoart and that it was not this death row inmate think about what this child gonna have to live with for the rest of his life with this 8 year old kid at the time gonna have to live with the fact that his family real killer is still wondering this 🌎 world

2094 Name: Amanda Green

Comment Free the innocent Kevin Cooper

2095 Name: Brianne Agatep

Comment Please commute the sentence. The death penalty is irrevocable. Our country has executed too many innocent people.

2096 Name: tenisia kautai

Comment Free him!

2097 Name: Lyn PArsons

Comment Keep the faith.

2098 Name: Christy Whitaker

Comment Justice for all.

2099 Name: john beary

Comment Governor Brown, Do the right thing and stay this execution or explain why not. John Beary

2100 Name: Tahmaurrah bailey

Comment Let their be justice!

2101 Name: Joy dunn

Comment Please immediatley grant clemency for kevin cooper and remove from death row as he has been found innocent. This is an injustice that needs to be righted

2102 Name: Dana Silvernale

Comment Grant Kevin Cooper the retrial he deserves. There is far too much evidence exonerating mr Cooper.

2103 Name: Elizabeth Madera

Comment Are you kidding us? Are you really going to exevute an innocent man? Are you all asking for rebellion? Do you not think after everything happening in oir country against our people of color, WE WON'T TURN AGAINST YOU? We are tired of all this. This is not only injustice, THIS IS GENOCIDE AND WE WONT, WE WILL NOT TOLERATE IT ANY LONGER. So, with that being said, go back and sign what needs to be signed and LET HIM GO.....

2104 Name: Pat guerrero

Comment If he's innocent which according to new evidence then free the man

2105 Name: Walter Williams

Comment Please consider reversing these charges.

2106 Name: andi plantenberg

Comment Please don't execute Kevin who may very well be innocent. Do the right thing. -Andi

2107 Name: Tricia Platek

Comment Please correct this one wrong while you still can, Governor Brown. Turn this "lingering doubt" into an iformed act, and make a way for justice to take place. Thank you.

2108 Name: Donald Knight

Comment Keep your head up man

2109 Name: Trina

Comment Reverse it He deserves a fair hearing and the judge and the people of the court are wrong and should be jailed for tampering with evidence since cops in la are known for tampering with evidence.. Even a on duty cops made fun of me and knowing they are bad cops let him free reverse the sentence for God's sake!!

2110 Name: Walter Andrews

Comment Save Kevin Cooper

2111 Name: Ellen

Comment The most ridiculous miscarriage of justice I have read about happening in modern times.

2112 Name: kelley arrington

Comment this is so wrong on so many levels set this man free & prosecute the police,lawyers and everybody else involved in this travesty.

2113 Name: Jewel Johnson

Comment Please save him, this is wrong and you know it. Stop the madness.

2114 Name: Ellisa Lucas

Comment The government system is sick.

2115 Name: Chris nicolas

Comment Absolutely disgusting to have this man there in the first place never mind kill him as well. That is murder. They should be ashamed of themselves.

2116 Name: Christina Prieto

Comment Do the right thing. Please.

2117 Name: Witney mckiernan

Comment Please grant Mr. Cooper clemency.

2118 Name: Abdoul aziz thiaw

Comment Everyone deserves a fair trial. Do not fail real justice through our unperfect justice system. Notably when it is a matter of life or death. FAIRNESS PLEASE. Do not kill an innocent person.

2119 Name: Erin Charnow

Comment What has happened to you was disgusting. I am hope that you will be released.

2120 Name: Charles JWalker Jr

Comment This is state sanctioned murder

2121 Name: Alicia Nelson

Comment this man is innocent his life should be spared and he should be allowed a real chance at life again not behind bars

2122 Name: Nita steinberg

Comment Free this innocent man...NOW!

2123 Name: Ciuleandra Smith

Comment I hope Kevin's heart & mind can be settled through freedom & those who are actually guilty of this crime be brought to justice.

2124 Name: Crystal Simms

Comment I'm with you, Kevin! I pray that the Governor will see reason!

2125 Name: Allen boone

Comment The evidence speaks for it self. Why is this man STILL incarcerated ? WHY ??. An injustice has already occurred but a bigger injustice is to continue to keep an innocent man locked up ! 33 YEARS !!! Smh

2126 Name: John Rice

Comment If he's been said to be INNOCENT by five judges. He shouldn't still be facing the death penalty. Free this man. It's only right.

2127 Name: Latoya

Comment Keep strong Mr. Cooper

2128 Name: Natasha Smith

Comment Please sign to show support. This innocent man does not deserve to be executed..

2129 Name: Camarie Burke

Comment Praying for you, Kevin.

2130 Name: Nancy Wiegert

Comment Please don't think that the citizens of the United States are stupid or unaware of the corruption in the government and the police, detectives and many other departments that are supposed to be upholding the law and protecting its people who are innocent. Seems like judges and the justice system are failing AGAIN. I am white but we are all created EQUAL and no matter what color we are on the outside, we all bleed red, we all love and care about others in our lives. This man is no different ESPECIALLY when even the justices question his guilt and his innocence. WHERE DO YOU STAND ON THE ISSUE OF INNOCENCE. WILL YOUR TRUE COLORS SHOW, LOOK IN YOUR HEART FOR JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS.

2131 Name: sharon_burt

Comment Free this innocent man

2132 Name: Natalee Goodman

Comment Please reconsider the evidence. If this man is innocent then he deserves for that to be recognised

2133 Name: Amber Kakepoto

Comment In this new age where we can see the transparency of the police and forces of authority at work against the lower middle class and colored individuals of this country we cannot turn our backs. What we have to show our solidarity is petitions like these and I'm a proud signer of San Francisco, CA where we only recently lost a life to Police Brutality. The system can change, it's a new year and I believe peace is imminent.

2134 Name: Keith Barney

Comment Praying

2135 Name: LaTonya Hoyle

Comment How can you execute someone when the evidence says otherwise.

2136 Name: Rebecca

Comment Praying for a good result.

2137 Name: James Darby

Comment If the evidence proves a man's innocence then he should be freed. If corruption is present then the officials need to take action.

2138 Name: amanda mannaa

Comment Please SIR stop this murder and all this madness that is going on in our country.How in God's name can you murder an innocent man the star in a sky full of darkness and do what's right SIR,for the sake of Humanity

2139 Name: hafeez melvin

Comment free this man surely he should not be execute with all the corruption involved in this case

2140 Name: Carmella Penn

Comment The wrongful execution of an innocent person is an injustice that can never be rectified. Since the reinstatement of the death penalty, more than 150 men and women have been released from Death Row nationally....some only minutes away from execution. Moreover, in the past two years evidence has come to light which indicates that four men may have been wrongfully EXECUTED in recent years for crimes they did not commit. This error rate is simply appalling, and completely unacceptable, when we are talking about life and death. California Exonerations There have been 3 people exonerated from California's death row. Ernest "Shujaa" Graham was exonerated in 1981, 5 years after conviction. Troy Jones was exonerated in 1996, 14 years after conviction. Oscar Morris was exonerated in 2000, 17 years after conviction. There was no DNA evidence in any of these cases. › FactSheet

2141 Name: cherry shaffer

Comment I'm an elderly white female and I'm outraged by this.

2142 Name: Garry Baldwin

Comment Complete miscarriage of justice.

2143 Name: Janis Wood

Comment The justice system appears to have failed Mr. Cooper as well as the victims of the crime he was accused of commiting. It it unfathomable that the State of California would execute an individual when there is so much doubt as to the appropriateness of his conviction. Please do the right thing and grant clemency to Mr. Cooper.

2144 Name: Chadnira Hollins

Comment Please free this man the facts are in your face injustice WOW

2145 Name: Lorenzo Woodley

Comment This is atrocious please bring justice to the innocent.

2146 Name: Carolyn Eagan

Comment Signed

2147 Name: Jay Williams

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

2148 Name: Vicki

Comment The judicial system has gone to shit. It's all about closing the case. Fuck it the next person walking is the one. That how it looks. This need to stop.

2149 Name: alex prowell

Comment Free .Mr. Kevin Cooper

2150 Name: Sheila morgan

Comment Free cooper

2151 Name: Liz

Comment No man under the possibility of being innocent should be punished, let alone being executed. Execution of innocent lives is called murder. And murder is a crime that jurisdiction has to pay the price for.

2152 Name: demectric Holmes

Comment Please free him.

2153 Name: Frank

Comment Conviction is unsound and should not stand

2154 Name: Melissa Grady

Comment No innocent man should be put to Death

2155 Name: Jo Rose

Comment Sounds like a stitch up especially when the surviving child has reported 3 white or Hispanic perpetrators were involved and that Kevin Cooper was not there.

2156 Name: Pete

Comment Save Kevin Cooper !!!!!

2157 Name: Melvin ross

Comment How fucked up can you people get in Cali. A innocent man faces the death penalty for being black, cause he, so innocent of any crime... So cause he, so black the fact still remains.

2158 Name: shatiqua pelsey

Comment He is innocent and u know it set him free

2159 Name: D R Callaghan

Comment This is an appalling injustice and this man should be freed forthwith.

2160 Name: Tara washington

Comment Free him

2161 Name: Jennifer brown

Comment This is wrong we must set this man free

2162 Name: Diane Inglis

Comment Killing this man is not justice, it's murder!!

2163 Name: Jo Tangen

Comment This is a cruel! You cannot kill an innocent person!!

2164 Name: Lee bidel

Comment There should be no ? As to him being set free..

2165 Name: Brian Robinson

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

2166 Name: charles Harris

Comment Hold your head up my brother.GOD has your back and victory is assured.

2167 Name: Janay Buchanan

Comment Justice will be served and you will be released instead of put to death. I want you to get out and sue them for every dime you can get.

2168 Name: Joan cambria

Comment if you murder an innocent person, what does that make you?

2169 Name: Nina Gonzalez

Comment This is unacceptable!

2170 Name: Chanda Polk

Comment None

2171 Name: Laura green

Comment Free him

2172 Name: Victoria park

Comment Free Kevin cooper!!!

2173 Name: Alexander Jänke

Comment death row is murder!

2174 Name: Rebecca smith

Comment Stop, if this man is innocent, he needs to be released.

2175 Name: Chantrell Brown

Comment Imagine if he was your brother or father being sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. Free Kevin Cooper!

2176 Name: Monica C

Comment This needs to stop.

2177 Name: Maria

Comment Karma is real.

2178 Name: Robert C Jackson

Comment America must stop the killing of wrongly Convicted Black Men.

2179 Name: Jamesha russell

Comment This is wrong what they doing to this man they need to let him go because this dont make any sense what they doing to him

2180 Name: Lorie Taylor

Comment Mr Kevin Cooper deserves a stay fit a new trial. 5 Judges have given there statements that this would a mid carriage if justice to kill this man by execution when there a doubt to his guilt. I'm asking the state attorney to give Mr Cooper another trial to prove his innocence before carrying out this act which equates to murder. Don't execute a man where there is string doubt of his guilt by 5 judges. Reconsider and do what's right. Stop the execution

2181 Name: Kristine holden

Comment Do not allow this man to die if there is even a snall question as to his innocence.

2182 Name: Martin Charles Hutton

Comment Description given by survivor is of three Latinos: The nigger did it. Blood sample does not match Mr Cooper's own blood: The nigger did it. Evidence witheld by prosecution council: The nigger still did it. False evidence presented by same professional upholders and seekers of truth and justice: The nigger needs to swing. Exonerating evidence prevented from being used in court, as part of that thing called a fair trial. The jury never sees it: The nigger is going to die. That's the American police and judicial systems at their finest, is it?

2183 Name: Jacqueline Robinson

Comment I watched this kid grow up. He has been victimized by society. His parents spent tons of money until death to free this innocent man. May GOD pass judgement on all those who have judged him. Praying for release!

2184 Name: Yah

Comment I am here.

2185 Name: J A Chunga

Comment Justice for Mr. Cooper.

2186 Name: Sourivanh Saysourivong

Comment Innocent till proven guilty seems to not be the case!!! Free this man and pay him for his time!!!

2187 Name: Corey Taylor

Comment This man is obviously innocent.

2188 Name: Niteesh Sundaram

Comment Do not kill an innocent man!

2189 Name: Tawana

Comment Please do what's right...

2190 Name: Kimberley walsh

Comment Free this man!!!

2191 Name: rashida

Comment If he didn't do it let him go

2192 Name: Kristina Williams

Comment His guilt is in question. He shouldn't die.

2193 Name: Frank Jur

Comment This witness statement corroborated by the DNA evidence surly backs up Cooper's story.

2194 Name: Rahkeem Ball

Comment Don't be stupid. Don't let an innocent man die because of 15 year old racism

2195 Name: Billinda Pompey

Comment Free this man. He has served his time for the other crimes he may have committed but, he does NOT deserve being murdered for something he didn't do.

2196 Name: Eddie

Comment Unacceptable release that man

2197 Name: Kimia Mahallati

Comment Please seriously consider this, Governor! This is not right!

2198 Name: Sutclif Davis jr

Comment Free the free. Punish the wicked. This man should be free.

2199 Name: Leah

Comment You owe this man justice!

2200 Name: Sally Giles

Comment Reading as much as I can, it appears to be that the judicial system has fabricated and destroyed evidence to suit their claims. Release him NOW, or at the very least there should be a public enquiry into the previous court case, and maybe a fresh trial with ALL the evidence137

2201 Name: Geoffry Portale

Comment In support of out constitutional right to a fair trial, and in protest of the death penalty altogether.

2202 Name: Ciara

Comment .

2203 Name: Sylvia Williams

Comment Prayers and Blessings.

2204 Name: Tiffany Anderson

Comment If he is innocent, release him. There is reasonable doubt, release him. Grant him clemency. The evidence glaringly points to at very least, a mistrial. For California to be so long without a death penalty, this case insults both advocates, both for and against it, to be one of the first to usher California into this new age.

2205 Name: Luis Henriquez

Comment Stay strong.

2206 Name: wendy turner

Comment There can be no excuse for killing a man you know is innocent in order to follow a due process. Show some humanity please.

2207 Name: elsie o mahony

Comment This surely cannot take place in a democracy, what is happening to the american justice system? It is becoming a country people would think twice about visiting. So much injustice and corruption, I know there is corruption everywhere but thank god we still value life in Ireland, this would cause a public outcry, how could you think of putting anyone to death more specifically an innocent man, just to continue your protocols and cover up corruption. Sir I hope you personally have morals and do the right thing. At the end of the day we too will have to judge ourselves. This man should be freed and compensated, I suppose the compensation is one of the issues and protection of the people who framed him another,So many similar stories, it is shameful and so very very sad

2208 Name: Rachel Simmons

Comment Please think this through. The system failed this man.

2209 Name: Marc mingle

Comment Time and experience are your greatest teachers. Your clock has not run out yet. Don't stop another's.

2210 Name: Adrienne Weller

Comment Release Kevin Cooper.

2211 Name: Janelle Land

Comment Everyone deserves a fair trial. The fact that this was so willfully and erroneously mishandled is very troubling and saddening.

2212 Name: Vickie Fisher

Comment I believe this man is innocent and should be released from jail.

2213 Name: C Johnston

Comment From my brief understanding of the court processes in this case it seems obvious that a grave injustice will cause the execution of a fellow human being. I cannot sit on the side and be silent. A full investigation must review all details, omissions, violations and judges' opinions. Any person presenting known false evidence has committed a crime. The judicial system must protect the innocent and also recognize when personal egos get in the way of a true and fair revelation of facts entering the courtroom. C. Johnston Vancouver BC Canada

2214 Name: Denise

Comment I signed because you have the right to be free and i what to lend you my help.

2215 Name: Regina Cooper

Comment Keep the faith Mr. Cooper! Praying for you and your release. God Bless you!

2216 Name: Andrew Barber

Comment Stop

2217 Name: Mia Johnson

Comment The Lord is the only one who can provide true justice and we must answer to Him one day for our deeds

2218 Name: Jerrica johnson

Comment Save Kevin!!!!

2219 Name: Eddie G. Murphy

Comment Father GOD i believe that you are in control and i trust that all will go well

2220 Name: Rachel Fowler

Comment Do the right thing Mr Brown.

2221 Name: Lorraine G

Comment Free this innocent man

2222 Name: Pamela Baillie

Comment Please act on the basis of truth.

2223 Name: Ashley

Comment I'm signing this petition because I believe in equality, the right to a fair trial, and innocent until proven guilty.

2224 Name: Sana'Ja McManus

Comment Hello Kevin I am just now hearing of your case. I know this has been a rough journey for you, but just try to remain strong and believe that God will set you free from all your pain and suffering. The truth shall set you free.

2225 Name: Yah Israel

Comment No longer shall we fear.

2226 Name: Tiajuana S.

Comment I feel that he should be set free.No person should be executed when there clearly was evidence pointing to others.May GOD Watch Over him.

2227 Name: Scott blinn

Comment What if this was you our system is broken and this is a crime against humanity. Fix this now!

2228 Name: Robert Hoffman

Comment I hope you live.

2229 Name: Raquelle Boatner

Comment Don't kill an innocent man

2230 Name: jasmine renteria

Comment this is unfair...The miniorities in this society always suffers most. We are judge because of our skin color!!!! freee him!!!

2231 Name: Randi

Comment Im praying that they do what they always knew was right..

2232 Name: Eric Genazia

Comment Thanks

2233 Name: Shynette Grace

Comment You can't kill an innocent man.

2234 Name: Anne Blubaugh

Comment Any doubt at all this should be retried! Let the state prove its case! This is sickening that the courts are acting like this! I would rather not have the death penalty! What be like China or Iran? We are the USA! This man was denied a proper due process! I am praying for you!

2235 Name: Trina russell

Comment Praying for u this isn't fair at all but God will see u thru and u will be free in Jesus name

2236 Name: Yolanda Jones

Comment Free Kevin Cooper! Why are you going to kill an innocent man? How will you feel if he was your, husband, brother, cousin, or friend? I swear this world is wicked, and beyond evil.I don't understand how you all can sleep at night knowing he's innocent. I hope his family sue the hell out of the judge, warden, the prison he's in and the government that's behind this situation. Shame on you!!!

2237 Name: Sharif Randhawa

Comment .

2238 Name: Katherine Moog

Comment In light of the comments and doubts of the Ninth Circuit judges, inconsistencies and issues with the case, please grant clemency to Kevin Cooper

2239 Name: Martinez Sutton

Comment They continue to blame the innocent for their own guilty pleasures! ~Tino Black

2240 Name: Mary Steudtel

Comment This is beyond insane and must be remedied NOW. What are the judges and lawyers thinking? Only about their own asses? Innocent is innocent. What else do they need? A stay out of jail pass? They need to be in jail!!

2241 Name: Tony savard

Comment Never give up !!

2242 Name: Michael Timothy

Comment Wrong, immoral.

2243 Name: Brandon Scott

Comment Free the innocent!!!!!! The shedding of innocent blood won't atone for what has happened. Murdering the innocent makes you a murderer right?

2244 Name: Janis Green

Comment If this man is executed, it is simply murder. No-one deserves to die for a crime they obviously did not commit. His blood will be on the hands of the California government for not stopping this injustice.

2245 Name: Melissa shaw

Comment Free

2246 Name: Clarence gray

Comment He is innocent. Nothing else needs to be said

2247 Name: Latasha Riley

Comment Race and hate is real and this is so very bad. God is love. We should all love each other.

2248 Name: Arlie Sims

Comment Stop the planned execution of this innocent man NOW.

2249 Name: Shady Hegab

Comment Do not execute an innocent man. God forbid any of us be in his place.

2250 Name: Larry D. Johnson


2251 Name: LaTricia Cooke

Comment How can you knowlying kill an innocent man? Pity the fool who allows this!!!

2252 Name: Sylvia Lawrence

Comment They should let him go and pay him for all the time he has done. You didn't find no evidence that he done it and that man lost half of his life with his family and friends. Just because he's black doesn't mean he did it. You need to execute the WHITE boy that killed all those BLACK people in the church instead of taking him to Burger King!!!!!

2253 Name: Kimberly Rawls

Comment This is a shame and too common.

2254 Name: Robert H. Johnson

Comment Stay strong bruh! I will keep you in my prayers.

2255 Name: angelica ribeiro

Comment Unacceptable

2256 Name: sharrion cook

Comment please do the right thing... no innocent life needs to be taken... there is already enough senseless murders going on... do not let this one be at the hands of our justice system. I this is why people of America do not have any faith in our corrupt Justice system

2257 Name: Monica Thomas

Comment Do not execute this innocent man.

2258 Name: Beth Sweeney

Comment How does this happen in this day & age?

2259 Name: Ritika Rastogi

Comment it is a violation of basic human rights to wrongfully imprison, and then MURDER an innocent man

2260 Name: Francisco Stitt

Comment Is there no justice for the black man?

2261 Name: Charlene Roseth

Comment Killing someone beyond a resonable doubt is murder. I can not believe what I have read of all the cover-up and tampering of evidence with this case. Also, the only survivor also stating the real murderer was not an african american and the murders were committed by more than one person. The dna evidence is not Cooper's dna. In fact it came back as being dna from two different individuals. I believe this case needs to be looked into again and Kevin Cooper given a fair trial with all of the suppressed evidence. I feel that his conviction would be over turned with a fair trial. Killing this man is murder. Please, Mr. Cooper could have been wrongfully convicted.

2262 Name: Selena Milton

Comment Don't allow your state to murder an innocent man.

2263 Name: Karen White

Comment Please to not allow sanctioned murder of an innocent man. There is way too much evidence that show he is not the murderer

2264 Name: Hector David Marin Rodas

Comment This is just another demonstration of the strategic murder of black and brown men by the state. The fact that we cannot find a fair and just trial puts into question the entirety of the judicial system and of law enforcement. The murder of this man will further light the flame of revolt and anger by California's new majority.

2265 Name: Cassie Poirier

Comment stop the injustice

2266 Name: Libby Edwards

Comment Set him free!

2267 Name: Kristi Odums

Comment Please don't allow an innocent man to be executed. Considering the evidence was tampered with during the proceedings and the fairness of the judicial system was impaired. He has the right to be free, since the court had failed to present truthful evidence.

2268 Name: Dominique Bree

Comment We live life once. This man has suffered enough. He is innocent and deserves to be set free.


Comment I hope this works...

2270 Name: Siobhan Markee

Comment Do the right thing here. We, as a people, know better. Even the judges know better. This is a gross miscarriage of justice!

2271 Name: Devin Pittman

Comment I just don't understand how you can have all the evidence and yet decide to look over it and still rule to kill a innocent man.

2272 Name: Eileen O'Leary

Comment We're all praying for you Kevin Cooper. God bless you and keep you safe from this terrible injustice and that you will be the free man you should have been all along.

2273 Name: Tangela Bertrand

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

2274 Name: Natalie Vega

Comment Kevin deserves to live.

2275 Name: David Garza

Comment Please free this innocent man.

2276 Name: H Welsh

Comment It would be unconscionable to execute an innocent man. Please do something to help this man.

2277 Name: April L. May

Comment Free Mr. Cooper.

2278 Name: Prumont Jean-Francois

Comment Another stain on the American justice system.

2279 Name: Rachel Fitzpatrick

Comment Thoughts and prayers go out to you Kevin from here in Sydney, Australia. I Hope that this message of support gets through to you and that you know you have people fighting for you on the other side of the world. You need a fair trial and decent judges!

2280 Name: Kim Hamacher

Comment I do not believe justice is served in executing a prisoner in a case where reasonable people (like five federal circuit judges) question the veracity of the conviction.

2281 Name: Megan

Comment I hope your case is brought to justice and your innocence is proven.

2282 Name: Stephanie Coleman

Comment Kevin Cooper does not deserve to be murdered.

2283 Name: Molly Crane

Comment Stay strong!

2284 Name: Edward Duron

Comment the legal system cannot serve those it was never meant to protect. Free Kevin Cooper.

2285 Name: John Paul Horstmann

Comment Thoughts and prayers for you. I hope that a new lion is given to the case soon and you are given another chance.

2286 Name: Tamara sanders

Comment Free Kevin

2287 Name: TomikoTurner

Comment Free this man this murder not justice

2288 Name: Rhiannon Smith

Comment signed UK

2289 Name: Catrina Malcolm

Comment Good luck Kevin, from Sydney Australia x

2290 Name: Taron Gorham

Comment Blatant injustice!!

2291 Name: Jasmine Franklin

Comment You deserve justice my man

2292 Name: Kayondi Howard

Comment If the facts that I just read are true, there is no way that this man should be executed. Governor please step in on his behalf. Save what is remaining of his life.

2293 Name: Katrina Goering

Comment Save Kevin Cooper!

2294 Name: Alberto Pick

Comment Many times before this, innocent people have been executed.....let's not make this happen again!

2295 Name: HILLARY

Comment free him

2296 Name: Rev. Willis

Comment How does it get to this point?? PLEASE tell me! It seems clear this man is innocent. If he is killed under your watch, this will haunt you the rest of your life, I promise you. Please stop this insanity now. Please!

2297 Name: Jonathan brock

Comment Free the man!

2298 Name: Brittany DeRamus

Comment Free him!

2299 Name: Tracey Jackson

Comment I want to sign petition

2300 Name: Tanja Guven

Comment They're afraid of paying out the compensation money for this travesty, aren't they? -_-

2301 Name: Andy Willis

Comment Please do not bring shame upon the great state of California where I lived and where my loved ones live now.

2302 Name: William A. Cimino

Comment This mans life is in your hands Mr. Governor.

2303 Name: Cami Muhammad

Comment Please Sir/Gov. Grant clemency

2304 Name: fred

Comment Project Life member.

2305 Name: Andrew Osterfeld

Comment Doing a project and case study on Mr. Cooper, and I firmly believe he is innocent and should be dropped of all charges. He sounds like a good guy who has spent the majority of his life in prison. I wish the best for Mr. Cooper, as does the rest of my project group. He is in our prayers and will be on our minds until he is freed for something he did not do.

2306 Name: john macqueen

Comment !!

2307 Name: Rebecca

Comment Please uphold our justice system.

2308 Name: KeAnthony Thompson

Comment Why would anyone allow this to happen? You have the opportunity to make up for the wrongdoings of this system. Please do the right thing and let this innocent man live!

2309 Name: Lynda Simmons

Comment I am opposed to the death penalty. This case is clearly one of the reasons.

2310 Name: Matt McGee

Comment Cooper is innocent.

2311 Name: Norah Wohleb

Comment Let justice be served, by Kevin Cooper's release and due compensation for his years of wrongful imprisonment.

2312 Name: Janie Smith

Comment Black men are not sacrificial lambs we as California citizens do not uphold the killing of prisoners when there is reasonable doubt to their quilt. I have confidence in Governor Brown that he will not condone the execution of this man/

2313 Name: Sam'Juan Smith

Comment If he was proven not guilty he must be freed, you have already taken so much away from him.

2314 Name: Deborah Bottley

Comment Do what is right. Do what is just. Do not execute this innocent man.

2315 Name: c shayne

Comment Your learning from past mistakes, as stated in the Los Angeles Times. Let this be another lesson.

2316 Name: Kizzie Brown

Comment Let him go! I am so tired of this bullshit!

2317 Name: Tanaeja Holmes

Comment This is absolutely ridiculous. Everyone needs to sign this.

2318 Name: Thomas Bekele-Arcuri

Comment Please free this falsely imprisoned man.

2319 Name: Christopher Knudson

Comment I lived in Chino during the time of the murders. There were locals I personally knew that over heard three hispanic males bragging about the killings the night of the murders at the Canyon Corral Saloon in Chino Hills. The police interviewed the witnesses. In my opinion Kevin Cooper should not be executed. Christopher Knudson.

2320 Name: Erik M. Baker

Comment "For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’ “They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’ “He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’"

2321 Name: Sarah McClain

Comment Do not let this happen on your watch.

2322 Name: pooky

Comment Please please please release Kevin Cooper He is and innocent man and should be a free man. Please give him the freedom he so deserves and has a right to. 30 years of his life have already been taken unnecessarily. 30 years? if he dies it will be murder. Don't commit murder by killing him, commit an act of humanity honour and compassion. Five active judges have stated kevin Cooper is an innocent man. Please you must set him free from prison… even if it is to save your own soul from the torment of guilt, for that will weigh heavy and eternally. Kevin Cooper is an innocent man.

2323 Name: Parag Dharmavarapu

Comment Please grant Mr. Cooper clemency

2324 Name: Barbara Brown

Comment No one should die for nothing they didn't do

2325 Name: Chelsea King

Comment Please please please take a look at the evidence and demand he be released. Red tape should NOT condemn a man to death. If he dies, then our system is proved not just a failure but an epic joke. I don't want to live in a State that doesn't jump through hoops when something so awful has ocurred to a man simply because no one wants to admit it. Right this immediately, please!!!

2326 Name: Christina Plummer

Comment The system is flawed. The death penalty should not be on the table in a flawed system. It's archaic and barbaric.

2327 Name: Alec Dinerstein

Comment Capital Punishment is disgusting, especially in situations such as this.

2328 Name: Clemence Crawford

Comment Due to the reviews of the other district judges, the claims of the prison warden, eyewitness testimony of events at the scene, and DNA testing; Kevin Cooper should be given a new trial.

2329 Name: barbara barngetuny

Comment Free Kevin Cooper he is innocent.

2330 Name: Cheryl Morris

Comment Executing a man that federal judges believe could be not guilty of the crimes of which was convicted would be a terrible miscarriage of justice.

2331 Name: Andrew Stone

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!

2332 Name: Anji Black

Comment Free this innocent man...

2333 Name: Adam Hudson

Comment The death penalty blights our society, and creates a great injustice for those wrongly accused. Stay strong.

2334 Name: Karen Calzago

Comment Governor Brown, don't allow the execution to occur!

2335 Name: Kayla Dotson

Comment Mr. Cooper is innocent and does not deserve to be executed.

2336 Name: melissa wong

Comment Kevin, I don't know you but I am thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.

2337 Name: Sharron

Comment Use your head Governor Brown and let this man go free. You CANNOT execute an innocent man.

2338 Name: Jack Nguyen

Comment Governor Jerry Brown: We, the undersigned, implore you to exercise your constitutionally recognized power to grant clemency to Kevin Cooper, a condemned man on California's death row. The taking of a human life is an act that weighs heavily on all of society, even more so when an innocent life is at stake. We are deeply troubled that five active Ninth Circuit judges have said in reference to Kevin Cooper, "The State of California may be about to execute an innocent man." (See Cooper v. Brown, 565 F.3d 581 (9th Cir. 2009). These Federal Judges also found several serious constitutional violations, including the fact that prosecutors (1) presented false evidence at trial, (2) destroyed evidence before the jury could consider it, and (3) withheld exonerating evidence from the defense (See Id). Moreover, six additional Ninth Circuit judges noted and abhorred the "flawed" proceedings in the case as undermining public confidence in the integrity of the criminal justice system (Id. at 635). Finally, a twelfth Ninth Circuit judge, who felt procedurally barred from acting to help Mr. Cooper, complained of the "lingering doubt" in the case and the "wholly discomforting" feeling associated with her inability to act (FN Cooper v. Brown, 510 F.3d 870, 1004-06 (9th Cir. 2007) (McKeown, concurring). Please act now before the State engages in the irreversible and unconscionable act of executing an innocent man.

2339 Name: Philip Laing

Comment This is already spread viral across social media suggestion to those in charge to think twice with going ahead because there will be ramifications otherwise. ... the whole world is watching!

2340 Name: Chyna

Comment Free this man

2341 Name: thomas Linnell

Comment I have read over the case, this is unfair justices, there is evidence to show he is innocent, even one of the victims state it wasn't him, and even a Judge state he is innocent, blood evidence show it was him, We should not find him guilty cause of color or race, and as I see it, that is what it is,

2342 Name: Lyssa Rucker

Comment Atrocious! Atrocious is our justice system who sends people to their deaths even after being proven innocent!

2343 Name: Karen

Comment Please set this man free ! The injustice done to him and his family is a true disgrace of the judicial system.

2344 Name: joey ayala

Comment Free this man Governor!!!

2345 Name: Joshua Kyesimira

Comment Kevin Cooper deserves justice - We suffer injustice daily here in Africa and look to the west for good practice. This case doesn't fill us with much confidence.

2346 Name: Marcya Fisher

Comment the life of a man is too precious a thing to be thrown away without strict, careful consideration, a process that has been forgone in the case of Mr. Kevin Cooper.

2347 Name: Latoya Goodrich

Comment He deserve to be free!!!!

2348 Name: Karen Mitchell

Comment Signing in support of Mr. Kevin Cooper.

2349 Name: Diane DeStefano

Comment There are enough facts to at least question this man's guilt.

2350 Name: Chrissie wilding

Comment A corrupt miscarriage of justice what a disgusting amount of people involved open the door and let this innocent man out! And then compensate him for unlawful incarceration!! Good luck Kevin.

2351 Name: Corrina Power

Comment Please consider carefully before making an irreversible decision

2352 Name: John

Comment This injustice cannot be left unchallenged

2353 Name: DewRodge J. Gladney

Comment Please acknowledge the petition for clemency of Kevin Cooper . This is an innocent man and does not deserve to be put death for something he did not commit .

2354 Name: ashley Boudreaux

Comment No real evidence & an innocent man's life at stake.

2355 Name: Preston A. Drake

Comment In justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

2356 Name: Isis J

Comment Five judges have ruled that he did not get a fair trial & even declare him innocent. If you kill this man, you commit murder.

2357 Name: William Donnelly

Comment This man deserves a fair trial. Executions should only be carried out without any reasonable doubt. This man should be entitled to clemency. I am not convinced of his innocence or guilt, but I do believe that he should be granted a fair trial and an unbiased jury.

2358 Name: Walter Simpson

Comment I saw the story on MS-NBC and believe that Mr. Cooper never got a fair trial or treatment. He deserves a new trial or release. Governor brown please ACT to save Mr. Cooper. It is the prosecutors who deserve to be in jail.

2359 Name: Tamara Harris

Comment The State of California has the duty and responsibility, no the obligation to only institute the death penalty, when the accused is guilty without a "shadow of a doubt". If there is even a possibility that this man is innocent of THIS crime, the death penalty should not be carried out. As a member of this community, that drives near the scene of the crime on a regular basis, I demand that the State of California live up to its moral and legal responsibilities and suspend the death penalty in this case. The State of California should not kill this man and have innocent blood on their hands. Governor Brown, do not become a murderer, in an attempt to find justice in this murder. Respect the victim of this crime, by honoring his account of the crime that took his family.

2360 Name: LuQman AbdurRahman

Comment Exhaustion of State Remedies and 28 U.S.C.Section 2254 State Writ of Habeas Corpus: The right to access to state and federal courts is meaningless when the Five Estates: Executive, Legislative, Military, Media, Banks and Insurance Companies do not care that the poor does not receive access fairly to the Four C's to Government: Constitution-Rights[state and federal], Congress-Laws[state and federal, Contracts-[Livelihood (Attorney Client Agreement is a Contracting Relationship), Courts- is not and have forgotten that a poor person in saying what the law is for the people as a whole in abusing the rights of the poor: A poor person deserves the same day in Court(s) as a wealthy person. When there are no ATTORNEYS (in some states a judge has to be license to practice law in order to become elected as a judge) like Clarence Darrow, who was serious about the Criminal Justice System being in TROUBLE, to lead the people to recognize that all Officers of the Courts do not represent mistreating human beings.

2361 Name: Brad Gonzales


2362 Name: Valerie DuPont Brennan

Comment Please do not Murder this man.

2363 Name: Brandi Moore

Comment All have a right to a fair trial!

2364 Name: RaSudan Daaood

Comment Don't allow a man to be killed for a crime he didn't commit. Don't turn a blind eye to lethal injustice.

2365 Name: Richard Delgado

Comment With all of the errors in this case, judges words about the errors, suppressed evidence, and missing evidence, this case is a travesty. In no way should this man be on death row for something that he did not do. You have a decision to make, and there is only one correct decision, innocence.

2366 Name: MarkPrince

Comment Please don't kill this man 8f you say he didn't do it.

2367 Name: Ana

Comment Prayers going up.

2368 Name: Aisha Mohammad

Comment This is barbaric, usa murdering an innocent man...shameful...please grant clemency-if this is a country that values human life, rights, dignity and justice...

2369 Name: Grady McCain

Comment Please dont kill this man! This man was found innocent by five judges. Prove that the system and the process works for once!

2370 Name: Renande Stvil


2371 Name: Renee McManus

Comment Since his conviction, five federal circuit judges have ruled him innocent, saying the prosecution never gave him a fair trial. He’s exhausted all of his appeals, and short of an intervention from Gov. Brown, Kevin Cooper will be dead in a week. How can this be???

2372 Name: Sedric Maxwell

Comment Why is the D.A not in jail??????

2373 Name: Rachel Alexis

Comment Freedom is deserved now. He is innocent terrible injustice.

2374 Name: Ellen Hobson

Comment Please

2375 Name: Tristan Johnson

Comment FREE MR KEVIN COOPER!!! He has already spent many years in jail for a crime he didn't do, it's down right wrong and hateful to kill him for it.

2376 Name: Kenya


2377 Name: Melvin Nativi

Comment An innocent man should not be executed. That's the problem with today's society now. If a murder comes up they always blame the black man instead. Now it'd all about race and of it would be a white fellow everyone would just brush it off. Do the right thing fire those police that falsified the evidence give them a harsh punishment not a slap on the wrist and look at all the evidence that has been put on the table which proves this man kevin is innocent.

2378 Name: Toni Elmore

Comment Let this innocent man go...

2379 Name: Jeneay Jackson

Comment I pray for justice in this case.

2380 Name: David Kurth

Comment Why is this still happening?

2381 Name: Ms. K

Comment This is foolishness. If you know that he is a innocent man why is it that u feel comfortable putting a "innocent" man to death. Just know at the end of the day you will see Jehovah's God's vengeance. You give ppl a Lil authority and they still mistreat others. The world we live in is ridiculous. I pray God has mercy on you and forgive your worthlessness as human beings.

2382 Name: Juliet Henderson

Comment Free Kevin Cooper. What you are planning nine is inhumane. This is 2016. Do what is right an free Kevin Cooper.

2383 Name: lois berryman

Comment This is a travesty of justice and you Sir are the only one that can fix it. . .please do so. Thank you

2384 Name: Ishmuell James

Comment Please find it in your heart to free this man, there is already so much injustice in this world as it is, as a christian I believe that when we have the power to fix what is wrong God smiles upon us. We all make mistakes and this is the chance for the state of California to fix a mistake that was made on their part. No innocent person should ever be put this type of injustice or treatment. Rather the race. I hope and pray you do the right thing. Thank you...

2385 Name: Jeff Kleiner

Comment This man deserves a new and fair trial, not execution since there is serious doubt about his guilt.

2386 Name: Randy McVean

Comment Please order a stay and new trial.

2387 Name: MyHeshia Zollicoffer

Comment Please Free This Brother

2388 Name: kimberly

Comment This is a blatant injustice and whoever took part in the falsification of which convicted this man of the crime he obviously dod not do should be punished and lose their jobs and or pensions.

2389 Name: Rhoda hall

Comment Free him

2390 Name: Paula Humes

Comment Free this man!!!

2391 Name: kristelle duchard

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

2392 Name: Carlton Tilley

Comment Prayers are with you that justice will be done!

2393 Name: Juli viel

Comment Because I care when someone is wronged?

2394 Name: toyette anderson

Comment God will reveal the unfairness

2395 Name: Shelia Frye

Comment Stay positive and keep your head up brother.

2396 Name: Maria Campos

Comment Release him🙏

2397 Name: loren Dawn

Comment with all the new evidence he must be set free. How can you follow through on this....that would be the crime here.

2398 Name: Mercedes

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

2399 Name: Sharon bedingfield

Comment Please give this man a retrial...please do not kill a man that has not been given another chance...if sevdral judges say that he is innocent of charges...everyone cannot be wrong...HE DESERVES A CHANCE...LIFE IS A PRECIOUS GIFT...PLEASE HAVE ENOUGH TO TRUST THE JUSTICE SYSTEM TO GET THIS RIGHT...HE DESERVES THIS AT LEAST!. God bless the people and pray they will have it in there heart to give a person the right to a retrial.

2400 Name: Cynthia Sahara


2401 Name: Joan Armijo

Comment There is sufficient doubt as to this man's innocence.

2402 Name: Tamekka Green

Comment Clearly an injustice is about to occur. We have ready stolen precious time dont take his life.

2403 Name: Kay Sha

Comment Please release Kevin Cooper. Based on compelling evidence and the decisions of several circuit judges this man should be free of guilt from this crime. If you execute him you'll be doing this country, your state and the American people a disservice.

2404 Name: Odella Key

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

2405 Name: Monica perry

Comment May Justice prevail...

2406 Name: Herbert Granger

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

2407 Name: Geoff Chabre

Comment If the evidence has been tampered with and it sounds as if that is the case, then the death penalty is a gross oversight and should never have been imposed. Justice is the idea that people pay their debt to society if one is owed. This case is in serious need of revisiting. I sincerely hope that fairness and compassion prevail.

2408 Name: Lisa Martin

Comment Free Kevin Cooper. Don't excited him.

2409 Name: Mar'Trevis Washington

Comment If he is proven innocent then executing him is murder.

2410 Name: Alyssa Young

Comment Hi Mr. Brown, Please don't execute another innocent black men. Our "justice system" has executed too many innocent black men due to discrimination, for example, the recent Brian Terrell case. My friend saw Jesus, came to took Brian Terrell home. I have not gotten over it yet as I had been writing and petitioning for him to get retrial. Another case is Richard Glossip. God also told us that he is innocent. He almost got executed last year. Please don't execute another innocent man because it will cause our state not to get blessing from God and drought. God asks me and us to help freeing the oppressed and innocent or our land will be cursed. Thank you for considering our prayers and may God bless!

2411 Name: Nikia kelly

Comment The facts are already stated...innocent!! What esle is there

2412 Name: Marcia Cinato

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

2413 Name: Yolanda Camacho

Comment Governor Jerry Brown I asks that you grant clemency to Mr. Kevin Cooper.

2414 Name: Stephanie Williams

Comment Don't let this happen!!!

2415 Name: Candace Gates

Comment Save this innocent mans life! Take him out of prison!

2416 Name: Emma Dry

Comment There seems here to be more than reasonable doubt to convict this man, let alone sentence him to death. Hard as it may be for 'the system' to admit mistakes, given the era that this man was convicted in, and the numerous anomalies in the case, it seems like insanity not to revisit it. Politics should not get in the way of truth. A man's LIFE is in your hands.

2417 Name: Tanysha Ramirez

Comment If this man is innocent, why kill him? Wouldn't that make them murderers too?

2418 Name: trekeita chessman

Comment Please release Kevin Copper do not execute him instead give him his freedom

2419 Name: R McGee

Comment #blacklivesmatter

2420 Name: Yolanda R


2421 Name: Marie Polche

Comment I believe he is innocent.

2422 Name: W. Parham

Comment are you kidding me? there is more than enough to let that man go free. He didn't do it.

2423 Name: Vatricia A. Mckinney

Comment All evidence shows that he is NOT guilty

2424 Name: Bridgette

Comment This petition should not even be necessary. This is a disgusting and deplorable example of the degradation of humanity!

2425 Name: Jacquie Hogan

Comment Just read the story on this man what the hell are you waiting for he should be freed and compensated. One love Jah love from London UK

2426 Name: Darrell Davis

Comment Free that brother if he is truly innocent! Why would u murder someone if you know them to be guilt free?

2427 Name: ChiChi

Comment The evidence speaks for itself. This man is innocent.

2428 Name: Travis Ross

Comment This innocent man needs to be freed!

2429 Name: Candice cowens-shaw

Comment Full support

2430 Name: Whitney leach

Comment Free him!!!!

2431 Name: Lyndsey G

Comment Praying for you for justice.

2432 Name: Isaiah Heath

Comment Free Kevin Cooper


Comment Don't execute an innocent man that was made to look guilty by a flawed system and inherent discrimination and racism.

2434 Name: Tywanna jines

Comment Here our voices and free Kevin Cooper.

2435 Name: Sonia Williams

Comment Amen,Prayers Goes Out To This Family.But Why Would U Kill Someone that's innocent...

2436 Name: Heinz Leitner

Comment As a retired official of the Federal Ministry of Labour in Vienna as well as a former representative of this organization in the Austrian Board of Paroles I am urging you to stop the execution of innocent African-American Kevin Cooper

2437 Name: Bernice


2438 Name: Al Rodriquez

Comment Free the innocent

2439 Name: dina ganem

Comment Don't dare to kill him

2440 Name: Jessica Hall

Comment Free a innocent man

2441 Name: Carolyn Wylie

Comment So very wrong.

2442 Name: La Nola Smith

Comment Because 3 cant magically turn to into 1.

2443 Name: Aissatou sow

Comment You are in my prayers ... With love Aissatou

2444 Name: Diane Dillard

Comment Free him now.

2445 Name: Michael walker

Comment If he's innocent release him now!!!!

2446 Name: Earnest McCoy

Comment Please dont kill him

2447 Name: Ms. Kujichagulia

Comment Stop the genocide.

2448 Name: Theola Maxon

Comment Kevin Copper should be released immediately! Thanks in advance!

2449 Name: Faye Alleyne

Comment Seriously? You know he is innocent of this crime and still want to kill him? Typical! Do the right thing! Free him and put the ones responsible for this in jail!

2450 Name: Keisha

Comment DNA tampering should have freed this man. tToo many reasonable doubt.

2451 Name: Jessica Lavalle

Comment :(

2452 Name: Wade McElroy

Comment Don't let an innocent person be killed under your administration.

2453 Name: Terry Collins

Comment Anybody who has studied the case of can see that there is a frame up in progress. If you are Black and poor, one is automatically murdered by the number one murderer of the world, The US Empire.

2454 Name: Alyssa Tai

Comment God told us that Kevin Cooper is innocent. He got death penalty because of discrimination. Please set him free now! Our "justice system" has executed too many innocent black men already. Please do something right. Don't provoke God's anger! Thank you!

2455 Name: Tiare Lewis

Comment I hope justice prevails

2456 Name: Birmaji Tola

Comment Please free the innocent person. Don't be stubnorn. The system can and was manipulated by The richer and a black guy had to take the fall for it. Again.

2457 Name: martine Batiot

Comment free him...

2458 Name: Rich

Comment In this case its not about black or white. It's about truth and justice. If you execute this man then you only prove that the government is flawed to everyones belief. If you allow this to happen then you are no different than murderers in which are prosecuted. At least give him a fair trial. Atleast four federal judges have ruled against this yey its still taking place.

2459 Name: Grace williams

Comment Please free an innocent man. He has suffered enough for a crime he did not commit.

2460 Name: James MacPhee

Comment this is farcical, how on earth America can claim to be the greatest country in the world with a system the jails folk on a 3 strike basis and not for individual crimes...

2461 Name: beverly norris

Comment keep the faith

2462 Name: Jason Austin

Comment Do not execute this man.!!!!

2463 Name: Debra Bradley

Comment Please do not allow something that cannot be undone to happen. There is doubt in this case and therefore honour your oath and stop the death penalty being imposed. this man is in prison so you have any danger he he poses controlled I beg you to be the sanity and the voice of reason

2464 Name: Clarisse Paty

Comment Do not execute Kevin Cooper.


Comment Please dont take this mans life away.... Doing wrong and having eveidence is one thing but to just simply liberate a man because of the color of his skin is an injustice to us all!!! God sees everything!! Please help us... MAKE THE RITE DECISION AND FREE THIS MAN! THANKS AND GOD BLESS... SINCERELY A 26 YEAR OLD AMERICAN WHO WITNESSES RACIAL PROFILING EVERYDAY...

2466 Name: Aleksandra Gonzalez

Comment Please stop the execution of Kevin Cooper.

2467 Name: Michael Benoit

Comment Please free Kevin!

2468 Name: Sarah scott

Comment Please put an end to this unjustly ruled execution of his life. When will we stand against the wickedness in high places? The time is now people.

2469 Name: Alicia Christensen

Comment The death penalty is wrong

2470 Name: Margaret Pevec

Comment Given the doubt in the case of Kevin Cooper, I agree that the death penalty should not be carried out, and I hope Governor Brown will grant clemency to him. Too many mistakes are being made; too many innocent people imprisoned and murdered by the state. This must end!

2471 Name: Judith oyama olson

Comment Life sentence is better than a death sentence in an uncertain case Err on the side of the accused. Mercy should season justice

2472 Name: Terri L Johnson

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

2473 Name: Joshua Skidmore

Comment If he isn't guilty he should be set free... Mr.Cooper the Father will take care of you...Seek him... God bless

2474 Name: Virginia Naquin

Comment Free Cooper

2475 Name: Tim Andrews

Comment Even if the death penalty were acceptable, which it is not, it should never be implemented if there is the slightest doubt as to the guilt of the accused.

2476 Name: Anton Mestin

Comment Dear Governor, please stop this execution - it is downright murder to execute an innocent man.

2477 Name: Andrea Tams

Comment Dear Governor Brown, please free Kevin Cooper. You know it is right.

2478 Name: Marianne Ferry

Comment God bless you Kevin!!!

2479 Name: marca rappaport

Comment In GOD,S name,spare this man,s Life...

2480 Name: Wynn M Chapman

Comment If killing people is wrong, and it is, then so is ore-meditated State killing.

2481 Name: jean jost

Comment do what is right!

2482 Name: davonna bryant

Comment Spare his life

2483 Name: David Butler

Comment #DeathPenalty makes killers of us all.

2484 Name: A. F. Simkovics

Comment Hello! Do you ever think of how Christ would have acted? Please, do so (if you can? maybe you are disabled?) And, killing somebody by thinking it is God's will is Old Testament which is passé since 2016 years. Thank you! And have a wonderful life! YA

2485 Name: Vanity Newsome

Comment Free This innocent man!

2486 Name: Robin Meade

Comment No one should be sentenced to without parole will always be the best choice.

2487 Name: Ming Canty

Comment I am so saddened by the continuous racism against people of color by the very people that are suppose to protect them. My heart goes out to the people who have sat unjustly, and falsely accused incarcerated within a system that has anything but rehabilitation capabilities. These men and women are forever changed. Mr. Cooper deserves restitution yes however more than anything he deserves and is owed his life back as a free citizen of this country. My hope is that your conscience will be the same as the judges that spoke out against all the falsification during the investigation and trial. Lord have your righteous way with everyone concerning this decision and the one that was made years ago. The one that put Mr Cooper in jail in the first place.

2488 Name: Kurt Regenauer

Comment Abolish the Death Penalty

2489 Name: Hans Daenner

Comment No Death penalty Free for all Prisoners

2490 Name: Ellen Scully

Comment Please do not execute Kevin Cooper.

2491 Name: Alexander Dwinell

Comment You must find the strength to grant clemency to Kevin Cooper. His life is on the line.

2492 Name: Nancy Epps

Comment release mr. cooper pardon him.

2493 Name: eugene epps

Comment free mr. cooper

2494 Name: Chris

Comment How can this be? How can our Governor not care when even the supreme court questions the validity? Would we rather kill an innocent man than let a guilty one free? That is nonsense. If there is so much evidence to his innocence, let him go! I will not be voting for Government that puts away innocent lives, including you Jerry Brown. If you don't like it, then fix this broken "Justice" System

2495 Name: Kelli Clifford


2496 Name: Margaret Bruder

Comment The possibility that even one innocent person could be put to death by the state is reason enough to abolish the death penalty. In a case where so many are so unsure, it only makes sense to grant clemency to Kevin Cooper.

2497 Name: Melanie Barragan

Comment This is wrong, you cant execute someone for something they did NOT do!

2498 Name: Adam Alexander Ross

Comment In the age of White Supremacy, why execute an innocent man because of the color of his skin and to make a statement? You already have all the power. Killing an innocent man will not solve anything. Please free this man and allow him to live his life free and able to live.

2499 Name: Kimberly Cortinas

Comment Hang in there Kevin. Praying for you.

2500 Name: Demetra Coulter

Comment Free Kevin now!

2501 Name: mehrzad

Comment pleas stop all exicotions.

2502 Name: Chris Dehler

Comment We don't have the right to kill, neither by crime nor by government.

2503 Name: Olivier filograsso

Comment Please don't let the justice be unjust and kill another innocent man

2504 Name: Elke Zwinge

Comment This penalty shows the "quality" of the US-society. Poor America (United States)!

2505 Name: brian sewell

Comment really? governor needs to step in.

2506 Name: Charles Baker

Comment Praying for Kevin, and for Gov. Brown to make the right choice.

2507 Name: Devon Smith

Comment As time goes by, an eye for an eye We in this together son your beef is mines So long as the sun shines to light up the sky We in this together son your beef is mines

2508 Name: Roderick Adams

Comment Spare this man!

2509 Name: Bryce johnson

Comment I want to make a difference in someone's life , please release this man .

2510 Name: kokayi nosakhere

Comment This is murder.

2511 Name: Rev Rachel Hollander

Comment He has been proven innocent. Five judges said so. Please. Do not commit the murder of an innocent man. Reconsider. Awaken to your humanity. Thank you.

2512 Name: Else Tonke

Comment execution a man he is innocent is a crime that You never can regret Else Tonke

2513 Name: daniel trey

Comment Free the blood of man.

2514 Name: Tonya Ryan

Comment Exodus 23:7 Have nothing to do with a false charge and do not put an innocent or honest person to death, for I will not acquit the guilty.

2515 Name: Maury Haymore

Comment Please consider saving a life, due to the doubt in this case...

2516 Name: Alejandro Soto-Vigil

Comment Please grant clemency.

2517 Name: Kriss Worthington

Comment Please grant clemency

2518 Name: vera boehmer

Comment free them all

2519 Name: Christina Evelyn

Comment Free Mr.Cooper.

2520 Name: Brooke Bicher

Comment Please grant clemency, this case is a perfect example of the flawed justice system in the U.S. and a man's life hangs in the balance!!!

2521 Name: Fabienne Pizot-Haymore

Comment Such reasonable doubt in this case should preclude the state of California from proceeding to this execution.

2522 Name: Ryan Marquis

Comment I support you.

2523 Name: Derrick Greeen

Comment I hope this helps Brother. Any of us could be in your shoes.

2524 Name: Gerald Moore

Comment Prayer works.

2525 Name: Airen

Comment Executing an innocent person is not giving going to give the family true justice.

2526 Name: Rommey Johnson

Comment Do not execute an innocent man. Give him his life back. Outrageous and illegal, where is the true justice?

2527 Name: Nolan Jacobs Walker

Comment Even if he is guilty, executing Cooper would take away the right to life that the Declaration of Independence states cannot be taken away by governments. He himself would have already taken away his rights to "liberty" and the "pursuit of happiness" by committing such a crime (even if he were to not be in jail, he could not be truly free or happy), but government taking away an unalienable right would encroach on America's highest ideals. Also, Cooper's conviction was error prone and already provides enough doubt that an irreversible punishment cannot be justified. Furthermore, the development DNA evidence has only recently led to the release of individuals we were at one time certain were criminals. Who knows what scientific advances may soon be made that could change Cooper's case? Thus, since he would still have a severe punishment and not be able to harm anyone in jail, such an irreversible punishment as capital punishment takes an unnecessary risk of creating a terrible injustice considering the uncertainty that surrounds his case. If Cooper is guilty, he deserves to be punished, but life in prison is sufficient punishment, and Douglas Ryen, Peggy Ryen, Jessica Ryen, and Christopher Hughes deserve better than to have their names be remembered along with an execution, let alone that of a potentially innocent man. Please, uphold the ideals that we as a society stand for in 21st century America and stop the execution of Kevin Cooper. Summary: To execute Kevin Cooper would be to take an unnecessary risk of killing an innocent man and would violate the ideals for which we Americans stand. -Execution violates the unalienable right to life stated in the Declaration of Independence. -The development of DNA evidence has only recently proved previously convicted persons to be innocent. Who knows what scientific advances may soon prove Cooper innocent? -while criminals deserve to be punished, life in prison is sufficient punishment, is tough on crime, and protects the rights of all other citizens. -Cooper's conviction was error prone and provides enough doubt that an irreversible punishment cannot be justified. -Douglas Ryen, Peggy Ryen, Jessica Ryen, and Christopher Hughes deserve better than to have their names be remembered along with an execution, let alone that of a potentially innocent man. -If Cooper is innocent, killing him would provide a victory to the true killer.

2528 Name: tim harper

Comment When mercy is shown, mercy will be given. When truth is sought, truth will be given. Where injustice is allowed to be tolerated, so shall it be allowed to thrive. These are the ways of things. All things move in cycles, and at this point in this cycle you have been chosen to allow it to continue or end. All I ask is that you make your decision based on facts procured by yourself, and keep close in mind all consequences that your decision entails not just to one individual, but to us all. We are one, Love thy neighbor.

2529 Name: Wilfried Burg

Comment Free him now!

2530 Name: Tammi Green

Comment What an injustice! Disgusting. Please do what's right!

2531 Name: Robyn Rush

Comment How can your conscience let you murder a man you KNOW and has been admitted by the judge who sentenced him, to be innocent! It's abhorrent, disgusting, and makes our so called justice system a completely sad sad joke. Let this man go and compensate him for all that time and all that he has missed out on! I pray for your soul. Robyn Rush

2532 Name: Julie

Comment Shotty evidence and DNA proof! Free this man immediately!

2533 Name: Altoria Brown

Comment God is still in charge

2534 Name: Yelena Furman

Comment This man deserves his freedom, or at least release from the death penalty for a come that he did not commit!

2535 Name: Kris johnson

Comment I know I don't know u big homie but keep your head up and that's just straight bullshit that your innocent man getting ready to die I'll pray for u brotha

2536 Name: Liz Shackelford

Comment Hang tight and be brave. We going to do our best to get you out of there.

2537 Name: Robert Louis Joseph

Comment Bs if u let this man die you will face your maker someday and have to explain.

2538 Name: Dorine S Wright

Comment There is to much evidence that points to an injustice. Do not execute this man Governor Brown.

2539 Name: Cynthia hodge

Comment I say if this man is innocent set him free he has spent all these years in prison hasn't he been tortured enough for anyone who has served time being away from family and dealing with the everyday struggles of prison that is a hell on its on let him go..if he is innocent who are these ppl too take his life...I proudly stand up and say SET HIM FREE...TO KEVIN KEEP UR HEAD HIGH AND PRAY FOR THESE PPL WHO ARE TRYING TO TAKE UR LIFE I WILL PRAY EVERYDAY BOUT THIS SENDING U MY BLESSINGS

2540 Name: Andrew Plant

Comment Good luck Kevin. I hope you get FAIR justice. Best wishes. Andrew

2541 Name: Tara Prairie

Comment It is unconscionable that Mr. Cooper is still on death row when he should be granted clemency.

2542 Name: Susan Halterman

Comment Free Kevin Cooper and abolish death penalty

2543 Name: Mary Lee Kinosian

Comment Set this man free if he is not guilty. Listen to the judge, review the facts, and revise your sentence. We are NOT the TALIBAN!!!!

2544 Name: Connor Greene

Comment Innocent until proven guilty

2545 Name: Kordell Hunter

Comment What's right is right....

2546 Name: B.Murphy

Comment If this man is innocent why should he die SAVE him!!!

2547 Name: Salman Hoda

Comment Govenor Brown, please have a conscious, an grant clemency. Don't be a coward like your predecessor and take the easy route. Do the right thing.

2548 Name: Christina lolley

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

2549 Name: Peter jordan

Comment If he is innocent then the police should be committed,FREE him he deserves justice

2550 Name: Brenna Michener

Comment If being killed by the state is the punishment for killing someone innocent-- then if you should kill someone innocent, you should also be punished by the state.

2551 Name: sherri stephenson


2552 Name: Ari Lacroix

Comment Stay strong brother. It is always darkest before the dawn. Never give up hope. All the love. The killing of an innocent man will not bring back the victims of this horrific crime. This is not justice.

2553 Name: justin chaskin

Comment Free him

2554 Name: Corrinne Lagarde

Comment A Message to the Governor: Warm Greetings, I am writing with grave concern about the execution of Kevin Cooper. Please do what you can to save this man! As it truly feels he is innocent based on the account of the surviving victim. Tragedies happened to the deceased of this horrible crime, but they do not need to continue in any present moment - as long as we are breathing and committed to integrity - we can act to protect the innocent and give our fellow humans a second chance. It would be deeply sad and terrible if Mr. Cooper lost his life in this way. And we are still on the living side of a decision to go through with a lethal, and immoral, action. If I were facing death when I did not murder a whole family- I would grieve everyday, be deeply disturbed, and perhaps somehow accept my misguided and unjust fate- just to have some peace in my last days... but I would pray that people all over this state and nation- advocated for me upon hearing my story... So I am writing with the hopes the state will do this man justice, and let him live & maybe one day find true peace. Truly, Corrinne Lagarde

2555 Name: Demetria Rogers

Comment Free him

2556 Name: Robert Konopka

Comment The man deserves a new trial if the evidence does not prove his guilt

2557 Name: Iovitsa

Comment Freedom

2558 Name: Sherrie L McCarthy

Comment He is innocent Let him go free. But they will have to pay him for being in prison wrongly convicted. Im sure they dont want to do that. But This man deserves his freedom back.

2559 Name: William Banks

Comment I would hope that the evidence and even the judge dies not feel this man is guilty. Please don't let an innocent man die...

2560 Name: Akiba Byrd

Comment This is outrageous. State sanctioned murder. Free this brother now!!!

2561 Name: Jane Lesnick

Comment Dear Governor Brown, Please commute Kevin Cooper's death sentence. There is too much doubt about whether or not he is guilty to justify going ahead with a death penalty. Sincerely, Jane Lesnick

2562 Name: Marsha Caprice

Comment It's Crime/Sim to kill an innocent msn

2563 Name: Dean Ricks

Comment I'll pray!

2564 Name: Judith Guest

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!

2565 Name: Cadence Steinpreis

Comment This is not justice.

2566 Name: Rashid S. Asadullah-EL

Comment We may not be able to turn back the hands of time for the years that have been stolen from Mr. Kevin Cooper's life. However, it would be an act of self-inflicted spiritual damnation to execute a man who should have never been sentenced to prison to begin with. Governor Brown, what will it take for the "powers" in high places to realize that justice means Just I Cee Equality? Anything else is uncivilized.

2567 Name: Hilal Osman

Comment It's inhuman to kill innocent live Save cooper

2568 Name: Philipp Rohrbach

Comment Please don't execute this innocent man!

2569 Name: Brenna Dolan

Comment I believe that our justice system must prevail until tbe final verdict is the true one. Kevin Cooper deserves life as a free man.

2570 Name: Joseph Taylor

Comment If a man is innocent he should be released instead of held against his will

2571 Name: RB

Comment Free him

2572 Name: Ryan Field

Comment I cant believe how unjust the US government can be......

2573 Name: Lorraine Chambers

Comment Please reconsider the verdict.

2574 Name: Bruce Mitchell

Comment Do your duty, Governor Brown, and save an innocent man from execution!

2575 Name: Kathleen Williamson

Comment he should be given a Retrial at the very least. The Bent Officers who set him up. will be guilty of murder in gods eyes.

2576 Name: Sheila Forbes

Comment According to the Judges this man is innocent. It is an outrageous decision to proceeding with his murder in the face of the overwhelming verdict of the judges. The Sheriff should be in jail for corrupt practice.

2577 Name: Jane Clarke

Comment Listen to the experts, let this man go

2578 Name: Andrea Heuschmid

Comment Deathpenalty has to be abolished!

2579 Name: A Iglesias

Comment Do not murder this man!

2580 Name: jessica (GA)

Comment Free an innocent man.. Don't kill an innocent man...

2581 Name: Amber Manns

Comment Our deeply flawed justice system continues to illustrate why we have to come together.

2582 Name: Gayle

Comment No words to describe Who are these men to decide the fate of an innocent man? From the UK, behind you all the way. Best of luck to you

2583 Name: Willie Ware Jr.

Comment Kevin is innocent, there is a preponderance of evidence that says that, it was different with the last person executed, Tooky. This man's blood would be on your hands. This will tarnish your stellar record has being a great governor for the St. of Ca. If you are a decent man, which I believe you to be, don't allow this to happen. God bless Willie Ware Jr.

2584 Name: naomi whyte

Comment free Kevin cooper

2585 Name: Kim pollak

Comment Free Kevin Cooper.

2586 Name: Eric Lund

Comment There have been far too many deaths of innocent black men in this nation's barbaric history. Instead of continuing to perpetuate this systematic genocide, let us take a stand against the injustice of the justice system.

2587 Name: Alec

Comment Killing an wrongly accused man is worse than locking Steven Avery up for some thing didn't do either

2588 Name: Dion Ivey

Comment if there is evidence that proves the man Is innocent and that the Prosecutor and/or Police circumvented the law to get a guilty verdict and the state kills him anyway, isn't that murder. The same crime Kevin was convicted of and the exonerated. Let this man go.

2589 Name: Maria Vargas

Comment Enough is enough free this innocent man!

2590 Name: Valerie McVay

Comment Free this innocent man!

2591 Name: Pamela Selwyn

Comment With so much doubt about the evidence in this case, it would be morally repugnant and legally highly questionable to allow the execution to go through.

2592 Name: Iris Romen

Comment Justice, now. You are dealing with people, their lives, their dignity ! Humans like you, yourself. Thank you. IriS

2593 Name: Thomas Gust

Comment ...

2594 Name: Albert Daniels

Comment This would be a travesty to execute an innocent man.

2595 Name: Jean Mackenzie

Comment How can you execute a man when it has been revealed that he is innocent. He has already spent so many years in jail for a crime he did not commit and now you want to give him the ultimate sentence????

2596 Name: vanessa

Comment Good luck

2597 Name: Ella Davis

Comment Sir, respectfully, stay the execution and free him. All involved in framing this man if still living should be prosecuted... Thank you...

2598 Name: Chestina coffey

Comment Free this innocent man. This racial divide has got to stop

2599 Name: Katherine Twigg

Comment Please let this man go and stop trying to murder innocent people this nations judicial system is so broken . And those people you are part of this criminal system and cover up are criminals themselves.

2600 Name: Valerie Perine

Comment You will be free soon!!!! I'm claiming it!!!

2601 Name: Ashley

Comment Don't execute an innocent man.

2602 Name: Sheree

Comment save him

2603 Name: Ariana Miller


2604 Name: Robert Ursini

Comment This is not justice. Free Kevin Cooper

2605 Name: violet Starr-Goforth

Comment Injustice to Justice.

2606 Name: Rory Martin

Comment Innocence is more important than anything else.

2607 Name: violet Starr-Goforth

Comment Injustice to Justice

2608 Name: Carmen Perkins

Comment This is a terrible. Something must be done to free this young man of all this injustice being done to him, perhaps many, many more! Please, please help this man!!! Thank you for considering me plea for justice.

2609 Name: Thomas

Comment Please do not let an innocent person be executed.

2610 Name: Frost Wazowski

Comment Sending support and a pair of crossed fingers from sunny-but-cold South Carolina.

2611 Name: niko prentice

Comment Iknew this c/o who described tha whole story to me in detail as she worked on tha prison yard from which Kevin Cooper escaped from.Also the surviving witness also stated that he Kevin Cooper was not tha man who killed his family.Evidence DNA that was in a dead man's hand of hair belonging to tha one who commited tha crime was not that of Kevin Cooper hmmmmmm ain't that some shit and they would rather kill him than pay him

2612 Name: Michelle Lynn Williams

Comment Please don't kill an innocent man. Remember Karma

2613 Name: Alexandra Lazarte

Comment I hope out system doesn't fail you... Stay strong

2614 Name: Tawana jackson

Comment Save him

2615 Name: Peter GERTZ

Comment YA BASTA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2616 Name: Al Bennett

Comment It sounds like a great unjust was done to this man...May God help this man..

2617 Name: krystal

Comment Praying

2618 Name: lula

Comment how could this man be guilty when so much evidence points to his innocence ?

2619 Name: Jan Briski

Comment There are too many pieces to this puzzle that points to this man's innocence.

2620 Name: Bro. Brian McLauchlin, SVD

Comment The death penalty is morally wrong and only perpetuates the cycle of violence. We need to end the death penalty now.

2621 Name: Mary Starr

Comment There are too many inconsistencies in this mans trial. It is only right that the death penalty be removed. Thank you.

2622 Name: Richard Watts

Comment Please take this man off Death Row.

2623 Name: Myrna Newman

Comment The death penalty is never a good option - especially when there are so many questions regarding the evidence.

2624 Name: Patricia Saroch

Comment It appears that an unbiased 're-evaluation is in order for Kevin Cooper' s murder case. It is extremely tragic that this man has spent so long imprisoned for a crime that has been so completely misrepresented in the court system- a crime that he more than likely did not commit. Furthermore, it appears that this was indeed a racially motivated misrepresentation. To behave in such a completely reprehensible way as to accuse and condemn a person to death because one despises people of color is a gross injustice that seems to describe our judicial system. As person of European descent, i am coming to realize more deeply how racial inequality is so thoroughly integrated into our Justice system, among other American institutions. I know that I must speak out as against this, or I am participating in this injustice.

2625 Name: Alan Manduca

Comment Not enough evidence to prove guilt.Disturbing outcome. Justice is not served in this case. He deserves a retrial at the least a stay of execution.

2626 Name: Mary Jo McPherson

Comment Kevin should not be executed; in fact, he should be released.

2627 Name: Darci Dean

Comment More time should be spent seeking the truth before death is the final answer. After all there is reasonable doubt in this case.

2628 Name: Reza Ziaeian

Comment Nobody in my believe should be executed unless we are 1000000% sure.

2629 Name: Lynne Gedanken

Comment Dear Governor Brown, Many people justify the death penalty on the basis of citing the Bible's injunction of an eye for an eye. Yet, in Jewish law, a person could only be convicted of a capital crime on the basis of identical eye witness testimony from two independent eye witnesses. In Kevin Cooper's case, the only eye witness said the perpetrators were white or Latino. Moreover, there are sufficient questions about the evidence and procedure in his trial that twelve judges question the verdict. Surely, that meets the standard of reasonable doubt. Please grant Kevin Cooper clemency. Respectfully, Lynne Gedanken

2630 Name: Anthony Tweedale

Comment -

2631 Name: April

Comment I feel that Kevin should not be put to death

2632 Name: Matthew Bansfield

Comment A pardon would be preferable

2633 Name: Anna Engdahl

Comment How can anyone with a conscience allow this to happen?

2634 Name: Isabel Saglimbeni

Comment Mercy bears richer fruits than strict justic, especially in your case when you are innocent. God bless you and may the truth set you free.

2635 Name: Lee Heroux

Comment If there is any doubt then the execution has to be stopped.

2636 Name: Meredeth Ruston

Comment .

2637 Name: Gloria Ramirez

Comment Dear Mr. Cooper, Be encouraged today by the Lord and by those of us who believe you are innocent. Through this social media it's possible that hundreds of thousands will certainly sign your petition and I will place a prayer request out to the holy land in Jerusalem because there is no doubt your life story is very similar to that of Joseph, God Bless You today and may God break with his strong arm every under serving curse upon your life, with the blood of Jesus in Jesus name. Read 1 John 5:7-8 and 2 John 5:7 and Psalms 35 and 37 read them with love because love is powerful. Again you are truly unique example of admiration and without doubt the Lord has heard your cry. blessing Shalom and hope and pray for You to travel the world with your testimony soon, especially to the Holy Land. Sincerely, Gloria

2638 Name: John Smith

Comment If the evidence was tampered with or thrown out the case needs to be retried.

2639 Name: Saran Conde

Comment N/A

2640 Name: Michael Rich

Comment I believe it is morally wrong for the state to execute people under any circumstance. It is even more reprehensible when there is doubt that the prisoner is guilty of the crime for which execution is being imposed.

2641 Name: Josefina Gandara

Comment An innocent man should not die for a crime he did not commit especially when there is evidence that proves his innocent

2642 Name: Donna Webb

Comment Kevin, you are not alone.

2643 Name: Betsy benedict

Comment we all know that injustices likebthisbhappen all the time and that it is more likely than not hat he did not do the crime based on the evidence. Please give him clemency and set this innocent man free.

2644 Name: Karen Harris

Comment against the death sentence!

2645 Name: Alyce Beman-Pearsall

Comment Reasonable doubt exists

2646 Name: Alisha pate

Comment Free Kevin

2647 Name: Alice Zachmann

Comment It's time for justice on behalf of Kevin's life. Set Kevin FREE!415

2648 Name: Patricia Thompson

Comment Never a death penalty!!!

2649 Name: Braylon Heffington

Comment please listen to this he is innocent.

2650 Name: Ivette

Comment SAVE Kevin Cooper.

2651 Name: Sheri Cisneros

Comment Stop the state from murdering an innocent man

2652 Name: Jane Cutting

Comment Prayers for Kevin

2653 Name: Oscar Vaughn

Comment Don't execute an innocent man!

2654 Name: Marie Zimmerman

Comment Please do not execute a possibly innocent man

2655 Name: Ayesha bhaidani

Comment All the evidence shows he is innocent. Stop an innocent man from being killed.

2656 Name: Judy A Comer

Comment please do not kill a man for a crime he did not commit.

2657 Name: betty

Comment I think he needs a new hearing. If the boy who lived said they were white why did they arrest Kevin? Something is most definately wrong with this.

2658 Name: Mary Costa

Comment I hope an innocent man is not condemned to die. The true cold hearted killers need to be brought to justice.

2659 Name: susan vaughna

Comment I wrote a book about the lynching of 3 suspects accused of murdering some of my relatives in 1906. Four were murdered in a very similar way as the victims in this case in CA. Even though it was assumed for over 100 years that the suspects accused of killing my relatives were guilty, I found no evidence at all presented by the press - the only trial these suspects got - that proved anything or even substantially connected the suspects to the crime. Even though years earlier, involving a similar case - before Jim Crow rule - investigators had taken pains to have evidence analyzed, those steps were not taken in the case in Salisbury, NC in 1906. I believe this to be because of the mindset, which emerged from the recent white supremacy campaign, that such a heinous crime had to have been committed by people of African descent. One would hope that in "modern" times a motivation to rush to judgment and inclination to suspect a black man when evidence leads to white suspects would no longer be part of any investigation, but I don't believe we have overcome this deeply indoctrinated prejudice yet. The least that should be done in Kevin Cooper's case is that the court consider ALL the evidence, and if there is any doubt, and I certainly have doubts, of his guilt in these crimes, he should be spared the death penalty. Furthermore all leads to his innocence should continue to be aggressively pursued. However in the US a person is supposed to be innocent until PROVEN guilty - not until he proves his innocence. Shouldn't this be our guide in all cases, and any time evidence is destroyed by authorities, as reported in this case, the case should be dismissed.

2660 Name: Beatrice Hawkins

Comment I am a white older woman in South Carolina and know that the justice system is still NOT fair to the blacks. This man deserves to be free and live while this whole mess gets cleared up. What good are people who tell what they saw if no one will listen to them? Beatrice L Hawkins . 223 White knoll road . West Columbia SC 29170

2661 Name: Rachael Fleet

Comment If we must cling to the death penalty, we should at the very least go to all possible lengths to make sure the condemned has had every available piece of evidence investigate before judgment is passed. This should be especially the case now that we are frequently subjected to the horrendous botches that are regularly occurring in the execution procedures themselves. Let he who is without sin cars the first stone.

2662 Name: Nina Snyder

Comment I believe this man is innocent due to his conviction being based on false evidence.

2663 Name: Diane Bahr

Comment Tragically our justice system is any thing but just.The wrongs translate into stolen lifes and the deaths of innocents.

2664 Name: Jacob Burnette

Comment Even if there's a chance he did it, it's not worth the risk of executing am innocent man.

2665 Name: Candese Michael

Comment Justice will be done

2666 Name: Phillip Lara

Comment None

2667 Name: Jeffrey A. Hanson

Comment These kind of injustices need to be corrected that's why I'm signing this petition because it's ridiculous to send a man to his death with any lingering doubts of his guilt!

2668 Name: Lynn Tesher

Comment How can it happen in this country based on law and justice that this man is still in prison for a murder he didn't commit? And worse yet, scheduled to be executed for the murder he didn't commit?

2669 Name: Myron Adams

Comment What madness is this, that an innocent known to be innocent is going to executed any way. This is no justice if he dies, its murder.

2670 Name: Barbara Rathbun

Comment I hope Kevin gets the support needed

2671 Name: Fraqncis P Cleary Jr

Comment no death penalty.

2672 Name: Fraqncis P Cleary Jr

Comment no death penalty.

2673 Name: Catherine

Comment Free this innocent man

2674 Name: Nathalie Belden

Comment Please do not kill him!

2675 Name: Candice Stark

Comment There is doubt that Kevin Cooper committed these murders. Please do the right thing and stay his execution. Candice Stark A Democrate and a voter!

2676 Name: Danielle Bryant

Comment Free this man! I pray that God shows everyone involved in this scandal the same judgement they placed on this man. I pray the family members rest in heavenly peace! May God have mercy on your soul!

2677 Name: Lisa Franklin

Comment This man is innocent. Stand up for what is right Free this man..

2678 Name: Beth Leeks

Comment The prosecution and conviction of this black man seems racially motivated, from what I have read about this case. How can multiple witnesses say it was white or latino men who committed the crime and yet a black man is convicted of it? I find it deeply disturbing that the prosecution would deliberately with hold evidence at trial because it does not fit their story of who committed the crime. Some of the people who are expressing doubt that the person who was convicted of the crime actually committed it; and these are people whose legal and professional opinions are well respected,such as judges. It is not right that any state would execute any person under such acloud of doubt as to their guilt.

2679 Name: Edie Tipsword

Comment STOP This Injustice

2680 Name: George

Comment If the son said it was not a black man that killed his family. Whats he doing in jail, in the first place. And why doesn't the son come forward and say it again.

2681 Name: David webb

Comment If they can't go by the young man who lived through it and said it was not him you have to tale that into consideration and hold off on the death of this man. I belive in the death penalty nit we need to prove without a shadow of a doubt that's he did this

2682 Name: Tony nguyen

Comment That's wrong judging a man without any real evidence

2683 Name: Tamekia Harris

Comment This man may not have been perfect, but don't charge him with crime he obviously didn't commit just for the sake of being right... I don't understand what a person could need more than the statement from one of the victims.Wow. Please don't kill this man. Uphold the law... we need more of holding of the law today.

2684 Name: Margaret Bau

Comment I can't believe that 5 judges said hes not guilty and they are sti going to execute this man. What the hell js wrong with our justic system. They should execute tje person that tjibks this is right to do!

2685 Name: Chrisopher Fernandez

Comment They should look at this case very closely.

2686 Name: Judy Shattuck

Comment We must not kill this man!

2687 Name: Erin

Comment This case needs to be looked at again!

2688 Name: Steven Inglima

Comment While I do not oppose the death penalty, there must be more than circumstantial evidence used in trial to condemn someone to be put to death by the state. In this case, where it would appear that in fact there is an increasing likelihood that in fact the verdict may have been completely wrong, there can be no justification to put a man to death for something that he most likely did NOT do. Justice is not served in this way, even if the original crime was heinous. This impending act of capital punishement then voids the integrity of the state's position, and in fact becomes state sponsored murder. Please consider this; particularly the person in the position to stop the execution, namely Governor Brown.

2689 Name: Landon Shook

Comment In the court of public opinion, the criminal justice system has been convicted of yet another injustice. One person is one too many. Only God knows how many persons that we, the people, have wrongfully accused and even convicted. I don't want to sign this for Kevin Cooper, I want to sign this petition with the hope that just one wrongfully accused person gets their fair shot to prove their freedom, even though the burden of proof lies with the prosecution. This man was wrongfully convicted and the real murderer(s) is/are still out there. Please help us fix this broken system in the hope of real justice prevailing for past injustices, current injustices, and future wrongfully convicted people who won't have the money or resources to defend themselves against the immense power of an almighty criminal justice system that withholds exonerating evidence, tries to plant evidence, and even knowingly tried to convict innocent people. We have a moral and ethical obligation to right this wrong because we, the people, caused it in the first place.

2690 Name: Pauline Tobin

Comment this is a miscarriage of justice. many events and witness testimony in this case was destroyed, tampered with or ignored.

2691 Name: Marcy Kelly

Comment Please stay the execution of Kevin Cooper.

2692 Name: Cynthia Gwiazda

Comment Please don't murder an innocent man!

2693 Name: Phillip smith

Comment Please prayerfully reconsider your decision to execute Mr. Kevin cooper.

2694 Name: eileen cherry

Comment from what I have read it does not appear that this man is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt...What purpose does it serve to end his life? Please spare his life and free him if we do not have absolute proof.

2695 Name: Bruce Cressman

Comment The mishandling of evidence is enough to issue a stay.

2696 Name: Dennis McGee

Comment You cant just execute an innocent man particularly when you k n o w it !!!

2697 Name: Kathleen Collier

Comment There is no doubt that this man should NOT be executed, considering the constitutional violations.

2698 Name: Lucy Dumouchelle

Comment please re-examine the inconsistencies.

2699 Name: Renee Phipps

Comment Dear Governor Jerry Brown, I am requesting for the state of California to grant clemency for Kevin Cooper. Please look into this case & give this man a fair trial.

2700 Name: Phyllis Jarrett

Comment Unless there is without a doubt evidence this man committed the crime, he should be pardoned and set free. It sounds as if it was a rogue investigation.

2701 Name: Jason Thomas

Comment Stay strong, never lose hope. God bless you.

2702 Name: Tessa Verderber

Comment It is not justice if there is ANY reasonable doubt!

2703 Name: Christine

Comment Justice must be served and the innocent set free.

2704 Name: Judy

Comment Please do not put to death an innocent man. Please do what is right.

2705 Name: Sylvia Stanat

Comment Black lives matter.

2706 Name: p bryer

Comment Given the serious doubts about his guilt, why would any decent person hesitate to grant clemency? Do the right thing, Jerry.

2707 Name: Sheri Flying Hawk

Comment Beyond a shadow of a doubt…. white racist deputies, white racist lab technicians, white racist district attorneys and even white racist judges may all secretly belong to white racist supremacist societies such as the Ku Klux Klan and that no matter what the truth is when it comes to letting white males get away with murder and setting up a black man as the scape goat, these racist supremacist males hiding in department of justice jobs are going to try to get away with murder every time. Then they all go to the bars swilling their white alcoholic supremacist god just like CNN showed them doing after murdering that family.

2708 Name: Rebecca Hale

Comment Stay

2709 Name: S. Webb

Comment Please stop this insanity! As most people know, there is a term used in legal circles regarding "clean hands". Clearly, the government does not have clean hands in Kevin Cooper's case. Somewhere along the line, prosecutors became judged by their win-loss record - rather than being recognized as truth seekers. This is just one example of the decline of our justice system. It appears there are many responsible for the injustices in the Kevin Cooper case. We, as human beings, become murderers when we allow those like Kevin Cooper to be imprisoned, and possibly executed, when there is any existing reasonable doubt as to his guilt. When this happens, as people, we hide amongst the masses, with unclean hands. Shame on us! Please halt this injustice - thank you!!!

2710 Name: John Congdon

Comment There have been many mistakes by the aggressiveness of our system to convict and not to find the truth.

2711 Name: Louise Amyot

Comment Governor Brown. You were raised and educated to understand Justice so that I am certain that you know that Kevin Cooper's incarceration is an abomination of Justice. To have him sitting on Death Row is beyond the pale. You have the power to commute his sentence and the knowledge with which to act. Please save this man from this terrible injustice. Surely you must agree that too many innocent men have been killed by our "system of Justice" for no other reason than that they had dark skin. I beg you to save Kevin Cooper's life.

2712 Name: Tera

Comment How many signatures do you need? The man is innocent.

2713 Name: Gabriel Rivera

Comment This is wrong, very wrong and it shouldn't happen

2714 Name: Tony arellano jr

Comment Try to keep your head up man

2715 Name: Cheryl Ousley

Comment We must not murder an innocent man.

2716 Name: dale ekegren

Comment Can you live your life not knowing if you killed an innocent man? Or is it in your ego or political aspirations to allow an unproven atrocity to occur.If you are wrong may you suffer in doubt until your last breath, and then may you consciously suffer in hellfor all of eternity.

2717 Name: Esayas Gezahegne

Comment Justice for Kevin.

2718 Name: Walter L Johnson

Comment Hi Governor Brown, I urge you to review the latest discoveries that point toward Kevin Cooper's innocence. I know that you would hate to exescute an innocent person. And as a citizen of California, I would be very unhappy to have my government execute an innocent person. Sincerely, Walter L Johnson 310-570-3776

2719 Name: Myron Smith

Comment From the reports Kevin Cooper is not the killer. Evidence had been thrown out of bloody pants of possible suspect, possible killer. Only child in house of killing indicated it was not a Black man. Release Kevin Cooper, go fin the real Killer!

2720 Name: VICKI LLOYD

Comment Allow justice for Kevin Cooper

2721 Name: Sandy Boykin

Comment Praying for you.

2722 Name: joseph henry

Comment If there is a God and am confident there is, justice is not dead.The poor and the powerless may be denied human justice now but divine vindication of the innocent is UNDENIABLE.The final word about justice is not with those in whose hearts and souls it does not live.Those who reside in the courts and halls of justice must be reminded,that the most high God still rules in the affairs of men and nations,and they are only campers in their seats of power.There is an undeniable law of nature and life,WHATSOEVER A MAN SOWS THAT SHALL HE ALSO REAP.He who denies justice and mercy to others, himself would be denied the same when most needed.I say to Mr.Cooper,being sure of your innocent.Let the cross of injustice that they have given you to bear, become an opportunity to trust implicitly in the God of undeniable justice and mercy.Shalom! shalom my brother! IT WILL COME!

2723 Name: Angela

Comment God is not pleased with a nation that murders innocent people. Please set him free.

2724 Name: Wayne Shingler

Comment Not only should Mr. Cooper's life be spared, his conviction should be overturned, he should be compensated for false imprisonment these past many years, the police who mishandled the exculpatory evidence should be fired (or have their pensions revoked, if they're retired, and the prosecutor who suppressed the truth and pressed on for Mr. Cooper's conviction should himself be charged with conspiracy to commit murder, or whatever the equivalent charge would be in your state. If you allow this execution based on a bogus conviction from a sham trial to go forward, when you have the power to not only stop it, but to grant a full pardon, you will be guilty of murder yourself. Pray some future prosecutor doesn't hold you to account for it, lest you find yourself in the same peril Mr. Cooper finds himself today.

2725 Name: Jianna Schiavo-Campo

Comment Do not continue this barbaric practice. The death penalty is barbaric; 10% of those killed are innocent! This is a travesty and a disgrace upon the American legal system. I've spent 4 years studying criminal justice at UM and have found it to be one the most abhorrent practices still used in our country. Stop sending people to death because of clerical errors, unfair trials, and corrupt officials. I'm disgusted by the fact he is still in jail, give him and his family a settlement and let the man go. The 'justice' system has already ruined his life let's not let it take his life without just cause.

2726 Name: Sandra Rosen

Comment I urge you to grant clemency to Kevin Cooper.

2727 Name: Renée Rubin

Comment No man should be executed when doubt exists. He should be granted a new trial.

2728 Name: Spencer Rogers

Comment Killing an innocent man under such unfair circumstances will not bring justice to the affected family, or anyone else.

2729 Name: Robert Harris

Comment Free Kevin Cooper.

2730 Name: Kathryn Konigsberger

Comment It is absurd with all the evidence to the contrary to hold a man responsible for murders he did not commit. The fact this is the second time he is awaiting execution is even more disturbing. Kevin Cooper should be released with an apology and never fear for his life again. In this era, I am more than disappointed that it is necessary that I am even sending an email such as this. Please release Kevin Cooper from prison as a free man. Execution is would be a severe miscarriage of justice.

2731 Name: J. LaRue

Comment An innocent man should not be put to death fir a crume that he did not committ. I thought that justice was for "all"? How can you in clear conscience execute this man? Free him!

2732 Name: Katharine Cotrell

Comment You know what to do.

2733 Name: Kate Johannesen

Comment Kevin is innocent and deserves his right to life!

2734 Name: lynn spolarich

Comment they clearly have evidenceit was not him get the white people that did this yoy have enough evidence to free this man

2735 Name: Effie

Comment An injustice must be corrected. Set this man free!!!!!

2736 Name: Princess Denise

Comment Justice Needs to be Served in the Case of Kevin Cooper when the Forensic DNA Evidence proves that he is Not Guilty.. Why, is the Judicial System trying to Put an Innocent Man to Death ?

2737 Name: Sherri Matthew

Comment I tend to think of California as a pretty progressive state (I live in New England btw). This is not the sort of thing I would expect from CA. 30 years later and you're still dragging this poor guy through this silly "judicial procedure"?? Good grief, I was a little kid in 1983 and now I'm middle-aged! How long does it take to sort this stuff out anyway? Just taking that long in itself would be cruel and unusual punishment! He has much to contribute to society, go look at his paintings and essays and consider that.

2738 Name: leonard Lewis

Comment Babylon system is a vampire.

2739 Name: Jan Frankel

Comment Wishing you the best, for justice, freedom and long life.

2740 Name: Constance Becker

Comment Please grant clemency to Kevin Cooper.

2741 Name: Jana

Comment Sometimes I think the Americans are a 100 years back in time. Nobody should be murdered with an execution!!!

2742 Name: lisa howell

Comment The evidence is overwhelming for reasonable doubt. Please do not execute a possibly innocent man.

2743 Name: Cathrine Hartwell

Comment This appears to be a clear cut case of gross miscarriage of justice. In my opinion, a new trial is in order for Kevin Cooper. The death penalty for him is a crime against humanity and truth.

2744 Name: Jaime Hodgdon

Comment Regardless of whether one finds the death penalty to be ethical or not, it is UNDOUBTEDLY wrong to execute a man who is potentially (in this case, it looks like he is quite possibly) innocent. That's not what our justice system was made for.

2745 Name: Teresa Holloman

Comment When an eyewitness, the child, says you have the wrong person, there's reasonable doubt and no execution should be carried out!!

2746 Name: chazchspot

Comment NOT GUILTY!!!

2747 Name: Chris Enloe

Comment Please grant this man clemency.

2748 Name: Melanie Garner

Comment this miscarriage of justice is shameful.

2749 Name: Shonda Pulley

Comment N/a

2750 Name: Susan Caffery

Comment Justice for Kevin Cooper.

2751 Name: Casey Mounteer

Comment It is truly frightening to be aware of all of the misjustices in our system! It could happen to any one of us on any given day. Especially if you don't have the financial means to afford the best representation.

2752 Name: pst stenens

Comment clemency is the right call in this case. state homicide is not.

2753 Name: DULCE

Comment .

2754 Name: David Schneider

Comment It would be the grossest miscarriage of justice for Mr. Cooper to be executed. It is amazing that he has survived this torturous experience where even judges have seen that he is innocent of the murder. Governor Brown, FREE KEVIN COOPER.

2755 Name: Dale Butchart

Comment Please do the right thing and stop this senseless killing. Trying to solve killing by more killing is one of the more ignorant actions that any society could undertake.

2756 Name: Aaron Henry

Comment No comment

2757 Name: Jan Yakish

Comment Let's end the barbaric practice of murdering people in the name of the people

2758 Name: Roselle Kovitz

Comment Please help correct this injustice and stop the execution of an innocent man.

2759 Name: Lucy Marlatt

Comment I hope one day the police get off their asses and catch the bastards who did this horrible crime!

2760 Name: Darcie and Mike Madigan

Comment I am so sorry that you have been wronged simply because of the color of your skin. Please please know that not everyone feels that way!

2761 Name: russell turner

Comment Please spare a terrible injustice to this man

2762 Name: Monty Moore

Comment Kevin Cooper seems to be the sacrificial lamb for the sins of incompetence and prejudice on the part of the public officials involved: from lab techs to court heads!!

2763 Name: Andrew Overbey

Comment If your going to sentence someone to death your evidence should be 100% certain it was him that did the crime. If there's even a doubt, explore that doubt and ensure that your correct on your judgement of their crime.

2764 Name: Gayle Cain

Comment Please do not execute Kevin Cooper.

2765 Name: Laura Becker

Comment There is reasonable doubt in this case. Kevin Cooper deserves true justice not justice where he in turn becomes a victim.

2766 Name: Ashley Rines

Comment Executing an innocent man is MURDER. The evidence proving he's innocent speaks for itself & I hope more people sign this petition.

2767 Name: michele martin

Comment it seems that there has been enough new evidence to at least cause hesitation before executing this man. Just sayin.

2768 Name: Marc Terrance

Comment What happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty. If there are multiple issues that cause reasonable doubt, this should not be happening!

2769 Name: alysse raquel

Comment clemency

2770 Name: kathy lange

Comment Not understandable the premise upon which the ninnies found this man guilty.

2771 Name: Nathaniel

Comment I woke up this morning to this email. Immediately I began to think what what if people like me skipped over this email. Would that change the outcome of this situation? I'm glad I chose to read this and I do hope that people will open there eyes and see that their is an overwhelming of evidence that this man is innocent.

2772 Name: Jordan Parmantier

Comment I do not believe in the death penalty.

2773 Name: john Brinning

Comment No death penalty

2774 Name: Richard Gagner

Comment I disapprove of the death penalty.

2775 Name: Andrew Rikarts

Comment Set this man, who is clearly innocent of the crime that put him on death row, free immediately!

2776 Name: Tim

Comment When there is serious doubt then execution needs to be off the table. We can not take back an execution.

2777 Name: Cindy Hewitt

Comment There is far too much contradictory information and mishandling of evidence for Kevin Cooper to be executed. He has already served years in prison based upon a faulty case, and should be granted clemency and released immediately.

2778 Name: Carley anderson

Comment I believe in truth and justice.Law enforcement and anyone who took an oath to protect and serve the people and uphold their rights are getting more and more corrupt and it's time for the people to stand up and say NO MORE.

2779 Name: Sr Marie Aimee

Comment Please intervene on behalf of Kevin Cooper in Justice and free him.

2780 Name: Christian Roettger

Comment There is ample reason for doubting Kevin Cooper's guilt, to say the least. That alone should be grounds for Governor Brown to grant clemency.

2781 Name: Rev. Janet Wolf

Comment Please stop this execution

2782 Name: Megan Wilson

Comment Please grant Cooper clemency

2783 Name: L. M. Wilson

Comment I am from Texas, where the state has executed at least one innocent man - Cameron Todd Willingham. Do the right thing, be decent human beings, and grant clemency to Mr. Cooper. Executing a person when there is doubt is deplorable; to execute a human being when there is such a degree of doubt is criminal.

2784 Name: Suzanne Fava

Comment Free the innocent

2785 Name: Cynthia Blankenship

Comment To kill an innocent man is unconsciable and un constitutional.

2786 Name: Michael Gnat

Comment The number of wrongdoings in putting together a case against Kevin is appalling. This should have been thrown out years ago -- instead of being a sword over his head.

2787 Name: Gail Fleischaker

Comment There is too much legal and evidentiary contradiction in this case and no basis for Kevin Cooper to be executed.

2788 Name: Wilma Gaustad

Comment Governor Brown, Kevin Brown has not been proven guilty beyond a doubt. His case should be investigated further and if be can't be proven guilty inconclusively, then he should be freed.

2789 Name: Isaac Walton II

Comment Signed and sharing

2790 Name: Judith L. Osterman

Comment Gross miscarriage of justice. Free Kevin Cooper.

2791 Name: Sandra Stacki

Comment Too much doubt exists in this case to allow the death penalty.

2792 Name: Argelia Morales

Comment Please right this wrong and save a life that has already been cut short by injustice.thank you!

2793 Name: Monica Willard

Comment When Amnesty International shares a request like this, and offers compelling information from the Ninth circuit judge with "lingering doubt", it's time for people who care about the very usage of the death penalty to say, "Please do not let this happen Gov. Brown!" Too many innocent people have already died by mistake, especially people of color, just because there is a death penalty. May Peace Prevail on Earth--and with your help--May Peace Prevail in this case.

2794 Name: erica hawley

Comment don't kill an innocent man!

2795 Name: Jeanette Parks

Comment I pray that all will work out in your favor.

2796 Name: Malkese Edwards

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!

2797 Name: Lisa Tomczak

Comment Please free an innocent man...enough already!!!!

2798 Name: Justy Bates

Comment .

2799 Name: Marissa Wilson

Comment .

2800 Name: Terri Brogli

Comment I will be praying that they will hear and see what they need to, it definitely sounds to me like there is overwhelming evidence that there is most definitely "reasonable doubt". I truly hope by signing this petition you are granted life

2801 Name: diane wurster

Comment I really am starting to hate my country.

2802 Name: Nathan Burgess

Comment Governor Brown, Please see justice done in Mr Cooper's case. Evidence does not support the conviction. No one should be in prison for another man's crime. Please look into this case right away. Thank you, Nathan Burgess

2803 Name: Vicki Rahe

Comment Please do not execute this man until he gets another fair trial

2804 Name: Christopher Horn

Comment Travesty of justice does not seem adequate to describe Kevin Cooper's predicament. Destroyed, tainted, manipulated, suppressed evidence, recanted eyewitness accounts, and five federal judges who question Kevin Cooper's guilt and the dubious tactics employed to gain said guilty verdict, are all reasons that not only should Kevin Cooper not be executed but released from prison.

2805 Name: Rick Rodriguez

Comment Justice has to prevail.

2806 Name: kevin staggers

Comment No DNA and 8yr old gave different account of suspects not death row inmate he is innocent 30years ago the police got away with everything example when cop shot man in south Carolina and threw object by man he killed if the guy that recorded it didn't record officer would have gotten away with murder free Kevin cooper

2807 Name: Jayson Sykes

Comment He's already served over 30 years for something he didn't do. Let him go.

2808 Name: MIssy Ferguson

Comment It's time to correct this mistake

2809 Name: Mark A Dobuzinsky

Comment I have no idea if this person is innocent or guilty. The reason I'm signing this petition and the death penalty is flawed.As said in part of this statement that there are flawed parts in trial,jurors might change there mine,these are things that make the death penalty no good,it cost more to send a person to death,than life in prison and it gives you chance to look at future evidence or someone speaks up later.This is why we must do away with the death penalty,besides there is no way that life in prison is any great place to life for the rest of your life. I hope this man gets his stay and somehow we do away with the death penalty.

2810 Name: Adam Darby

Comment Justice!

2811 Name: Debra Dillon

Comment I pray this is overturned and the law does the right thing.

2812 Name: Laima

Comment You will be free.

2813 Name: Kenneth Deubner

Comment The death penalty is unconscionable in a civilized country.

2814 Name: Jasmine wilson

Comment Justice for all!

2815 Name: Elle

Comment Here's to you and hoping the can prove your innocence before it's too late.

2816 Name: Patricia Paice

Comment Please do the right thing...the facts are clear - they have the wrong man.

2817 Name: Stephanie Bolte

Comment I agree that without being 100% sure....this man's life needs to b more killing people for no reason. There's enough of that in the world already.

2818 Name: W G D Balser

Comment Governor Jerry Brown, Please do your job and what is constitutionally right by granting clemency to save the life of Kevin Cooper. If there is a shred of doubt that Mr. Cooper is innocent then it is unconscionable and unholy to allow the execution/murder of another person. Please think hard and long and do what is right by Kevin Cooper and his family. Political corruption has seen its day and needs to stop!!! Regards, W.G.D.Balser

2819 Name: Karla Holding

Comment I can't begin to imagine the horror that you have endured. There has been nothing fair or just in your conviction and incarceration. However, there seems to be a groundswell of support for you so do your best to remain strong and the world will celebrate with you when you get released.

2820 Name: June Caminiti

Comment Please grant clemency to Kevin Cooper. There is much evidence indicating his innocence that was overlooked at the trial.

2821 Name: joni

Comment Kevin, I just want to say I'm so sorry that this has happened to you. I have made so many mistakes in my life, and everyone does but to blamed for a horrific crime and to be innocent is the worst. Ihope and pray that this will all be resolved, and most importantly that you have a strong faith in God. He loves and forgives all of us, and he knows the truth. I will pray for you and for Gods will. God bless you. Sincerely Joni

2822 Name: Carl Washburn

Comment If Governor George Ryan, a conservative Republican, can halt all executions because so many convictions were overturned, a liberal Democrat like Governor Jerry Brown can surely stop this execution.

2823 Name: Joyce Cull

Comment I pray that some justice will be served and this man will be freed!

2824 Name: Praneet Paidisetty

Comment I hope he lives.

2825 Name: David

Comment I believe he is innocent, and I disagree with the death penalty even for the guilty.

2826 Name: cynthia jackson

Comment Do not condemn this man to death. Please stay his sentence.

2827 Name: susan vaughan

Comment It is better to risk saving a guilty man than to condemn an innocent one. Voltaire AUTHOR: Benjamin Franklin (1706–90) QUOTATION: That it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer, is a Maxim that has been long and generally approved. ATTRIBUTION: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, letter to Benjamin Vaughan, March 14, 1785.—The Writings of Benjamin Franklin, ed. Albert H. Smyth, vol. 9, p. 293 (1906). He was echoing Voltaire, “that generous Maxim, that ’tis much more Prudence to acquit two Persons, tho’ actually guilty, than to pass Sentence of Condemnation on one that is virtuous and innocent.—Zadig, chapter 6, p. 53 (1749, reprinted 1974). Sir William Blackstone, in his Commentaries on the Laws of England, 9th ed., book 4, chapter 27, p. 358 (1783, reprinted 1978), says, “For the law holds, that it is better that ten guilty persons escape, than that one innocent suffer.” SUBJECTS: Justice WORKS: Benjamin Franklin Collection

2828 Name: Brian Mahoney

Comment Arrest the prosecuting attorney

2829 Name: Dan Scarl

Comment .

2830 Name: Lugenia Dixon

Comment One day all innocent men will be free!

2831 Name: jim hernandez

Comment 144 deep wound in 4 minutes. Average more than 1 wound every 2 seconds against a family struggling for survival seems a lot for 1 man to get away with. I can't see letting the actual murderers be at large still while charging Kevin with this crime.

2832 Name: Nancy R

Comment Don't do it.

2833 Name: Sherie Hurtado

Comment Anyone with common sense and a heart can see how wrong killing this man would be. And anyone who refuses to face that fact is no better than the persons ACTUALLY responsible for the death of those four people.

2834 Name: Taveon Brown

Comment Sad and painful to know that the sheriff's stopped at nothing to hide and destroy evidence just so that they could pin it on a black man in the 80s. And to know that while they know he is innocent, they are still trying to kill him. That is murder.

2835 Name: julie oehlert

Comment The proof is there that this man did not commit this crime.

2836 Name: Dylan Aughe

Comment Kevin, I'll probably never know the fear or pain you experience but I'm humbly lending my name to this petition in hopes that this massive injustice may be averted, your life spared, and some semblance of integrity restored to our criminal justice system.

2837 Name: Latoya Johnson

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

2838 Name: Emilie Becker

Comment this is so wrong. please help him

2839 Name: Monica branch

Comment Please free Kevin Cooper

2840 Name: barbara smith

Comment Please grant clemency.

2841 Name: Marie Celestre

Comment Stop the execution immediatly!

2842 Name: Meredith schroeder

Comment May justice prevail! Remain strong in Your truth ♡

2843 Name: Thomas Trueten

Comment Abolish death penalty!

2844 Name: Jan Moore

Comment It is better to let others go unpunished than to kill one innocent person.

2845 Name: Steven K McKendall Sr

Comment God is watching

2846 Name: Lawona Williams

Comment Please free the innocent man . Don't execute him him for something you know he didn't commit.

2847 Name: Brenna

Comment If there is any doubt at all he should not be put to death and deserves a fair trial.

2848 Name: Elizabeth Stevenson

Comment Please review these findings. Do not put innocent defendants to death. It could happen to anyone of us!

2849 Name: Kristi Jackson

Comment Justice should prevail.

2850 Name: Helena Havelock

Comment There are many reasons for me to oppose the death penalty, chief among them is the possibility of executing an innocent man or woman. This man deserves a new and fair trial or a pardon. Gov. Brown, please intervene here in the name of justice and truth.

2851 Name: Julia Inman

Comment no comment

2852 Name: jilea howard

Comment Please free him.

2853 Name: LuAnne Battaglia

Comment Dear Governor Jerry Brown, Please do not kill an innocent man,The surviving child even stated they were white or Latino men (plural)NOT an African American man.This man is being wrongly convicted of a crime he never committed The real killers are still out there & need to be sought after. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, LuAnne Battaglia

2854 Name: Dawn

Comment aaa

2855 Name: Gerald Barnell Fowler

Comment I support Kevin Copper innocency in this case.

2856 Name: Linda Yates

Comment Clemency is the only option at this time considering the evidence of malpractice and tampering in the case of Kevin. Please review the findings of IACHR, and others. Do not fail this man; He has still not received due process as it is intended to be.

2857 Name: Kyle

Comment Free this man.

2858 Name: Brittany DeLoatch

Comment Just sad

2859 Name: Quentin Webster

Comment They obviously needs to be a retrial to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, the guilt of this man.

2860 Name: Jessica Perrin

Comment I am signing this petition as i realise that this innocent man has been cheated of a fair trail. Not only that but Kevin has been cheated of his life and FREEDOM. I am disgusted that the state can still find ways to sentence innocent men and women to death row and walk away thinking they have made the 'right' decision. Whatever happened to 'You must prove beyond all reasonable doubt' well, this case has doubt, a lot of it at that, so why was Kevin found guilty? Its a question for the jury and one they should be ashamed to answer as this has cost an INNOCENT man his life. I hope Kevin will be exonerated and i hope the state realise that this is NOT right. Things NEED to change.

2861 Name: Judy Lubow

Comment The quality of mercy is not strained.

2862 Name: Cheryl Butler

Comment Free Kevin Cooper an innocent man.

2863 Name: Paul N Pearce

Comment Having read the Clemency Petition and having followed the details of this case, Kevin Cooper at a minimum must be allowed the opportunity to present evidence of his innocence. Having served this great country and losing friends in that process, there can be no greater injustice that a man die for NO REASON period. If the evidence that I have read is correct then the actual guilty parties are still at large. If the evidence point in another direction then the System has done it's job. But at no time should a human being be killed if evidence supporting his innocence is available. Far more learned minds than mine have drawn the conclusion that this man is innocent. Give him his true day in court because he was clearly denied that opportunity earlier. Thank You

2864 Name: Robin Stringer

Comment We can do better than this. The insanity of the dead penalty is something humanity should have long ago moved on from. To impose such a sentence in a dubious case riddled with doubts and confusion, is unconscionable.

2865 Name: Germanita Staton

Comment Why would a man, who didn't do anything be executed ? This can't happen.

2866 Name: Yulonda Robinson

Comment There needs to be justice! He should not be executed for a crime even the judges admits he didn't commit!

2867 Name: Darnel Clapp

Comment Where is the justice for this man?

2868 Name: Christine Monroe

Comment Do what's right!

2869 Name: Regi Lyons

Comment Save the life of an innocent man!

2870 Name: Sherri Turner

Comment The Judicial system in America needs to be seriously reviewed...

2871 Name: Michelle Newman

Comment If he did not commit this crime please do what is right. Give him another trail or if the proof says he is innocent free him!

2872 Name: Melissa

Comment Stop the corruption. Do not execute an innocent man

2873 Name: Darren Dunlap

Comment Everyone has the right to due process and a fair trial.

2874 Name: Shalise Coursey

Comment Please add my name to the petition

2875 Name: Ronnie Hardy

Comment Please add my name to the petition

2876 Name: Anthony Crawford

Comment Lending my signature in the hopes that an in all likelihood innocent man is not wrongly condemned to death.

2877 Name: Maxayn Moriguchi


2878 Name: Kerrie Pennington-Roque

Comment Please give Kevin clemency.

2879 Name: Terah Greeb

Comment This is MURDER not Execution!

2880 Name: Lamonica Baker

Comment please don't execute an innocent man..All lives matter especially Innocent ones

2881 Name: Mary Sanderson

Comment Dear Gov. Brown, Don't let any innocent man. THank you! MS

2882 Name: Anjela C

Comment Don't execute an innocent man. If you do his blood will be on your hands.

2883 Name: melissa lunny

Comment corrupt justice system is overwhelming in this country and it is getting harder and harder to pretend this country is any different from other despot countries that we had the audacity to judge.

2884 Name: Tara foster

Comment Free this man!Do what's right!

2885 Name: Arienan Grody

Comment As a California native, I like to think we are better than executing the probably innocent after unfair trials. Please show me I'm right.

2886 Name: Dorenda Foster

Comment This is a f@#$ed up world we live in. And I think no innocent person should die of something they not guilty of. Who have the right to tell you when to check out but god. May God be with you devil's. This too shall pass.

2887 Name: William Smith

Comment If there is any doubt he should be spared!

2888 Name: Edgar C Cortes-Gomez

Comment What will happen to the DA's Office?

2889 Name: Shannon Smith

Comment Appalling that our judicial system has failed this man. Hope this petition works!!!

2890 Name: Shedriciqua

Comment Set the innocent free!

2891 Name: Pam

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!!!!!

2892 Name: P Black

Comment grant Mr. Cooper clemency

2893 Name: Monica Wynne

Comment God is watching!



2895 Name: Samone jones

Comment Please let this innocent man go you have no light to kill a man if he has not committed any crime

2896 Name: Elisia Shipp

Comment N/a

2897 Name: Shirley wilson

Comment This man is innocent

2898 Name: Audrey Dubois

Comment I believe he is innocent, and to kill him would be a horrifying tragedy.

2899 Name: Donna E. Griffin

Comment This is truly a miscarriage of justice. It has been established he wasn't the killer. What's the problem. He should be freed.

2900 Name: Crystal Yeh

Comment Please save this innocent man!

2901 Name: Aɳgɛʆɑ Tɦѳɱɑร

Comment Giѵɛ uร free

2902 Name: Laketta Jackson

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!

2903 Name: Sikitia Allen

Comment Another injustice to our black men and you really want us to believe justice for all".

2904 Name: Ashley Mercer

Comment If there is reasonable doubt that a person is guilty, our justice system cannot convict. If there is no doubt that the person is innocent, how can the state of California justify an execution?

2905 Name: Kyla Rounds

Comment Justice for Kevin Cooper!

2906 Name: Karen Piper

Comment Free all the innocents

2907 Name: Vanessa logsdon

Comment Please governor read this petition! This mans life depends on it!

2908 Name: April Murphy

Comment Do not have this man, who had been PROVEN innocent to pay for the state's screw up. Give him the life you stole from him!

2909 Name: Sarah Leak

Comment This is unconscionable. He is innocent, free him.

2910 Name: Susan Cheung

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

2911 Name: Marquessa Henry

Comment For the love of God do something

2912 Name: Emily Jorgenson

Comment Governor Brown, It would be an incredible injustice and failure of our justice system for this man to be executed on death row. Free him or give him another trial, do not kill an innocent man.

2913 Name: Natpasit Kijkornphan


2914 Name: Michael Keaton

Comment Please do your duty for this man.

2915 Name: Erica Garcia

Comment This is not okay. Please let him free.

2916 Name: Laura Fitzpatrick

Comment This is abhorrent. He is innocent and deserves to be set free, not killed.

2917 Name: Njeri Chrge

Comment Beyond disgusting. How much of a heartless, barbaric racist do you have to be to do something so unjust and cruel? He has suffered enough. You have stolen his life the whole time he has been in jail and now you want to EXECUTE him? An INNOCENT man? PROVEN INNOCENT? Disgusting. Disgusting. Disgusting. The eyes of the world are watching you and your inhumane behaviour.

2918 Name: Monissia Roberts

Comment Black lives matter!!

2919 Name: Anna Saito

Comment Please pardon Mr. Cooper as an innocent man.

2920 Name: Christina papachristos

Comment This man is innocent ... I pray you do the right thing and free him

2921 Name: Elizabeth Perez

Comment Pardon Kevin Cooper!

2922 Name: Iris Ciccione


2923 Name: Allison McLeish

Comment Please stop the execution of an innocent man.

2924 Name: Alexandria Allison

Comment Grant this man, Kevin Cooper, a fair trial. This is obvious that he was targeted due to his race. The sole survivor of this ghastly crime, has even corroborated with Kevin's whereabouts. Do not let an innocent man die for this.

2925 Name: Kirsten Jones

Comment This is grave injustice

2926 Name: Meghan amoroso

Comment Free this innocent man.

2927 Name: Aaron Coutee

Comment This man is innocent and should be free. If you have a conscience you won't let this happen

2928 Name: Luke Armitage

Comment There is no way you can justify killing an innocent man.

2929 Name: Isaac Hamann

Comment This is horrific... please save Kevin Cooper!

2930 Name: Saharu F

Comment Killing an innocent man? Is this what the United States of America is about? Free Kevin Cooper.

2931 Name: B H

Comment This is a grve injustice that cannot be allowed to orogress any further A life is at stake.

2932 Name: Lauren Sanchez

Comment This is why you serve in a public office- to right injustices such as this and protect the American people to A FAIR TRIAL. Show you believe in what this country has stood for since it's inception- FREEDOM FOR ALL.

2933 Name: DeJuan Isaac

Comment Free Kevin Cooper G

2934 Name: Tamarin van der Sandt

Comment This is a gross violation of human rights.

2935 Name: Peter Singer

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

2936 Name: O'Shea Johnson

Comment I support!

2937 Name: Margo Seiden

Comment Please free this innocent man!! None of us can truly be free when even one man's right to freedom and justice is suspended.

2938 Name: Khiana aybar

Comment Free that man... Let him live...

2939 Name: Ashley Magwood

Comment Please pardon Mr. Cooper. To continue to keep this man impreprisoned and put him to death will damage the trust that the citizens of this country have for our justice system.

2940 Name: Ben Borkan

Comment His execution will be unconstitutional; as with all death sentences, in my belief.

2941 Name: Rikki Poynter

Comment Let him free.

2942 Name: Shaniqua Brower

Comment How do any you sleep at night knowing your're trying to unjustly kill an innocent man. The judicial system is horrible and that's why no one respects it. Free Mr. Kevin Cooper

2943 Name: Yvonne F

Comment I can't believe this. I am shocked and disgusted by this case. More people need to know. This man must be set free.

2944 Name: morgan macrae

Comment no one should be executed by a government supported by on white supremacy.

2945 Name: Michelle Brooks

Comment Kevin Cooper should be released immediately.

2946 Name: Ireoluwa Ajayi

Comment This reasoning is barbaric to say the least. This man is not guilty of the crime and as such he should not be executed.

2947 Name: Agnes Sterner Allén

Comment If you have any semblance of humanity, you will do what you can to save this man.

2948 Name: Monique Watkins

Comment Free this man! This is ridiculous to even have to petition!

2949 Name: Karen P

Comment I hope Kevin Cooper gets justice and gets to live the rest of his life in freedom.

2950 Name: Noreen

Comment In Jesus name do the RIGHT THING!!! Please let real Justice Prevail. Please Free This Man Governor.

2951 Name: Amber anderson

Comment #FreeCooper

2952 Name: Wayne Kramer

Comment Stop this injustice.

2953 Name: Edwin Murphy

Comment Let that innocent man free

2954 Name: piergiuseppe

Comment justice

2955 Name: Aki

Comment What the actual fuck.

2956 Name: Joseph Cruz

Comment A man should not be put to death for a crime he did not commit.

2957 Name: Antinjia

Comment May justice be served to the real criminals: the state of California

2958 Name: Elton Blicher Hansen

Comment I'm from Denmark, we don't have death penalty. It's way too risky. Way too many innocent people killed. Kevin Cooper is innocent, and you know it. So this is on You. Make this right and let Kevin come home. Please.

2959 Name: Alison

Comment To kill a man who is known to be innocent is murder.

2960 Name: Alexandra Balcazar

Comment Please provide a pardon from death row for Mr. Cooper, and re-examination of his case. -A concerned Californian

2961 Name: Sonja Stelly

Comment Please don't execute this innocent man. I pray that our plea is heard and that the real murderers are found.

2962 Name: Precious Powell

Comment Someone please save this man

2963 Name: Lindsey Miller

Comment It disgusts me, that in 2016, this is STILL happening. Will history remember us as humans with compassion, or something barely considered animal? I hope to do my small part to contribute to the former.

2964 Name: Michelle J.

Comment This is unjust

2965 Name: Chris

Comment The judge admitted this man is innocent let him go

2966 Name: Rodney Thomas

Comment Free Kevin

2967 Name: Brianna McLaughlin

Comment I thought the Justice System was made for the protection of the people.

2968 Name: Sylvia Stewart

Comment .

2969 Name: Antionette Alston

Comment Is the state afraid they will have to pay for his wrong imprisonment, and pursue charges against the cops who tampered with evidence etc. This is sad but I am seeing that nothing is fair.

2970 Name: Melitta Giles

Comment Free Kevin Cooper. The evidence never pointed to a black man, so why is he being executed? What is wrong with our judicial process if law enforcemenct can just blindly choose people & withhold evidence? Where is the due process?

2971 Name: Pagès Lucas

Comment Free Kevin Cooper !

2972 Name: L Wynn

Comment Please pardon this man!

2973 Name: Kayla Shipley

Comment It's sick that they'd still kill a man who is innocent for no true reason.

2974 Name: Elghali Abdelrasoul

Comment Not on my watch. I can't stand and do nothing.

2975 Name: Marjorie

Comment Grant clemency to Kevin Cooper

2976 Name: Alison Cherpitek

Comment Please pardon Kevin Cooper.

2977 Name: Erin

Comment If you don't free this man then you will send the message to every american stateside and every foreigner abroad that justice in the united states of america does not exist, if indeed it ever did.

2978 Name: Shona McKenna

Comment "The judges in this case found and admitted that the prosecution and the Sheriff’s office deliberately destroyed, tampered with and concealed from the defense key evidence that was never heard by the jury. The judges said point blank that “The State of California may be about to execute an innocent man.”"

2979 Name: Carmen Rodriguez

Comment Governor, Please review his case. Justice is required.

2980 Name: Daphne Jones

Comment Justice for Kevin Cooper

2981 Name: Cindy

Comment This is inhuman and very cual. This is injustice and going way overboard.

2982 Name: Jessica

Comment This is not how justice work.

2983 Name: Carly Cotnoir

Comment free Kevin Cooper

2984 Name: Carly Cotnoir

Comment free Kevin Cooper

2985 Name: Lisa Scott

Comment Please do not execute an innocent man

2986 Name: Courtney shepard

Comment This is a railroad. Train stops here.

2987 Name: Christopher Skrocki

Comment I am signing this petition to shoe my support for Kevin Cooper.

2988 Name: Nia Shelby

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!!!

2989 Name: Leonard Moore

Comment No matter the punishment, be sure the facts are all reviewed and explained. With death penalty you must do it 20 more times. There must never be any mistake, and if questions exist, clemency is necessary!

2990 Name: Fiona

Comment Absolutely disgusting. We need to save kevin cooper and not let white supremacy dictate if a black man should live or not.

2991 Name: Erick Monroe

Comment Free Kevin Cooper !! He is innocent and this is wrong really wrong...

2992 Name: Tonya

Comment Free the innocent

2993 Name: sunshineblus

Comment Free this innocent man.

2994 Name: Tierra Dortch

Comment May you release this man.

2995 Name: N H

Comment .

2996 Name: Lune

Comment This is outradges. The real killers shoot be punished not an innocent man!

2997 Name: Nicole Andric

Comment Don't do it.

2998 Name: Henry Chen

Comment this is outrageous... no justice in this country ! shame

2999 Name: Louise studd

Comment This cannot be justified & needs urgent review.

3000 Name: Rachael Goins

Comment Please pardon Kevin Cooper. If there is any doubt of his guilt, he should not be put to death by the state.

3001 Name: Samson Harman

Comment Justice for Kevin Cooper!!!!

3002 Name: Fanta

Comment It is absolutely absurd to see that the American justice system is being tampered with and manipulated by those who are supposed to protect the citizens.

3003 Name: Shonta Moultrie

Comment This is outrageous that with the evidence and the testimony of the boy who was there AND attacked, California plans to execute this man for a crime they all know he didn't commit. This is nothing short of a legal lynching.

3004 Name: Lola Barello


3005 Name: nicole sanders

Comment Please free Mr Kevin Cooper!!! Its proven that he is innocent! Let this man go. They have already took part of his life away. Let him have the rest of it. Its his!!#HisLife#

3006 Name: Ty

Comment The judges say he's innocent, so does the evidence, therefore executing him would be the grandest injustice our nation's justice system could do. The system has failed.

3007 Name: Nikole McLean

Comment He's innocent and should be free!!! DO NOT EXECUTE AN INNOCENT MAN

3008 Name: James Alcantara

Comment This is horrific. I guess we can't call it the justice system then?

3009 Name: Michelle Li

Comment He deserves a fair trial. He should not be executed for a murder he did not commit. He is innocent until proven guilty. If there are evidence proving that he is innocent then why is he still facing the consequences that he does not deserve? Or is it true that America is still drenched in racism and the progress that Anerica has made in Civil Rights all a facade. Is America not so equal after all?

3010 Name: Patti

Comment Really!! You have a witness that said he didn't do it!! You will be judged by God if you put an innocent man to death. I'm an old white woman that is tired of seeing the crap that is pulled on black people. What is wrong with these so called judges and juries of the people by the people for the people as long as you are not black. Free this man.

3011 Name: Andashiki Hillard

Comment Kevin Cooper has suffered long enough for a crime he did not commit. Please don't kill this man.

3012 Name: Maggie Sholar

Comment Please free Kevin Cooper

3013 Name: Nicole Elmore

Comment K

3014 Name: Diane Bidi

Comment This can't be real life. There is evidence this man is innocent and executing him is still an option? Why not just stop? This is wickedness.

3015 Name: Shay Cecilia

Comment Free Mr. Cooper!

3016 Name: Alex

Comment Free that man. Or suffer moral self destruction

3017 Name: Darlene Williamson

Comment Too much in this case points toward Mr Coopers innocence

3018 Name: Liza Ellis

Comment Bullshit

3019 Name: Kathy Banks

Comment I've known Kevin for a long time. Please find it in your heart to allow him to live.

3020 Name: Roger Law

Comment Never thought he did it, and now we all know!

3021 Name: Cheryl Banks

Comment With all evidence that proves he is innocent, how can you possibly still say he is guilty.

3022 Name: Marisa Santarella

Comment #freekevincooper

3023 Name: Steven Bash

Comment Please consider.

3024 Name: Tiffany Tester

Comment Free this Innocent Man

3025 Name: Julia Clemons

Comment This is an unconscionable miscarriage of justice. Kevin Cooper deserves a new trial / to be freed.

3026 Name: Hannah Gushue

Comment This is a grave injustice. Do not kill this innocent man.

3027 Name: Alvin

Comment Free cooper

3028 Name: Kristi Durham

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!

3029 Name: Nielah McKee

Comment If the government wants people to believe and trust in the justice system then mistakes must be addressed. A man should not have to die because of the justice system's incompetency.

3030 Name: Oskar English

Comment Please free Kevin Cooper from being wrongly executed.

3031 Name: Robert Ishimwe

Comment Free the brother

3032 Name: Ashlyn Ruga

Comment This is obscene.

3033 Name: Sharlese

Comment There is no evidencs the man is innocent! GIVE HIM BACK HIS FREEDOM & go find the real killer

3034 Name: Habeeb Kotun Jr

Comment Free this man now

3035 Name: Claire Benoit

Comment This man is innocent and should not die

3036 Name: Kristy Woodbridge

Comment Please save this man's life.

3037 Name: nikki James

Comment Release Mr . Cooper

3038 Name: Clio Wilde


3039 Name: Denise Johnson

Comment The fact that we even have to sign a petition to stop the execution of an obviously innocent man is deplorable! Shame on America! We are better than this. Please, free this man.

3040 Name: Ladonna Bratton

Comment To continue on with this farce in light of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, is criminal. Those who knowingly pursue persons who are innocent should be made to serve the exact sentence the convicted must endure. They should held in the same manner, treated accordingly, served the same food, have their rights and body violated. Their family should have to endure what the wrongfully accused and convicted families suffer. Let this man live the rest of his life with his loved ones.

3041 Name: Robina Taliaferrow

Comment Stop killing innocent people!

3042 Name: Sharonda Aaron

Comment Its a shame that an innocent man that didn't commit the murders will die for it. The judges and everyone who knows he is innocent will real what you sow. No void will come to you for taking the life of a human being

3043 Name: Amanda Montanez

Comment Do not execute this man

3044 Name: Emory Cavanagh

Comment Do not execute an innocent person.

3045 Name: Shaunte Jackson

Comment This is a violation of human rights

3046 Name: Jillian Trasatti

Comment Please make good on the promise of our justice system. This man deserves a second look at his case.

3047 Name: Monique Stevenson

Comment Please do not execute an innocent man.

3048 Name: Andrew Dillon

Comment Justice requires effort. Let's make it.

3049 Name: Tony Kayden

Comment Five judges claim there was a miscarriage of justice and DNA evidence and the young male witness who survived said the killers were Caucasian and Latino men. This is a travesty and this innocent man cannot be put to death for a crime he did not commit. You have the power to make sure this doesn't happen Governor Brown. This must be stopped.

3050 Name: benita briggs

Comment When the evidence was withheld that proved Mr. Cooper's innocence, that set in motion no way for him to prove his own innocence at the trial. I would like to think when something as important as a man's life is on the line just the thought of killing an innocent man would be unconscionable.

3051 Name: michael borgus

Comment Black lives matter

3052 Name: Jordyn Brown

Comment It's truly disgusting that a petition even needs to exist.

3053 Name: Laura dilanchian

Comment None

3054 Name: Samoan davis

Comment I think this mean deserved a fair chance for once in his life. He should be set gree an compensation should be given for this unjust ruling

3055 Name: Carol Ghiglieri

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

3056 Name: Elliot Thomes

Comment No innocent human should be executed for any purpose whatsoever. If this man was white he would surely be freed. Let Mr. Cooper live his life. #BlackLivesMatter

3057 Name: BELLA Pavlov

Comment Please save Mr.Cooper's life!

3058 Name: Jerry Collins

Comment Please do not make such a grave mistake

3059 Name: Jackie Meyer

Comment Do the right thing.

3060 Name: Kim Harver

Comment Please give clemency to Mr.Cooper and a right to fair trial

3061 Name: Kenneth P. Glass

Comment I personally am for the death penalty. If a person commits an aggravated crime such as murder, or child rape and is found guilty “without a doubt”, especially if he admits it. I believe a .22 short to the back of the skull with no hatred or vengeance should be the punishment. He loses his life, because the crime itself is so bad that he lost his ability to be reformed, and must be destroyed. But, we can never execute an innocent man. We have to be super-vigilant that if there is some doubt that we re-hear the case. I think the police-justice system is getting better, but as it was back when Mr. Cooper was arrested, it could have been the fact that he was a habitual criminal, and black that many cops sometimes believe that even if a person may not have committed the crime, if they are stumped and a guy like Cooper was somewhere near the crime scene, then they could just jump to conclusions--and even taint the evidence to get the man locked up. They probably feel that is doing there job to keep us safe. I just can't go along with this type of thinking. No matter what bad things he did, don't charge him, and then convict him for something that he may have not done! Either find out the truth, or set him free! Kenneth P. Glass

3062 Name: Carl Temple

Comment Please stop killing innocent people.

3063 Name: Paul Rose

Comment I believe that no one deserves death regardless of what they are convicted of. I also believe that Kevin Cooper is innocent.

3064 Name: Jayson

Comment Save this innocent guy

3065 Name: Rebecca Alexander

Comment Please don't execute Kevin Cooper. Please investigate these allegations of innocence. Death is final. There is no bringing back an a dead man who has been exonerated after death.

3066 Name: Mw

Comment Free kevin

3067 Name: renee harper

Comment free kevin cooper

3068 Name: Helen Bolden

Comment I remember this case and feel that Kevin Cooper is innocent.

3069 Name: Erin Dolling

Comment Free this innocent man or atleast dont kill him. If 5 judges can tell he is innocent your justice system is a joke if you let him die. Give him a fair trial!

3070 Name: Robin

Comment I think there will be alot of blood on your hands, to kill an innocent man, he should be released, you know that you are doing wrong by this, what if it was a family member of yours....SET HIM FREE!!!!

3071 Name: Uli Epple

Comment Stop it!

3072 Name: Evelyn Vandiegriff

Comment Free this man!

3073 Name: Steve Myers

Comment Review evidence and get this man a new trial

3074 Name: Zeke Fiame

Comment Black Lives Matter. Kevin Cooper is innocent and his life matters.

3075 Name: N Gundry

Comment This man is innocent. It's time to strip away your prejudices, admit mistake and make amends by setting him free.

3076 Name: kristy

Comment do not kill him

3077 Name: Craig A. Sculley

Comment The death penalty may be an appropriate punishment for the crime committed against the Ryen family and their son's guest. All evidence points to that they were good people, worthy of our condolences. In Kevin Cooper, we may or may not have the guilty party. However, significant doubt exists for me that I do not want the man put to death in my name or the names of the thirty-odd million who live with me in California. In addition, while I agree with the state that people commit crimes so heinous or so heinous and so frequently that I could consider their lives' forfeiture as just desert, I can not answer the question as to how the state should dispatch this obligation to its or my satisfaction. If the dispatch of human life dehumanizes even one executioner, in charge of the execution of someone whose guilt the state proves without doubt, then I believe sufficient evidence exists at least to merit serious discussion of abolishing the penalty. For that I see substantial reason to doubt Cooper's guilt given destruction of evidence and real reason to maintain suspicion of tampering with other evidence, and qualms with the means of carrying out executions, I request commutation of sentence pending additional investigation into the circumstances of the case. Craig Sculley.

3078 Name: Vicky Galloway

Comment Help clean up our broken system and restore a little dignity to it by a reprieve and review. This is heartbreaking and sickening.

3079 Name: chris

Comment if the man did not do the crime he did all that time for nothing free him and apologize for taking most of his life away

3080 Name: Nicole Davis

Comment This man is innocent,he acknowledged His last charges which shows he has accountability to tell the truth.

3081 Name: Ahmed Nat Curtis

Comment It appears the laws around the country are still stacked against people of color. Procedures or precedents must be upgrated to reflected greater awareness of today. Race relations are at an all time high, but racism still holds back a lot more progress. I urge Governor Brown to look into the procedures in his states laws and make the needed adjustments to today's humanity.

3082 Name: Joseph Doyle

Comment Please look at this case again and the recommendations by the judges. This man was NOT given a fair trial and the stage of California is about to execute an innocent man.

3083 Name: Ozlem Nazli

Comment Please save Kevin Copper life.He is innocent men.


Comment LET KEVIN GO !

3085 Name: Tamara todd

Comment Free Kevin Cooper. This is an injustice and he deserve a fair trial where all evedince is is allowed to be presented.

3086 Name: Edward Ramus

Comment After reading this... I felt compelled to be a voice for this man. What hope do we have in society when an INNOCENT man is put to SLAUGHTER like his life is meaningless... This man is entitled to justice!!! #FREEKEVINCOOPER

3087 Name: Cecil Wilkinson

Comment This is completely wrong and barbaric.

3088 Name: John shevlin

Comment This man should not be executed if the only surviving witness clearly states that it was three Latino men that committed this crime. Also the five appeal judges also state that this man never received a fair trial and crucial evidence was tampered with and destroyed.this will be an unforgivable miscarriage of justice if this man is executed when he is not guilty of committing these terrible crimes. The least that should happen here is this man should receive a fair and just trial to protest his innocence

3089 Name: Maureen Farrelly

Comment .

3090 Name: Casandra Chambliss

Comment How does this happen in 2016?

3091 Name: Wilo Lindsay

Comment This is plain out injustice & proves how inept our system is!

3092 Name: carly

Comment You can not let a person die for something he didn't do because then you are just as bad as the people or person that did the crime. Give this man back his freedom

3093 Name: grace daniels

Comment do the right thing

3094 Name: Kristie jones

Comment Set him free

3095 Name: Shea Seaborn

Comment Please do the right thing.

3096 Name: Darius

Comment FREE

3097 Name: Ali Jenkins

Comment If he is clearly innocent free him and focus on capturing the true murders.

3098 Name: Barbara Scheltus

Comment Please release Kevin

3099 Name: Sara Tils

Comment Stop the murdering of humans. Mr. Cooper should not be murdered.

3100 Name: Janice Murray

Comment Abolish the death penalty. There is no justice in state sanctioned murder, only vengeance.

3101 Name: Stephen Craig Rolston

Comment Where does the money that you're soliciting go?

3102 Name: Barbara Salzman

Comment Please rectify this miscarriage of justice. It is in your power.

3103 Name: Jacqueline Preston

Comment 1088

3104 Name: stacia

Comment free kevin cooper!

3105 Name: Ruth C Uppena

Comment Save his life.

3106 Name: Joogs

Comment If he is innocent, he should be set free. If the state knows this and still proceeds with the execution, then those who had the final say should be held accountable and tried for murder.

3107 Name: Janéy Tate

Comment Set him free!

3108 Name: Michael Sawyer

Comment If this goes through what would the point be for even having a judicial system?

3109 Name: Keiva Young

Comment Innocent until proven guilty. It's not justice when guilty until proven innocent, and GUILTY WHILE PROVEN INNOCENT.The scale of justice seems severely tipped for this to be possible.

3110 Name: Janice grimes

Comment Please release this man. This is wrong on so many levels. If evidence shows this is not the man who committed this act, then you are murdering an innocent man

3111 Name: H. Seals

Comment This case, this life, deserves to be reexamined and Justice served. Now!

3112 Name: Darrick Bell

Comment This is not justice please do the right thing

3113 Name: Devrin Hall

Comment Govenment hates to be wrong!

3114 Name: Suzanne M Giles

Comment Keep Kevin Cooper alive!

3115 Name: Guillermo Rubio

Comment This man needs to be set free and conpinsated for all his years of incarceration.The people that falsely convicted him need to be charged and if the are now retired their retirement needs to be revoked.

3116 Name: Vanna

Comment I cannot believe the incompetence involved in this investigation. This is an innocent man. The lead investigators should be in prison.

3117 Name: Silverhawk Cooper

Comment Dear Sir: If any judge declares him to be innocent, it is wrong for the state to kill this man. In addition to this fact, the youg man who survived the attack declared that the black man was not there; therefore, do not be rash to send this man to death. Let it be so that a neutral party can test all evidence in this case and prove who the real attackers were. I am sure that more than one person had to be involved in killing a whole family. By doing this properly, you will resolve the case with this accused man as well as proveide peace of mind for the young boy. I urge you to put a stop to this execution of Kevin Cooper and to look into this matter with utmost deligence. Justice must be served with truth and clarity. Thank you for your time in this matter.

3118 Name: Michelle Aguirre

Comment H

3119 Name: Denise Shedrick

Comment This man has been proven innocent. Release him and allow him to live in peace.

3120 Name: Shawna White

Comment Please do not let this man Die if he did not do the Crime Re check all the evidence on his Case

3121 Name: Marie anne

Comment Killing is wrong no matter who carries it out!

3122 Name: Maria Cisneros

Comment Do the right thing

3123 Name: Faith Z.

Comment Don't let an innocent man die.

3124 Name: Kara White

Comment Trust in our justice system is paramount to the system working. Let's not further erode it by executing a man who is probably innocent.

3125 Name: Kevin Brown

Comment Do what's right.

3126 Name: Gregory L. Adams

Comment Regardless of what the rest of the developed world has learned, that the death penalty has no effect on lowering crime or homicides modern societies, we continue to use it? There is doubt according to the IACHR and a Federal Judge. Please give this man a fair hearing.

3127 Name: Robert Farmer

Comment Free Mr.Cooper

3128 Name: Marigold

Comment Free him

3129 Name: Yvonne Amery

Comment Please do all that is possible to free this innocent man.

3130 Name: William Keach

Comment Kevin Cooper clearly deserves a reprieve which his case is being review. He is a leading figure in the international movement to abolish the death penalty.

3131 Name: John Cary

Comment Please act to grant Mr. Cooper clemency in the form of a reprieve of his death sentence while your office undertakes the thorough review of his case that the IACHR recommended.

3132 Name: Kari Miler

Comment It is horrific and unbelievable that this conviction was not overturned decades ago.

3133 Name: Arvella Johnson

Comment Please thoroughly review Mr. Cooper's case, including the new evidence. When your review is complete, please pardon him as an innocent man. Thank you.

3134 Name: Tina Casey

Comment This is why I'm glad we don't have the death penalty here

3135 Name: Erin Thompson

Comment An innocent man should not be killed.

3136 Name: Julieta Dawes-Jones

Comment Please do the right thing and prevent the execution or lifetime imprisonment of an innocent man. Thank you.

3137 Name: charles goecke

Comment I was a resident of Diamond Bar, Ca in 1985, right over the Chino hills from Chino, where this crime happened. Around that time, the Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez killed a couple in Diamond Bar. This case is thus very close to me. I had family visiting the night of the Rameriz Diamond Bar murders, and I chose to sleep in a hammock out on our patio, so I was somewhat horrified of what might have happened to me. Never-the-less, this travesty of justice must end here. I just don't understand how there can be any question in this case? Please commute and free Mr. Cooper!!!!

3138 Name: g.wigg

Comment Dont kill an innosent man. That is not right!

3139 Name: David BAll

Comment I beg you to grant clemency in the form of a reprieve while your office reviews the case. From what I can see, a thorough review will find him very probably innocent. He certainly should not be executed.

3140 Name: Sharon Myers

Comment Please show mercy

3141 Name: Heinz Leitner

Comment Free innocent Kevin Cooper

3142 Name: Agnes de Bethune

Comment Governor Brown, you have it in your power to do the right thing in this case. As it has been determined that Mr. Cooper is not guilty, you would have his blood on your hands.

3143 Name: Stephanie Jackson

Comment Presenting false evidence, withholding exonerating evidence, and destroying evidence in a capital trial are tantamount to attempted murder. Not only does Mr. Cooper deserve a fair trial, the prosecuting attorneys should be tried as well.



3145 Name: Marina

Comment free kevin!

3146 Name: Rick burton

Comment Release this man. This is BS. You (American governmen) needs to smarten the fuck up. Try this shit with me. I Fkn dare you. You Fkn pieces of shit. I'd kill everyone of you if it was me and I was imprisoned wrongfully. Then I would spend the rest of my life on death row happy i took yours. FUCKING MAGGOTS!

3147 Name: Azhya James

Comment Completely insain that in 2016 this is still going on. Smh at America! Shame!

3148 Name: Belle J

Comment Justice For Kevin Cooper

3149 Name: Anna Worthington

Comment It would be a miscarriage of justice to put this man to death.

3150 Name: Torin Thomas

Comment Please release Mr Cooper signed

3151 Name: denise ford

Comment only god in heaven can take a life

3152 Name: Alice Kim

Comment Overwhelming evidence of Kevin Cooper's innocence exists and the court proceeding in his prosecution were flawed. Kevin Cooper deserves the right to a fair trial. The state of California needs to afford him that right before it is too late.

3153 Name: Shawnettha DeGrate

Comment This is an OUTRAGE... When you have even the Judges saying you have the wrong MAN, and the only surviving witness say it was NOT a BLACK MAN, but white men did it. Really? What more do you really need? PLEASE FREE THIS MAN

3154 Name: Linda Tesdall

Comment I don't know if he's innocent or guilty, but I don't know how anyone can look at all that was done wrong in order to insure his conviction and not have doubts. There have been far too many convictions being proven wrong with scientific advances. It's horrible to think of someone spending decades in prison for a crime they didn't commit, but once you take their life there's no giving that back. I always wonder if those who sentence a person to death had to back that decision up with their own life would they still be so sure of guilt? If evidence was intentionally manipulated to get a conviction with the death penalty--isn't that murder of an innocent person? How many people have to believe you're guilty before it becomes the truth?

3155 Name: Nura Moshtael

Comment It's maddening to even fathom that we have the information in our hands, and we the people are failing this human being. Justice is supposed to be blind, by not relinquishing Mr. Cooper, we are with both eyes open taking lives in our own hands and completely disregarding this virtue of life: "O SON OF SPIRIT! The best beloved of all things in My sight is Justice; turn not away therefrom if thou desirest Me, and neglect it not that I may confide in thee. By its aid thou shalt see with thine own eyes and not through the eyes of others, and shalt know of thine own knowledge and not through the knowledge of thy neighbor. Ponder this in thy heart; how it behooveth thee to be. Verily justice is My gift to thee and the sign of My loving-kindness. Set it then before thine eyes." ~Baha'u'llah

3156 Name: Amy Matthews

Comment How can you sentence an innocent man to death?

3157 Name: Azia Gilbert

Comment Please don't execute an innocent man

3158 Name: RoseMary Norman

Comment I hope the evidence is checked again.

3159 Name: Beverly DiBell

Comment Just let justice be done. Free this innocent man.

3160 Name: gipson

Comment free

3161 Name: Heather Romaine

Comment Please grant clemency to Mr. Cooper. No less than five judges have found his trial and incarceration questionable. Not only this, but killing a man for any crime is beyond barbaric. It is shameful we live in a state that still murders people. You have got to know, inherently, deep down in your soul, that to order the execution of a human being makes one a murderer themselves. It is bad enough to kill a man who has admittedly committed these heinous crimes, to reduce yourself to his level, but to kill a man when there is verifiable doubt as to his guilt... Please, Governor Brown, grant this man clemency!

3162 Name: Amanda Whitney

Comment FREE THIS MAN!!!!!! Why does the government always win, even when they ADMIT to being wrong?! We're not asking him to be set free and someone take his place. What's there to think about?? Besides how much they've screwed up. LET KEVIN COOPER GO!!!!!

3163 Name: Olivia Beck

Comment Please do not put an innocent man to death

3164 Name: ShaRon Grant

Comment Free this man!

3165 Name: Polly Cooper

Comment Please do not kill an innocent man. That is not justice.

3166 Name: Elizabeth Kirkpatrick

Comment Free mr.cooper!

3167 Name: Morgan Mowry

Comment Free him

3168 Name: Katrina

Comment Stop executing innocent people

3169 Name: Cj

Comment Do we really have to petition the saving of an innocent person,

3170 Name: Beverly Radin

Comment It is horrific to hear of the miscarriage of justice in this case. The possibility of putting a man to death, not to mention keeping him in jail all of these years with tainted evidence is impossible for me to grasp. There is no denying the mistakes in this case and the ignored leads etc. You must give this human being a fair trial and if there is any evidence that shows signs of being tampered with, this man must be freed

3171 Name: Barbara Lee McDonald

Comment I'm pretty sure our justice system has murdered enough innocent black men already.

3172 Name: Theresa Walker

Comment Sounds like he need a fair trial the child already said it wasn't him

3173 Name: Robert E Rehbein

Comment Stay this gross miscarriage of justice!

3174 Name: Laura

Comment If he is innocent, set him free!

3175 Name: David sears

Comment Innocent

3176 Name: Taormina DiVona

Comment Exercise your right to save the innocent.

3177 Name: Kenneth Larsen

Comment Please honor justice.

3178 Name: Ken Tranter

Comment If they know for a fact that he is innocent it's not an execution, it's murder. The police and prosecution involved in this case need to be charged and convicted for their actions.

3179 Name: Dana Blanchard

Comment Don't execute an innocent man! Save Kevin Cooper!

3180 Name: Shannon O'Keefe

Comment You cannot execute a man who did not receive a fair trial.

3181 Name: Morneth Frazier

Comment free Kevin Cooper

3182 Name: francis martucci

Comment if 5 federal judges say he's innocent, what more do you need?

3183 Name: Stephanie Schwartz

Comment We saved this innocent man once and we'll do it again.

3184 Name: Christi

Comment Killing an innocent man makes yall just as guilty as all the murderers out there.... It's an unjustified murder!! Find the real murderers

3185 Name: Anntoinette Johnson

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

3186 Name: Bruno Ruviaro

Comment No more death penalty.

3187 Name: erin

Comment You should free the man especially if he didnt do it. Yall need to focus on finding who did do it.

3188 Name: Lindsay Jennings

Comment free him

3189 Name: Robert Dean

Comment Free him

3190 Name: Robert Arjet

Comment The evidence of prosecutorial misconduct alone is enough reason to stop the execution. This is surely more than reasonable doubt.

3191 Name: Sandra C.

Comment We really are better than this!

3192 Name: Annie Armstrong

Comment Please do not execute an Kevin Cooper! How will you sleep at night with the blood of an innocent man on your hands? Aren't we more evolved than this? More intelligent? You have the power to stop this Govenor Brown. DO THE RIGHT THING.

3193 Name: Lauren Hollenstein

Comment Please consider this man's life valuable and worthy of due process.

3194 Name: Madelyn

Comment Free the guy

3195 Name: Kevin Waring

Comment Do the right thing.

3196 Name: Luis uribe

Comment New court day

3197 Name: Christi Scott

Comment Please review this case!

3198 Name: Sara Vetrano

Comment This is disgusting!!!! I am outraged!!! free this man!!! NOW!!!

3199 Name: Larry Day

Comment Free cooper

3200 Name: ramonafite

Comment do the right thing

3201 Name: W.F.F. Neimeijer

Comment This injustice has to be stopped and reversed, and Mr. Cooper will be a free man asap.

3202 Name: Patricia richmond

Comment Has the legal system lost its mind.?do not kill this man that would be murder.go a step further if hes innocent work to set him free

3203 Name: yvo tara

Comment Free this man

3204 Name: Theo Bakker

Comment Please don't kill Mr. Kevin Cooper.

3205 Name: Sharon Peloe

Comment Keep the faith, justice will prevail x

3206 Name: Alyson Berube

Comment I live in Canada and when I heard about this I was shocked. Being in the Correctional field I believe that Cooper deserves a fair trial and have that surviver speak infront of the jury.

3207 Name: Beverlee MacLellan

Comment This man should be freed. Thanks to the slack jobs of the court and police involved with this case, the real culprits may now never be to found. But that doesn't mean that an innocent man should die. Completely unbelievable

3208 Name: Steven Adams

Comment Stop this injustice!

3209 Name: Bernadette Sarazine

Comment How can you live with yourself when you know this man is not guilty of the crime?

3210 Name: Rev. David Reppert

Comment Kevin Cooper got a raw deal from our Amerikkkan justice system at his trial, and at least deserves a review - and probably, release.

3211 Name: Shanell Washington

Comment If this man is executed knowing he is innocent, and knowing he was put in jail for the crime even though the surviving witness said it was not him in the first place is wrong. If he is executed everyone involved should be convicted of murder.

3212 Name: Joan Eberhardt

Comment If he wasn't proven guilty and the only surviving witness says the guilty party was a white guy, what's the question. This kind of injustice has to stop.

3213 Name: esther allen

Comment It's disgraceful what has happened to this man. Hopefully the Governor will realise it before it's too late.

3214 Name: Tanai crawley

Comment To execute an innocent man is not justice, and whoever goes ahead with this plan should be held on murder charges.

3215 Name: Mary Kuennen

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!

3216 Name: Jamie Accamando

Comment Where is the justice!? Why should an innocent man be held captive and sentenced to death???!???

3217 Name: Omorose Butler

Comment Our justice system has been proven to be flawed time and time again. We've already robbed this man of his freedom, let's not rob him of his life and true due process. Reasonable doubt has been established, therefore, we must grant him a new trial and have this innocent man exonerated for crimes he didn't commit!!!

3218 Name: Brenda Melissa Secord

Comment Please do NOT murder a man whom may not be guilty!! No one should be put to death or even tried for a crime when evidence clearly shows that the police tampered with and threw away this man's only shot of proving himself innocent!! I am a firm believer in the death penalty when it is proven without a doubt that the criminal did the crime however that is NOT the case.

3219 Name: Lisa Canning

Comment I cannot support the death penalty when convictions are as flawed as this. This is murder by the State, and as a citizen of this state, I protest! Not in my name!

3220 Name: Neasa Baker

Comment They need to reevaluate their evidence. Also since the evidence was tapered with the whole case needs to be throne out and start all over. Had they listen to the little boy and the witnesses they probably would have the killer. Sounds like a racial thing if you ask me. Plus how could one man do that.

3221 Name: Stephen M Accetta

Comment This will be a travesty of justice if allowed.

3222 Name: Justine Verigin

Comment Help to restore The People's faith in the criminal justice system.

3223 Name: Shawanna turner

Comment J

3224 Name: Thomas McGuine

Comment If they really want to execute someone, execute the judges cops and lawyers that are trying to kill this man.

3225 Name: Deborah Fennell

Comment Free this man, he did not kill anyone.

3226 Name: Kees v Leeuwen

Comment Please to not kill an innocent man

3227 Name: William Lockett

Comment This is a human life, and it could easily have been someone you know or love that was charged wrongly with this. Please set the strong precedent that executions must take place only when all reasonable doubt is eliminated if executions are to take place at all

3228 Name: Alessandro Tinonga

Comment This man is innocent. Set him free.

3229 Name: Andrew Plant

Comment Please do not execute an innocent man.

3230 Name: Johnathon Jay Nowak

Comment With media and internet publications rampaging over our broken Criminal Justice system, It is at this time Governor Brown that you and your offices have come under fire. You hold in your hands the life an innocent man, Mr. Kevin Cooper. Myself and many others have signed this petition to Bring to your attention this very pressing matter. We intend this petition to save his life and exonerate Mr. Cooper from the charges he has been falsely accused of. Please Governor Brown, release and pardon this man.

3231 Name: Jake Thomas

Comment You must investigate and if these many, many people are correct you must exonerate. It is a simple matter of righting a wrong. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

3232 Name: birthe

Comment Freedom for an innocent man !!!

3233 Name: Demetrice Mott

Comment He has served well over the time allotted for escaping.Do the right thing and free an innocent man. Enough hatred and malicious activity occurs in society as it is.

3234 Name: Coulton Smith

Comment I'm shocked and appalled that even after admitting that this man is innocent the judge still plans to execute him. This is one of the finest examples of racism in the legal system that I can think of.

3235 Name: Adrienne Weller

Comment End the death penalty.

3236 Name: Jessica

Comment Deserves to be free It would break my heart if they follow thru with the execution!

3237 Name: Kate Raphael

Comment PLEASE do not commit a state murder or a man who is likely innocent.

3238 Name: Michelle Bowen

Comment Thats just wrong..I can not day any more..smh..very upsetting.

3239 Name: peter nathanson

Comment Sir, Let's not even speak of clemency just yet. However, you must see that it is certain that Kenvin's case must be put on hold for further investigation. This is 100% agument can be made against this simple idea. Thank you, M. Nathanson

3240 Name: Marisa Frisby

Comment Please grant clemency for Kevin Cooper. I do hope that you wouldn't want a potentially innocent man executed. It is up to you.

3241 Name: Barbara J Brooks

Comment How can we neglect and ignore this evidence and support from respected judges. Governor Brown, please use your authority and grant clemency,and then review and pardon Kevin Cooper. Thank you....



3243 Name: Lili

Comment Please act to grant Mr. Cooper clemency in the form of a reprieve of his death sentence while your office undertakes the thorough review of his case that the IACHR recommended. When that review is completed, please pardon Mr. Cooper as an innocent man. If there are any doubts in your mind after that review as to Mr. Cooper’s innocence, please conditionally grant Mr. Cooper a pardon unless the State retries him at a fair trial. Please take these steps now, before the State of California engages in the irreversible and unconscionable act: the execution of an innocent man. .

3244 Name: Lisa Sobol-Yonush

Comment Please free this man he's suffered enough.

3245 Name: matthew dehoff

Comment how can you dismiss evidence that came from multiple witness, you're talking about a man's life here, even the victims family thinks he is innocent. if you killed kevin cooper youre no better then those who murder then ryan family

3246 Name: matt dehoff

Comment please review the case, see that there is too many holes in it to convict a man to death, please put your self in kevin copper's shoes and leave your personal feelings aside

3247 Name: blazic

Comment none

3248 Name: Leonor Arango

Comment No Death Penalty!!?? Illegal to legally put someone to death. Then make them wait 7 to 20 years. Double abusive Tyrany.

3249 Name: vivian vazquez

Comment This is sad that we have to petition to save the life a factually innocent man. Thie is America! We are better than that! Please do the right thin6on giving Kevin Cooper the justice and freedom he rightly deserves!

3250 Name: Darlene Gray

Comment It is unthinkable that this man can be executed for something he didn't do.

3251 Name: Tiffany Smith

Comment Please free this man. The system was unjust. There was no evidence to put him at the crime. The only witness said he did not commit the crime. Do not sentence Mr. Cooper to death. Free him.

3252 Name: Debbie Prince

Comment please free an innocent man

3253 Name: Samantha Phillips

Comment Grave travesty of justice! Do not do this!

3254 Name: Clayton Gallaway

Comment Free this man

3255 Name: Aaron Dandridge

Comment Set Keven Cooper free and find the real killers.

3256 Name: Nashae' Gray

Comment Justice needs to be served..on tha right person.. Free Kevin Cooper

3257 Name: Chris Plock

Comment Thank you for considering this.

3258 Name: Alexis Faughn

Comment the law has failed this innocent man. Give him his life back.

3259 Name: Jamie collier

Comment If it free let him go.

3260 Name: Rasheed Bethel

Comment Let God alone judge whether a life is fit to be taken. As Humans, we are too imperfect to have that right. If there is doubt, then there definitely should not be an execution. Divine judgment will come to us all. Hopefully, a new trial is opened to give a more judicious and justified ruling in the case.

3261 Name: Dianna DeCicco

Comment I don't know all the facts but if there is a chance this man is innocent his life should be spared. Unfortunately many innocent people have been wrongly convicted. In some instances public outcry has helped reopen cases that caused some innocent folks to be freed. That's why I'm signing this petition. I wonder if the jury heard the little boys statement and statement of other witnesses that saw white men driving off in the slain family's vehicle. If that evidence is true it should not be ignored. The worse thing about this case is that law enforcement got tunnel vision and ignored the evidence of all evidence...Blood soaked overalls handed over to police by a woman who suspected her boyfriend might be involved. She also claimed he wasn't wearing the tan t shirt she gave him. That shirt was found blood soaked near another bloody t shirt and bloody can. The overalls could be tied to a person that the lone survivor might have identified if given the chance. The tan t shirt was tested and the slain father's blood was on it. The other evidence was destroyed (it was logged). If law enforcement and/or prosecutors get tunnel vision with the goal of winning at any cost then none of us are safe. If public safety is the goal then I want the actual perpetrators to be caught and tried. It's better to have a cold case than put the wrong people behind bars. Just my opinion.

3262 Name: Danielle Goldstein

Comment Please free Kevin Cooper.

3263 Name: JOSEPH REED


3264 Name: janice Fries

Comment We are losing faith in the Judicial System. Do not kill another innocent Man! You've already taken 30 years away from him.

3265 Name: Kelly Lennon

Comment Please save Kevin's life. There is no reason for an innocent man to be executed.

3266 Name: Michael Montgomery

Comment This man deserves a fair trial.

3267 Name: Jean Boyd

Comment Kevin Cooper is innocent. Lee Furrow is the guilty man. Where are the overalls that Lee Furrow wore to the bar and was seen there. His girl friend said he came home the night of the murder with the bloody overalls on. The D.A. is out of control as are the sheriffs. They should be ashamed of themselves. The little boy who survived must come forward now and tell the truth. He is in his 30's and somewhere in his heart, he knows it was not Kevin.

3268 Name: Rachel Lennon

Comment This is extremely important!

3269 Name: Fabiola Apollon

Comment Please set Mr.Cooper free! Justice needs to be served

3270 Name: Michele Fricke

Comment How can you think this is anything but absolute wrong.

3271 Name: Dawn D

Comment Grant clemency.

3272 Name: Naim allen

Comment Please free him

3273 Name: Alicia Moses

Comment Please don't kill this man he has a life put your family are you're self in this situation how will you feel I just ask that his life be spared

3274 Name: Stacy Wykle

Comment There is no reason to murder this man.

3275 Name: Andrea

Comment Why is this even happening? This is a human being who may lose his life because of unfair judgement and discrimination. Are we still so primitive that we can place a value on what a life is worth simply by looking at their skin color? Stop the insanity please.

3276 Name: Anna Patton

Comment Please do the right thing and pardon Mr Cooper, an innocent man.

3277 Name: Brenda Simon

Comment I oppose the death penalty for this man. Conflicting information has been presented and proved.

3278 Name: tyreese

Comment this is a fight that should not have occurred innocent means innocent let the man execute and or continue to hold this man incarcerated would be a miscarriage of justice...

3279 Name: Heather Brown

Comment Please set right this terrible injustice! This man should be released from prison not put to death!

3280 Name: Andrew Zador

Comment If the word "Justice" has any of its original meaning left, then this man must be set free and compensated for the life he has already lost rotting in prison.

3281 Name: Janice Alexanian

Comment This is a travesty of justice and a total abuse of the power of the courts to mete sane, and appropriate justice. The World is watching. Does the State of California descend into moral bankruptcy by executing an innocent man for a crime he clearly did not commit?



3283 Name: Cathy Shope

Comment Please do not kill an innocent man!

3284 Name: A.Sharp

Comment innocent is innocent

3285 Name: cal adkinson

Comment How can it be?

3286 Name: Anne Burnett

Comment If Kevin is proves there IS NO JUSTICE SYSTEM!!!!! Hasn't he already served time ENOUGH FOR SOMETHING HE DID NOT DO??????????? SET THE MAN FREE!!!!!

3287 Name: Terry Lee

Comment If he dies then the cops, judge and prosecutor should be tried for murder..

3288 Name: Scott Walker

Comment I believe Gov. Brown has a well earned reputation for clarity and justice and hope he doesn't disappoint me.

3289 Name: Lindsey Engle

Comment Please act before it's too late.

3290 Name: Suyapa Romero

Comment executing an innocent man is inhumane

3291 Name: Jennifer Jordan

Comment The State of California “may be about to execute an innocent man,” as five judges of the Ninth Cir-cuit Court of Appeals said in reference to Mr. Cooper in 2009.

3292 Name: Rosemary Prem

Comment .

3293 Name: Tina Chugani

Comment God save Kevin

3294 Name: Kojo Kumah

Comment This guys wasn't given a proper trial.

3295 Name: Sabine Helena

Comment This innocent man should be free!!!

3296 Name: Doreen Yomoah

Comment This is unlawful and abhorrent. Reprieve this death sentence.

3297 Name: lange

Comment how can you execute a person when you Know he is innocent??

3298 Name: Christan Leenders

Comment Dear Mr. Governor, America is known as the land of the free and the home of the brave. Then set this innocent man free! That would be brave.

3299 Name: Barbara Adamson

Comment The State of California is set to execute death row inmate Kevin Cooper for a murder that even the judge in the case admits he did not commit. Please do the right thing and release this man!

3300 Name: Jacqueline Wigfall

Comment This man needs a retrial not an execution.

3301 Name: Isabelle Bourdonné

Comment Please free Kevin Cooper Now!

3302 Name: Aaron Chan

Comment Free Kevin Cooper.

3303 Name: Ilene Neterer


3304 Name: mba

Comment to convict an innocent man, would equal a miscarriage of justice..

3305 Name: tyresejone

Comment This whole situation is a travesty.

3306 Name: Maxine Brown

Comment This is not JUSTICE... Where are the scales of Justice for Kevin Cooper.. Free "Kevin Cooper".

3307 Name: Jesse Ray Breedlove

Comment We must hold those in the justice system accountable for their actions. Mr. Cooper,s guilt or innocence is very important, but the fact that he did not receive a fair trial, is grounds not only for barring the use of the death penalty, but the right to as many trials necessary to obtain a fair trial. I, Jesse Ray Breedlove, as a citizen of the State of California, demand that you Jerry Brown, Governor of the State of California, grant Kevin Cooper a reprieve of his death sentence while your office undertakes a thorough review of his case. whether this man is guilty or not, we as a civilized society cannot execute a man where it has been proven that he did not receive a fair trial. The prosecution let down the victims and the people in this case. I will fight for this man's life and his right to a fair trial.

3308 Name: Jay Spencer

Comment Murder by the state is always wrong. Murdering a man acknowledged to be innocent is beyond wrong, it is unconscionable and itself should be punished as the crime of being an accessory to murder.

3309 Name: Elaine pritchett

Comment If he murder why should he die.its not fair who does that

3310 Name: Carlos Garcia

Comment Do what is right. If this was you how would you want to be treated?

3311 Name: Jody Goldie

Comment How can you kill a person if they have not done the crime totally screwed up

3312 Name: Noavah Greenhill

Comment 🙏🏾

3313 Name: Gabe

Comment Racism

3314 Name: Jason wade

Comment He needs to be freed asap

3315 Name: Gene

Comment Free

3316 Name: Teresa best

Comment Free him

3317 Name: kathy Huenefeld

Comment There are thousands of innocent people in prison

3318 Name: Lindsay Prado

Comment .

3319 Name: Daryl

Comment I wrote the CA governor today, Hope this helps

3320 Name: Chauncey Arnold

Comment Please don't let the system continue to fail Mr. Cooper. Our civil society is the most important thing for us to protect, and injustices such as this erode the foundation of any worthy society.

3321 Name: Delsin

Comment Save his life

3322 Name: Max Anderson

Comment I've been railroaded for a crime I didn't commit. It happens more often than most people think.

3323 Name: Timothy Steen

Comment Hold off on the death sentence. Atleast have another trial. Seem's like DNA evidence would lose relevance after some time. I wonder what the surviving child has to say. Explore the case further.

3324 Name: Birch Hansen

Comment Guilty or innocent, capitol punishment has no place in civilized society. To "get tough on crime", let us focus on the causes of crime (proactive) and rehabilitation (when possible) rather than exacting "justice" (aka revenge) on those who have already committed a crime and sometimes those who have not, as this case illustrates (yet again).

3325 Name: Randy Bauer

Comment This is a innocent man, Free him.

3326 Name: Wendy showalter

Comment Innocent man should be released.

3327 Name: Jon Trott

Comment Please stop this execution.

3328 Name: Mike Hertenstein

Comment Please give this innocent man the reprieve he deserves and justice demands.

3329 Name: Robert Fritsch

Comment I sincerely hope that another tragedy will not come out of this outrage.

3330 Name: samantha Choi

Comment free him!!

3331 Name: Gregory Heffron

Comment This is horrible. Truly horrible. This cannot go forward. Please overturn this execution.

3332 Name: Lisa MacLean

Comment The death penalty should never be used on a questionable finding.

3333 Name: Alyssa braunberger

Comment Free that man and replace him in the slave wars on prisons in honor of corparations with the very court snakes conartists who lied under oath commited multiple cases of slander right in front of a judge who said nothing hi Mr Cooper's defense false evidence means no check and balance system and corruption runs rampant

3334 Name: Claire Kennedy

Comment I demand the immediate reassessment of this case all the way from the UK! We see the corrupt fake laws and the people that uphold them and why in the USA and UK! The world is watching! If you'd like to, please contact me if I can help in anyway (the family) The government? Well you cannot and will govern my Mind(Government)nor the minds of millions of other people across the world! The time is coming police and politicians where you will stand with the people who no longer need or want your system! Maybe not today maybe not Tomorrow but one day very soon! Love light and blessings Claire

3335 Name: Scott Stewart

Comment Thank you, Governor Brown.

3336 Name: Sangeeta Lyons

Comment Please free this innocent man

3337 Name: Dwayne Nash

Comment I read some of the articles. I have to admit he was railroaded. It's becoming more common.

3338 Name: Jayne England

Comment There is too much uncertainty here to take a human life.

3339 Name: Ricka Dawkins

Comment .i.

3340 Name: Naomi

Comment This and appalled and saddened me. Sending all my love and courage to Kevin - truth must prevail. Thoughts and solidarity from London, UK.

3341 Name: barrie sharpe

Comment Liberty Equality & Justice must prevail...

3342 Name: Nicholas Bell

Comment Innocent

3343 Name: Amanda Massey

Comment He is innocent .

3344 Name: Theresa O'Brien

Comment Unjust

3345 Name: Tosha Archer

Comment No man or women should be punished for something they did not do. Now that there is proof that he is innocent, this petition shouldn't even need to be done.. He should be free!

3346 Name: Jared Archer

Comment Please grant clemency.

3347 Name: Bill Montross

Comment Please grant clemency to Mr. Cooper. The whole world is watching.

3348 Name: Rachel Pisors

Comment Governor Brown, Please show your support for those who co-labor with you in the government of this country by giving credence to the past opinions (both personal and professional) of those triers of fact who have heard this case and granting a pardon to Mr. Cooper. Our Constitution never intended for procedure to preclude justice.

3349 Name: Michael Knight

Comment Please grant Mr. Cooper clemency in the form of a reprieve of his death sentence while your office undertakes the review of his case that the IACHR recommended. When that review is completed, please pardon Mr. Cooper as an innocent man.

3350 Name: devrin hall

Comment FREE KEVIN!!!!

3351 Name: Sean Riddell

Comment In this day and age, this country should not be executing people. Further, all criminal defendants should be afforded due process. Please grant Kevin clemency and the people will thank you.

3352 Name: John Paul Horstmann

Comment Please review this case and do what you can.

3353 Name: Mysti Easterwood

Comment Dear Gov. Brown, Please use your executive powers to exonerate the wrongfully-condemned prisoner Kevin Cooper. Thank you. Citizen Myst

3354 Name: Camisha

Comment Not enough evidence to prove he was at the scene of the crime does not deserve to die when the young boy stated there was no African American involved with he crime.

3355 Name: Doreen McCarty

Comment this case is a joke and its a shame. Shame on all the judges and the prosecutor's of the State, I am very happy to say I do not live in California nor would I ever move there. This man case should be thrown out!

3356 Name: Kyle Edgerton

Comment Capital punishment is an outdated and wrong-headed attempt to make amends for a tragic loss. The death penalty should be suspended in all cases, and it is clearly improper where doubt remains about the condemned person's guilt. This case demands clemency at least so long as to confirm the ample evidence that Ms. Cooper is an innocent man wrongly condemned.

3357 Name: Ruth Lindemann

Comment Justice.

3358 Name: Kerry Turek

Comment If Kevin Cooper is executed without a thorough review of his case, that is murder.

3359 Name: Shanquila Fuller

Comment I support Kevin cooper

3360 Name: Patricia Ouillette-Leigh

Comment First-A Civilized Society can not trivialize/overlook/ignore/rationalize inaccuracies/short comings of procedures established to ensure a Fair Trial. And, these Procedures should be identical for All Citizens. Second-If this man is innocent, what he's been through is as bad as being victimized. And if he is put to death as an innocent man, his death is even more of an outrageous crime than murder of most victims, because this man suffered for years first, by being falsely arrested and imprisoned. Third-I would hope that the victims families,anyone involved in the investigation, and most civilized people who are aware of the case, would want to make sure the actual murderer is found, tried, and sentenced.

3361 Name: Chanett

Comment This is sick. How can you execute an innocent man. You should be paying him for his freedom and peace for rest of his living life. Murderers......... this world is to sick. No need for law when it clearly is not used for good.

3362 Name: Megan King

Comment Free him

3363 Name: Karen Newman

Comment There are too many unanswered questions in this case to carry out the death penalty.

3364 Name: Ruth Weedman

Comment Thank you.

3365 Name: Rebecca Anshell Song

Comment Abolish the death penalty!

3366 Name: Paul McCarthy

Comment We have a moral and legal imperative that everyone, particularly those sentenced to capital punishment, be given a fair and impartial trial with a judgement based on the evidence 3712

3367 Name: Josette COUCHOUD

Comment Kevin Cooper is an innocent person and should be set free, not executed.

3368 Name: Ereica Johnson

Comment Its not right to kill an innocent man,especially if you know for a fact that he is innocent.He deserves to be set free.

3369 Name: Shameika Tenner


3370 Name: Margaret Haule

Comment Please act.

3371 Name: Paul R. Shiras

Comment This is clearly a miscarriage of justice and a wrongful conviction. If any one deserves to be set free it is this man. To allow his execution would be First Degree murder by the State.

3372 Name: Gwen

Comment Please save this innocent man's life!

3373 Name: Millie Wilson

Comment justice!

3374 Name: mark scott

Comment please grant a conditional pardon without delay...

3375 Name: Hope Kwiatkowski

Comment Please act to grant Mr. Cooper clemency in the form of a reprieve of his death sentence while your office undertakes the thorough review of his case that the IACHR recommended. When that review is completed, please pardon Mr. Cooper as an innocent man.

3376 Name: Raihaanah

Comment This really makes me sick how can you execute an innocent man, where is the justice in this

3377 Name: Frank van Pardo

Comment This is a typical case of unjustice.

3378 Name: Jane Mair

Comment Please people's lives equally important, regardless of people of the color. It looks like Mr. Kevin Cooper is a innocent man! Please investigate farther before the death penalty! Sincerely, Jane Mair

3379 Name: Lorrie Eaton

Comment This is definitely an unconscionable act and one which can be avoided. Often this much evidence of wrongful findings by the court system only surfaces after the fact and can not be rectified. Here we have the possibility of reprieve. You must take it!

3380 Name: yvonne peterse

Comment no man should be exetuded while innocent give him a new honest trial.

3381 Name: Kathleen Garbacz

Comment Don't execute an innocent man!

3382 Name: Lorenzo Kelly

Comment I have read and listen to overwhelming evidence that show this man to be innocent! I am ashamed that a nation would allow a man to rot in jail, and plan to MURDER a man on the basis of evidence that is weak at best! I am here to say that I believe that you are innocent and I hope that the government will not fail another innocent man. My heart to yours, Lorenzo Kelly

3383 Name: Sahar Kheshen

Comment Better to free a hundred guilty men than put to death one who is innocent.

3384 Name: Joe wade

Comment Jw

3385 Name: Lillian pool

Comment There was rush to judgment, he was denied due process. The state was under pressure to just prosecute someone, anyone and they chose him.

3386 Name: Glen Anderson

Comment The death penalty is INHERENTLY UNJUST. It also PERPETUATES THE CYCLE OF VIOLENCE. Save Kevin Cooper's life. Abolish the death penalty. CALIFORNIA'S POLITICIANS ARE WASTING TAXPAYERS' MONEY. Life sentences are much cheaper than complex death penalty trials.

3387 Name: santino herbert

Comment Free Kevin cooper now.

3388 Name: Marie Carlson

Comment Please grant Mr. Cooper clemency. As a graduate student in clinical psychology I can tell you that the reality is more complex and poorly understood than most of us perceive it today. Please be better. Be a leader and take a stand. And if you are a Christian, please remember that there is nothing Christian about putting another human being to death. Shame on you if you stand by and do nothing. You have the power to make a difference in this situation. Please help.

3389 Name: Peter Koch

Comment death penalty is inhuman!

3390 Name: Ingrid Baldauf

Comment Please set him free, he is not quilty!

3391 Name: Diana Brajdic

Comment Dear Gouverneur Please, let Kevin Cooper free. Becauce he is innocent. Sincyrely, Diana Brajdic

3392 Name: guenter meisinger

Comment in civilised countries, death Penalty dont excist. its legal murder from the state.

3393 Name: Renate Mari

Comment There is considerable doubt about his guilt. He needs to be released!

3394 Name: Hardy Klag

Comment I am against death penalty, becaude no state all over this world has gotten the right from God to kill a person.

3395 Name: Peter Jagst

Comment todesstrafe ist unmenschlich und mittelalterlich

3396 Name: Sonja Puscher

Comment Death penalty is also inhuman.

3397 Name: rühmann

Comment please

3398 Name: Gabi Helmchen

Comment I am deeply troubled that the State of California may be about to execute an innocent man.

3399 Name: mateo

Comment have a look at your consciousness, at your soul; what would they tell you if you let an innocent man free or grant clemency to him?

3400 Name: Boczkowski, Jochen

Comment I support the petition

3401 Name: Rachel Simon

Comment Stand with justice.

3402 Name: Sabine Buergermeister

Comment Governor Jerry Brown: We, the undersigned, strongly urge you to exercise your constitutional power to grant clemency to Kevin Cooper. The taking of any human life is an act that weighs heavily on all of society. It is an unbearable weight when an innocent man’s life is at stake. We are deeply troubled that the State of California “may be about to execute an innocent man,” as five judges of the Ninth Cir-cuit Court of Appeals said in reference to Mr. Cooper in 2009. (See Cooper v. Brown, 565 F.3d 561.) We are furthered troubled that these federal appellate judges found several serious constitutional violations in Mr. Cooper’s prosecution, including that prosecutors: (1) presented false evidence at trial, (2) destroyed evidence so that the jury never saw it, and (3) withheld exonerating evidence from the defense. (See id.) Moreover, we are mindful that in 2009 six additional federal appellate judges wrote that they ab-horred the “flawed” proceedings in Mr. Cooper’s case, noting that such proceedings undermine public confidence in the criminal justice system. (Id. at 635.) In addition, we note that a twelfth federal appellate judge stated in 2007 that she felt procedurally barred from ruling in favor of Mr. Cooper, and complained of “lingering doubt” in his case and the “wholly discomforting” feeling resulting from her inability to rule in Mr. Cooper’s favor. (Cooper v. Brown, 510 F.3d 870 at 1004-06.) Additional evidence favorable to Mr. Cooper has emerged since these appellate judges wrote their opinions. In view of that evidence, in September 2015 the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, an agency of the Organization of American States, issued a report on Mr. Cooper’s case finding that Mr. Cooper’s human rights were violated in multiple ways in his pros-ecution, trial and sentencing. The IACHR found eight (8) separate ways in which Mr. Cooper’s due process rights were violated. It also found that his defense counsel was ineffective, that he was subject to an unfair appellate process, and that there was substantial evidence that racial discrimination played a part in his conviction and death sentence. In conclusion, the IACHR rec-ommended that before he is executed Mr. Cooper’s case be reviewed in accordance with his right to a fair trial. Please act to grant Mr. Cooper clemency in the form of a reprieve of his death sentence while your office undertakes the thorough review of his case that the IACHR recommended. When that review is completed, please pardon Mr. Cooper as an innocent man. If there are any doubts in your mind after that review as to Mr. Cooper’s innocence, please conditionally grant Mr. Cooper a pardon unless the State retries him at a fair trial. Please take these steps now, before the State of California engages in the irreversible and unconscionable act: the execution of an innocent man.

3403 Name: Henning Dittmar

Comment there is nothing more to be said.

3404 Name: Stephanie Boutsicaris

Comment Despite having studied many cases of wrongful conviction, I'm still truly amazed that a jury could convict this man, or that a prosecutor would feel like these charges are worth pursuing.

3405 Name: Lesley

Comment How can you condemn this man to death with overwhelming evidence that he could not have been the person who committed the crimes? With such flawed proceedings and the way everything was handled, he deserves a reprieve of his death sentence. If you cannot see that a great disservice was committed, that he was never given a fair trial, then there is truly something wrong with our entire judicial system.

3406 Name: Mark Barkawitz

Comment Don't execute an innocent man!

3407 Name: Holly Hillman

Comment Please read the evidence and grant a much deserved pardon to Mr. Cooper. Thank YOU!

3408 Name: jana neuhaus

Comment Please grant clemency to Kevin Cooper.

3409 Name: A F Colletto


3410 Name: Claus Erbrecht

Comment The death penalty is simply inhuman - it is murder.

3411 Name: N. K. Chebli

Comment When the death penalty is involved, most Americans become blood thirsty, whether or not the defendant is actually guilty of the alleged crime... I frankly don't know what happened to the basic principal "Innocent until proven Guilty", taking into consideration that the death penalty should not be carried out unless the sentencing process occurred beyond any reasonable doubt... Is it the case when 5 federal judges found the defendant innocent? Go ahead then and murder him for crimes he never committed, and take the time to exonerate his memory a few years down the road. By doing so, justice would've been served in your eyes and the life you take away in due process would simply be "an irreversible collateral damage" based on a stinking blood thirsty legal system! Congratulations America! Land of the freak... Previously known as The land of the free...

3412 Name: Gregory Jackson

Comment We want justice!

3413 Name: Keisha James

Comment Please grant clemency to Kevin Cooper.

3414 Name: Adja Catalano

Comment Please don't sacrifice an innocent man's life to protect ineptitude and corruption.

3415 Name: Diana Henderson

Comment retrial

3416 Name: Casey Thal

Comment Save Kevin Cooper

3417 Name: Michelle Lenning

Comment I sign to free Kevin Cooper

3418 Name: Linda Girard

Comment Innocence matters

3419 Name: Jasleen Singh

Comment Justice for all.

3420 Name: Marie Reimers

Comment Save Kevin Cooper

3421 Name: Linda Sherer

Comment This is why I am against the death penalty!

3422 Name: judith pachal

Comment grant clemency to Kevin Cooper

3423 Name: Elena Herrada

Comment Good luck!

3424 Name: maya azar

Comment Dont execute Kevin Cooper.

3425 Name: Marina Vuljaj

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

3426 Name: Lance Bruck

Comment Abolish the racist prison industrial complex. Grant Kevin Cooper clemency!

3427 Name: Rashel Mereness

Comment Please send a message to prosecutors that we will not see men incarcerated or killed without due process.

3428 Name: Holly Mcfall

Comment The criminal "justice" system is appauling

3429 Name: Jasmin M. Haynes

Comment Free Kevin Cooper.

3430 Name: Aldo Evan Martinez Gomez

Comment Kevin Cooper deserves Clemency

3431 Name: Alice E Parra

Comment How can we allow anyone to be executed when there is so much evidence of the person's innocence? I agree with the judges who said such proceedings undermine public trust. I now have very little trust in our criminal justice system.

3432 Name: Charles Seipold

Comment If the facts detailed are true and complete, then enough said.

3433 Name: Loveley Bonanni

Comment Do the right thing.

3434 Name: Omika Jenkins

Comment Please set this innocent man free. He has already paid for his due time and no one should have the right to kill another human being. Instead of wasting all our tax dollars to kill an innocent man how about you find the ones responsible for these horrific murders and give them the punishment they deserve. As for Mr. Cooper keep your mind and thoughts on God. And never allow man to be your final decision maker. Your in my prayers. Sincerely, Omika

3435 Name: Mrs. Jan Hoffman

Comment Governor Brown - There are just too many errors, oversights, and mishandling of evidence by the initial investigators to support a death sentence.

3436 Name: Joanne Royston

Comment Please give Kevin a fair trial.

3437 Name: Carol Draizen

Comment There are way too many irregularities in this case to ever consider the death penalty.

3438 Name: Janne Bagley-Murray

Comment Innocent men do not deserve to be imprisoned. Free Kevin Cooper !

3439 Name: Jean Pauline

Comment Please act to grant Mr. Cooper clemency in the form of a reprieve of his death sentence while your office undertakes the thorough review of his case that the IACHR recommended. When that review is completed, please pardon Mr. Cooper as an innocent man. If there are any doubts in your mind after that review as to Mr. Cooper’s innocence, please conditionally grant Mr. Cooper a pardon unless the State retries him at a fair trial. Please take these steps now, before the State of California engages in the irreversible and unconscionable act: the execution of an innocent man. .

3440 Name: Linda Gale

Comment The death sentence should be abolished, and it is cases like this one that show exactly why. The justice system is not perfect. In this case it has been so far from perfect as to make a mockery of the concept of a fair trial. Please intervene immediately to grant clemency and a pardon.

3441 Name: Philipp Eichelbrönner

Comment Be human, save lifes !!!

3442 Name: Mary marek

Comment Please reopen this case and do not execute the wrong man.

3443 Name: Pierre Labossiere

Comment Please act to grant Mr. Cooper clemency in the form of a reprieve of his death sentence while your office undertakes the thorough review of his case that the IACHR recommended. When that review is completed, please pardon Mr. Cooper as an innocent man. If there are any doubts in your mind after that review as to Mr. Cooper’s innocence, please conditionally grant Mr. Cooper a pardon unless the State retries him at a fair trial. Please take these steps now, before the State of California engages in the irreversible and unconscionable act: the execution of an innocent man.

3444 Name: Bea Viacava

Comment Is this a private jail? Who's the owner? Maybe a hate group member?..why not hearing to reason? We must evolve...DNA should avoid mistakes...this case is so unjust what's the difference between ISIS and Justice in America? Please consider evolving to a humane society! Free the innocents!

3445 Name: Nancy Snyder

Comment abolish the death penalty

3446 Name: Bettina xwerdling

Comment justice matters

3447 Name: Gabriele Uhl

Comment The Death Penalty only creates more hurt and grief!

3448 Name: Deborah Gerson

Comment Stop the killling.

3449 Name: Ben Leet

Comment Let justice rule.

3450 Name: Claudia Cooper

Comment It appears that there are a lot of questions as to the guilt of Kevin Cooper.

3451 Name: Dianne Zimbabwe

Comment Please act to grant Mr. Cooper clemency in the form of a reprieve of his death sentence while your office undertakes the thorough review of his case that the IACHR recommended.

3452 Name: TYRA TILLY

Comment If the system has no supporting evideence to convict this man why hold him in jail or even take his life for murders he didnt commit if yall didnt convict O.J.Simpson let this man free this man is old yall took his whole life already now yqall trying to take whats left and kill him when will the system own up too their mistakes yall dead wrong I feel for him if yall do decide to take him hes probably tired of this hell anyway so let him go on to glory GOD forbid and which I hope it dosent comes to this WOW an innocent man the SUPREME COURT JUDGES SAY THIS MAN IS INNOCENT you think the governor will listen LORD I hope so he doesnt deserve it GOD WILL PREVAIL HE ALWAYS DO GOD BLESS MR. COOPER

3453 Name: Ehizoje Azeke

Comment This is a very sad story, and refects blatant abuse of power in the California legal system. Cooper should be released immediately!

3454 Name: Christina

Comment An individual should not be put to death until EVERYTHING IS 100%. The DNA proved to be someone else's and the child and two other witnesses described the murderers as either white or Hispanic men. What else more do you want. This is another act of racism in the state of California. Why would the police throw away perfectly fit evidence in the dumpster such as the overalls? Some of the evidence was tampered with and problems with the investigation. It's the state of California's dirty police trying to execute another black man. Free the innocent!

3455 Name: Beverly Gilbeau

Comment Why is everyone so afraid to uphold the Constitution? Why does our own government which is based on the Constitution keep trying to find loopholes and exceptions in it? Why is our government so afraid of protecting an American citizen's rights as stated in the Constitution?

3456 Name: Peter Altomare

Comment A little judicial misconduct?

3457 Name: hilda kauffman

Comment Please grant Mr. Cooper the right to a fair trial.

3458 Name: Debbie Coleman

Comment Free & save Kevin Cooper!

3459 Name: Jaida Johnson

Comment Free him please!

3460 Name: Patrick Steinhuber

Comment Death penalty is not the right way. Please stop the execution

3461 Name: jomyra watley

Comment I hope you live.

3462 Name: Janice Olson

Comment It is a crime to give the death sentence in this case. Kevin Cooper should be pardoned from the crime he has been accused of.

3463 Name: William Raddell

Comment Please pardon Kevin Cooper. The evidence points to the fact that he is an innocent man. It is time for us to end this barbarous practice of taking a life in the name of justice. All human life has worth and needs to be protected and revered in all circumstances. Even if Mr. Cooper was guilty, we need to abolish this practice and uphold the sanctity of life.

3464 Name: Melvin Fallin

Comment I support the release of Kevin Cooper!!!!

3465 Name: Amber Lindsey

Comment Do the right thing.

3466 Name: Shane swann

Comment Free this man before it's too late.

3467 Name: justin collins

Comment this is not an isolated incident. I believe the cops and court who rushed the case should be the ones on death row when they knew a witness said 3 men of another etnicity commited the crime. this is a product of the quota system that encourages cops to stack the deck against who ever they are able to pull over and profile.

3468 Name: Rosemary

Comment Please free Kevin Cooper. He doesn't deserve the death penalty. Kevin is an innocent man.

3469 Name: Edward paris

Comment If the man didnt commit the crimes who is keepi g him put away like a caged animal for something he didnt do somebody dont wanta be the blame so a innocent man might die justice system is pathetic

3470 Name: Cynthia Hawthorne

Comment If he is truely innocent then you are commiting murder yourself

3471 Name: Shantay A.

Comment Mr.Brown, I have full respect for the law. If you do a crime you do the time. I also believe in a fair trial. I do not see how Mr. Cooper was granted such. With all the flaws in his case and investigators focusing on what seems to be only Mr .Cooper I'm afraid they destroyed, contaminated, and over looked evidence that could of led to the murders that really did this awful crime. I feel it's heartbreaking enough that these victims may never get their justice of their true murders paying for this horrific crime. But I beg you please don't let Mr . Cooper be their victim as well. Mr.Cooper being put to death for a crime committed by the actions of others make him their victim just as well as the victims they claimed on that horrible night. Please review this man's case.


Comment But young Josh Ryen eventually recovered from his injuries, and he said that the actual culprits were three Caucasian or Latino men, not a single African American man. Forensic evidence later proved that the unidentified blood at the crime scene did not in fact belong to Cooper. Instead, it contained the DNA of two different people – corroborating Ryen’s story. The district court failed to provide Cooper a fair hearing. The district court impeded and obstructed Cooper’s attorneys at every turn. [T]he court imposed unreasonable conditions, refused discovery that should have been available as a matter of course; limited testimony that should not have been limited; and found facts unreasonably, based on a truncated and distorted record. Public confidence in the proper administration of the death penalty depends on the integrity of the process followed by the state… So far as due process is concerned, twenty-four years of flawed proceedings are as good as no proceedings at all.” The judges in this case found and admitted that the prosecution and the Sheriff’s office deliberately destroyed, tampered with and concealed from the defense key evidence that was never heard by the jury. The judges said point blank that “The State of California may be about to execute an innocent man.”

3473 Name: tracy bellaries

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

3474 Name: louise woodcock

Comment It's a sickening disgrace to humanity to keep this innocent man.

3475 Name: Robert fairchild

Comment Do not let this travesty of justice continue. Not only should KEVIN not be executed but he should be freed and paid reparations for his unlawful incarceration.

3476 Name: Joanne maylott

Comment Appalling treatment of an innocent man. Time to free Kevin Cooper!

3477 Name: Jason Muhammad

Comment If this man is executed those involved will have his blood on their hands. While he cannot get the time back, there is still a chance to free him and allow him to live the remainder of his life a free man. Any debt he owed to society has been more than paid.

3478 Name: Marlin craven liberatore

Comment Please free cooper

3479 Name: Jim Prince

Comment Do the right thing and free this man!

3480 Name: Duane

Comment Just stop it. We shouldn't have executions anyway. However, if someone has the slightest chance of innocence, we should not condone their death.

3481 Name: Jean Hill

Comment There's obviously a mis-trial and miscarriage here. Needs investigating and reviewing, and California should not be about executing people who could well be innocent.

3482 Name: Rayne elkins

Comment This is a social injustice!!! To make someone continuously pay for a crime they didn't commit, with no remorse.. It's sick ...

3483 Name: Barbara Bue

Comment I'm thankful that you are the Governor of California so that Kevin Cooper will not be remembered as the innocent man who was executed anyway. Richard may have used it to focus attention away from other criminals that busy with other things...and Ronnie would have invited Barry Farber and Pat Buchanan to join him in the box seats and after held a press conference to prove to Russia how tough the USA is and claim we have Peace through Strength. That goal seems to have produced proven results. I recall my Political Science classes: listening with horror about the police state in the USSR and how neighbors didn't trust neighbors, that the people were guilty until proven innocent and how people could be locked up for years never receiving a fair trial. It scares me to think how the USA, once known as the land of the free, has lately felt more like the Soviet Union of the 80's. It's in the USA we don't hold the record for executing people on an anual basis (though we are number one for locking up our citizens in jails and prisons...yay us)....but in fact are #5th. China, Iran,and Iraq and Saudi Arabia beat us in that category...though we still beat out Somalia and Sudan. Kevin wasn't an angel...he was known to be a thief, on more than one occasion and was found guilty and locked up as punishment. He screwed up again by leaving before he completed his time and should be held accountable for that as well. However, since there is reasonable doubt that he is guilty of the crime of murder...with even judges believing him innocent...he should not be put to death. Killing an innocent man in the name of justice is inhumane and wrong. There is no starting over at that point. It's done and can't be remedied, as we've learned from others who were killed and later proven not guilty. Tragic and just Drumpf. Thank you, Governor Brown, for your compassionate insight and bold willingness to be a catalyst for positive change in our criminal justice system. I'm so looking forward to experiencing the positive changes we'll be seeing when President Sanders takes office. I believe he will be able to successfully work with other leaders, such as yourself, and the USA will be the best place in the world to be. Thank You!

3484 Name: Damien

Comment This is sad and it.happens more often then not. The Manhattan 5 same deal.

3485 Name: aisha Patrick

Comment How could y'all be so wrong and still don't want to do the right thing. Is it the money. Cause there will be a civil suit. May god bless the hateful men that will never be a god fearing man.

3486 Name: Tiffany Duvernay

Comment Murdering an innocent framed man is unAmerican, unconstitutional and ungodly.

3487 Name: Sharon Hinton

Comment Please grant Mr. Cooper clemency in the interest of justice!

3488 Name: Nicole Spencer

Comment Prayer for Mr. Cooper.

3489 Name: Brett Rudolph

Comment Let the justice system work for once!

3490 Name: Matthew O'Bryan

Comment You cannot kill innocent people! You must stop this!

3491 Name: Jeriann Guzman

Comment He is innocent... do not execute him. We as a society are better than that. This is not the South, or a confederacy, look at the information and do the right thing.

3492 Name: Shanice

Comment Free him

3493 Name: Darius

Comment In a perfect and just world, we would not have to sign this petition. Unfortunately, we are not.

3494 Name: Norma Eskridge

Comment Free an innocent man

3495 Name: Ramey Channell

Comment Governor Brown: The taking of any human life is an act that weighs heavily on all of society. It is an unbearable weight when an innocent man’s life is at stake. We are deeply troubled that the State of California “may be about to execute an innocent man,” as five judges of the Ninth Cir-cuit Court of Appeals said in reference to Mr. Cooper.

3496 Name: Lashonda Flood

Comment It's already wrong that he served time for a crime he did not commit. An innocent man should not have to serve time more less, get the death penalty. Unless this is made right, this would be a complete injustice!

3497 Name: Angela Osborn

Comment Free this man! Your crimes against humanity will not be forgotten.

3498 Name: Cindy Hall

Comment The judge who sentenced Cooper to death knowing he was innocent, should be in prison.

3499 Name: Christon Brown

Comment Shame on you California

3500 Name: Melinda Baker

Comment This is NEVER OK!!! If this was family of the Judge, processecutor, or anyone in tge judicail system it would have been fixed by now!!! The people who put an innocent man to death knowingly should suffer the same fate it is a legal form of murder at this point!!! Knowingly taking the life of an innocent person is deeply disturbing our world needs better!!!!!!!!!

3501 Name: Glenesse Nick

Comment Kevin, your life matters.

3502 Name: Theresa Brazil

Comment Please don't let another innocent man be executed.

3503 Name: Kenyshwa Petersen

Comment Black lives matter

3504 Name: yuri

Comment Free Kevin Cooper, he deserves a fair trial

3505 Name: Christy Mccleary

Comment Retrial is necessary. Missing evidence and more should be taken in account. Do not execute this man.

3506 Name: Charles Kirk

Comment Free this man, evidence states that he is innocent and has been wrongly sentenced

3507 Name: Trina Williams

Comment Proven innocent why not let him free? Don't kill him because of your pride or outside pressure. Put yourself in his shoes. Don't be guilty of killing an innocent man.

3508 Name: Kevin Yang

Comment Please free Kevin Cooper.

3509 Name: Eve Meyer

Comment For those that carry out death penalties, your murder is not different than another. If you know this man is innocent, someone must step up and stop the insanity.

3510 Name: Briana Nelson

Comment Over turn the decision!!

3511 Name: Terrence randle

Comment The evidence is clear. Don't be a part of a senseless murder.

3512 Name: Julie Simpson

Comment if this man is executed ,, the usa law stands as a joke and no american should stand with it

3513 Name: Michelle

Comment Free Mr cooper

3514 Name: Dee

Comment This is not what our justice system is about. Please do not allow the MURDER of an innocent man, he has rights. Such as a fair trial.

3515 Name: Tina fear

Comment Mr Brown, My name is Tina Fear, I live in Adelaide, Australia. Having read many accounts and articles to this case, it fails me that this man is still in jail, let alone on death row. Are state heads in America too frightened to admit their faults in this case, so much so that they would carry the burden of murder? Because. Mr Brown, that is, what this is. If this man is set to death, you will have aided a murder to be committed. America is such a strongholds our world, and it worry me, and falters my faith in justice and those that lead our world to be brave enough to make our world what it should be, safe for ALL our innocent civilians. Be brave Mr Brown, stand up against corruption and injustice. Otherwise to me, you are no better than a murderer yourself. FREE KEVIN COOPER! Yours Tina Fear

3516 Name: Malachi Mojica

Comment Governor Brown, there are countless cases of wealthy men who are unquestionably guilty getting their cases dismissed for much less questionable conduct, such as an officer neglecting to read them their rights. In this instance there is overwhelming evidence of misconduct on the part of the police, and you owe it to this man who has lost so many years already to let him go free. Looking at the case I believe this could've happened to any black man, any minority could be the next Kevin Cooper, and if you do not free this man you will see many more protestors. I have never protested before, but if you do nothing I will protest you, and I will proudly hold up a sign whenever you speak that reads "MURDERER."

3517 Name: Anastasia Sammaritano

Comment If you're going to ask the public to trust the justice system, show us a reason to start!

3518 Name: Shenika freeman

Comment Let him go

3519 Name: Florha Jones

Comment Oh my goodness. Why is the STATE murdering us up?

3520 Name: beatrice gehrmann

Comment have a closer look, wtf.

3521 Name: Karen collins

Comment Free Kevin Cooper let him live!!!

3522 Name: Robert Davidson

Comment Innocent people should not be executed, or jailed.

3523 Name: Raymond Holly

Comment Don't let this happen, you have the power to change it.

3524 Name: Sandra womack

Comment Very sad situation if he's innocent he needs to be released. All involved should be punished for murder if he's executed.

3525 Name: Joan Leslie Taylor

Comment All executions are immoral, but to execute a man such as Kevin Cooper should be illegal. It appears that he did not commit the crimes he was convicted of and he has so much to offer. He must be allowed to live.

3526 Name: Edward Lomio

Comment Shouldn't be condemned to die for a crime he didn't commit.

3527 Name: Mary barnett

Comment voice for justice

3528 Name: Linda Rumberg

Comment what happened to justice......this is very unfair he was wrongly accused and charged has now been found to be innocent and he will still be executed...........this is racial profiling without a doubt

3529 Name: Allen Dusablon

Comment Signed!

3530 Name: Melissa Macri

Comment I need to say that, as a Canadian outsider looking in, you need to know that THE WORLD IS WATCHING!! And this is an incredible injustice that's going on with Mr. Cooper. How can you possibly allow THE WORLD witness the MURDER of an innocent man who EVEN A JUDGE is acknowledging his innocence. Don't you guys even realize that the world is watching this disgusting injustice?! Do you even care that the world is watching you do this?! How can you allow this to happen!? We thought your country was suppose to be ABOUT FREEDOM, JUSTICE, AND EQUALITY!! I really, and truly, from the bottom of my heart DO NOT want to make this a racial issue!! However, I'm sorry but I can't help but wonder if this man (whom you're acknowledging is innocent) would be in this horrendous predicament had he'd been a white individual!! Anybody who knows me will tell you that I NEVER MAKE ANYTHING into a racial issue! But I cannot comprehend, the fact that A JUDGE has acknowledged IS INNOCENT...But yet, he's still going to be executed!?! WOULD THIS BE HAPPENING IF MR. COOPER WAS A WHITE MAN!?!? ....I seriously doubt it!! You guys need to realize that THE WHOLE WORLD!! And every citizen of humanity, is witnessing who you're about to murder in front of MILLIONS of witnesses!!

3531 Name: Julie Watt

Comment “Evil begins when you begin to treat people as things.” ~ Terry Pratchett

3532 Name: George Robinson

Comment If it is known by Your appointed Judges that Kevin Cooper is innocent and it's obvious without any reasonable doubt; then why Is he still being put to death? Please implement a thorough investigation into Kevin Cooper is innocent and in finding that Mr. Cooper is indeed innocent; Please grant him a full reprieve. Thank You! George Robinson. 3/10/16

3533 Name: Rhonda

Comment Please grant Mr. Cooper a pardon, or give him a fair trial. Listen to the 5 judges in this case... he is an innocent man.

3534 Name: Mary Hardeman

Comment No evidence points to him. He's innocent.

3535 Name: LDaniels

Comment Please release this innocent man.

3536 Name: jon moreno

Comment shame on the court system, this man needs to get out

3537 Name: Abdallah Y.Hussin

Comment Freedom for Kevin Cooper

3538 Name: Charlotte Loof

Comment Justice must prevail, always!

3539 Name: Johannes Komarek

Comment Do the right thing, and set this man free. Apart from that, death penalty in general is plain wrong! Change this!

3540 Name: Maurice Batie

Comment All evidence states that he did not commit the murder. The police were just trying to satisfy the public's hunger for justice. This man has been behind bars for long enough. If his life is taken away from him, everyone involved is an accessory to murder. The real killer or killers are still out there.

3541 Name: Saleemah Stanley

Comment No one in this country deserves this type of blatant disregard for justice and human life.

3542 Name: Thea

Comment I support the petition for Kevin Cooper

3543 Name: thomas hendrix

Comment Plus don't kill the innocent.

3544 Name: Dawn Shuck

Comment Free him

3545 Name: Samantha Hoffman

Comment Go to and make a complaint against the judge.

3546 Name: Amir Richardson

Comment No comment.

3547 Name: Kelsey Kearns-Daniel

Comment How is this man still in line to be executed for something that he has been proven innocent of? Yes, he should still be in prison for fleeing, but why is he being executed? How messed up is our judicial system? This doesn't make me want to trust anyone in Washington...

3548 Name: Celia Hinds

Comment Just stop this madness now.

3549 Name: Betina Sehnke

Comment This is inhumane and beyond unconstitutional. Admit wrong doing, release him, and try to compensate for what you've caused him all these years.

3550 Name: tammy

Comment go over the evidence this man is innocent,how the hell can you sit there and do this.our justice system sucks and its a wonder why no one trusts and cops, read the evidence and listen to what the the young child says that he didnt do it.LIKE DON`T YOU THINK HIS WORD IS ANY GOOD.i hope the young fella is doing good,and sorry for his loss but this man is not guilty...

3551 Name: roberta cookingham

Comment PLEASE dont let this happen

3552 Name: Merrick Johnson

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

3553 Name: Adrienne Elly

Comment Clemency!

3554 Name: Sonya Stephens

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

3555 Name: Zuri Benedith

Comment Innocent! Let the man live his life!

3556 Name: Najwa Ali

Comment He needs his freedom , We as a people have to learn how to stick together

3557 Name: Petrie vee

Comment If this man is proven innocent he must be released immediately.Keep your Spirits high Kevin.

3558 Name: Esha

Comment Free Mr. Cooper

3559 Name: Ricky Thompson

Comment I am signing this petition to urge you to exercise your constitutional power to grant clemency to Kevin Cooper. Please, be the good human when making this decision.

3560 Name: William paden

Comment Who has control of reversing this. What is the reason for consciously seeing a flaw and not fixing it? Why isn't that mindset being looked at closer?

3561 Name: Cathy Radomirovic

Comment How come the handful of blond hair wasn't testd for DNA or the bloodied t-shirt and hatchet found at the roadside were discarded by the police to name but a few crucial pieces of evidence ignored... it's very obviously a conviction brought about by a police frame job. ...... Disgusting

3562 Name: Lloyd Kornell

Comment It's extremely unfair and unlawful not to give this man the proper trial he's entitled too, and clearly deserves. Kevin Cooper, should not only be free, but compensated for the time he has spent being falsely accused behind bars and the mental stress and trauma to him and his family in the belief that he will be executed. He is behind bars on a clear cut case of racism on behalf of the corrupt police who were on this case.

3563 Name: Sheila Standard

Comment If he was your brother .... your son.... your father....

3564 Name: Joshua reed

Comment Nothing should be with doubt in the legal system before any death shall occur. You become just as guilty as whom committed the crime in the first place .. You yourself become an accessory to murder cover up as servring justice. I hope without a doubt by definition indisputably; is recognized especially considering the years of disputes and is up held in the matter as the law has established it to be. America should be embarrassed and frowned upon for its unjustified torment imposed on this man confined to a cycle of death threats.

3565 Name: Daniella Beard

Comment Peace and Blessings to kevin and his family

3566 Name: Fred Mangels

Comment Free kevin Cooper!

3567 Name: Lee Heller

Comment At the same time you grant clemency to Kevin Cooper, abolish the death penalty.

3568 Name: Naimah

Comment Stay strong, Mr. Cooper. I am utterly disgusted with our terribly biased criminal justice system in allowing you to fall through the cracks and suffer these grave injustices. I hope that you win your case and become a free man; it deeply saddens me that a large chunk of your life was taken away because of other's irresponsibility. I hope you get the help you need upon release, and I would be more than happy to support you in this effort.

3569 Name: Kush Scott

Comment IF Federal and Supreme Court Justices stated in their judgement that the state failed to provide evidence to prove his guilt, then he should be acquited of those charges. TAKE KEVIN COOPER OFF DEATH ROW!!

3570 Name: Jennifer Rhodes

Comment .

3571 Name: David Harpe

Comment The death penalty is WRONG, even if the person executed is guilty. In this case, it's an atrocity, and a violation of the human right to life. Do not execute this man.

3572 Name: S. Carter

Comment This is terrible and he should be released.

3573 Name: Artaviana

Comment This man has been found innocent it is time to loose the shackles.

3574 Name: Karina Panepinto

Comment Spare the man.

3575 Name: Eric Julien

Comment This miscarriage of justice must not be allowed to happen, an innocent man must not die due to a conviction secured by corrupt means

3576 Name: Diana Beckett-Hile

Comment Please do not risk executing someone who may very well be innocent, Governor Brown. It would be better for a hundred guilty men to walk free than to execute one who is innocent.

3577 Name: Lonisha adams

Comment Free this man..

3578 Name: Natalia Chavez

Comment .

3579 Name: Rebeca Giles

Comment Please do not allow this travesty against justice to occur

3580 Name: Vickie Turner

Comment Please do not execute this man from everything I read he is innocent. Is California just looking for another black man to blame????

3581 Name: Lara Pheatt

Comment Please free Kevin Cooper.

3582 Name: Lisa Pheatt

Comment Justice requires discretion by the powerful.

3583 Name: Danish Aziz

Comment Please act now to save an innocent man's life!

3584 Name: Valerie Ranne

Comment He did not commit the crime of murder, why is he to be murdered?

3585 Name: Veronica

Comment It's not too late to make this right. This will be an act of murder. What makes this so horrific is that we live in a country where this is possible; convicting and sentencing a man to death when there is so much evidence that so clearly proves him innocent. All the while, the despicable people who committed the crime are free.

3586 Name: Thomas Huebner

Comment Justice for Mr. Cooper.

3587 Name: Ingrid Montague

Comment Not only is taking a man's life hypocritical and playing God, but taking an innocent man's life makes you just as guilty as anyone else who does the same.

3588 Name: Caroline Tait

Comment free Kevin Cooper. This man should not be executed.

3589 Name: justin Boltwood

Comment neeeeeesh

3590 Name: Sarah Beckett-Hile

Comment Kevin Cooper was the victim of a racist system. His execution would be the shame of Jerry Brown's career.

3591 Name: Noah Hall

Comment Please grant clemency to Mr. Cooper. Even if one believes that the death penalty may be reasonable in some cases - I do not, but I appreciate that not everyone shares that opinion - surely it is unreasonable in cases where such a level doubt remains. Thank you.

3592 Name: Frelicia Browning

Comment I agree

3593 Name: Kevin Duck

Comment Please.

3594 Name: Melissa Terzis

Comment Let the innocent man out of jail!

3595 Name: Allison Filice

Comment Please don't put a potentially innocent man to death. This is the opposite of justice and humanity.

3596 Name: Teryle Curran Croquer

Comment Please grant Mr. Cooper clemency in form of reprieve. Thank you.

3597 Name: Robin Jolin

Comment Thank you!

3598 Name: Clark Abrahamson

Comment Ssve Kevin Cooper!



3600 Name: Michael Weaver

Comment There have been too many instances of innocent individuals being incarcerated unjustifiably. This raises the possibility of unjustified state sponsored murder. Please grant clemency.

3601 Name: Michael Weaver

Comment There have been too many instances of innocent individuals being incarcerated unjustifiably. This raises the possibility of unjustified state sponsored murder. Please grant clemency.

3602 Name: Monte Johnson

Comment If there are any doubts in your mind after that review as to Mr. Cooper’s innocence, please conditionally grant Mr. Cooper a pardon unless the State retries him at a fair trial. Please take these steps now, before the State of California engages in the irreversible and unconscionable act: the execution of an innocent man. .

3603 Name: Shepard Johnson

Comment If there are any doubts in your mind after that review as to Mr. Cooper’s innocence, please conditionally grant Mr. Cooper a pardon unless the State retries him at a fair trial. Please take these steps now, before the State of California engages in the irreversible and unconscionable act: the execution of an innocent man. .

3604 Name: Jamila Price

Comment Please grant Mr. Cooper Clemency

3605 Name: Linda Partmann

Comment I have worked on this case at Orrick. I totally believe Kevin is innocent of thus crime.

3606 Name: Brooke Stevens

Comment Please stop the execution of an innocent man.

3607 Name: Alex Dempsey

Comment Taking an innocent life in slow motion is the gravest injustice our state can make. Killing a man can never restore victims of a crime; with so much and process irregularity what are we hoping to gain?

3608 Name: Jason Neale

Comment The US is held and promoted internationally as being the leader of the so called free world, and the pinnacle of civilisation. How is it civilised to murder someone? The intentional killing of a human life is wrong, and it is murder. Regardless of who does the killing. Show the world that the state of California is civilised and educated, and has the ability to re-educate the perpetrators of crime, and has the ability to support the victims of crime. Most important in this case, can you sleep at night safe in the knowledge that you may well have murdered an innocent man? Please consider a fair and just retrial in this case. Thank you

3609 Name: Andrea Wooten

Comment I urge you to grant Mr. Cooper clemency. We've executed too many innocent men in our country.

3610 Name: Belinda Beckett

Comment Please consider this plea for clemency and do not execute Kevin Cooper.

3611 Name: zaynab

Comment I dont understand how can someone kill a person knowing he is innocent.

3612 Name: vicki and Fred Marks

Comment Please think about this and offer him retrial. We are counting on your fairness and integrity.

3613 Name: Dr. Jamilu Isa Yankwashi

Comment Since the Judge Publicly Admitted that he is Innocent, it will be tantamount to gross Injustice, If he is killed !!!

3614 Name: Archie Moore

Comment How dare you ignore this

3615 Name: Renna Shesso

Comment Please halt this execution, and then release or retry Kevin Cooper!



3617 Name: wes bruning

Comment Just do it, this is only reasonable.

3618 Name: Arleen Lane

Comment Please have the humanity to see that you cannot kill an innocent man. Innocent - he did not commit the crime. Why must another life be lost?

3619 Name: Brittney Smith

Comment Lord your will be done!

3620 Name: Patricia Bihner


3621 Name: Lee Chauser

Comment Justice for Kevin Cooper. Please grant him a fair trial, clemency and release him to his loved ones.

3622 Name: Tabatha Hansen

Comment This man should not be put to death for a case as punctured as this.

3623 Name: felicia cooper

Comment This man is innocent why should he be executed for a crime he did not committ.

3624 Name: Mark Seremet

Comment Please...don't kill a man for something he didn't do. It wasn't him, the evidence supports that.

3625 Name: Ryan Harrigan

Comment I don't stand for injustice

3626 Name: Joey Francis

Comment The death penalty is immoral and Kevin should not be executed. There is no place for the death penalty in an advanced country like the USA. Only backward countries such as Saudi Arabia and the like still resort to execution.

3627 Name: Amy Berman

Comment Evidence must be considered!

3628 Name: mary e oakley

Comment Please reconsider for a fair trial.

3629 Name: Abigail Elsmo-Siebert

Comment Bring justice to our justice system.

3630 Name: Verona Wilson

Comment Our justice system is so messed up!!

3631 Name: Elgatha Wells

Comment This is a travesty against justice and all that the law is to protect it's citizens from.

3632 Name: Ceci Catherine

Comment Please give Kevin Cooper the right to a fair trial.

3633 Name: April Fitzgerald

Comment I'm petitioning to grant Kevin Cooper clemency. April Fitzgerald

3634 Name: J. Patrick O'Connor

Comment The clemency petition that the Orrick law firm filed on behalf of Kevin Cooper with Gov. Brown makes an overwhelming case for Kevin's innocence.

3635 Name: Carl A. Rose

Comment Disgusting miscarriage of justice! There's more evidence to prove that he DIDN'T commit these murders than the "evidence" that he supposedly DID!

3636 Name: Joan P Mencher

Comment It is always safer if there is conflicting evidence to let a mans erve in person but not to kill him. In this case, the evidence sounds conflicting and thus not clear.

3637 Name: Samantha M.

Comment The proof is in the pudding.

3638 Name: Patricia and James Gherard

Comment View Signatures Governor Jerry Brown: We strongly urge you to exercise your constitutional power to grant clemency to Kevin Cooper.

3639 Name: Valorie Ramsey

Comment Free Kevin Cooper!!!!

3640 Name: Doranne Spano

Comment You have different blood type then Kevin Cooper. You also had the the coverall worn by the other man that was thrown out. This man should be freed immediately There have been othera that have been set free after being setup by the police. It has happened all over the United States that a black man has been charged. The child who is now is an adult has told the police that it was White or Latino men he did not say a black man.I am white and I don't believe in injustice. I fought against it as a child and I will fight against it till I die

3641 Name: Juanita Dean

Comment Free this innocent man

3642 Name: Danae

Comment ....

3643 Name: Trayveion Yates

Comment Racial discrimination is not surprising to here about coming from San Bernardino.

3644 Name: Jackson Hill

Comment No DNA evidence and the forced testimony of an 8 year old boy is not grounds for execution. Nor is anything for that matter.

3645 Name: Maya Schenwar

Comment Considering all the ways in which Kevin Cooper's rights have been violated, his execution would be a massive miscarriage of justice, even for those who still believe the death penalty should be carried out at all. Please grant Mr. Cooper a reprieve of his death sentence now.

3646 Name: Joan Leslie Taylor

Comment Do not execute Kevin Cooper!

3647 Name: George Barwood

Comment This is not a safe conviction.

3648 Name: Linda Adams

Comment Kevin Cooper should be free!

3649 Name: sheli a. denos

Comment Change happens with you.

3650 Name: Pamela s lynde

Comment This is just all around sad. Please do the right thing!

3651 Name: John Grassl

Comment Grant Mr. Cooper clemency!

3652 Name: Danielle Nicole Divinity

Comment Anything to help Mr. Cooper

3653 Name: Leonard Hardy, JR.

Comment The son's statement is enough to pardon Mr.Cooper.

3654 Name: Steven R Good

Comment I cannot believe Kevin Cooper has gone so long without justice and a fair trial. Too much doubt in this case alone should grant Mr. Cooper an immediate clemency.

3655 Name: Brooke

Comment Where is the confusion?

3656 Name: Jennifer Orcutt

Comment This man is clearly innocent!

3657 Name: Jessica Rappaport

Comment This is a potential travesty, and likely a wrong absolutely worth righting.

3658 Name: Jessica Perrin

Comment I can no longer sit back and watch what is happening in the justice system. Whatever is happening to the words of a 'fair trail' because there have been too many individuals who have had this right taken away from them. Not only that but are then to be faced with death row, this can no longer happen. Please make this stop, and please help free an INNOCENT man. He deserves this.

3659 Name: Shelby Fletcher

Comment California needs to stop even executing. We are not Texas or Iran.

3660 Name: Nadirah Rasheed

Comment If I hear one more mention of America the great I think i'll puke. How can they continue to hold Mr. Cooper after discovering so many evidences in his favor. If several judges have determined that there are many flaws in his case based on the evidence, how can they continue to deny him due process. If the judges words mean nothing who is left to give justice to Mr. Cooper. By the will and mercy of our Creator he will be freed.

3661 Name: Lupe Feldhaus

Comment So many people have spent numerous years in prison for crimes they did not commit based on tampered evidence. Mr. Cooper should be given an opportunity for all information to be revisited "in accordance with his right to a fair trial" brought out by the appellate judes in their opinions. More information on those three individuals who were seen on the night of the murders needs to be brought forward.

3662 Name: Toddiana Jasper

Comment He's innocent

3663 Name: Summer Brenner

Comment Please act to grant Mr. Cooper clemency in the form of a reprieve of his death sentence while your office undertakes the thorough review of his case. When that review is completed, please pardon Mr. Cooper as an innocent man.

3664 Name: Ledra Sullivan

Comment This is an innocent man. Governor Brown, if you allow this execution to go forward, it will not make him guilty. It will make you guilty.

3665 Name: Bryan Wedan

Comment Please consider granting clemency to Kevin Cooper.

3666 Name: Max Gray

Comment ms morenos class loves you kevin

3667 Name: John McNeese

Comment Mrs. Moreno's class prays for you!

3668 Name: Nick Pillar

Comment Free this innocent man.

3669 Name: Justine allen

Comment After reading up on the case, evidence would point out that he was simply in ths wrong place at the wrong time and that police wanted a quick trial, planting evidencs. DNA testing was not done where it ahould have been (why weren't the blond hairs tested) and this case should be thrown out for contamination.

3670 Name: Lindsay Stern

Comment Please act, now, to preempt this crime.

3671 Name: Jason Edward Dunford

Comment Grant Kevon Cooper clemency. A civilized society cannot continue to execute people.

3672 Name: Amber Streeter

Comment Everyone deserves a fair trial.

3673 Name: Amana

Comment Do not allow an innocent man to suffer longer.

3674 Name: Tiffany McLean

Comment Please grant him clemency

3675 Name: Tom Morrison

Comment Solidarity

3676 Name: Debra Perrin

Comment This man is innocent, please do not execute him.

3677 Name: kim

Comment It's about time the justice department does what they get paid to do everyday & uphold the law. This man should only be charged with his escape whixh Im almost certain can be time served, when u start to put innocent men to death you then become the murderer. Think about that 1 fact.

3678 Name: Monica jones

Comment This is horrible, the proof is their he did not commit the crime the real murderers are still out their and will live as a innocent man loses his life. God will one day get those who pointed the finger n blamed an innocent man locked him up for 31 years and now will execute him.

3679 Name: Shauna Startzel

Comment Cooper has already been robbed of his freedom. Do what is right and set him free.

3680 Name: Glenn Swanbon

Comment I just read this story and find it pretty disturbing that possibly an innocent man could be executed. It also supports one of the arguments against the death penalty, that is irreversible and sometime innocent people are wrongly convicted.

3681 Name: Okina Alford

Comment So we're executing innocent people now?? This must be stopped!

3682 Name: Aghaghia Rahimzadeh

Comment Free Kevin Cooper please. He is obviously innocent.

3683 Name: JoAnn Diaferio

Comment So Wrong No innocent human should be in this situation!


Comment death penalty is a primitive, immoral ultimate punishment. to apply it to someone who might be innocent is a crime made by the government and doesn't have a any excuse.

3685 Name: Mary Boyajian

Comment Kindly review this mans record.

3686 Name: Carmen santana

Comment He's innocent...let the man about injustice.

3687 Name: Debra Darden-Munsell

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

3688 Name: Rekha Banerjee

Comment Please grant clemency- this is outrageous that he remains in prison and on death row, no less!

3689 Name: Deena Hayes

Comment Please act to grant Mr. Cooper clemency in the form of a reprieve of his death sentence while your office undertakes the thorough review of his case that the IACHR recommended. When that review is completed, please pardon Mr. Cooper as an innocent man. If there are any doubts in your mind after that review as to Mr. Cooper’s innocence, please conditionally grant Mr. Cooper a pardon unless the State retries him at a fair trial. Please take these steps now, before the State of California engages in the irreversible and unconscionable act: the execution of an innocent man.

3690 Name: Shena Kieval

Comment Please do not follow through on the execution of Kevin Cooper! This is a grievance and an injustice of the worst kind. An innocent man should not be made an example of or as a scapegoat for the rage of victims or the communities they live in. The tragedy of the murder of the family will not be rectified by the additional death of an innocent person. PLEASE stop this execution!

3691 Name: Heinz Leitner

Comment Save the life of an innocent man

3692 Name: R.Duke

Comment free this man

3693 Name: Ashley Stewart

Comment Free this innocent man. If you know he is innocent then why are you still executing him. Yall wonder why we as black people always throwing the "race card " out there as yall like to say. This is the reason because of stuff like this.

3694 Name: Darlene Ayars-Feazell

Comment The death penalty is in itself cruel and inhumane, let alone when there is plenty of doubt to whether the prisoner is guilty of the crime. This is not Hamarabi's time anymore where an "eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth" prevail! It'is time to eliminate this method of justice! Please review his case.

3695 Name: Richard

Comment Free the innocent!!!

3696 Name: JANE HYDEN


3697 Name: Frank Macali

Comment Evidence was suppressed. Judges say he is innocent. What more can be said. Do not kill an innocent man.

3698 Name: Al Olson

Comment It is time for someone to admit that a terrible mistake was made.

3699 Name: James Zajechowski

Comment Please do not execute an innocent man.

3700 Name: Stephanie Mauget

Comment This is just another in a sea of examples of the institutional racism that plagues our country and I cannot stand by as another innocent black man is targeted and ultimately murdered because of it.

3701 Name: Jessica Smith

Comment Save Kevin Cooper.

3702 Name: Curt Wills

Comment Free the innocent

3703 Name: hanita hendelman

Comment horror and disgrace. big shame on the evil doings face of America...

3704 Name: Michael Durchslag

Comment If there is any doubt or possible constitutional questions, the moral & ethical action is clemency

3705 Name: timothy tippel

Comment If he is innocent he should be freed, and even be compensated for all of this.

3706 Name: Dan Cooper

Comment Free Kevin Cooper amd abolish the barbaric death penalty.

3707 Name: lazonia bradley

Comment You need to stop this. If this was one love ones I know you will

3708 Name: margery kronengold

Comment no Death sentences. period

3709 Name: T. Boyd

Comment Please just do what's right!

3710 Name: jess

Comment Dear Governor Jerry Brown, What is going on? A man who is innocent to be executed? Are you sure? I wonder how you can have let this go on for so long let alone have let it happen in the first place. The correct thing to do at this juncture is to release Kevin Cooper immediately. The world is watching. Yours Sincerely Jessica

3711 Name: Anthony Diaz

Comment Please don't execute this innocent man

3712 Name: Avery Ecklein

Comment California is liberal state and should abolish death penalty in long term and give stay of execution in short term and many people opposed to death penalty in your state.

3713 Name: Judy Cofield

Comment No innocent man should have to die

3714 Name: David Mendoza

Comment We need to free him!

3715 Name: Rita Lönner

Comment Madness

3716 Name: Joane Pi

Comment Stop the Maddness

3717 Name: Ram Priya

Comment FREE THIS INNOCENT MAN NOW! How cruel and evil the prison gulag system of this country that makes innocent men and women ROT in a cage....

3718 Name: Marty Cabrera

Comment Free this innocent man if your judges are saying he is innocent then let the man go

3719 Name: corey wojick

Comment do the right thing

3720 Name: chynna

Comment do the right thing

3721 Name: Kelly McRae

Comment The evidence is overwhelming. Anything less than his freedom and compensation is unacceptable and tantamount to murder.

3722 Name: Danielle brown

Comment ........

3723 Name: L.M. Ashley

Comment No one who is innocent of a crime should be executed for it.

3724 Name: Shonne Hill

Comment He is clearly innocent. Don't kill an innocent man.

3725 Name: Mary Winter

Comment Governor Brown, Please prevent this travesty from happening. Do not kill an innocent man.

3726 Name: Shuana Dickerson

Comment Why should a innocent man have to die for someone else mistake? So my question is who will be charged with murder for killing a innocent man if he's put to death for something he didn't do.

3727 Name: sarah koester

Comment outrageous .....please don't put an innocent man to death ..... the evidence is overwhelming that he WAS NOT the murderer.....and because the cops fixated on him the people who really committed this heinous crime got away scot free .....

3728 Name: Juanita McDonald

Comment If the state of California executes Kevin Cooper with the knowledge and realization that he is innocent of the crime he was sentenced to death for, then they themselves become the murderer, not him. How can there possibly be ANY justification in carrying out this abhorrent murder by execution. If this execution is carried out then every official of the department of justice for the state of California that is and was involved in this case should be tried, convicted and sentenced to death row themselves because they will have committed a premeditated murder!

3729 Name: Chris wood

Comment INNOCENT MAN...Still wanna kill him?

3730 Name: Sun Edwards

Comment Please set this innocent man free.

3731 Name: Christine Ferraro

Comment Why not allow this man freedom? 30 years and evidence...he should not be there.

3732 Name: Peggy Medearis-Peacher

Comment It is a travesty of justice to knowingly put to death an innocent man. The court has knowledge that Kevin Cooper did not commit murder. Commencing with a death sentence is abhorrent. Americans will not stand idly by while this unjust murder is carried out. We will use our voices and our vote to hold you accountable. Release Kevin Cooper immediately and compensate him for the unjust incarceratiin he has had to endure.

3733 Name: Melody Routhier-Laskosky

Comment I am not a supporter of the Death Penalty for this very reason. It is a tragedy if even one innocent person is killed by our judicial system. Please take the time to review this man's case and stay his execution. He deserves a fair trial, with all of the evidence (including witness testimony and DNA evidence) presented in court.

3734 Name: Janae Braccey

Comment Please do not kill this man

3735 Name: Lisa Covington

Comment n/a

3736 Name: Jaeda Ewings

Comment Free Him

3737 Name: Jennifer Vering

Comment Please act to grant Mr. Cooper clemency in the form of a reprieve of his death sentence while your office undertakes the thorough review of his case that the IACHR recommended. When that review is completed, please pardon Mr. Cooper as an innocent man. If there are any doubts in your mind after that review as to Mr. Cooper’s innocence, please conditionally grant Mr. Cooper a pardon unless the State retries him at a fair trial. Please take these steps now, before the State of California engages in the irreversible and unconscionable act: the execution of an innocent man.

3738 Name: Lisa Pascal

Comment Free Kevin Cooper

3739 Name: Amitava Banerjee

Comment No body should kill anybody. Not even the government.

3740 Name: Tabata Valdes

Comment Help the innocent!

3741 Name: Ellin Stiteler

Comment If there is any doubt as to his guilt (which any intelligent person would agree there are), the only moral thing to do is to stay the execution and release him from prison pending a new trial.

3742 Name: D Elliott

Comment This man has been in prison all my life! He is a stranger to me but I have read about evidence that shows he was not the murderer but in the wrong place at the wrong time. Meanwhile the real murderers may still be walking free! Please review his case, set him free and find the real killers.

3743 Name: Julia Dahm

Comment We urge you to act and be the working part in a sometimes crooked system. Thank you.

3744 Name: Robert Jimenez

Comment in the name of GOD

3745 Name: Mary henderson

Comment Murder is murder it don't matter who's doing it a single person or the Gov. It's all the same

3746 Name: Gretchen Knutson

Comment Free him

3747 Name: Meocha stevenson

Comment He is innocent! If you kill him YOU are the murderers! DNA proved his innocence. Up hold the law! Not your bias! The WORLD is watching!

3748 Name: Mike Perrett

Comment Adding another Victim to this horrendous case is Not Justice. It's Murder.

3749 Name: Jennifer Miller

Comment When a judge and the president of the American Bar Association deem this a gross miscarriage of justice then surely this man should be freed and given recompense plus the support he needs to return to a normal life. Unless this happens I cannot see how the US can call itself a democratic country. The world is watching.

3750 Name: Susan Reid

Comment It is beyond belief that a man who is KNOWN to be innocent is still in line to be put to death. This must be stopped immediately.

3751 Name: stan slager

Comment use your brain

3752 Name: Diane Jalbert

Comment Please pardon Mr. Cooper as an innocent man. Thank you!

3753 Name: Matthew Belew

Comment This shit is fucked

3754 Name: Karla Korkodilos

Comment Hope he makes it!

3755 Name: Mario Khoury

Comment Don't execute innocent man please thank you

3756 Name: Rebecka

Comment Clemency is the only answer followed by a thorough examination of the evidence and conduct of the parties. A legal system that does not serve justice is an illegitimate system.

3757 Name: Rain ayers

Comment Redemption is a way of being forgiven. Let him be free. God ultimately is the final judge.people will soon reap what they sow,for mistreating and ruining others lives.

3758 Name: Tonianne Mangone

Comment I'm not surprised he was wrongly convicted being how flawed and cursory criminal investigations are(ie: Steven Avery)but this is wrong beyond a flawed investigation. This is inhuman and I truly hope as a country we can all gain justice for Kevin Cooper. His life matters.

3759 Name: Victoria

Comment If someone is innocent don't they have the right to live?

3760 Name: Tameka Epps

Comment Please do the just thing! Do not allow Mr. Cooper to executed.

3761 Name: M Odette

Comment Release this man now!!

3762 Name: James Bennett

Comment Please end the death penalty, too.

3763 Name: Karen Menke

Comment It's time to face up to the fact that the wrong man was convicted! Free him! Let's not commit a horrible travesty of justice!

3764 Name: kalisha Johnson

Comment Free this innocent man

3765 Name: Heather Hickok

Comment Justice for Kevin Cooper!!

3766 Name: Rachael Matthews

Comment Do not kill an innocent man.

3767 Name: Joan Oben

Comment Innocent is innocent. Whatever happened to better let a guilty man go than jail one innocent man? Yes he broke out of minimum jail. Hes been in jail for 30 years fir pets sake. Hes paud enough. Let the man go

3768 Name: Melody Preston

Comment If there is new evidence he should get a new trial. Also if there is evidence that the prosecution held back evidence he should get a new trial. This man's life means something.

3769 Name: Connie Cross

Comment How can justice be served by executing an innocent man? This is nothing but border carried out by the state.

3770 Name: Natalie Samuels

Comment The death of this man would be a gross miscarriage of justice.

3771 Name: Ahmad Shabazz

Comment Free this man

3772 Name: Anita ward

Comment very un fair....

3773 Name: Kelli Harper

Comment Please do not kill an innocent man!

3774 Name: Antonia

Comment Make the wrong right.

3775 Name: Gershom Avery

Comment One of the victims survived. That victim says three white men did it. Why would you try to help the person that murdered your mother? Kevin Cooper is a innocent black man that is about to be killed by the state of California. The system is clicking away. A machine set in full motion. You, sir, are the only person with an off switch. If you don't turn the machine off, this innocent man will die. I hope it isn't already to late.

3776 Name: patricia prince

Comment why kill him, oh yea he's black, if this was white man and hell killed he would be free, this man innocent let my brother go

3777 Name: Steven Kivari

Comment This man should not be executed.

3778 Name: ray smith

Comment Free KC

3779 Name: ray smith

Comment Free KC

3780 Name: Shelley Martinez

Comment What's the current status?

3781 Name: Susan Romo Hooper

Comment Please grant Mr. Cooper Clemency.

3782 Name: Justyna M

Comment Stop death penalty :(

3783 Name: Gary Smith

Comment Innocent is innocent ...putting him to death is murder!

3784 Name: elsie o mahony

Comment red tape gone mad

3785 Name: ahadullah

Comment There is nothing new about white americans killing the people of colour u guys are as fucked as ur government .what if this was a white dude the whole nation would have errupted

3786 Name: Amanda cothern

Comment This is morally reprehensible.

3787 Name: Elva L. Bonilla


3788 Name: Andrea Gonzalez

Comment If there is any chance at all that this man may be innocent, and it seems there is a very likely chance, please, please reprieve his death sentence and find out what actually happened. Executing an innocent man for murders he did not commit is not justice, it is murder on top of murder. Thank you.

3789 Name: Brittany Johnson

Comment Free him

3790 Name: Alison Mauro

Comment Excerpt from article by Shante Wooten and M. David: 'Cooper’s conviction on the murder charges was later appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court. 'His conviction was upheld even though five of the federal judges issued a passionate 103 page dissenting opinion. 'This response stated, “There is no way to say this politely. The district court failed to provide Cooper a fair hearing. The district court impeded and obstructed Cooper’s attorneys at every turn. [T]he court imposed unreasonable conditions, refused discovery that should have been available as a matter of course; limited testimony that should not have been limited; and found facts unreasonably, based on a truncated and distorted record. Public confidence in the proper administration of the death penalty depends on the integrity of the process followed by the state… So far as due process is concerned, twenty-four years of flawed proceedings are as good as no proceedings at all.” 'The judges in this case found and admitted that the prosecution and the Sheriff’s office deliberately destroyed, tampered with and concealed from the defense key evidence that was never heard by the jury. 'The judges said point blank that “The State of California may be about to execute an innocent man.”'

3791 Name: Supatha Peters

Comment Please give him his constitutional right

3792 Name: Martha Smith

Comment To execute someone after judges have found evidence of prosecutorial misconduct is repugnant and immoral. As Governor you must right this wrong.

3793 Name: Lindsey Brophy

Comment I have little faith in justice, especially when the courts start playing God.

3794 Name: Jerome Hughes

Comment Please spare this man's life, there are too many questions that point to his innocence.

3795 Name: Matthew Morrill

Comment Release Cooper

3796 Name: Karen

Comment do the right thing ....listen to that inner voice ...that's your intuition and Higherself....if you believe him to be innocent ...fight for him

3797 Name: Jane Houghton

Comment This is an outrage. We do not have the right to kill any human especially not one who is innocent. My thoughts and prayers are with Kevin and his family in the hope that justice is carried out and he walks free

3798 Name: Sonya kobayashi

Comment So not take a human life.

3799 Name: Linda green

Comment Don't kill an innocent man.

3800 Name: Rainese Varner2

Comment This man should not be executed based on the shoddy evidence that was used to convict him

3801 Name: Donna Chamness

Comment Please.

3802 Name: Roscoe Frazier

Comment If he is innocent and is killed, not only is California guilty for crimes against humanity, but so is America and this may cause a huge civil war from the inside out. When will our people become real american citizens? The American government gave crumbs from the table but even our children are looked at as something that can be still sold by Child Protective Services (CROOKS). America have adopted everything that Hitler created and we need to outlaw these things. That is the reason why Kevin Cooper is still in prison on death row and that is why the black man is out here wondering if they are going to be killed by a white cop by ignorant reasons. Racism needs to be destroyed and we need to stand united or be divided and not lied to. Simple as that.

3803 Name: Deborah Veres

Comment How can you allow the execution of someone under these circumstances?

3804 Name: Reginald Harrell

Comment We teach our children that in AMERICA a man is INNOCENT until proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. From everything I have read and heard about Mr. Cooper's case Mr. Cooper should be set free or at the very least given a new trial. With all the evidence that proves Mr. Cooper may NOT be the guilty party and the fact that SEVERAL Judges admit they DO NOT think Mr. Cooper is the guilty party HE SHOULD BE SET FREE! To execute an INNOCENT MAN just to save the State of California's pride is wrong in the eyes of the Law and in the eyes of God. If Mr. Kevin Cooper is executed it is my opinion that the JUDICIAL system and Government of the State of California are worse that the Terrorist that we have gone to war with.

3805 Name: Christina Jackson

Comment What kind of world do we live in our kind of people are you to let this happen to an innocent man.

3806 Name: Ryan

Comment Don't kill an innocent man.

3807 Name: BriAnna

Comment Save Kevin

3808 Name: Linda Pauel

Comment We, the undersigned, strongly urge you to exercise your constitutional power to grant clemency to Kevin Cooper. The taking of any human life is an act that weighs heavily on all of society. It is an unbearable weight when an innocent man’s life is at stake. We are deeply troubled that the State of California “may be about to execute an innocent man,” as five judges of the Ninth Cir-cuit Court of Appeals said in reference to Mr. Cooper in 2009.

3809 Name: Marjan Duijsens

Comment Why do you need to comment on a case before you can show you'reagainst the deathpenalty?

3810 Name: Kamal Randhawa

Comment It seems there is a lot of doubt here. A man can. Ot be executed until there is NO reasonable doubt to his crimes. Do the right thing.

3811 Name: Brandan Copas

Comment Free Kevin!!! Please do the right thing.

3812 Name: LaTrenda McMillan

Comment He is innosent, release him he did nothing wrong.let's not make a mistake.

3813 Name: olatunde

Comment pls let innocent man lives

3814 Name: Angela Reilly

Comment Please do not murder an innocent man. Free Kevin Cooper! Change the laws that enable such grotesque miscarriages of justice!

3815 Name: Monier

Comment For the segregation between money and justice

3816 Name: Sharon Samuels

Comment This is a travesty already. To execute a a man for a crime he did not commit makes it a crime.

3817 Name: Kevari Fletcher

Comment This is the epitome of our failed justice system. Though cooper escaped prison, the amount of time Cooper has spent speculating his death, exceeds appropriate punishment in his situation.

3818 Name: ellen sellergren

Comment Please don't sink this nation any further into the abyss we're already in by executing a man who is KNOWN to be innocent. There will be blood on the hands of any and all connected with this travesty.

3819 Name: dora

Comment if he's innocent...

3820 Name: Alan Stevens

Comment It's better a guilty man go free than an innocent man to be jailed or executed for crimes they didn't commit. There is reasonable doubts that require the release of this man. The judicial system must give a fair trial. Any evidence that is corrupted, or falsified will lead a jury to convict without knowing the truth. We cannot accept that.

3821 Name: Dan Alley

Comment Do not execute a man who may be innocent and did not receive basic legal protection.

3822 Name: Iris Jones

Comment There is no evidence, witness, or testimony to corroborate his alleged guilt. In fact everything points to his innocence. If not going to admit wrongdoing during the trial, at least have the decency to revisit current findings and release this man.

3823 Name: Toani Salinas

Comment Death to many innocent people on death row will happen if Clinton wins. Everyone deserves a fair trial.

3824 Name: Cinque webb

Comment Free the innocent

3825 Name: ginger zinkowski

Comment At the very least, this case should be thoroughly reviewed with a focus on exculpatory evidence. No man should be put to death without absolute certainty of guilt.

3826 Name: Mark Wyckstrom

Comment The overwhelming evidence in this case exonerating Kevin Cooper makes it clear that if you do not grant him clemency, then you are a full and willful participant in a corrupt, totalitarian-style exercise in egregious injustice not only toward Mr. Cooper, but toward every American citizen. What do you want your legacy to say about you?

3827 Name: Dollie Howell Pankey

Comment Governor Brown: I encourage your action to save the life of a wrongfully convicted Nan, Kevin Cooper.

3828 Name: Tyanna guzman

Comment Please,set him free.

3829 Name: Allison Lee

Comment Don't allow a miscarriage of justice. To execute Mr. Cooper in this situation would be state-sanctioned murder.

3830 Name: Tamara Bergman

Comment This man needs to be released!

3831 Name: Max Gibbs

Comment Free Kevin Cooper. PLEASE do what is right and just!!!!!

3832 Name: Patrick Kabot

Comment This man is innocent.

3833 Name: Aaron Burks

Comment This the truest definition of injustice and has to corrected!

3834 Name: Robyn Leigh Becker

Comment Who wins by killing an innocent man?

3835 Name: Regina Lester

Comment In the name of Jesus this man be set free!!!

3836 Name: Lauren Gavin

Comment No comment.

3837 Name: John Paterson

Comment “There is no way to say this politely. The district court failed to provide Cooper a fair hearing. The district court impeded and obstructed Cooper’s attorneys at every turn. [T]he court imposed unreasonable conditions, refused discovery that should have been available as a matter of course; limited testimony that should not have been limited; and found facts unreasonably, based on a truncated and distorted record. Public confidence in the proper administration of the death penalty depends on the integrity of the process followed by the state… So far as due process is concerned, twenty-four years of flawed proceedings are as good as no proceedings at all.”

3838 Name: crystal jenkins

Comment Please in the name of Jesus.

3839 Name: Jasmine Holloman

Comment Please free an innocent man

3840 Name: Joshua Brennig

Comment Please review Mr. Cooper's case and release him! California is supposed to be the leader of the nation when it comes to civil liberties and evolving on the issues. We need to abolish capital punishment. Please use this case as an example of the injustice of the death penalty in the manner in which these cases are often mishandled and innocent men are sent to their deaths. Please save Kevin Cooper!

3841 Name: Tim Kowis

Comment The very fact that the evidence was withheld and destroyed should clear this man immediately. To do otherwise is to spit on the laws and Constitution you and the courts of California have sworn to uphold. You have acted progressively in your term thus far Gov. Brown. Continue to do so.

3842 Name: Ava J Bellomy

Comment Killing this man is beyond wrong. The judges say he's an innocent man. How can you NOT stop this by granting him clemency. Please. This is not how our system is supposed to work. Thank you for your time.

3843 Name: Setyra Woods


3844 Name: Paula Morgan

Comment Please free this innocent man and let justice try be served

3845 Name: Jason Shirtz

Comment please. don't even risk sending an innocent man to die.

3846 Name: Leslie Pearlman

Comment Show us that California does not execute people who are innocent of murder.

3847 Name: Alana Theriault

Comment .

3848 Name: Andrea Smith

Comment Restore our faith in the JUSTICE system.

3849 Name: Diahana

Comment How can you kill an innocent man??

3850 Name: Ariella barker

Comment Please pardon mr cooper

3851 Name: sherline etienne

Comment Free kevin cooper

3852 Name: Elaine Belkind

Comment execution = murder.

3853 Name: Shawnte Mallory

Comment This is unacceptable. Free him. You have no reason to continue to hold this innocent man. At this point you are holding him because you can and because he is black!

3854 Name: Cornell Smith

Comment If he still go through whit this he's a racist person who don't like black people. If judge's agree that he is innocent then he should be released. Simple!

3855 Name: Carolyn Serebreny

Comment There is more than reasonable doubt, and Mr. Cooper's rights were violated. No execution!

3856 Name: Chris Fredeeick

Comment Do not kill an innocent man.

3857 Name: Sylvia geter

Comment An

3858 Name: Karen Jenkins

Comment Please free Kevin Cooper. It would be an abomination to put to death this innocent man. With all the revealing new evidence and the backing of the judges, the fair thing to do is free this man.

3859 Name: Larry McCauley

Comment How can anyone, given the evidence, argue for anything less than an immediate release from incarceration?

3860 Name: Nancy Bailey

Comment This is an outrage! Why hasn't the Sheriff's office and Prosecutor been charged. Sounds like they committed a few felonies.

3861 Name: Bella Celnik

Comment Free Mr. Cooper.

3862 Name: Archbishop John H. Lewis III

Comment In the name of justice, freedom and equality free Kevin Cooper and free yourselves in the process. It is the right thing and the only thing to do with all of the evidence to contrary in this case where there is no substantial evidence to prove his guilt and tons of evidence that proves he did not commit this heinous crime.

3863 Name: Clifford roddy

Comment free Kevin Cooper.

3864 Name: Kathleen Duffy

Comment End the death penalty!

3865 Name: Gordon Robbins

Comment It is of utmost importance that you give this matter attention. Thankyou.

3866 Name: Roni

Comment Pease don't do this

3867 Name: Christopher Thomas

Comment Free Kevin Cooper.

3868 Name: Malaysia Shaw

Comment I think this is wrong


Comment This man needs to be set free and compensated

3870 Name: Renee Hayward

Comment Free the innocent

3871 Name: Priscilla A Herrington

Comment This man needs to be freed immediately, and deserves whatever assistance he requires to adjust to life outside prison. All his living expenses should be covered by the State that wrongfully convicted him in the first place.

3872 Name: Lily Hughes

Comment I believe Kevin Cooper is innocent - he deserves to be free!

3873 Name: Sara Devine

Comment It would be nothing less than evil to kill a man who is innocent...

3874 Name: Annette Cross

Comment Governor Brown Do the right Mr Cooper

3875 Name: Brenda Nash-Milton

Comment To kill an being when you know they did not commit any crime, is sentencing yourself to death as well.

3876 Name: John watford

Comment How can a man be innocent and still get death...How? Free him from prison

3877 Name: Jasmine Bonds

Comment Prayer is key and also remember the most high has the last say so

3878 Name: kelian d fowler

Comment Murder is not justice GOD is watching this very closely

3879 Name: Makeda Samuels

Comment Justice shall be served!

3880 Name: Dale A Barton

Comment The SAME JUDGEMENT you PASS upon MAN. the SAME YOU SHALL RECEIVE. ALL BLOOD (guilty OR Innocent) MUST BE ACCOUNTED FOR. If THIS EXECUTION IS ALLOWED TO GO FORTH and you have READ THESE WORDS Then HIS BLOOD be upon YOUR HEAD Jas:4:17: Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

3881 Name: Shun

Comment I hope true justice is served on behalf of this man.

3882 Name: Terrance Nowden

Comment Free this man

3883 Name: Victoria Lee

Comment Please grant clemency to Kevin Cooper

3884 Name: Tyrone Mott

Comment Free

3885 Name: keisha williams

Comment Grant him a retrial. Do not kill a innocent man

3886 Name: Jessie perry

Comment Put urself in this mans shoes and wat would you want to be done if you were the right thing free this man...if not may God have mercey on ur soul...

3887 Name: tie white

Comment #Freekevincooper

3888 Name: Yvonne L Levan

Comment It is clear that Kevin Cooper did not commit this crime. This man should be cleared of all charges and released from jsil.

3889 Name: Yvonne L Levan

Comment It is clear that Kevin Cooper did not commit this crime. He should be released from jail.

3890 Name: Richard Goines

Comment Free Kevin

3891 Name: Dawn Beegle

Comment Please grabt this man clemency. It is a travesty that it has even gone this far. The man should not die for something he did not so. I pray for him and I pray for you. Please do the right thing.

3892 Name: Marlowe B Sumlin Sr

Comment This 'system' is corrupt and hypocritical. You're actually guilty until proven innocent,anyway, and now that he is found to be innocent by whatever means they seek to take his life still? Why? To quote Sam Cooke, change gon' come...and that right soon.

3893 Name: miriam Yahu


3894 Name: Kamela Cartel

Comment Let this innocent black man live. Your system has proven it's point for years , stop being RACIST you KKK radicals.

3895 Name: Mia Landingham

Comment Bring our Brother home and find the real monsters who did this. This is a crime that happened before I was born but, I have read much about it and cannot understsnd why you still have my Brother locked down! Is it because the family was white and Cooper BLACK? Did anyone ever look for the four WHITE men that a witness seen? If you MURDER Kevin Cooper then you are just like the Monsters that killed that poor family!!

3896 Name: Scott Marchand

Comment Let him go!

3897 Name: Genise thomas

Comment If the judge ruled that he was innocent, then he needs to be released.

3898 Name: Victor Saunders

Comment Free this man!!!!

3899 Name: Sono Arima

Comment The man is innocent of the crime and should be set free. Execute him and this will be classified as a 'Modern Day Lynching' by the State of California.

3900 Name: Stacy langley

Comment Mmm

3901 Name: Fritz Orange

Comment Hf

3902 Name: JV. Connors, Ph.D.

Comment Kevin Cooper has waited long enough for justice. Please end his suffering!

3903 Name: Wini Hall

Comment The death penalty is wrong, especially for someone who is innocent.

3904 Name: Lillian Hall

Comment Please grant him clemency.

3905 Name: Christopher Williams

Comment Everyone deserves a fair chance at life. Let's make America great by cherishing our citizens.

3906 Name: Dominic linder

Comment Please act to grant Mr. Cooper clemency in the form of a reprieve of his death sentence

3907 Name: keisha jerkins

Comment Let this man free... Let him have his freedom.

3908 Name: Chas

Comment Do the lawful, moral, and right action; give this man a retrial and prosecute the lawbreakers who tampered with evidence!!!!

3909 Name: Ginny Bulloch

Comment Governor, Please give this man his freedom. The evidence proving his innocence is overwhelming credible. God bless, G.

3910 Name: Sorah Broder

Comment 94

3911 Name: Michael Bender

Comment We are beyond the sort of barbarism that would allow state sponsored execution, we know the justice system is flawed and particularly flawed when race is an issue. It is too late to lead on abolishing the death penalty but please at least follow other states who have correctly found this to be cruel and unusual punishment.

3912 Name: Rhonda Lipkin

Comment There is nothing to be compared to the horror of executing an innocent person. Please pardon Mr. Cooper

3913 Name: Sarah Janssen

Comment Eye for an eye and the whole world gets blind...

3914 Name: Teresa Wolford

Comment Please stop this, Governor. Thank you.

3915 Name: Abhishek Shivkumar

Comment Governor Brown if you deny this man clemency. You are a disgusting man without humanity

3916 Name: Jamal Francis

Comment He is innocent.

3917 Name: Meron F.

Comment #BlackLivesMatter

3918 Name: Brian G. Watson

Comment This is wrong. There's no reason to ignore the truth.Bureaucracy should not prevail, but common sense ahould. FREE KEVIN COOPER.

3919 Name: Carol Delahoyde

Comment This case is an abomination and puts the state of California in the poorest possible light. You know and we all know that Kevin Cooper is an innocent man. It behooves you to set this man free. Yesterday, if not sooner. Regards, Carol Dartnell Delahoyde

3920 Name: Warren Spuriej

Comment For thus saith the Lord of hosts; After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye. Zechariah 2:8 KJV

3921 Name: stevon williams

Comment set them free all of the innocent pp's

3922 Name: David Lewis

Comment I am signing this petition that he will be free.

3923 Name: Leonard Muke

Comment It's not fair to kill an innocent person!

3924 Name: Kirsty

Comment Please don't murder this innocent man he clearly didn't commit this crime with a main witness stating that it was 3 white men surely that should of been enough .. This is terrible case of miss justice & I'm deeply saddened by this racially motivated cold callous way that they police have just framed him coz he is black. Iam 28 from cardiff wales uk & this case has gripped me. I have read threw most & picked up on ALOT of floors that shunt of been. Free Kevin cooper !!!!

3925 Name: Catherine Myrick

Comment As with this INNOCENCE, so ALSO with WAYNE B. WILLIAMS, the Accused in ATLANTA CHILD MURDERS. FBI received "First Look" at Federal Files proving Williams innocence in their ATKID MAJOR CASE #30- Missing and Murdered Children Case. They looked the other way... Documentary Evidence is Sustainable in a Court of Law!!

3926 Name: e.goepfert

Comment Governor Jerry Brown: We, the undersigned, strongly urge you to exercise your constitutional power to grant clemency to Kevin Cooper. The taking of any human life is an act that weighs heavily on all of society. It is an unbearable weight when an innocent man’s life is at stake. We are deeply troubled that the State of California “may be about to execute an innocent man,” as five judges of the Ninth Cir-cuit Court of Appeals said in reference to Mr. Cooper in 2009. (See Cooper v. Brown, 565 F.3d 561.) We are furthered troubled that these federal appellate judges found several serious constitutional violations in Mr. Cooper’s prosecution, including that prosecutors: (1) presented false evidence at trial, (2) destroyed evidence so that the jury never saw it, and (3) withheld exonerating evidence from the defense. (See id.) Moreover, we are mindful that in 2009 six additional federal appellate judges wrote that they ab-horred the “flawed” proceedings in Mr. Cooper’s case, noting that such proceedings undermine public confidence in the criminal justice system. (Id. at 635.) In addition, we note that a twelfth federal appellate judge stated in 2007 that she felt procedurally barred from ruling in favor of Mr. Cooper, and complained of “lingering doubt” in his case and the “wholly discomforting” feeling resulting from her inability to rule in Mr. Cooper’s favor. (Cooper v. Brown, 510 F.3d 870 at 1004-06.) Additional evidence favorable to Mr. Cooper has emerged since these appellate judges wrote their opinions. In view of that evidence, in September 2015 the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, an agency of the Organization of American States, issued a report on Mr. Cooper’s case finding that Mr. Cooper’s human rights were violated in multiple ways in his pros-ecution, trial and sentencing. The IACHR found eight (8) separate ways in which Mr. Cooper’s due process rights were violated. It also found that his defense counsel was ineffective, that he was subject to an unfair appellate process, and that there was substantial evidence that racial discrimination played a part in his conviction and death sentence. In conclusion, the IACHR rec-ommended that before he is executed Mr. Cooper’s case be reviewed in accordance with his right to a fair trial. Please act to grant Mr. Cooper clemency in the form of a reprieve of his death sentence while your office undertakes the thorough review of his case that the IACHR recommended. When that review is completed, please pardon Mr. Cooper as an innocent man. If there are any doubts in your mind after that review as to Mr. Cooper’s innocence, please conditionally grant Mr. Cooper a pardon unless the State retries him at a fair trial. Please take these steps now, before the State of California engages in the irreversible and unconscionable act: the execution of an innocent man. .

3927 Name: Alicia powell

Comment Please let this man go. This is utruly a miscarriage of justice

3928 Name: Laskarina Alexiadis

Comment The death penalty, in addition to being racially biased, is fundamentally immoral, serving a barbaric desire for revenge with no other redeeming quality. Please stop this execution.

3929 Name: Lorraine Skadiang

Comment Questions unanswered. Facts shedding doubt. This life should not be taken. I humbly ask that you consider a reprieve. Sincerely, Lorraine

3930 Name: Caroline Ost

Comment How can you even think about executing someone who is clearly innocent - even the victim who survived said he didnt commit the crime - whats wrong with you people?

3931 Name: Anne Bright

Comment From Australia - racism has no place if justice is truly to be served. Exculpatory evidence and manipulation of facts warrant a new trial at the expense of the state, suitable representation for the accused at the cost of the state and an impartial jury to hear the